3 month mark - doing great!

Long story short is that I used to be close to 200...

Long story short is that I used to be close to 200 lbs when I was just out of high school. I'm 42 now and have been conciously making better health and nutrtion choices for over 20 years. I run (just completed my first half marathon), do Insanity and other programs, lift weights, etc. I'm very OCD when it comes to fitness and taking the necessary time off was a big concern. My doctor says I can be doing cardio again 10 days after with his method, so that's promising. When I was heavy, I was a 36D. Now, I'm a 36A and in desperately wanting some curves to make me proportional. I'm just shy of 5'10" and weigh 135 lbs. My doc has suggested 375-400cc under the muscle, silicone, with a crease incision.

I've had my pre-op and am on the count down. I have a lot of foods to avoid the 2 weeks prior, as they have aspirin like qualities. I badly miss tomatoes, almonds and almnod milk right now! I've gone through hundreds of emotions. Why am I doing this? Am I vain? Couldn't I spend the $ on something else? You've wanted this for so long and have worked so hard, go for it....to being petrified to being absolutely ready.

I've bought the montana arnica and bromelain in hopes to reduce swelling and bruising. I bruise easily. I put on an old sexy lacy bra that I had and couldn't even begin to fill it up. It was a 36B. How embarrassing. I guess I'm lucky if I'm an A right now. :(


Congrats for getting on the healthy track! If you can do Insanity you have my complete admiration. :0)

If you haven't already, check out my Q&A with Scrappy37 about her first three days post-op.

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Thank you, I will check it out.
Hey RavensGal! We're having surgery one day apart, how exciting! I can't wait to see your results and how you'll look in that super cute lacy bra! I'm getting 400cc moderate plus silicone gel unders with a crease incision also. If you need someone to lean on and share the ups and downs of recovery with, I'll be in the same boat so don't hesitate to message me! Good luck!!!
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So I am downright absolutely petrified. What fear...

So I am downright absolutely petrified. What fear is worse than petrified? That's how I'm feeling right now. OMG. Wow. I can't believe I'm going through with this, but so badly want some curves.

I am so worried about going out of my mind post-op, with not being able to exercise for 10 days. Holy wow how will I ever make it? Seriously, running and my fitness "me" time is like a way for my brain to relax. I need that. I know I'll be okay and just have to take this time to recover as needed, safely, and not push myself too fast.

Still petrified. LOL. I'm guessing this is normal.


I had similar feelings after my surgery. was this necessary? this cost so much money! But now that im almost a month out, i am so happy. doing this was the only option for me. im so happy that i went through with it! And coming to this site only made me feel better n more confident about things. if you want to make sure your making the right decision, you came to the right place! You will get soooo much support here!
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Let me just say how very nice it is that my PS gets back to me, always (himself) within a few hours if I have a question!
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Hi Ravensgal, I just had my implants removed after 24 years, but think I might have some helpful advice since I have had some experience (to say the least ;) I am 5'9 and 138 lbs. I have had 3 sets of implants: 225, 600, 350. I was the happiest with the smallest. My original size was a B. 225's got me a C, 600's I was an F, 350 was a D. I am athletic and can tell you that if you go larger than 350cc's it will negatively affect your ability to work out. Implants are heavy and will always need accommodations. I had low profiles with the 350's and they still looked very big especially with tight shirts. Definitely go with the crease insertion because you will have feeling left in your nipples. The scars will fade to a tiny white line. Plan on replacement every 15 years or so. I see that your surgery is in a few days, but if at all possible, hold the same size implant (silicone/saline) so you can understand how heavy they are. I had saline for my first small set and got talked into a VERY LARGE cc when the saline ruptured. Don't let yourself get talked into a larger size unless you really want very large boobs. Good luck :)
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Lordy, I'm getting very nervous now. VERY NERVOUS...

Lordy, I'm getting very nervous now. VERY NERVOUS...and I thought I couldn't sleep Friday night. I'm so thankful for melatonin!

Having twins on Wednesday!

Can't wait, but still scared!


Best of luck today!!!!! :)
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Good luck, I know you wil do great!
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Good luck! Keep us posted and I cant wait to see pics!
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I received a call yesterday that my surgery is...

I received a call yesterday that my surgery is scheduled for 1:15, to be there at noon for prep. It's all real now. I slept okay last night thanks to melatonin. No coffee for me this morning though and that really stinks, but I'll have some soon enough. I'm just anxious to get it over with! The surgery should be a 45 minute procedure and since it's an hour away, it'll likely be some time tomorrow before I check in here. Thank you everyone for your support!


Good luck!!! (recognize me from the other site?) :) I am thinking of you and sending my well wishes! I can't wait to hear an update.
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Thinking about you today Ravensgirl! I'm leaving in 10 minutes for mine. Yikes!
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Thinking about you today Ravensgirl! I'm leaving in 10 minutes for mine. Yikes!
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Hi Everyone! I tried logging on yesterday...

Hi Everyone!

I tried logging on yesterday when I got home but the site was down but glad it's back up. This may get wordy but I relied heavily on other reviews to know what I'd be dealing with, that I want to give back and give the details!

I arrived at the center, yesterday, for my surgery at 11:30 (had to be there at noon and surgery set for 1:15). I had the hubby pick up a sandwich so he ate it in the car while I nervously bided my time, not going in! I was like a little kid with not being ready to go in just yet....LOL. If I only would've known everyone was ready for me earlier, I would've gone in sooner to get it over with! The one thing I love about this office is that it is THE most punctual of any medical facility/doctor's office that I have ever dealt with.

Once in, I was greeted and brought to the room to change into my lovely surgical gown/robe/socks/cap. At this point, I was simply ready to get it done. The nurse came in and took a pregnancy test again, although I had one with my labwork already. Hubby has had a vasectomy so we all got a chuckle over it - and yes, it was negative. LOL. She took before photos and got my IV started while the anesthesia doc asked some questions. I made sure the docs all knew that my resting heart rate is 39 and is normal for me since I'm a runner. It's very low and even sitting there when my blood pressure was taken, it was 43.

The doc came in and reviewed a few notes and we talked about size again. He said he'd reviewed the pictures I gave him and that 375cc wouldn't cut it. (We'd originally talked about 375-400 at pre-op and I went with 400.) He asked me what size I wanted to come away from it with and I told him a full C. To me, that's a hard question because it's not like I've really had a full C or small D, or anyting else to judge it by! I could read his mind - the pictures I showed him were a bit bigger than a C and I know he wanted to clarify what exactly I wanted. The hubby and I had agreed on the pictures - totally fun process for hubs and we had fun picking out pictures. So I told the doc that although some of them were a little larger than I desired, I did want the shape/positioning/fullness of the photos. I went in with trusting his discretion and in my mind, I wouldn't mind being a small D.

I said bye to the hubs and walked into the OR with my sweet nurse, Marla (who was fantastic). I had to giggle to myself because if anyone ever watched the tv show, Nip Tuck, it reminded me of that with music cranking. OMG, too funny, but I was cool with that. It took my mind off of everything for about 10 seconds atleast. I laid on the table and that's when it got real. Whatever word can be worse to describe petrified, that was me. Dr. Knoll, the anesthesiologist, was awesome too. He gave me something to take the edge off. I greatly needed it because my legs were shaking so badly I was popping up off the table ~ at least I felt that way. He then put a mask over my nose and mouth to which I tried to shake off and say I couldn't breath with it on (I know, that's the point), and I was out.

I woke up at some point, I believe at the start of recovery, with nurses telling me to put my knees down. I was lying there but kept bending them up. That's about all I remember until waking up later looking at the clock, very thirsty with a scratchy throat. I was forwarned about the throat by Dr. Knoll and the nurse gave me water to drink which was nice. I'm used to drinking about a gallon a day and was very parched.

I laid there in recovery for a bit, dozing on and off, and then a nurse helped me move to the chair where she removed my IV and helped me get dressed. She was great too, but I failed to get her name. I was reunited with my sweet, amazing husband and given post-op instructions and arm exercises to do. They gave me nausea medication in my IV earlier but some pills just incase I got queasy on the ride home. I didn't get sick though and had a few crackers in the car that I ate, along with 24 oz of water. No problems on the drive home at all. (I'd read reviews where people didn't remember any recovery or the drive home -- I wasn't like that at all, although I dozed off here and there on the way home.)

I think they started surgery a little early. It was scheduled for 1:15pm. They're an hour from my house and when all was said and done, I was in back home and in bed at 4:30pm! It went SO well. Oh, and the doctor said I must've done something right because there was very little bleeding at all. Well of course I followed all of the pre-op instructions to a T! I wouldn't risk not doing that! Maybe it's because of my running and that I have such a low resting heart rate that it barely pumps! :) He said everything went perfectly and he used 425cc (moderate profile silicone) to fill me out better.

Got home and took 1 percocet and a Motrin. They sent me home with Keflex (antibiotic) as well. I won't lie, I felt SO MUCH better than I expected!!! Dr. Sorokin called me around 7:30pm and to check on me; he didn't have a nurse call, he called himself which is so nice. I told him I felt great but wasn't sure how often to ice (20mins on / 20 mins off) and he clarified until I go to bed and even some today if I feel like I need it. (They sent me home with this amazing ice pack that you can refill.) I also had to ask about how often to do the arm exercises. He said every 2 hours to do about 5 (raise arms to a T and lift them up, to where they point at the sky and back down). He said even if I have to have the hubby help push them, to do them because it's important to keep the pocket moving. I had no problems at all and could lift them just fine. I'd already done 3 sets of 10 by the time he'd called (1 set per hour), so I'll slow it down and do as he stated.

I had a little dinner and spent the rest of the evening in bed. I did try and get up and walk around a little though because I just think it's good to keep moving some, but nothing strenous of course. I dozed on and off and finally went to sleep around 11. I drank a ton of water after surgery and was up 5-6 times during the night. I slept with lots of pillows behind me and got pretty comfortable but still woke up a good bit. Each time I got up to go to the bathroom I did my arm exercises. I noticed it was harder this morning but I think that's because I was just stiff from the night. Did them again a little bit ago and it was easier again.

My pain is very minimal. Feels like a hard chest workout soreness. I was expecting MUCH worse! I went ahead and took 1 percocet and my motrin but doubt I'll take any more percocet because I don't think I need it. The worst part was my scratchy throat, which kept making me feel like I have to clear my throat; but even that is getting better.

I'm having a glorious cup of coffee. If you're a morning coffee drinker, you know what I mean! I couldn't have any yesterday so it made this morning's cup that much more delightful.

I've taken a peek at the girls and they look awesome already - just as I was told - more box-like and will take their form better once they drop. I'll post pictures a bit later but am supposed to leave the bra on for 48 hours and don't even want to take it off for a photo. I can't believe how easy this was. I wish I would've done this sooner. I wish I would've not been so petrified! I am so thankful for Dr. Sorokin and his wonderful team. They are truly top notch and make you feel like they really care about you. I can't rave enough about Dr. Sorokin. Every question I ever had, between pre-op and surgery, that I asked via e-mail, he answered me back within 2 hours. Attention to detail - I like that!

Looking forward to how the next days will go. I'm thrilled so far. Oh, the only thing I can suggest that I didn't read elsewhere, is to have throat lozenges or some sort of hard candy for your throat. Mine was so scratchy and I found sucking on some honey cough drops really helped my throat.

Thank you again to all of the ladies who helped me psych myself up for this. I was one of those that always dreamed of having boobies but was too scared to go through with it and never thought I'd ever have the courage to do so. I must say that right afterwards I was like, "what have I done?!" but when I look at my chest and see how nice it already looks and then look at my before picture, where I had nothing, I'm so glad I did it.

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Just received chocolate covered strawberries from...

Just received chocolate covered strawberries from my doctor and his staff. I wasn't expecting that! What a nice surprise!


Congrtas!! SOOOO happy for you!!
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So happy for you! When are you scheduled for your post-op?
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I slept pretty well last night and woke up stiff a...

I slept pretty well last night and woke up stiff a few times. I guess it's because I've been trying to sleep propped up on pillows. Doc didn't say to do so, just did it from what I've heard other people do. I'm going to try normal sleeping tonight. I do sleep on my back anyway. Hardly any pain whatsoever and I'm continuing with my gentle arm exercises. The girls are starting to look nice already and I'm very excited to 'meet' them today without the bra. I've been scared to take it off completely just yet but can finally take a shower later today....very ready for that!


Did you just get implants or both lift and implants !!! You seem to be doin Awsome already I remember 9 yrs ago when I had a lift and implants I felt good and was goin out the next weekend lol but I really never got to see my true effects of the I got pregnant a mth later and gained all my weight that I lost before I got my boobs done lol now I've lost almost 80 pounds againg 9 yrs later and about to do it again !!! I'm excited my date is Dec 19 and I'm taking right at 2 weeks off !!! I just had a tummy tuck 3 weeks ago still healing from that I can't wait to see my results from that!!! But it takes mths for the recovery from the TT !!! I'm glad your doing well also what type of sports bra did your dr recommend ?
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You really do look great! I am always impressed when there is not much bruising or boxy-shapeness. We must have some awesome PSs. I am glad that you are hanging in there so well!
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Looking great!
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Slept even better last night even though I think...

Slept even better last night even though I think I've caught a flu bug (blah). I read where many girls sleep in recliners but my PS never recommended it. Is it just a personal comfort choice? I normally sleep on my back and side and have been sleeping propped up on pillows. Last night I tried to sleep normal and got much better rest until I turned on my side which ended up not being comfortable. Is it necessary to sleep propped up, or on your back?? (I think my PS would've said something about it if so....but curious as to what you ladies think.)

The girls are looking prettier every time I peek at them. Now don't laugh, I'm being honest here -- but hubby, who is very funny and who wasn't a "boob guy" (his words), said, well, although I'm "not a boob guy, when you show me yours I get a little tingle in my balls". LOL! They're looking even prettier.....hoping everything continues down this good path!


Hahahaha! That's too funny, my husband did the same thing! I think my boobies look freakish but when I popped my bra off and was turning side to side looking at them in the mirror he was standing there watching me. He said "Oh boy, you're making something happen!" I looked down at his PJ pants and Mr. Happy was standing at attention!! LOL! I'm not gonna lie, it made me feel great at a time when I'm not feeling so hot. I really do love that man like no other! (-:
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Lol to funny!!!!
:) Love it, Shnooks! Hope you're feeling well. I'm doing great - can't believe it's been so easy. The girls are looking better every time I take a peek!

Day 3 Post Op - felt great other than a little...

Day 3 Post Op - felt great other than a little cold bug I'm fighting.

Day 4 Post Op - slept great last night and feel good. I only woke up a few times and guess now I know what a zinger is! How many days/nights should I expect to feel zingers?

I still don't have any bruising. I was taking Montana Arnica prior to surgery and after because I heard that helps. It's day 4 and still no bruising but I'm guessing it'll come in time. Maybe it won't be as bad.

Girls are looking great and I love them! I'll give it another week or so before I post more pictures so that you can see an actual difference in how they're changing.

My only concern is reading some horror stories from some women..... I know, that's what NOT to do. That's why I chose the surgeon that I did and probably paid a bit more for his services. That's why I did my homework. So that's not to say nothing will happen, but I'm hoping things will simply continue along the good path of recovery. Fingers crossed because I'm very happy with my results thus far.


Hi Ravens! They are looking wonderful!!! The are going to drop and fluff and look awesome! So happy you are are pleased with your results. The "zingers" will go away eventually. I had a about 10-15 during my recovery - but they stopped a few weeks ago (I'm at 9 weeks) I think they occur b/c you're nerves are reconnecting? If you have a post op appointment soon, ask your doc what's up with them. I'd love to know why we get them in the recovery process. Happy recovery and I look forward to progress photos! :-)
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Hi ravens great to hear ur doing so well, don't worry I had the same thoughts a few days in & started imagining the worst scenarios!! Try not to look at the scary stories, it's like everything in life-only the horror stories make the headlines! I am 1 month post op & still get the odd zinger but not near as bad as 1st 3 wks. Everything just keeps getting better day by day week by week. Take care x
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RavensGal, keep a positive attitude. After all, you are very health conscience and you did your homework before going with this surgeon. I consider myself to be one of the very lucky ones. I will be at 3 months on Wednesday and have no complications what-so-ever. There were times that I felt as if I didn't deserve to be so happy with the girls because I didn't go through the emotions that other did. But the fact is, I had confidence in the the ps I chose and I had gone too many years wanting to improve how I felt about myself.
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Just finished my post-op and PS said everything is...

Just finished my post-op and PS said everything is looking great! Yay! My right side is riding a little higher, but that's normal and she'll come down just fine, along with lefty, in time. Steri-strips were changed and should remain on for another week. The great news is that I can RUN on Saturday!!!!!!! As long as I wear a good supportive sports bra, I can run and do other cardio. No bench pressing or anything crazy like that, but at least I can finally burn some calories. I'm so OCD with exercise you would think I've been off a month or two....but call a spade a spade....I'm going crazy!

PS had me hold a mirror and manipulated the girls a little to give me an idea of what they'll look like when they "drop and fluff". Oh my, I'm a happy girl! I'm happy already but ecstatic if things keep going so well and that they'll end up looking like what he said. Hooray....couldn't be more happier!


How many cc did you get?
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Can we say THEY LOOK GREAT! Wow....I am so happy for you I can't wait to get some......please keep me posted I want to know what size u turn out to be .
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No problem. Since I can run on Saturday, I bought a high impact 36C bra and it fits very nicely (for now). We'll see where the next few months take me.

Cleared to run on Saturday and CANNOT WAIT! I did...

Cleared to run on Saturday and CANNOT WAIT! I did walking lunges, squats and some other lower body stuff, as well as 35 minutes on the elliptical (without pulling/pushing w/my arms). Something was better than nothing! Honestly, I felt like I'd never worked out before in my life. Amazing how much taking time off will throw you for a loop, but I know I'll be back to my normal self real soon. I am absolutely loving my results thus far. LOVING. I posted a few new pics - sorry but they're a little grainy.


Raven! you look AWESOME!! thank God he used his better judgement and put in 425's because they work perfectly on your frame. Very very nice.
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Oh, and I still have what I call "Righty-Tighty" and "Lefty-Lucy" -- righty is higher than lefty....but I still love them! Is it wrong that I can't stop looking at them! haha!
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Wow ur doing great ravens & so lucky to be allowed run again. I have another week to go & I am itching to run I miss it do much! Let us know how it goes for u!
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Today is day 10 and I was cleared to run as long...

Today is day 10 and I was cleared to run as long as the girls didn't bounce. It was a short run because I wanted to err on the side of caution to see how I'd feel afterwards, plus I was so desperate to do something, that I killed myself with walking lunges the past few days (ouch). I ended up doing a short run and walking the rest at a high incline. I almost ALWAYS run outdoors, but the weather isn't great and didn't want people wondering what was wrong with me if I stopped, ran slow, whatever, so I took to the treadmill. The girls were plastered to my chest. I've read where some ladies use 2 bras. It proved a bit difficult but I tried. I used a high impact bra and another sports bra --- the girls were NOT moving (which was good). I almost wondered if they were squishing them too much?

I still don't have any bruising and they're looking better every day. Lefty is Lucy and Righty is still Tighty...... I still have the steristrips on and have to leave them on thru Monday. PS gave me extras incase they come off early but I don't think they're budging and I'll simply leave them until they fall off. Next post-op is 12/17.


So nice that you were able to get a run in. Not being active is my concern as well. I'm savoring my last few runs before my surgery. You look awesome!!
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I did too, Angie. If I could've had some water, I would've even gone for a run the morning of my surgery. OCD at it's finest. ;) You'll get there in no time!
You look great!
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Working out is getting back to normal, but no...

Working out is getting back to normal, but no chest exercises yet. That's okay - I can run and do the elliptical so I'm happy for now. I'm wondering, for those of you who are runners and who are further along, how tight do you plaster down the girls for a run? I'm thinking I might've had them too secure and don't want to cause any damage.

Secondly, the numbness on the bottom half of my breasts, near the incisions and sorta on the sides, is going away. Tingly/stinging feelings -- when will that disappear completely?

I'm sleeping much better. Loving the girls and how they're shaping up! Steri-Strips can fall off any time but had to stay on through today. They're starting to get itchy though. Next post-op is 1 week from today and massages will start then.


You look awesome! That's good you are able to workout. I hope I'm not down for too long afterwards.
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Good reminder on not tossing the pads in the sports bras! I think I have overactive nips and I don't want it to be a horse and pony show wearing a sports bra with no lining and my headlights being turned on! ;)
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Reading all these posts in regards to" binding the girls" has me DREAMING about taping them down LOL...my first run is tomorrow. I saw my family DR yesterday and she gave me the OK! Have fun Ladies! : )
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I had my 2nd post-op today. It's been about 2.5...

I had my 2nd post-op today. It's been about 2.5 weeks since surgery. I explained I was now having a dull/achey feeling in leftie on occasion, like when I bend over/reach to grab something and other weird movements. PS ensured me it was normal that pains, gurgles, squishies all come and go during recovery. He was not worried at all and gave me the go ahead to do whatever I wanted exercise-wise, even encouraging me to work chest muscles because he feels it helps recovery (in the muscles squeeze down on the implants forcing them to settle faster). YAY!!! No more steri-strips and in 3 days I start massaging Vitamin E Oil into the incisions each morning and using scar-sheets at night. I am so very pleased. I've run 6 miles yesterday and today and it feels awesome to be getting back into the groove. Insanity later tonight so that one is going to be rough for sure as it's the first Insanity DVD since surgery for me and Shaun T always kicks my tail! ***On a side note**** Let me add that I can't be more pleased with Dr. Sorokin and his staff. They are the most punctual doctor's office I've ever been in. They've always taken time to explain things in detail, never rushed.....just wonderful overall.


Looks like you are really enjoying the new you...Happy holidays!
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Congrats again! Love the 6 mi run. My last run was this weekend for a few weeks... tomorrow is my surgery day :))
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Oh, good luck, Angienyc! I'll be thinking of you today. Keep us posted!

Today was the first long run since my surgery. ...

Today was the first long run since my surgery. The girls haven't been in the way for running and don't feel any different. I'm struggling with pushups but am back to 100% with everything else. The girls are softening more everyday and I LOVE them! BTW, I had some pain in one of my breasts and PS said he thought it'd be gone by the end if the week.....he was right! Just a little sore muscle. Will post updated pics at the 1 month mark! Merry Christmas, all!


Glad to hear all is well and you look fabulous although I think your pics are on the 'old' side now aren't they? I have no idea when they were posted, but I imagine you no longer have the steri strips and i think it was a while ago. Merry Christmas girlfriend! And happy boobie-mas to you!
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I'm so jealous! I haven't ran since November 7. This is the longest I have been without running in twenty years, even with having two children. I see my surgeon again on the 31st but since I'm only two weeks out since the emergency repair on my breast I highly doubt he is going to give me the go ahead. It makes me sad. I'm walking but it is not the same!
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Your girls look GREAT!!! I really need to work on my running! Bad knees- the eliptical and stairs are my friends now ;(
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Just realized I REALLY need to update with new...

Just realized I REALLY need to update with new photos. Will try that right after Christmas -- too much company right now. They're changed a lot since that last one and look so much better. ;)


you getting back to exercising is so encouraging to me. As far as your push ups, how many could you do before and how many can you do now? I'm in the Army so this is my major concern, thanks!
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You're doing great ravens am glad for you, I bet you're thrilled you're back doing your long runs! I got back running last week only short runs as i am way behind on fitness, have so much work to do & can't manage a press up at all! Patience is the key I guess. Dying to see your new pics. Have a great Christmas!
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Hey Ravengal hope you doin well !!! I wanted to ask you when you went home what type of bra did your dr give you did it feel like it supported u good !! I feel like mine doesn't give any and I'm kind of worried I'm goin to dag again !!! When did your dr say you could put on a different one
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All's well and feeling great ~ just being patient...

All's well and feeling great ~ just being patient for the girls to drop. I'm massaging 3 times a day (just squishing up and releasing - not painful). Back for my 3rd post-op around mid-January. Still in bras without underwire - keeping them on all the time except for showering -- told to do so for 6 weeks so hopefully I'll get to wear normal bras soon. I haven't been to Victoria's Secret to be sized because I think it's too early to tell, but I think I'll have a full C by the time they've dropped and fluffed. Merry Christmas ladies!


You are looking great! I can def. see that you have dropped and are looking more and more natural. I bet you are enjoying them! Happy New Year!
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Thanks, Scrappy. Rightie is still 'tightie' but we're getting there. I'm hoping to continue along this path with no issues! Happy New Year to you as well!
I could do about 10-15 'normal' style push-ups, where you have to touch your chest to someone's fist in a minute....but now, it's not happening. I think I've got to work up to it. I think I'm just scared to go down that far because of how it feels and just need to suck it up and do it. I think it'll all come back with time but if you're required to take a PT test every 6 months or so, I'd get your surgery right after so you have 6 months to recover and work up to where you left off.

Adding a 30 day picture; not much to report. PS...

Adding a 30 day picture; not much to report. PS gave me Vitamin E oil to put on after I shower, so I massage that into the incision area and later in the day I add the scar guard strips. Other than that, pretty much back to normal and 95% with my activity level. I have no problem running and with Insanity, the jumping jacks still don't feel right. As well, I'm not back to doing good push-ups just yet but it may be just because I'm a bit scare to do them. Happy 2013 everyone!


They're looking SO good!!!! You must be thrilled! Really pretty and natural looking so far and they will just continue to get better!
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Thanks so much for your detailed experience! I have found that your story is most relatable to me! Missing 2 weeks of running/lifting is actually one of the biggest factors that has kept me from going through with the surgery sooner! I'm sp glad all is well with you. Keep up the good work! :)
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Some have longer waiting periods and once I met with my PS, I was like, "sign me up!" :) I hope all goes well for you. Will keep an eye on your post!

Today was about 6.5 week check-up. The PS said...

Today was about 6.5 week check-up. The PS said everything looks great. I feel great too. The incisions are healing nicely but aren't completely dissolved (you can still feel them a little bit if you rub your finger hard along the incision site - but why do that?). PS said they'll dissolve soon. I was cleared to wear any sort of bra I like but should still wear one most of the time to give that tissue the extra support. I was told you don't have to wear one 24/7, but it's not a bad idea type of thing - no need to sway me any further. I'll protect my investment!

I was also told not to rush out and buy lots of expensive bras at this point because, "what fits great today, may not fit you so well in another 6 weeks". Me: "Does that mean they'll be smaller or larger?" (At this point a little boob greed has settled in and I sort of, for a half second, wish I'd gone bigger but definitely don't want them to shrivel up!) PS: They'll likely be a bit larger and more forward as they continue to drop and fluff. Phew!

Sounds great to me! I think they're perfect right now and the pink/black bra is a 36C; however, 36D in a Victoria's Secret bra. So I'll wait to spend the children's ineritance on new bras for now -- joke. :) My girls don't get in the way of any cardio or strength training exercises so I think I did good w/size. I did have to be careful on upright rows though since I actually have a chest now! He said push-up strength would continue to get better in a matter of time. All in all, I'm still thrilled!


You look awesome! How did you decided to go with silicone vs. saline? I am having such a hard time deciding and also having the same feeling as you....the word that is more than petrified? Yep, that's where I am now. Paid in full yesterday--can't back out now!
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Good for you! As for silicone, the surgeon suggested it would give me a much better outcome since I had little tissue to start with (less chance of rippling). I still love them - need to update photos because they've changed a lot.
You look amazing! !
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I'm about 2.5 months now and doing great. I...

I'm about 2.5 months now and doing great. I massage my girls once a day with just a gentle pinch like motion from the bottom. I had some peeling of the skin on the underneath sides of both breasts and my PS gave me some Vitamin E cream to smother them in and it's helped. He said it's nothing to worry about and that it'd go away. I think they're looking gorgeous and will update with new pics at the 3 month mark. Love them!

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Ok, it's suggested to wear a sports bra by most PS...

Ok, it's suggested to wear a sports bra by most PS after surgery for a while and also during sleep. I work out and frankly even the comfiest sports bras got on my nerves after a while. I found the COOBIE bra! OMG! L-O-V-E! So comfy and soft....and INEXPENSIVE! Cute polka dots, believe it or not, one size fits all! Search for it and buy you some....thank me later! :)


Thank you so much for documenting your entire experience! I have my surgery scheduled Feb 27th with Dr. sorokin and was relieved to read about your experience! I'm excited but nervous. Just had my pre op yesterday. Although I had to wait almost 30min past my appointment time I didn't mind because that tells me he is spending time with his patients. And he took the time with me to answer all of mine and my boyfriends questions and to help me pick the perfect size!
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P.s. you look amazing!!!! Love the pink/black bra!
Ok thanks Ravensgal there's still hope for me. I think we both have same implants and you have a taller frame like me but Im about 55 lbs heavier and 3 1/2 inches taller. You are looking great and I realize my babies are so much better than what I had. They do look natural and look great on a swimsuit. I just need to get some more tips and sweaters that accent my girls. Moderate plus would of been perfect just to give me a little more projection. Although I can get it with a push-up. Workouts are great since they dropped but I do miss that upper pole with no bra lol. Will be getting some coobies. Happy V Day!!!
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Things are much more normal and my girls feel like...

Things are much more normal and my girls feel like a part of me. Still massaging once a day (always will). I feel awesome and they seem to have settled at a 36D. Honestly, if I had to do it all over again, I probably would've gone with the 375s or 400s. I love them, don't get me wrong, but they seem a bit large some days....other days not though. ;)


Glad all is going well Ravensgal. My workouts seem to be back to normal now as well. A few exercisesi eliminated because my girls don't feel right when I do it. The one in particular is the leg raises where you have your hands in the stirrup and your hanging in the air and you are suppose to raise your legs. Nope. Won't ever do that exercise again but I find other things to do to modify that one. I was instructed to massage 2x a day now but I find myself still massaging them on the regular (5-6times) like before. And I still use two sports bras to hold my girls and workouts are turned up ... Lots of energy like I was prior to surgery. I'm so glad I did my BA!!!
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I was happy to so decline sit ups & cable chops today:). My poor abs have suffered the most during the recovery period butt so worth it. Went to beach last week & was so thrilled about my appearance in my suit my abs didn't even matter. I have always wanted pretty Ta Tas & I have them now:). My right breast seems to get a little sore after my workouts which I am sure is normal. It feel like muscle soreness & does go away the next day. Thank you for sharing about knee raises with an straps I was wondering if I would be able to attempt doing them again..maybe after 6 month period:).

Love the info regarding your exercises! Thank you for your continuing to share your extremely helpful recovery details! I'm really happy for you!

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I chose Dr. Sorokin simply from internet searches of surrounding doctors and the reviews I found on-line. He had a quick recovery method which was what I was looking for because I'm an exercise nut and cannot fathom taking weeks upon weeks off from working out. Although Dr. Sorokin was an hour away he had such great reviews I wanted to start with him. I knew from this first consultation that I need not look any further. He never rushed me and put up with my 3 page list of questions at pre-op. He explained everything to me and I was so comfortable that I scheduled surgery right away. (Mind you I was scared to death and almost walked out of the waiting room at my pre-op appointment!) I am most impressed that Dr. Sorokin has a special touch that he communicates directly with the patient. Of course his staff of nurses are great too, but Dr. Sorokin answers my questions himself and was happy to do so. He never made me feel like I was bothering him and was very patient with all of my questions.

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