Restylane Under Eyes: Bruising or Discoloration?

Two weeks ago I had Restylane placed under my eyes...

Two weeks ago I had Restylane placed under my eyes to fill eye hollows that I have had since I can remember. I am 25 and I felt like they had been getting worse as the baby fat left my face. I also had radiesse for my cheeks. The treatment itself wasn't very painful, just a few pin pricks and maybe some pressure with the radiesse. I left the office with a good amount of swelling in my cheeks and under eyes (nothing grotesque). The swelling gradually decreased and I LOVE my new cheeks. But I am having some issues with my undereyes. I didn't notice much if any bruising under my eyes immediately after the procedure. I did massage my undereyes a good bit last week and I am hoping that is what caused some of my new-found bruising/discoloration under my eyes. The discoloration is not blue as discribed in the tyndall effect, but more of a purple/reddish color. There are two defined lines going from the inner corner of my eye to the middle of my eye by my cheek. There is also some diffused darkness throughout my under eye. I have never had any dark circles, just the illusion of them because of the shadow created by the hollows prior to the restylane injection. I have made a follow up appointment for next week and really really hope to see some improvement as the week goes on. I have included the following photos.


i still have discoloration after 8 months of Restylane under myeyes injection..any suggestion?
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I had juvederm first,,got a severe bruise after..tooks months to heal..was left was a bit better after a year..decided to get restaylne with a PS..the tear troughs look good..but had bad swelling for 5 five day..and back to awful looking hyperpigmenation..having lazer treatment now..bit it looks a bit swollen..hoping this will not be permanent..probably will not use any fillers after these two experiences..bought camoflauge conceler by estee lauder conceals pretty good..any recommendations on how to get rid of the pigmentation?
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Oh Man!!! This is what is happening with me. I had the restylyn put under my eyes and they turned purple. She then did laser on me to fix the broken caps. It didn't work so she did it more aggressively. My eyes swelled up huge and now I have way more broken caps and it looks awful. I was under the impression that they would not go away on their own.
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Cherry Hill Oculoplastic Surgeon

Very Friendly, Patient and willing to answer any questions. I feel she did a fabulous job on my cheeks. Just waiting for the undereyes.

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