Loving my girls!!!!600CC MP unders - Cherry Hill, NJ

Hello all, I am super excited that I am having my...

Hello all,

I am super excited that I am having my BA on May 22nd.
I am only nervous about the unknown!!! I have done tons of research and find that reading to much into BA scares you!!!!

Now...Please tell me how I might feel afterwards, what do I look forward to?
What should I do to set up prior to Surgery?

I am 5'7 151 lbs and a mommy of 3. i am going from a B to a full D maybe DD....My opinion, I would rather have slightly larger then not enough :)

1 day Post Op

Hello ladies!!!!

I wanted to update everyone that surgery went great... I felt fine yesterday , just tight but no major pain. i slept in recliner last night and got 6 hours of sleep.
Woke up this am with the "morning boobs" LOL but pain wise , i feel fine . my girls look great of what i can see....no i havent taken bra off yet lol..due to arm range.
I go for my po appt tomorrow and get to take a shower!!!!!


i will also be posting before and after pics soon :)

600 CC MP under muscle silicone

ok ladies im posting some before and after's .

I went for my PO today and went well . He took 2 stitches out on each side. I drove myself there...feeling very well , wake up swollen and at night I get really swollen.

17 Days PO

17 Days PO ....as some of my fellow PA girls have said ...the feeling is like a slight sunburn. Nipples are sensitive to the touch or clothing , but yet no feeling ...Its like my foot is asleep and I still feel the pins and needles.
I also like many, have said recently I should have went bigger.

I had 600 cc 's and feel my body just swallowed them . Damn it i knew i should of bumped it up to 700-750 ....
Other then that , I am normal ..My right is a slight bit higher then left , but they are both working their way down slowly. I can't wait to wear a normal bra though!!! I have a 200.00 Gift card to Victoria secrets just burning a whole in my purse LOL....

To all you BA ladies this week, Good luck and be brave ..its really not that bad .

New pics PO

More PO Pics

PO 17 Days

OOOO ... I should also Add....I still find myself slumping n trying not to Flaunt them yet LOL ..I gotta get over that!

Dr. Sorokin of Delaware Valley Plastic Surgey has to be the best PS Dr. and professional He and his staff offered nothing but positive reassurance , time, and great bed side manners. I will recommend him to anyone in the SJ/Philly area.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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             i cant believe you have mod plus! yours look like high profile! you have major upper pole fullnest! love it! enjoy girlie!
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I'm 5'8 165lbs have 3 kids breast fed 2 and my dr recommends I not go over 500cc my BA is this Friday I'm so excited but the more I think about it I'm worried I regret not going bigger :-/
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lookin' good, girlie!!!! :D congrats!!!
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HEY THERE! I was so happy to read your story! I am 5'6, 129 lbs and I went with the 650 cc's...my PS said I should end up a D or DD in some bras with my measurements! I am so high and tight right now...can't wait for them to drop - haha..just like everyone else! But, I was like you and didn't want any regrets or have to go back to go bigger!!
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btw ...I have to say to all you upcoming BA girls....Go in with a positive attitude and no fear. Make sure your surgeon is Board certified (this is a must) To feel beautiful and confident takes pain sometimes, and in the end for most of us, it will be ALL WORTH IT!
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They look great!!! Mine are looking the same too. Yah for boobies so happy to be on the other side I tell ya!!
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girl this is the best birthday, Christmas, anniveresy, and any other damn holiday present I could of gave myself! even though i feel like a linebacker at moment , i feel confident about my boobs!
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My sentiments exactly!!!! Your taller than me but I think we got the same look you going 600 and me 500. I hope girls read things like this before they do it so that they understand how different results are on different body types. So cool to be able to go through recovery together we can judge how well we are doing with each stage. But I must say for being day 1 post op its all down hill from here. I hear day 1-3 are the worst and if what i have been going through is the worst I GOT THIS!!!!
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Can't wait!
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Good luck today!
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Oooops sorry sunshine......my food luck today was to May baby!
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Stopping by to check up on you!! Hope all went well!!
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Yah!!! Good luck!!
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let me know how you feel!!!! hope it all went great!
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Best of luck sunshine!!
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You're almost there! I'm very excited for you!  Assuming you have help with the kids? Perhaps have a few "surprises" for the kids to help distract them from your lack of attention. Don't forget a laxative to offset the constipating side effects of pain meds. Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf. Can't wait to hear how your surgery goes!

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im super excited ..im ready to get done...lol we haven't told ANYONE and the excitement is over spilling in me !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Another 5/22 boobie baby... whooo hooo !! Hey chica ..How you holding up ?
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Hi! I'm in NJ too and getting my BA on May 28th. I actually just went shopping today to get prepared. I bought 4 Sports Bras: 2 with thin "bra-like" straps to wear with tanks and tee shirts, or any tight shirt for that matter, and I got two more traditional Sports Bras but with a plunge in the front with cups. I also got advil for after I'm off the pain killers, a laxative (I heard these are a must!), straws so I drink more fluids easily, a multi vitamin to take now-recovery, lever 2000 to wash with the night before and morning of surgery, and that's it! My sister just had her BA yesterday, she was awake and texting me 2 hours after she went into surgery! She said the first hour once you wake up is hell, but after that the pain is managable especially with the pain killers. She's in a great mood today and not complaining about pain. You will just have to take it easy for a few days. Make a comfy spot on the couch or your bed. I want a small C. Currently I'm a small 34A, 5'4" and 107 lbs. During the first consultation my dr. told me I should go with 250 cc's but I don't think that will give me a C so when I go back this week, I'm going to push for the 300 cc's/
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I'm 5'5" and 119 lbs. I hated my 360s and went down to 240s. Still too big so I'm going back for 180s. Take your PS advice.
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Good luck!
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