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Planning a BR and TT. Although I've made some...

Planning a BR and TT. Although I've made some serious lifestyle changes, nothing will get rid of my big belly and droopy boobies!

I received my approval today! I'm so excited. My...

I received my approval today! I'm so excited. My surgery is scheduled for April 18th. Everything's going, boobies and belly! Now the planning begins. I'm stressing a bit over the discomfort of the compression garments more than anything. I'm always ripping my clothes off as soon as I get home, so the idea of having to wear garments 24/7 has me a bit antsy.
I should have said grandma had
Lady Teri. Ty for the kind words. U are right we are all beautiful.. i can relate that it is all you think about me too. That is the great thing about this site because Boone i know wants to talk about it or knows how we feel. I really believe your going to be so happy. My grandama has very large boobs and her back was always killing her. You are going to feel so free. That's how my grandma described it when she had them removed. I will be praying for u this month. Ty for writing on my page. All of the woman on this site are wonderful and IM so thankful to have stumbled across it.
Hey LadyTeri,

Wow, what a difference a day makes. I feel fabulous!! Went out for a walk by myself. NO pain meds since last night, and I'll head back to the doc tomorrow to have staples & drains removed. Life is rosy :)
How are you doing? Getting more excited every day? A word to the wise: make sure you are prescribed pain meds that don't disagree with you. Can't wait to hear how yours goes -- just a few weeks left!

Well ladies it's 9:00 pm and I have my last two...

Well ladies it's 9:00 pm and I have my last two cigarettes to smoke. By morning I will not be smoking. I'm a little nervous, but I am taking Chantix as an extra helper. I've stopped before and stupidly had a drink one night 13 months later and started up again! Drats!! Now I have to do this all over again.

If you don't smoke, don't EVER start!

April 18th can't come quick enough. I order a pillow wedge tonight and a compression surgical bra. I wasn't sure whether to go with the Palmer skin therapy oil or the Bio Oil so I got both!

Pray for me that I keep my strength and stay away from the cigs!
Hi Lady Teri! I quit 5 1/2 weeks ago. If you can get through the first week, you will be fine. I hear that Chantix is pretty good. I will be praying for your smoking success.
You can do it, Teri! In my case the first 3 days were the hardest...stick it is defintly worth it! Good Luck!

Day one without smoking! Not bad if I do say so...

Day one without smoking! Not bad if I do say so myself. I wis I had stopped on a Monday as I think it's easier to get through a weekday than it will be to get through the weekend.

I bought some compression bras today from Amazon:

This is the pillow wedge I bought too:

I hope they work well. So I hope all of this will work well.

Congrats too all you beauties on the other side!
Thanks to all my sympathizers who understand the struggle to stop smoking. I'm on day 2 and really doing well. Sometimes I need to keep my hands or my mind busy, but otherwise it's been ok. The Chantix is really helping. Thanks again everyone. Keep the encouragement coming, because I know there will be challenges ahead. My mom and co-worker smoke so even today I came home to a house that smelled like smoke since my mom was there visiting my grandmother who I take care of. What a pain!
That is so hard! Would your mom be willing to smoke outside of your house while she is visiting?
When I quit smoking there were times when I was in pain from wanting a cigarette, but I just kept reminding myself that if I started again I would just have to try to quit again, and I never wanted to feel like that again, so I just stuck it out. You have to just get through each craving. I found that it took about the same amount of time it took to smoke a cigarette. So I would just take nice deep breaths and do anything distracting for about 7 minutes and then I could move on. It did help that I never smoked in the house, so as long as I didn't go outside very often I was much better off!
Good Luck, Teri! You can do this!
I feel the same about just breathing through a craving. They say a craving only lasts less than one minute.

My mother is not thoughtful enough to not smoke in the house. She won't smoke in my bedroom or my den, but the kitchen and living room she feels is open territory.

I a caregiver for my grandmother and it's her house not mine, so i can only control my parts of the house. I wish my mom could just be a more thoughtful person though in regards to this issue.

Day three without a cigarette! I'm doing just...

Day three without a cigarette! I'm doing just fine. No horrible cravings at all. I went shopping today for a bathrobe and tops that open down the front. I found one, but I decided to re-purpose my favorite cotton tank tops. I'm going to cut them down the middle and sew velcro down the opening so I can still have my favorite tops to sleep in just with a velcro opening in the front! I thought it was ingenious!
Congrats on quitting smoking I quit 5 weeks ago and I know it's never easy! Congrats for you getting this for yourself. Keep updating.
We will make it through this just fine girl! Thanks for you and your husbands service to our country as well. And good luck with your move at the end of the month.
Your so sweet! Thank you! Yes we will make it through great. It's wonderful that you are on three days now. Some people don't know how challenging it can be if they have never smoked but even after the surgery is done I don't want to go back to it! I laughed when I read about your tops lol it is a great idea and you have to post pics when your done;)

Still cigarette free, yay me! My pre-op consult...

Still cigarette free, yay me! My pre-op consult is tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it. I feel like I have 25 questions and I hope he gives me enough time to ask them all. I always feel like doctors try to rush you out and I'm hoping it's different with plastic surgeons. I guess he'll let me ask all I want as long as I'm still holding the money! :-)

I've probably been over thinking everything. I've been ordering all kinds of stuff like a bed wedge for $79.00 which ended up going back. Too narrow and hard. I also bought some compression bras and two were too small so they went back. I think I need to calm down and let things just happen. I did keep a leg wedge to elevate my legs though. We'll see Lord knows I'll find many more things to buy before 4/14!

4/18! My surgery is 4/18!

4/18! My surgery is 4/18!
Hey Ladi T, dont spend all your money on that expensive stuff. Ask your PS what type of garmet does he prefer you wear afterwards, then go out and purchase. You will have a better feel for what you prefer then. I found some sports bras at JC Penney that zip in front and are very comfy and they were pretty cheap. I belive they were 15.00 per bra. Someone else mentioned a few cheap sports bras from Walmart. Congrats on you smoking. You are almost one week free.
thanks for the words of encouragement. i've been reading and viewing the ladies results and i've cried tears of joy because i know what they have went threw. and to see all the great life changing results: well sometime i get a little soft,lol ok im a punk. well im not expecting to be perfect butjust to feel good when i put on a tight shirt. i swear i took two sleeping pills (BENADRIL) and i still cant sleep. wtf i thought it was working i guess not.

Last pre-op consult today! It went great. Dr....

Last pre-op consult today! It went great. Dr. Grenga answered all of my questions and really put me at ease. He also assured me I don't need to go spend a lot of money. Let's just get through the surgery and see where we stand afterwards. Thanks to Sherry A. who also told me to keep my money in my pocket! I really appreciate the advise and will follow it.

PS said he will take out 700cc from each breast and I should end up a small C which is where I'd like to be.
Hey Lady Teri....I also live in Chesapeake and am doing a TT and BR in June.....I wish you luck and can't wait to hear how eveything good wishes are with you.....
Hey Lady Teri....I also live in Chesapeake and am looking to do the TT and BR in June......I wish you luck and can't wait to hear of your progress......
This is great news 700 is a lot of tissue to remove. You are going to love it. I had 900 of each breast. What a huge difference!!! Glad your PS thought the same way that I did :-). I was on a shopping frenzy as well, did not use hardly any of the stuff.

I'm in NY visiting my three sons. It was a good...

I'm in NY visiting my three sons. It was a good way to get away and take my mind off of this adventure for a bit, but of course here I am blogging as usual!

My oldest son who is 27 moved into a new apartment and needed his mother's help with unpacking and furniture shopping. (with my money of course)!! But it's been a blessing as usual to help him and we just really love spending time together..

So right now I'm sleeping on his hardwood floor with nothing but a blanket and let me tell you, my whole body's killing me! Lord I am not 20 anymore! I'm now 11 days away and just can't stop counting.

I still wonder about my end result. I feel like my stomach is so large so I'm not sure of what the outcome will be. I want to look as amazing as everyone else on this site. Sometimes I feel like I'll be the one with the horror story and bad results! PS said he will work hard to get out everything possible with full Lipo from top to bottom along my sides. Also 700cc is planned per breast and I"m so curious as to what size that will make me.

Anyway - more ranting later. Thanks for listening to me!
It's wonderful then the kids need you! Hope you had a great day.
As a bonus thought...I can lie on the floor better now since I've had my surgery!
I've heard that 200 grams is about a cup size, so that would take you down 3 - 3 1/2 sizes...can you imagine? You are going to feel so wonderful!
Make sure you get good post op. Garment. At least two. I feel the same way about results. Its normal to feel that way. You will be fine and happy. Next time u for something like that go to target and buy blow up bed they like 30 bucks. You don't need backaches lol
We had an air mattress burns bought the pump to blow it up, but the pump needed batteries which we didn't have so that's how we ended up on the floor! Thanks Candy!

Happy Resurrection Sunday everyone!

Happy Resurrection Sunday everyone!
Hope you had a blessed Easter, Teri!
I sure did. Just got back from NY. Hope you enjoyed as well!

9 Days to go!! I hear many of you talking about...

9 Days to go!! I hear many of you talking about you had blood work done and prescriptions. I didn't have any of that! PS said he will prescribe a pain pill day of I guess. I think I will call tomorrow and find out if I can pick up prescription by Monday.

My PS is very well known here and has excellent reviews, but I'm wondering why others had blood work and I didn't.
I am sorry we didn't touch base sooner too! I can't say enough good things about my doctor. He even gave me his home number in case I had questions or issue. At the time of my surgery, I was 225 and 5'7". I was constantly looking for thosewith belly's like mine to try to gauge how I would look. I'm sure you will look just as good. I was scheduled for a full abdominoplasty with MR. He also ended up lipoing right under my breasts, along my sides so I didn't have bulge over my underwear, and the front of my vajayjay. He said it was kindof poofy, but of course I never noticed that til he said it. Sounds like you are gtting a little more done too., you will look fabulous! Best of luck to you! I was a nervous wreck up until my surgery, butnow I'm glad I just have to concentrate on resting and healing :)
2 weeks ago I was about 208 now I think I'm like 215! Ugh! I pray I look better and I had made drastic changes in my life over the last year. I lost 32 Lbs, stopped smoking recently and have had a personal trainer for the last year. I have never felt better now I just want to look better!
I'm going to ask about my vajayjay day of surgery! :-)

Seven more days until I reach the flat side! I...

Seven more days until I reach the flat side! I have to say I expected to be so anxious this week, but actually I am more relaxed and calm that the entire last month of waiting. Not sure what that is about but I'm grateful for it. I have most things I need like bras, hot & cold compresses, tylenol regular & PM, gauze pads. will go out this weekend for some supplements from the vitamin store. I plan on getting Arnica Montana and also Bromelain. I had started taking a probiotic this week to make my digestion better and I really feel the difference. I hope it makes my BMs as soft and painless as possible. I do still have a list of about 15 things, but I'm sure some are me just over thinking my recovery.

I've already called someone to come and clean my house and had the lawn done this week. I guess I plan on relaxing my way to the other side!

I put a question out there, but it seems no one...

I put a question out there, but it seems no one has really tripped across it except one helpful lady. I'm wondering about whether any of you had the pleasure of having to buy new clothes due to a smaller body shape. TT & Br plus lipo, I'm just wondering if any aides out there had to go shopping after a while.

I had lost like 35 lbs over the last year and went down 2 sizes so I just bought all size 16. Can't say I'd mind if I have to re-shop though!
Good Luck LadyTeri on your upcoming surgery...keep us posted!!!

About 2 months after my BR I was certainly doing my part to stimulate the economy! I loved to shop for new shirts. I was getting things I had never worn before like cardigan sweaters and peasant shirts, things like that always made me look pregnant before, but when I could suddenly wear them it was pure joy! And the great thing was that my husband even liked seeing me in the new clothes. I think I just exude confidence in my new clothes because they accentuate me instead of me using my clothes to try to hide myself.
I'm not to the point where I need to shop yet and I didnt have a br but I think most of us are swollen for a little while before so you might stay in your clothes for a while before you need to shop.

5 more days!. I had an appointment with the...

5 more days!. I had an appointment with the anesthesiologist today. Just wanted to talk to me about what he would be doing and I was glad I got to see the facility and where I'll be going on Wednesday.

Went out to dinner with my co-workers and family and had a good time. I plan on relaxing tomorrow and start taking some Bromelain & Arnica tomorrow as well.

I'm almost there!
You are just so close LadyTeri! Good luck, sending good vibes your way!
Hey sue,

Sorry to hear you had to re-schedule. Hope it was your choice and not your PS. Thanks for the support. I'm so calm now, just waiting for Wednesday!
hey are you doing? Your surgery is slowly coming up just wanted to give you a shout out..I have to reschedule mines and presently am waiting for the new date...Good luck on wednesday!

3 Days until my big day! Everything is set now. ...

3 Days until my big day! Everything is set now. All my shopping is done, cleaning is done, va jayjay is shaved and ready :-). I juiced some beets, cucumbers and kale yesterday for the first time. Can't say it was really enjoyable, but I know I need more veggies and juicing gets you the most bang for your buck. I'll be juicing fruits especially pineapple which is good for swelling.

I am ready for the slice and dice!!!
Thanks for all the support ladies!
Good luck LadyTeri! You're going to look fab!
Good luck on ur surgery....ur going to look amazing!

Well I'm now 12 hours from my big moment! I have...

Well I'm now 12 hours from my big moment! I have to tell you ladies, yesterday was not a good day for me and that's why I wasn't even on the boards at all. I went to my primary Dr. to ask about a particular diet pill. Well I actually saw her P.A. and she said I needed to take an EKG in order for her to prescribe it. Low and behold she said I have an atrial flutter. When I tell her I am having surgery on 4/18 she says "well I suggest you see a cardiologist and cancel your surgery, but oh it's really no big deal, but get it checked first."

I was freaking out and called the anesthesiologist and my PS. They said as long as I am not feeling any flutters or am out of breath they will move forward and monitor my heart during surgery. It's possible one of my pills is causing the crazy flutter. And since my pulse and breathing is fine, they see no reason not to proceed.

I feel confident and comfortable. If I had never went I wouldn't have hear of this anyway! Nothing is going to stop me now!
Best of luck to you Teri! You are gorgeous and you are going to do just wonderful. I will keep checking on you! You are in my prayers! Let us know how you are doing just as soon as you feel up to it. God bless!
Good luck tomorrow I am sure you will do just wonderful. God bless!
Thanks for al the well wishes ladies. Good luck to everyone else who is going under this week!

Hi everyone! Surgery was a success! Nurses at the...

Hi everyone! Surgery was a success! Nurses at the surgical center were so wonderful! I really think they made the experience so pleasant. Just wanted to send a short note to let everyone know I'm ok. When I'm more cohesive tomorrow, I'll give a more detailed report.

So glad you are doing well!
IM glad your doing good
By now your probably in surgery but I just wanted to wish you the best when you wake up you will be a happy healthier you! Let us know know you're doing when you feel up to it.

Day 1 Post Op - I can't believe I'm on the other...

Day 1 Post Op - I can't believe I'm on the other side! The Chesapeake Surgical Center was absolutely wonderful. I couldn't ask for a better staff to take care of me. I was at the center by 6:15 am. I was given a surgical warmer to keep my body warm prior to the surgery. Dr. Grenga came in and marked me up and assured me he would do his best and he did! Once I was in the operating room, I felt like I said hello to everyone ask about their morning and then...Nothing! Next thing I know I'm being ask to wake up.

I guess I'd have to say the muscle repair has been the most tight and painful thing along with the lipo on my hips. The hips look horrible! all purple and yellow, I'll try to get a picture up on that tonight.

My sister Toby is my caregiver for the next few days and Lord! She has been getting on my nerves more than anything else. She is a wonderful person, but she tends to be
straight to the point without much of a bedside manner. She's not very understanding when I moan or groan or ask for help in and out of bed, but I am very grateful for her help. I keep teasing her about her horrible bedside manner so we're now laughing about it all and we are best friends so it's all good :-)

I am so glad that I did this and am excited to see my body change and get better! I'll keep you ladies updated. This site has helped me get to this point and I am so grateful that RealSelf is here. I felt so prepared every step of the way and I owe that to RealSelf!
Look at you smiling in that post op pic! That spirit will certainly help you move through this a little easier! Is that Toby in the background? Lmao! I was dying laughing reading about Toby plucking your nerves! Lol! Gotta love family! Glad you are on the other side. Each day you will feel better and anything that doesn't is easily addressed with your meds. Stay on top of them so you don't cause yourself any unnecessary pain. You just went through major surgery. Rest up and keep updating when you feel up to it! Tell Toby I said what's up! Lol! Happy healing!
congrats and happy healing!
Hi Teri!!!! Glad to hear that you have crossed over to the other side. Looks like your doing very well. Congratulations. Boy do those drains bring back memories (yikes). Take care, you are looking fabulous for just being 1 day post op.

Day 2 post op. it's 3:00 am and my drains are...

Day 2 post op. it's 3:00 am and my drains are leaking. Everyone is asleep so I'll just wait until my sister wakes up to help me fix whatever is wrong. Took some Percocet to get me back to sleep and also help with this dreadful muscle repair pain my in stomach. Feeling a Loy of gas also. I guess that's the beginning of the BM that we have all been afraid of. I'll let you know how that goes.

I'm already getting to a point where I am tired of...

I'm already getting to a point where I am tired of feeling everything. I want these drains gone, the bruises gone, and even my sister gone! :-) This is definitely a process and a test of patience and understanding. I have three drains for my stomach and only two are draining into the drains, the other is leaking through my pants, so I'm always feeling wet and yucky quite a bit. I wan my sis to push it back up maybe the tube slipped a little but she's not trying to do that!

I have bad bruising from the lip on my hips which is all I can see right now. I'm trying to send a pic with my breast shown hopefully it will upload..

Love all of you for all of your support!
Hey lady--LOOKING GREAT! How are you feeling? I know how you feel about the drains--a giant pain in the ass huh? I got 1 out and the other to be gone on tues. i am walking a little straighter and moving around. i am kinda glad I only had my cousin here for 2 nights. as long as I felt safe to move around I dont want to be bitchy to someone who is trying to help. she was a saint--every time i groaned or coughed she came running--so sweet--i gotta do something nice for her--will figure that out later! so gald you are on the flat side--have you had a peek with out the belly band on? I was so freaked out that the gut was gone--just gone! whoooo--still tight as a drum and thats annoying but rather that than the jelly belly that was there before! keep us posted----cyber hugs to you girl!
Hey LadyTeri! How are you feeling?! I have been out of the loop, but you were on my mind!!! I'm 3 plus weeks and I feel great so just know that in no time you will look back at all these irritating moments like while, it seemed so long ago!

Happy healing honey!!!

Wow, Miss Teri! Look at that little boobie! That is so exciting!

3 Days post op - It's about 4:00pm on Saturday and...

3 Days post op - It's about 4:00pm on Saturday and I'm just waking up watching some tv with my mom. My family is nervous for me to take off the stomach binder even to take a photo, but I will have one for you girls soon.

My PS was o.k with my one drain that was leaking and not going into the actual drain bulb. He purposely puts three drains in the stomach and feels either the third is draining with the others which are at high drain outages. Also since it is leaking as long as the fluid is leaving the body that is all that is important. He says Monday may be my day for drain removal depending on the outage amounts, so we'll see.
Praying you heal swiftly, WHAT A REDUCTION! Excited about your results along with you! (Newbie)~ Apple
I only had 1 drain and that sucker was in for 17 days. Praying you are not that long!

Day 4 Post Op - Well I finally had my first BM! ...

Day 4 Post Op - Well I finally had my first BM! OMG, it was so difficult and painful, but once it was out, my stomach felt so much better. I have now had three BM's since 6:00 am this morning. So I guess I'm regular!

I really just want these drains gone and mine are more of a bother since one is continuously leaking and I constantly have to change my clothes because of it. My energy level is very low so doing all of that just takes it toll. I hope to call in tomorrow (Monday) and be told to come in to have the drains removed.

Everyday life is tough for me since I am my grandmother's caregiver. I have to cook for myself and when I go in the kitchen and perhaps moan, I scare her and she gets all freaked out. It's almost not worth getting up to get something to eat. She's needed my help a few times, but all in all she has been able to tend to herself thank God.

Good luck to everyone going in this coming weeK!
Teri, you really need to take it easy. Is there anyone that can come over and help you out? Maybe if someone could cook a crockpot meal, then you can just warm it up. I feel bad for you. Wish I could help.
Thank God u had that bm. It is the worst part. Now the drains. I hated them.. its not funny but the sister and the grandma story made me laugh. IM glad u are doing OK. Once the drains gone. Its so much Beyer.
Hey twin, you look great! These drains are the worst part for me right now and the fact I havent had my bm yet! Scared for sure!q

Ok. More drama for Teri.. How about I woke up...

Ok. More drama for Teri.. How about I woke up with shingles on my leg! My PS says its common to get that type of breakout when you have surgery. So now I'm dealing that that and then guess who decided to stop by?.....My freakin period!! Please laught for me ladies 'cause my strength is being tested like you would not believe.

Doesn't seem like I'll be getting these drains out anytime soon so I'm gonna take some Percocet and zone out for awhile.
Hey LadyTeri!!!
Congrats!! I can laugh for you hun lol But you will look back and it will be funny later!!! But I do understand cause My lil friend came to visit like second day after my surgery also soo I feel your pain!!! Well I will keep in touch to see how you doing and I wish happy healing!!
Twin I wish I could laugh for you but it would hurt too much! I just finished eating some horrible stuff for my body but dayum I was craving hooters wings and fries. I couldn't help myself!!! Lol! I think I will join you in taking a little nap. Pretty soon we will look back at all of this and just smile that it's over!
Thanks Sherry. My co-worker came by today and changed my linen on my bed and went food shopping for me, what a blessing that was!

Day 6 Post Op - Wow time flies. I feel better...

Day 6 Post Op - Wow time flies. I feel better today about so many things and I owe it all to my little friend Percocet (or Perci)! I really medicated myself yesterday and today and feel so much more relaxed and better able to deal with everyone and everything.

My crazy sister came by and we juiced some fantastic veggie juice with beets, cucumber, broccoli and grapes. Very good blend. We have a good time together so that was fun, then she got on my nerves and I kicked her out! :-)

My advise to anyone about to go through this is to take your meds and relax through this process. Don't try to overdo anything. I can just hear my body saying thank you since I gave it some rest!
Thanks Ladies for all the support! Feeling better today. I let the medication do it's job and feel much more relaxed and able to deal with things. All in all this isn't that bad considering the outcome we all get!
Teri, so sorry to hear about your misfortunes. I had shingles about 10 years ago on my back,.. not fun. Hoping your luck will be on the up swing real soon!
Take a deep breathe , it will get better.

I'm so sorry things aren't going very well for you right now, Teri! Shingles are just horrible! Keep taking that Percocet as you need to because you have so many things going on right now that you need whatever comfort you can get. I certainly hope you get to feeling better soon. Just remember that period is only going to last a few days but your rocking hot body will last forever!! It will be all worth it in the end! ((HUGS))

Day 7 Post Op - One week since it was my turn! ...

Day 7 Post Op - One week since it was my turn! Well good news I got my drains out today! my PS is so sweet he novocaines the area so you feel nothing at all. He likes how I'm healing and says I have a lot of swelling which is normal and expected. He told me to remember that I am still at the beginning of this journey and no where near the finish line. I like that advise and think we all need to keep that in mind.
I can't get over how good you look! You are going to be so happy with your breasts!! All your comments about your sister had me laughing out loud!!! I only have one, but have 5 daughters and they all fuss at each other without end...till someone needs something and like good girls they are there for each other :0) ps I think Palmers is a better oil for you. It will hep with the scar.
Can't wait to see how beautiful you look when you post a new set of pictures......hope to run into you at Greenbrier Mall one day soon so I can tell you just how great you are looking!!!!

So glad you were able to have those drains removed, Ms Teri! That has to be liberating! Hope you are feeling better and being good to yourself!

I missed you all yesterday, I was having problems...

I missed you all yesterday, I was having problems with my router. But I'm back now. Hope everyone is recovering well. I am feeling pretty good, but as I said since before my surgery, this binder is killing me. I do not like wearing things that feel very binding and of course this does. I know it's for good reason so I deal with it, but Lord I can't wait until this part is over!

I'm planning to go back to work on Monday and I'm really not sure if I'm ready. I guess I'll have Sat. & Sun. to see how I feel and then decide from there. I have a desk job so it should be ok.

My stomach still feels so tight, numb and swollen and I also noticed that my BB is crooked. I don't even know if that's something to make a big deal about, because I can't imagine how he would fix it, but I think I will call Monday and mention it.

I'm really enjoying this time of rest and lounging as I call it, but I know it can't last forever. I'll try to get some new pics up soon. Talk to you all soon!
I hope that you did ok going back to work. Good luck!

Will you be allowed to take more time off from work if you feel that it is necessary? I hope you have a great weekend.
Thanks Iowa. Went to work and was exhausted, but I guess I have to get up and moving. I may leave a little early every day for a while.

4 Weeks Post Op Hi everyone! I am so sorry...

4 Weeks Post Op

Hi everyone! I am so sorry I've bee away for a while. I'm feeling pretty good 4 weeks post op. My tummy is still hard and swollen so I can't see the result so much there, but I have faith that I all in time. I went into this knowing that I was not at an ideal weight. Let's face it I'm a big girl, but I am here to say I am so happy with my results so far! I love my breasts, they are beautiful. I do have some fatty overhang on the sides that will go down in time with continued weight loss which WILL happen. And I may still have him do a slight revision there as I do feel during his contouring he should have taken more of that out. End result was we took 957 CC from one breast and 1013 CC from the other. Much more then previously expected. At first I thought they were too small but now I really love them and the freedom they give me. I also had 15 Lbs total removed from my tummy. Again, I am sorry I haven't stayed in tout, but I plan on doing better with that. It's important that we stay connected and share.

WooHoo, Ms. Teri! Look at those little boobies :-) I was so glad to hear from you! How are you feeling physically? Are you back to your normal routine? Does the TT give you much discomfort?

Week 4 Post op Update My breasts are looking so...

Week 4 Post op Update

My breasts are looking so great! They are very tender and sore though although not hard any longer. 90% of my scabs are gone and I am massaging with Palmer's Skin Therapy which worked immediately. I can feel and see healing from the oil in only like 4 days of use. Great stuff. My nipples are so tender, thank God I don't have baby or a man who needs to be sucking on them anytime soon! :-) Although trust if I suddenly had a man, Lord knows I'd find a way to deal with it! (Sorry ya'll know my humor by now) I do have the boob fat on my sides which I know is more the sides of my body that my breasts, I just wish he had gone there and done some lipo since he was already over there. I will be discussing a revision with him on that.

My tummy is looking o.k. No great result for me there, but I am not complaining. I lost like 13-15 lbs off my stomach and can already tell I am at least down i clothing size on the bottom. From my pics you probably don't see a difference, but ladies there is a huge difference! If it continues to go down with the compression I will be ecstatic.

For me it almost seems like my surgery was ages ago and not just 4 short weeks ago, so I need to stop judging my results so soon. I am beating myself up that my stomach doesn't look like all you sexy ladies, but I am staying positive and optimistic. I'm going to trust in my Dr. and get back to the gym as soon as I am real able and then see where it stands.

If anyone reading this has any advice on how I can take better pictures with my iPhone please let me know! I feel like my pics are too far away or something. Please share the secrets!!

I meant to add that I must say my va jay jay is...

I meant to add that I must say my va jay jay is looking pretty awesome these days!! :-). It's so nice to see it again!
Thanks for your post I am having the exact same procedure with Dr. Grenga in 4 weeks. Do u have any new pics of your tummy? Thanks, N. Chesapeake
Hey miss lady, how are things going? I hope all is well. Keep us posted.
Hi, new boobies and new tummy, you look great!!!
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Dr. Grenga and his staff have been wonderful. He has been available for after hours calls if I feel the need to ask questions and even called me on a Saturday to discuss my drain output. Dr. Grenga and the Surgical Center of Chesapeake are both outstanding and would work with them again!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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