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Background & stats: I'm currently 32 years old, 5...

Background & stats: I'm currently 32 years old, 5 '2" and 110lbs. I have had and breastfed 3 children in the last 6 years. Before pregnancy I was a large C cup and nicely shaped. Now I am a B cup and very very saggy and flat.

I originally was very interested in the fat transfer procedure with breast lift. It seemed more natural to me. However, I consulted with someone who specializes it in and was told I am not a good candidate for that procedure due to low body fat. The doctor said he couldn't guarantee a full cup increase. He thought I would be happier with a lift and implant. I very much liked that surgeon, but he was almost 3 hours away, so I began looking for someone closer.

I went on 4 more consults (total of 5!!) and finally found someone I am comfortable with a little closer to home. I have chosen silicone. The doctor will chose the exact size but I think we are going with 400cc mid or high profile implants with a lollypop lift. I sent the office a few pictures of breasts that I thought looked nice.

The office staff is awesome, I have to say. Really. They're very accommodating, friendly, professional, and I haven't met one person in the office I don't like. As part of my preparation packet there was an offer for the vitamedica surgery recovery vitamins and I did buy them and I have begun taking them. I've read some reviews, and I'm hoping they'll help me recover more quickly. For the first few days they turned my urine bright yellow but that has lessened.

That's all for now, I guess!

Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. Glad to hear you had several doctor consults. Good for you! Here are some items you may want to purchase and set up for your recovery. Don't forget a laxative to offset the constipating side effects of the pain meds. Good luck and keep us posted!

That's a good list, I've got some shaped pillows that will prop me up afterwards for sleeping, and I have milk of magnesia for any constipation that might crop up. I hope its not gross, I've never taken it internally before!!
Congrats on yiur decision. So glad you found a ps and staff youre happy with. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers

surgery was yesterday!

I had my surgery yesterday morning, first thing. Once at the office, we took a few more "before" pictures, one more pregnancy test, and I put on my gowns and compression sock. They started my IV and I walked down the hall to the OR. The last thing I remember is laying down on the table.
Woke up (sorta) in the recovery area. I was very out of it. I did ask for more pain medicine because I had a burning sensation. I choked down some crackers and pretzles, my mouth was so dry! They gave me some water too. I don't remember much of the ride home, once we got home I was very nauseous, but I made it through the night without vomiting. I'm rotating my pain meds, the heavy duty stuff is every 6 hours so in the middle of that I take an ibp. I'm going to try to just go to ibp now, the serious pain meds make me feel very groggy. My back hurts like heck!! Maybe I was laying uncomfortably on the operating table or something, but oh my, now it hurts more than my front!!
I guess that's all for now. I can get up and out of bed using my abs, I can go to the bathroom and pull up my pants too. I have this awesome wedge setup that I slept on last night. it has a big wedge for my back and a little hump to keep my knees bent. I will take a picture of it later and post it with my before and after pics too.

post op today

Today was my first post-op appointment. The bandages were taken off and I got to see the girls for the first time since surgery. They are high and swollen looking, but the dr seemed pleased. They aren't infected and I have the ok to shower!! I cant imagine shampooing my hair but still it will be good to shower :) I still have not looked at them properly in the mirror. I was sitting in a chair in the office and it was just too awkward an angle to manage with my back. instead of taped on bandages, I just put these little gauze pads between my incisions and the bra.
I was able to stop the heavy duty pain medicine. The last one I took was yesterday morning. I'm just keeping up with Ibp and today I also took a Tylenol because I had a wicked headache. almost like I had a hangover, maybe from all the medication I was taking. Also still taking my vitamedica vitamins. Anyway, I am stiff and sore but still the thing that hurts most is my back.
Once again, everyone in the office was great, they all checked in, asked how I was feeling, how my kids are, etc. there was even a get well card/gift! How awesome and unexpected!


Congrats! You are looking great! Any chance your PS might prescribe a muscle relaxer for your back....just to take at night? Be sure to stay well hydrated! 

He did offer, but I declined. I sometimes have to take one when my pinched nerve acts up. I'm not sure what my dosage is but cut the pill in half and I'm KNOCKED OUT. I don't like it, so thankfully, I only have that happen about once a year :)

6 days post op pics

oops, I forgot to take a side view picture this time. I took close ups of my areolas because I was concerned about a red spot on the left side but the dr said it was fine. I am able to do light chores now, and sleeping better, sort of on my side. Im just tired out very easily.
Looks great! How many CCs did you get and did you get silicone or saline?
I got 390 CCs and I chose silicone
Looks awesome!!! Congrats!!!

healing discomfort?

Starting 2 days ago my breasts have been extremely sensitive. I can tolerate my bra and shirt but anything else (like a kid sitting on my lap) touching me hurts. My breasts look fine (as in they are not red, swollen, hot or otherwise infected looking) so I'm thinking that this is part of the healing process. anyone have thoughts about this?
Looking awesome! I also had a lift and implants over a year ago and had to have a revision 3 months ago due to capsular contracture on my right. Kept the implant as well as an extensive lipo on my waist , inner thigh and back of my thigh and the fat injected in both breast around implant to maybe prevent the capsular contract from coming back. You can see on my picture that my ps had not much to work with and was only able to get only 100cc to spread around both breast. I do not see a difference on the size, but hoping it will help from getting hard breast again. So I would say fat transfer is not the way to get full breast, it sounds good but you need lots and lots of fat for that. I'm glad you happy, wishing you a quick recovery!
Thanks, you too!

Post-op visit

Went in for a post-op visit 2 days ago. The steri-strips that were covering my scars were removed and the dr said everything looks good. There is pleating around both my areolas, which the dr said would disappear with massage of the scars (with vitamin E, which they gave me).
Truthfully, I was a little alarmed at the sight of everything. Neither of my areolas are perfectly round. My left breast is squarish at the bottom. The left vertical incision is wider as well. The right breast looks great; round and nicely shaped, thin vertical scar. I am left handed and haven't been able to just take it easy so i'm hoping eventually over the next few weeks the right side will settle into a good shape.
I was shown how to massage the implants and have been doing so often. When I massage I can feel the right side implant more (internally) . The left feels like a boob. I do not feel the "foreign-ness" of the left implant at all, but I can feel the left all the time. Totally weird.
Anyway, I am able to exercise now, whatever feels comfortable. I haven't done anything yet, though. Maybe I'll attempt some sit-ups later. I don't quite think i'm up for jogging yet! In one week I can wear a regular bra. I have no idea what size I actually am anymore, but my husband and I are excited to find out!

almost healed up, i think!

Sorry its been a while since I updated, life happens. Anyway, things are certainly looking much better. The pleating has all but disappeared and things are looking more symmetrical. The squarish-ness of the left breast is better, too. My left side does still hurt and feel quite foreign. I know I am doing way too much, though I make an effort to go easy. All in all, i'm very pleased with the way things look, but I wish the left side would stop hurting and heal up already!

I continue my massages daily, I am able to sleep on my stomach if I put a pillow under my belly, so that's awesome. I have had a heck of a problem with the "dissolvable" stitches! They don't seem to dissolve all that well with me. so as they work their way out sometimes they get infected. not a super big deal but also not fun. Also, the vitamin E oil given to me by the dr did not agree with me. I had been alternating it at home with coconut oil and vitamin E oil that I had added lavender essential oil to, but I recently did a little traveling and for the sake of a small bag only packed the oil from the dr. my scars were very red the whole weekend. no good. so I just stopped using it. Its a shame because its good stuff too, I guess i'll just use it as moisturizer!

Although I am able to wear a regular bra, the only ones I have in a DD are underwire and they hurt! I'll get to the store soon, but right now its just not a priority for me. I hope to update with a picture soon, I left my camera at a relatives and I'm waiting to get it back.
wow u look fantastic
Hope the pain goes away soon. N that your recovery is fast. I too had a lot of pain on my r breast for almost 3 weeks. But now it's all gone. Hope everything gets better for u

Left side hurts, boobs look great

So, I believe all the stitches that are coming out have done so. No more little infections on the scar lines, which I am very glad about. I think my boobs look really great!
I am 10? weeks post-op and my left side still hurts. Its the muscle on top. So finally, last week I called the office and the Dr advised stop massaging that side and to ice it, give it a while to heal. So that is what I have been doing. It still hurts and is still slightly swollen. I sent some pictures to the doctor today, which is much easier than getting to the office.

feeling better

The Dr reviewed the pictures I sent him and said everything looks good. After icing it for several days it really started to feel better! So then of course I over extended myself and it hurts again. I have started icing it again. I have been rubbing my scars with vit E mixed with lavender essential oil and today I took particular notice that all the bumps under the scar are gone, except one small section on the left, at the bottom of the scar (under the breast). I assume since all the other bumps have gone away that this one will too if I just keep rubbing it. There is still a very small amount of pleating around the areolas but I think that will also continue to get better. If it doesn't, I don't think anyone but me would notice it anyway!
The redness around the nipple goes away correct
Great! Congrats you look amazing!

Feeling good

Well I think the left muscle may have finally healed. I haven't had to ice it in a while and it hardly ever hurts. Sometimes it feels a bit odd in the morning if I sleep on that side. Overall I'm feeling very well and things look great. I can no longer feel the "foreign-ness" of the implant on the left side. I finally went out and bought new bras and I am a 32DD. My husband is finally home from overseas and he is very pleased, he says they look and feel great!
Sorry about all the bra lines in the photos. I got the reminder to update and ran into the bathroom to take the pics right away!
Thanks for sharing your journey, my BA/BL is coming up and your pics make me think that maybe I'm not making a huge mistake :)
I haven't regretted it at all! I am about 9 months out now from surgery and just so glad I did it. Our "before" pictures are similar - I wish you well!
They look great!! I need the same done. Did you lose sensation in your nipples? Thats the only thing I'm afraid of
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