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Hello, I am 20 years old and ever since I was...

Hello, I am 20 years old and ever since I was about 12-13 I have experienced horrid acne which eventually has led to the scars on my face today. On top of the reoccurring acne I am pale, and have an incredibly hard time tanning. So the acne is bright red on a white palette which makes it less than subtle. The embarrassment has led to me caking on makeup to hide the acne scars and the acne itself. i loathe putting on so much makeup, it feels heavy on my face and makes me feel somewhat like a clown. However, the random red marks on my face along with the scars and acne make it nearly impossible for me to go out in public without makeup on. While out and about I was complaining about my face and how it bothers me and my mom suggested a chemical peel. I had never thought about this solution so immediately I began looking at local doctors and spas that performed chemical peels and compared prices etc. The place that I will be going to on Wednesday, April 11th usually charges 110$ for a chemical peel but with a consultation they offer a 65$ off a facial which I am using towards the peel.

So it's the day after the chemical peel and right...

So it's the day after the chemical peel and right after my face felt SO much better. It was barely red at all, like a slight sunburn and went away yesterday night. Today I washed it with the products I bought at Skin, A Medical Spa called OBAGI Medical. I got the smaller travel size products to see how I like them. But overall I was completely satisfied with my experience. For my first chemical peel it was a lovely relaxing environment and the entire staff was extremely nice and helpful with answering any questions I had. If I ever have another peel or the Pixel laser thing to help remove acne scars I will definitely be going back there. Also I am going back on the 27th to be approved for the medicated lotions/cleansers in the OBAGI package which they are holding until then :)
Skin, A Medical Spa

I completely adored my doctors, both for the consultation and for the peel itself. They were both very nice and responsive and treated me like a person instead of just another patient.Peggy Meder was who I saw for my consultation and right after I saw Lori Cawley who gave me the peel. They both are lovely ladies who educated me about my skin without making it sound like a lecture and I would go back to Skin, A Medical Spa just for the amazing atmosphere. They weren't shoving all these products and procedures etc. down my throat, they just gave me their opinions and mentioned that the products would help my skin and left it at that. Right when you walk in you feel automatically comfortable and I was thoroughly relieved because I sort of expected it to be like those little stands in the mall. Where they try to sell you products that are a ton of money and do nothing and they only try to sell sell sell.It's only the first day after the peel itself but my face feels 100% better, there really are no words for how much better it feels.

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Thanks Shell!!!!
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AHA&glycolic acid peel is perfect treatment for Acne Melasma &Skin rejuvent thank you N.Amin Email:-
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The red marks are not acne scars - it's hyper-pigmentation.
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red marks are not hyperpigmentation...they are scars...hyperpigmentation is by definition hyper-pigmentation...what color is pigment?
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I'm 16 and have had horrible body acne since my early teens, wondering if this stuff will work for body acne scars/ acne? Going to get this stuff in a week or so, will keep updating . Thanks

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Love your pictures - you are absolutely adorable!!

Well, I too am pale as a ghost...unfortunately I did a lot of tanning when I was younger to "help" with my acne. Soooo glad you are not making that mistake. If there is anything I can pass on to you from what I've learned - protect that pretty pale skin and DON'T tan...otherwise you'll be in your mid-thirties and dealing with lines & wrinkles - no fun!!

You might also want to talk with your doctor about Retin-A or, if your acne is really severe, Accutane.

Fingers crossed the chem peel works well for you!!

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Aww thanks!

Yea I tried that when I was 16 and I never tan, So I gave up on that. I'll be stuck with pale skin forever :) Plus I'm not really an outdoorsy type of person I draw
Yea they mentioned Retin-A, so when I go back on the 27th they are gonna talk to me more about it.
Thanks so much! My face feel's soooo much better!
The acne on the side of my face hurt so bad and I NEVER get acne like that but she was completely gentle and cleaned it all up before and after the peel and it feels much much better. It was a great experience for me!
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Just checked out your art - you are talented!! The picture of you in front of the Black Swan piece with the little bit of black on your nose is a great shot!

Just a little heads up on the Retin-A, it seems some offices want to sell it to you directly, but if you have insurance you can get a prescription from your doctor, then just pay your co-pay. Much less expensive than buying it flat out.

Glad you are liking what the chem peel has done for you so far - keep us updated on how long the results last & what other changes you see in your skin. :)

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P.S. Keep me posted on how you like the Obagi stuff. I'm always looking for the latest & greatest products to help with my acne & love to hear how it has worked for others before plunking down my money!

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Are you sure you were tanning right? Tanning has come a long long way in the last 15 years. There are all kinds of moisturizers and skin routines to keep skin healthy and tanning beds aren't close to the atrocity they were nearly 20 years ago.
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I've never heard anything from a dermatologist to support this idea, but quite on the contrary. I tanned for years and deeply regret it due to the damage it did to my skin. I would personally encourage anyone who is tanning to stop. Obviously though there is a bigger picture than just my personal experience, so I'll share the information below with you.


In Jan. 2012 one of our staff members spoke to with RealSelf’s supporting partner the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDSA) to get some more info about the dangers of tanning and they also shared the truth behind claims being made about the “benefits” of indoor tanning:

Tanning gives you needed doses of Vitamin D

ASDSA: Scientific studies have proven these claims to be untrue. The average person can obtain the vitamin D they need just by spending 5-10 minutes in the sun, eating a healthy diet or with a simple vitamin supplement.

Indoor tanning helps create a “base tan,” thus preventing sunburn
ASDSA: “Base tans” do not protect against sunburns and only increase your risk of skin cancer. Sunscreen, hats, clothing and other skin protection products are the only effective ways to protect your skin from sun damage.

Tanning beds are safer than suntanning because they use controlled doses of ultraviolet radiation

ASDSA: Unfortunately, even “controlled” doses of ultraviolet radiation damage the skin and increase one’s risk of developing skin cancer.

One last fact to think about: “There are no federal requirements for tanning salons to post health warnings...The FDA requires the tanning devices themselves to have [a warning label], but does not specify where on the device it should be placed, how big the font should be, etc.”

Here is some more information on tanning for those interested:

The Myth of the "Base Tan"

Opinion on Tanning Beds for Vitamin D Synthesis?

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