Tummy Tuck & Thigh Lipo Scheduled for April 6th - Cherry Hill, NJ

I always had a "pot belly" as a kid but...

I always had a "pot belly" as a kid but never really a problem until I had 2 children. I am 5'10" and a size 8 and have always maintained a healthy weight. I have extra skin, stretch marks and fat under my belly button that hangs and leaves a red sore line underneath. Also my ab muscles stick out and no matter what I do...exercise, lose weight....nothing changes. Over the years when I've talked about getting a tummy tuck everyone always say's oh no your fine, that's crazy to spend that kind of money...you don't need one, which is very frustrating because I hide it well and they just don't see it. In the summer I wear tankini bathing suits with little skirts to hide it. I have gotten to the point where I flash my friends because I know I do need one and once they see my stomach they agree. I finally made an appointment and went to a plastic surgeon and his exact words were "finally...someone who actually needs a tummy tuck"..! When I repeat this to friends they find the doctors comment mean but I was just happy to be validated. He said he gets a lot of overweight people who think he can just cut it all off and give them a flat stomach. Apparently I am the perfect canidate....within 10 lbs of ideal body weight, extra skin and fat below the belly button, muscles have seperated and I have enough skin to cut and stitch back together. I then met with 2 additional doctors and made a decision to go with the last doctor I met with who fit me in at 4:45 on a Friday afternoon. He had just come out of surgery and still had a great demeanor and answered all of my questions and walked me through the entire process, I felt very comfortable. His patient liason was so nice as well and replied to my email on a saturday. I read great reviews and he's within 30 minutes of my house. I even decided to add thigh lipo since that area doesn't seem to change as well and it seemed worthwhile with the discount they provide for additional procedures and the 1 year no interest financing.

I'm doing as much research as I can on recovery and what I can do to make it more bearable. I've only talked to one doctor who keeps you in the hospital overnight, this doctor does not, he has an OR in his facility and you go home the same day which makes me a little nervous going home the same day. I've read things about certain foods to eat, lots of vitamin C, lots of water and protein to help repair the muscle. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I will be sure to post before and after photos once the procedure is complete on April 6th.

Hey . . . i am booked for my tummy tuck and lipo on April 4, just couple of days before yours. My PS office is only 5 minutes away but the procedure is done at his surgical centre about 30 minutes from where I live. It is a daycare procedure . . not overnight stay.

Congratulations!   How nice you are finally getting to do this for yourself.  You will be very happy after your are all healed.  Having a tight and flat tummy is wonderful.  

I actually think having this done on an outpatient level is best.   If you have everything set up at home you will be much more comfortable there.  As far as I am concerned hospitals are just one big germ pool so you are best at home. 

Make sure to have help at home for the first week and all will go well. 

I look forward to reading your posts as you go through your process.  Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.  You have great resources here on RealSelf. 

Thank you for posting your story.
I am happy for you that you have made the decision to something for yourself. You deservee it. Having kids and being a mom definitely takes a toll on our bodies and we tend to put ourselves to the wayside. It is natural to be nervous and question yourself on whether or not you should spend this kind of money of yourself. The answer is HELL YES you deserve it!

As far as staying overnight, that is a personal decision for your surgeon and you. I personally had to stay over night. I didn't want to at first but my doctor wouldn't have it any other way. I am glad that i did stayed overnight. I had a lot of drainage from my lipo sites and because I was so drugged I couldn't take care of it myself. It was a blessing to have the nurses there to help me. I have heard of several people who went home the same day and they were ok with it but most of them were close to their facility. I live an hour away from my doctor. So it was better for me to stay. I was up and walking within hours of my procedures. Walking is very important...

we are here to help and look forward to answering any of your questions...:)

Procedure is paid for and now I'm even more...

Procedure is paid for and now I'm even more nervous. I handle stress very well and am not a drama queen but this is definitely a bit overwhelming. I had 2 easy deliveries and had my gallbladder out but other then that haven't really dealt with any type of surgery. I'm feeling the nesting thing kick in and the need to shop for everything that will make me comfortable and the need to clean...clean...clean! My boyfriend was very supportive of me getting the surgery but is getting tired of me talking about it...even though I don't think it's that often. I think he's nervous too so talking about it just makes it more overwhelming, especially b/c he's not great with the blood and gut's type things:-) I don't have a recliner so it's just me and the sofa or bed with a ton of pillows, I hope that works. I'm getting my thighs lipo'd as well so that will just add to the discomfort but might as well get it done together. My mom still looks at me like I'm crazy to do this but she is more then willing to help in any way that she can. I'm lucky to have the month of April off b/c I start a new job in May so that takes a little bit of the pressure off. I have my kids squared away with relatives for the first 5 days and then we'll see what happens. They are 11 and 5 so they can do most things on their own with supervision and I know they will do whatever they can to help. I told them I was having surgery to fix my stomach but didn't really get into the specifics....what are you supposed to tell them...? My 5 year old son said I could borrow his walkie talkies and call him on it whenever I needed something:-) 12 days to go.
I read the month by month diary, that was great! I also liked the facebook page and will continue to update and read others daily results. It's nice to know I'm not alone:-)

9 days till surgery, the mix of emotions is tough....

9 days till surgery, the mix of emotions is tough....one minute I'm excited and read all the reviews and see the amazing before and after pictures......and the next I'm scared, thinking about my own mortality and wondering if that small risk is worth it. I'm blessed to have 2 beautiful children...shouldn't that be enough..? I know the risk is no more then getting in my car and driving to work tomorrow but I'm choosing to do this and it's a bit scary. I hope that my post op posts are as good and better then the ones I have been reading:-) I did take photos on my phone but can't upload from it.
Hopefuly the day care will have the option to keep you over night if required. I am glad I could in Santo Domingo as my drainage was heavy and I was still pretty well drugged up. I would not have like to go to my hotel alone. As far as pain is concerned, the only I had was when I had to go for bowel movement and laugh both causing the skin in the incision to stretch. So in these cases I had to learn to push on my stomach with my hand to limit the stretch. Otherwise you will have some discomfort for 4-8 weeks only and it will likely itch. On my attached photot, I am wearing the same leater jacket as of 1978. The tt was well worht it.
All of your fears are normal.. I worried about all the same things. I can just say it's been a rough road and I'm 5 days post op and today was a good day. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Just posted before pics....a few days to go and...

Just posted before pics....a few days to go and I'll have after pics:-) Are you not allowed to climb stairs afterwards for a certain period of time...?

You have another 4 weeks or more to reinforced your middle section and it is important. Whenever we make an efort, our abs muscle kick in. You will have a good 4 weeks where you will feel your incision but it is not always painful. Go for it and don't worry about the pain. Once the drainage tubes are removed you will feel much better. Most people have the tubes for 5-7 days but because I was too active during that time I had them for 10 days. They are uncomfortable but not really painful.
Hello kw36..Good luck to you..may God watch over you on your surgery..you will like your result..when my daughter had hers..right away i can tell she looks amazing already just seeing her after surgery..so don't worry you gonna be okey..i keep telling my self the same thing too.I will have the same procedure my daughter had..tummy tuck..breast implant with lift..lipo on my flanks and outer thigh..sound a lot and hopefully i will be okey..keep me in your prayers and i will keep you in mine..may God watch over both of us...by the way you can call me lovely bone123..ttyl:)
I'm so glad I found this site! I'm scheduled for the same procedures in May. Good luck to you this April. I'm very concerned about the recovery and pain post-operatively, as I'm very active in my day to day schedule. Although, I don't want want to do anything that would compromise the results. Thank you for sharing your experience, as it will prepare me for what I can expect.

Tomorrow is the big day! I have to be there at...

Tomorrow is the big day! I have to be there at 7am, surgery scheduled from 8am to 11am and then they say approximately 1.5 hrs of recovery and then home. It seems so quick for a full tummy tuck, muscle repair, lipo on flanks and inner thighs. Wow, it creeped up quick. Everything is squared away at home and kids are taken care of till Sunday night. I'm nervous but excited.....wish me luck:-)
Thinking of you on your big day...you will do great and look wonderful! My prayers and thoughts are with you...:)
good luck.....i met dr sorokin and loved him, but i am just not ready to go forward with the procedure yet...can't wait to see your results. i am planning on going to him, when i get it done!
Hi kw36..good luck may God watch over you and all of us that will have the procedure soon..You gonna be okey and loving your result too..keep us on your healing jorney and keep i touch..ttyl:)

Thanks so much for all your thoughts and good...

Thanks so much for all your thoughts and good wishes. Home and doing good! Surgery was about 2.5 hours and recovery wad good...no nausea which made me very happy. Was home by 1pm. Lots of pressure but bearable, I'm getting around pretty well. I'm laying on my chase lounge on my sofa with lots of pillows and blankets. I had thigh lipo as well and so far it doesnt hurt:-) I made a chart of all the meds and vitamins I'm taking so I can keep on top of everything since there are probably 10 different things I'm taking. My boyfriend is taking great care of me:-) Love the opening in the girly area so you don't have to worry about taking the garmet off. Haven't been able to nap yet so will probably sleep well, also the doc gave me lunesta which should help. I have a pain pump and one drain which is easy to empty. I go back on Friday for follow up. I'm excited:-)
Wow! I am so happy you are doing well! Rest up & keep us posted.
So glad to hear that you are doing good! Love it when the girls say that it isn't as bad as they may have thought! Rest up and try to enjoy being pampered!
You sound so good!! Thank you for posting to let us all know how you're doing. Sounds like you have everything you need, and are being taken care of well. Rest up and heal well, girl!! Looking forward to following you closely, as I'm having lipo on the thighs with my TT, too!

PO day 1 - not much sleep, mainly b/c i literally...

PO day 1 - not much sleep, mainly b/c i literally pee'd every 20 minutes to an hour. I didn't read anything about this...! I would piddle a little each time i went but my bladder was still full so I would stand up, let things settle and sit down again to piddle again....wth! Then i would go back to bed for 20 minutes and have to get back up which is not easy. the pain is a 6 maybe, lots of pressure and very uncomfortable. My boyfriend is taking great care of me even though he's exhausted from helping me get out of bed every 20 minutes to an hour. I have no drainage.....half a bulb full yesterday and that's it. Doc said that's ok....some people drain more then others. I'm hoping today is a little easier but doc said it would probably be the most uncomfortable day. My back really hurts, maybe a heating pad later. Binder is so tight but won't take off till PO appt tomorrow. I can't even imagine what it looks like without it....hopefully great....!!!!!
Your gonna look so good! I can already see abdominal muscles in your before pics
so happy you are well...I will be waiting to hear about your progress...keep us posted!

Post op day 2 - last night was tough...severe...

Post op day 2 - last night was tough...severe bloating and cramping from being constipated made the binder so tight and sore.....it was the worst to date. That also made me more hunched over and my back is killing me. I've been taking MOM and colace and the doc gave me something else today that will hopefully help clear it all out. I've been eating soup and had a sandwich for lunch, not very hungry. Drinking lots and trying to keep up with all the meds and vitamins. It was really helpful to make a chart for the meds so i can keep up with them. The binder came off at the doctors office and i was surprised at the choppiness of the incision. I haven't really seen others so I'm sure its fine...it is only 2 days post op. it felt really weird and i had a hard time taking a deep breath and talking while i was laying there. Here's to hoping the constipation gets resolved and my back stops hurting and then maybe ill be able to stand up straight.

Forgot to mention that the doc sent me 6 large...

Forgot to mention that the doc sent me 6 large chocolate covered strawberries from California that came so nicely packed in dry ice. It was a nice surprise:-)
Hey you! Hope your feeling okay. I finally got to do the #2 today!! Felt sooooo good. I drank a glass of prune juice, then boiled water (drank it pretty warm). I felt like I suddently had to go but didnt want to push too hard so I took about 3/4 TBSP MOM and within 1/2 hr I went!!! I still had to push a little though but I think its all good. It is my 4th day postop today. Cant believe time is flying. At this point I am not taking any pain med's but I will if I need it. The achy part is from the lipo. Hope you get to go soon! take care

Post op day 5 - doing well, had an appt today and...

Post op day 5 - doing well, had an appt today and didn't get the drain out...maybe Wednesday. Everything looks good and I could start to see the shape, I definitely have a waist and a flat stomach but tough to imagine what it will look like after the scar has time to heal. I am standing almost fully upright and can get up and lay down by myself. The binder is a pain but other then that I'm happy with everything. Had lots of company over the weekend...which is why I didn't post. I took a few photos but my bandage is on the scar so you can't really see....I will post them soon.

Post op day 8...wow how time flies. I am feeling...

Post op day 8...wow how time flies. I am feeling really well and getting around great. I do feel like I'm doing a bit to much so today I will relax:-) I had my drain out yesterday and get to take a shower today. They gave me 2 more binders since I have to wear them for another month. The new binders don't have the zipper on the sides so hopefully it wont dig in like the one I'm currently wearing, you'll see in the photos the bruising. I will take new photos today after my shower so you can see the results.....I'm eager to see them as well. I haven't taken the binder off except for at the doctors office (that nifty opening down below is great) so I'll be inspecting everything:-)

Finally took a shower yesterday...woot woot! I...

Finally took a shower yesterday...woot woot! I could feel the swelling around my stitch area build as I was on my feet which was weird but once I laid down it was better...and easier to breathe. The doc gave me 2 new binders which THANKFULLY have the cut outs down below because I needed help getting into it and I bet to get out of it so I wear underwear over the binder.....it's so pretty...LOL! New photos from after my shower just posted.
Thanks for posting...I am just getting back on my laptop to reply to everyone:-) I'm feeling good...post op day 9....can't believe it went this quick! I took lots of pain meds for the first week but am doing good now. Had a shower yesterday and then put the binder back on....getting in and out is tough...I think I'll shower every other day:-) I hope your doing well....how are you coming along?
Thanks!! I now have a flat belly....still swollen but amazed at the results. Can't wait for 4 more weeks so I don't have to wear the binder anymore....then we'll see the real shape:-)
A couple more days...! The waiting part is the toughest...! I am 9 days post op and it flew by. On my surgery day I was in surgery at 8am and out at 10:40am and left the surgery center by 12:15pm...home at 1pm. It was uncomfortable but bearable. All I can recommend is to take your meds so you stay on top of the pain otherwise it will be really uncomfortable. Relax and drink lots although if you read my post i peed every 20 minutes for almost 24 hours and it was tough getting up and down. You will love your new figure. So far so good with me.....I have a flat stomach and a waist. Just curious how much left is the swelling. I had a tough time sleeping the few nights after b/c I'm a side sleeper and felt trapped just laying there on my back. Luckily my doc gave me Lunesta that I started taking a few nights after the surgery and I would sleep thru the night without moving and got a good nights sleep....I'm still taking it. Good luck....and don't worry, you will do great!!! Can't wait to see your after pics.

Post op day 13 - I had a check up yesterday and...

Post op day 13 - I had a check up yesterday and everything looks good but I have extra swelling in my pubic area The doc said to walk a bit but not to get my heart rate up to help the fluid absorb. He's not worried but if it doesn't go down then he will have to drain it this coming Monday. He said everything looks great and next week they will leave the tape off of the incision and start discussing scar massage. I really have a nice shape now except for the swelling and I put on my old jeans which were tight before surgery and now are a little loose (even with the binder on). Before surgery I was 157...this morning I was 148.5. I definiteIy haven't been eating like normal and have lost weight overall....everyone says my face is thinner....I hope it stays that way once everything is back to normal but the gym is definitely in my future. I feel pretty good and looking forward to a few weeks from now when the swelling is gone and I can see the final results. The binder is supposed to stay on for 3 - 4 more weeks and then ween myself off and wear a few hours a day. So glad I did it and tomorrow is 2 weeks!
Oh my, our pre surgery tummy looks so much alike! You already look so good! Just wait till your 2 months out, it with be amazing the difference!

3 weeks post op! Everything is going well. At my...

3 weeks post op! Everything is going well. At my 3 weeks appt the doc removed a little bit of fluid from my pubic are.....that seems to be the only area that swells the most. He said there really isn't much fluid, it's just swelling. I go back in 2 weeks at which point they will have start taking the binder off for half the day. I see on a lot of these posts that women aren't wearing the binders that long. I've had it on full time since day 1.....and for the next 2 weeks which is a total of 5 weeks before it goes to half days. Is that the norm...? Hopefully the swelling will go away soon and I can enjoy the full results:-). Other then that...everything is great!
Hi! I'm doing well. The recovery for the first 2 weeks was fine....uncomfortable but manageable with meds and rest. I'm now 3.5 weeks post op and swelling a lot......but from everything I read here and what the doc says that's normal. The doc put me in the initial one after the surgery that zippers up the sides then after the drain came out they gave me 2 more that don't zipper but go from right below your boobs to below your knees. These are actually more comfortable because no zippers to dog into your bruised sides but you will need help getting them on for s week or 2. I go back a week from Monday and he said if all looks well then I'll wear it half days or go to just a stomach one. The pressure helps the swelling so let's hope the swelling stops soon!!!! When are you getting yours done? Good luck....I'm sure everything will be great!
Hi kw36- You look awesome!! Congratulations to you on your flat tummy and skinny legs!! I'm also having inner and outer thigh lipo along with a full TT. How was your recovery with both? Did you have to buy an extra spanx-like compression garment along with the one you received from your PS? I'm hoping I'll be able to move with that thing on!! Thanks for sharing your experience on here!
Glad that needle didn't hurt you! I couldn't watch when the nurse took my drains out...it was such a gross feeling let alone a needle! Sounds like we have a similar recovery so far! its good to know there are others like you and I out there!

Had my 5 week post op appointment today. Doc says...

Had my 5 week post op appointment today. Doc says everything looks great. I'm still wearing the binder but as of today he said I can wear it 12 hours a day for the next week till I get used to not wearing it. He said leaving it off at night might be best so I can get used to it because I'm not moving around and swelling. My swelling is very uneven and all by my pubic area, he said that is normal. I hope so because it looks funny. The scar is looking better. The doc said to start massaging my ab area every day for 5 minutes or so to help with the fluid and swelling. I can't wait till it all goes down and looks flat. I go back in one month.....3 days before I am taking a trip...on the back of my boyfriends motorcycle to North Carolina.....about a 6 hour trip.....here's to hoping the swelling is gone and the ride is comfortable. I feel pretty good but when I do to much I am really sore at the end of the day...including my back. I just started a new job....really it was what I went to college for but ended up doing something else for 14 years and now I am following my dream and just started working with a Commercial Photographer to do sales and studio management as well as assisting him.....I'm really psyched and hope that this new journey and my new tummy are what I hope them to be:-) Thanks for reading...I'll update when anything changes.
How long does it take for the swelling to go down?
hey i also had mah tummy tuck cuz i lost around 70 kg weight in jus 7 months .. due to rapid weight loss i had shaggy skin left over my tummy.. after so long tries ... i had my tummy tuck done ... and ummm happy now
Wow, Congrats on your new job! How did your trip go on the motorcycle? Hope you guys had fun! So are you still wearing the binder just during the day? I go for my 6 week follow up on Monday... I am still wearing spanx garment during the day and binder at night... I am swelling too in the evenings! My stomach is a little uneven too! You look really great sweetie!

Over a year and a half later and everything is...

Over a year and a half later and everything is GREAT! I would do it again in a heartbeat. I'm still paying it down but it was worth it. By belly is still flat and like everyone else, I just started exercising again for my new years resolution to get toned. I had lipo on my thighs during the tummy tuck surgery and I feel like that fat is back so it wasn't worth the money. Looking back the pain was bearable but I wouldn't recommend doing it if you only have 2 weeks recovery. But then again I had the muscle repair which was a majority of the recovery. To this day I do a double take in the mirror to admirer my flat stomach. Hope everyone else out there that plans to get it done has a good experience too!
Wow you look amazing! I was wondering since it is 3 years later if you were still happy with your results. I saw that you mentioned your TT scar was jagged. How has that healed? Also you said that the area that had lipo showed the fat coming back. In which area was that? I'm going in for a TT with MR, BR and lift and wanted to have Lipo on my bra roll and saddlebags. Reconsidering the Lipo due to your comment. Please let me know your thoughts. I hope you are still checking this site :) Thank you so much for sharing!
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I have had a great experience from the beginning. When I initially called I didn't have time to meet with them right away and they talked to me over the phone and then when a day freed up on my schedule they fit me in at 4:00 on a Friday afternoon. Dr. Sorokin and Alicia met with me and made me feel very comfortable. I booked the surgery that weekend and had the surgery done a few weeks later. Everything went well and everyone was GREAT. It will be awhile before I can see the results yet but I'm very EXCITED!! I would definitely recommend Dr. Sorokin.

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