2weeks of hell in Cherry Hill, NJ

I had cool sculpting done just 3 hours ago. I will...

I had cool sculpting done just 3 hours ago. I will say that the first 10 minutes were very uncomfortable but like the other reviews after that not to bad. There was tugging/pressure the full hour. I was playing games on my ipad and listening to music. Do not misunderstand me - I was thrilled when the hour was up. At this moment I am still a bit numb and feel occasional pins and needles but feel I can do anything I want.

Correction! 5 days later extreme pain. I was fine...

Correction! 5 days later extreme pain. I was fine until day 3. Constant burning and tingling feeling. I can not wait til this experience is over. Even if I get great results I don't think it would be worth it.

It is 2 weeks and I day and the pain is just about...

It is 2 weeks and I day and the pain is just about gone. Don't take the reviews lightly like I did. I ended contacting cool sculpting directly and they took all my complaints. The more people get this done equals more painful experiences.vi hope I see results. If I do I would still say not worth it.
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I never saw the doctor. The tech and a nurse examined me to make sure that I did not have hernia (non brainer).The facility was nice.

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Ok had my chest done today (I am a male tall skinny with male breasts) the pain was horrible when they massaged after The sucktion I almost passed out both times from the pain then I was ok once everything went numb but not now I am in pain to the point I can't move or sleep...the pain better be worth it The whole thing about getting it done and going to work I call bullshit no way... I work tomorrow and hopefully I can ...I will keep ya posted btw my nipples feel like sandpaper is being scratched over them with my shirt on ......and I got some filler so can't really take anything for pain but Tylenol and Tylenol never works for me
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Hey Licorice, how are you feeling now that it's a couple of months after your procedure? Have you seen any results yet?

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I am feeling great! I never measured myself but I think I had a slight reduction. My pants do fit me better. I really do not see a change visually. I will that this experience has made me a non beliver in cosmetic fixes - the price and results were not worth it. Thanks for asking.

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I called the dr and they offered me pains meds but I would not be able to drive to work so I declined. I am 85% better. My pants are still a bit uncomfortable.
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I am so sorry. I had called my doctor and received something to ease the pain. It didn't let it all go but helped tremendously.
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Lol that is what I am hoping. Mine lasted hard through day 9 and now on day 17 I don't feel any pain at all. Day 9-day 11 were a few here and there but no big deal. Hopefully it is the same for you b/c that was awful.
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My pain has gotten worse. I left my husband at the restaurant to go home and ice my belly. We were celebrating out wedding anniversary. What a trooper. I can not stand the pain or the interruption in my life. I regret this so much.
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Today is day 7 - not has bad but still very present. Feels like pins and needles with a lot of achiness. My hope is that extreme pain equals great results.
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I had that happen. It lasted a week (for me Thursday to Wednesday). I just had it with the applicator for the lower belly. the flanks were fine. It will go away. I was worried but it did go away. It is horrible!
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