Curves-Some Women Are Born with Them...some Have to Buy Them:)

I am a 36 yr. old woman (5'1" about 120 pounds)...

I am a 36 yr. old woman (5'1" about 120 pounds) who has gained weight and lost weight all my life. My boobs are now kind of lifeless, sagging and look especially horrible when I bend over. I want to be more confident in the bedroom and be able to bend over without my boobs looking like empty, wrinkly skin bags. Both of the doctors I saw said I was borderline for a lift. I chose not to because I don't want more risk for nipple desensitization. I am really nervous about this surgery especially after reading through all the paperwork and warnings. BUT I have been saving for years for this procedure and am so sick of being so insecure. I am going with 400CC silicone. I initially thought I wanted a smaller size but after trying the boobs on at the Dr. Sorokin's office I decided I looked quite nice with the larger implants.

I have been kind of obssessed with this website and looking at the before and after pics. It makes me feel good there is a community for this kind of thing because I don't really want to discuss it with family/friends because they may try to change my mind. I am glad I learned that implants settle or I might have been horrified in the weeks, months after my surgery. I know they are going to look a little strange at first and I have to chill out and let nature take it's course. I'm really concerned about clothing. I am so tiny and wear clothes to fit my frame so I am going to need to do a lot of shopping. Boobies are EXPENSIVE! Will upload photos soon.

Going to get my lab work today.

Going to get my lab work today.

Well I was looking at pictures last night of women...

Well I was looking at pictures last night of women who got implants the same size as me and they don't look as big as I want. I told my bf about this and he said that he thinks if I go any bigger I will be too big. I just am not sure now. Its such a "big" decision. I have also been reading that once in they are not as big as the sizers look. I'm glad I have some time to debate this.

I have spent the entire weekend reading, stressing...

I have spent the entire weekend reading, stressing and worrying about complications and having two large snoopy dog boobs. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised because this is what I do to myself with all thing. STRESS. I really need to chill out because worrying about this stuff isn't going to prevent any of it from happening. At times like this I really wish I drank.

I have been telling my family members one by one and to my surprise most of them are being very supportive and offering to help in any way possible. I was even offered a place to stay close by in Philadelphia but I have already booked my hotel room. The only close family I haven't told is my grandparents but they can't see very well (in their nineties) so maybe I won't even bother lol. I think my grandfather would be worried about my being able to afford the surgery and that the money could be used better for home improvements. He wouldn't understand (nor could I discuss with him) the insecurity I have in the bedroom. I thank the owners of this website that I have a place to vent and release this.

Just made my bill payment online to the doctor....

Just made my bill payment online to the doctor. Feeling soooo freaked out!!! Been carefully saving for years! Also, wondering why my areolas are so damn big compared with most of you lol WTH! I have looked at more boobs in the past month than my whole life and I never realized what big areolas I have. By the time I am done are they going to be the size of a saucer???

I have added some pics of me with rice sizers on....

I have added some pics of me with rice sizers on. Would love some feedback!

Question? Are you ladies gonna let your cleavage...

Question? Are you ladies gonna let your cleavage bee seen out and about (the store etc)? Or are you gonna be all I know you can see the mounds (yea, I got boobylcious under here) but leave it up to imagination? I have always been a modest dresser. I wonder if these boobs will turn me out.....

Less than a month away! I have been trying to...

Less than a month away! I have been trying to really pick up the pace with my exercise. I am feeling less anxiety today but still am worried about what size will be right for me. I really want to be nice a full up top but I don't want to look strange. I have a feeling there is a fine line between the two.

Well I was calm for a couple days but now have...

Well I was calm for a couple days but now have started to worry less about size and more about capsular contracture.

I have been forbidden to look at any more boobie...

I have been forbidden to look at any more boobie propaganda by my boyfriend. I can't eat right now because I have been clenching my teeth in some sort of nervouse tic. My jaw is so painful to bite down that I can only drink protein shakes. He contributes this to me going online and looking at boob job complications. I think it's a bunch of things like work, back to school etc. etc. Just lots of changes at one time including the implants (and the possible complications). I have been trying to pay more attention to how I am holding my mouth at work but he thinks I may be doing it in my sleep too. UGHH! I hate the worrier in me!

I called the doctor's office today. I was hoping...

I called the doctor's office today. I was hoping to get in for a fitting the day before my surgery but it's a no go. I asked them to please have implant sized 400-450 available for me just in case I decide I want larger. I will talk it over with the doctor right before my surgery. Wow it feels a little scary to not be able to come home a mull it over after I fit again but maybe it's better that way. I could probably flip flop for the rest of my life if I had time.

Well I have decided to pack my weekend full of...

Well I have decided to pack my weekend full of activities to keep my mind off my tits. On Saturday I am going to go picking apples and make up bags of freezer apple pie filling. I like to have them in the freezer as a side for pork chops during the winter. Kinda like stewed apples. Then on Sunday I am going kayaking. I also have and embroidery pillow to finish. That should keep my mind busy so I don't drive myself insane.

My doctor gave me a list of foods I should stay...

My doctor gave me a list of foods I should stay away from because they have aspirin like qualities (which is bad for healing). Did any one else receive a list like this? I'm used to having bran flakes and almond milk every morning. Almonds is on the list so I had to switch to regular milk (more calories). I was wondering if I start washing with that soap now if it will be even better than just two days before the BA.

My surgery is less than a week away now. I have...

My surgery is less than a week away now. I have surgery on Wednesday. I am still very nervous and am praying and hoping I will get an acceptable result. I don't know what time I am supposed to go there. I was told I would recieve a call the day before and they would tell me what time to be there. The day before I have lots of important thing planned so I am hopping to keep my mind off of it so I don't freak out. I go through days when I am perfectly calm and then some days I will start thinking about it and my heart will start beating really hard and I get all flushed. Tonight I am going SHOPPPING! I need jeans and God knows I do not want to be trying on jeans after my surgery! I am short and have thick thighs so I have to try on alot of pairs before I find a winner. I am also going to try to find some long dresses I can wear with leggings. That seems like it would be comfortable for after.

I just went to my doctor's website and looked at...

I just went to my doctor's website and looked at his before and after pictures. It made me feel alot better.

*******************POLL********************* W...



All I own are dresses, skinny jeans and leggings. Scrappy said she doesn't think I should wear anything that takes force to put back on and I SEE SHE"S RIGHT. So as usual I am stumped. What should I wear the be day??

I was emailing with my doc last night and I am...

I was emailing with my doc last night and I am going to get a filler in my laugh lines while I am under. I have never had a filler before and am super excited about getting rid of my hag lines lol. He said he's not sure which filler he's going to use because he didn't look at them last time I was in. I was going to wait to do this until later but figured since I would be asleep already why not get it done then.

Just curious where my other pics went. Now I only...

Just curious where my other pics went. Now I only see one. No sizer pics at all

I am supposed to go in at 6:45 am tomorrow morning...

I am supposed to go in at 6:45 am tomorrow morning. I am so glad the date is here. Of course I had to get my period yesterday. Maybe that is why I have been so miserable? Sorry! Female hormones can be a bitch. Pretty excited now. I will update tomorrow after surgery. The hotel where I am staying are not being very nice about letting me have an early check in. I should have asked my doctor what hotel was best in the area. I looked at reviews for hotels and wanted a full kitchen since we will be there a couple days. I hope it's not a no-tell-motel. The reviews looked "ok". I'm really glad my surgery time is so early. I have to leave a 5 in the morning! I won't have to stay hungry all morning. Thanks for being there for me everyone xoxo

I'm at the hotel! My boobs are really swollen. I...

I'm at the hotel! My boobs are really swollen. I feel pretty good right now. I'm icing them and just relaxing. I actually went out to lunch at Panera Bread only a couple hours after surgery. The filler for my laugh lines didn't really help much. I would like to get some more put in there.

Also, I ended up getting 425 CC's. I am pretty...

Also, I ended up getting 425 CC's. I am pretty happy with the size but think I coulda gone larger of course lol

As of right now I have full sensation still in...

As of right now I have full sensation still in both of my nipples. I am so happy I could cry....

My boyfriend couldn't wake me up in the middle of...

My boyfriend couldn't wake me up in the middle of the night to take my meds. This morning I was in so much pain I could barely make to to the bathroom. Lesson learned. Sitting here with the ice on the side of my boob because that is where most of the pain is.

I had a post op visit today to get my stitches...

I had a post op visit today to get my stitches removed. It was painless. My boyfriend keeps looking at me and smiling. I am now home. My mom made me a boob cake. It was so funny! These 425 CCs look pretty big on me but in clothes I don't look like I have HUGE boobs. I am glad about that. I don't have the nerve to handle a huge projection of boobs. I am really happy with what I have and will click the worth it button once they have dropped and assumed the permanent position.

I feel seriously sick from not being able to go to...

I feel seriously sick from not being able to go to the bathroom.

Woke up in a lot of pain last night in the middle...

Woke up in a lot of pain last night in the middle of the night. It wasn't even time for my meds yet. I'm having a stinging feeling on the sides of my boobs going into my armpit. I did a little house work yesterday. Maybe I aggravated something? Today I am going to take it super easy and tomorrow it's back to work. I think my boobs are starting to drop and softening. I am still really on cloud 9 and loving them. I wore a tight shirt yesterday to the grocery store and couldn't believe how much better my posture looks. I always looked hunched over before. I love my doctor and if I didn't already give him my savings I would send him a gift lol I feel like I am in a fairytale. all these years feeling bad (the stress of the decision) and now everything turned out beautiful.

I'm going back to work today. I don't feel like...

I'm going back to work today. I don't feel like I'm ready (still in a lot of pain) but I have to. Anyway, the longer I am out the more work that is piling up on my desk. I was going to wear a baggy shirt so I don't get to many comments but I just went ahead and wore what I usually wear (form fitting). Might as well get it over with!

Work was not too bad today. My implants seemed to...

Work was not too bad today. My implants seemed to feel like they were pulling downwards.Towards the end I started to get sore around my rib area and the middle of my chest. My doc lets me take the surgical bra off at night so I am looking forward to that.

I can't wait to get back to working out. I feel...

I can't wait to get back to working out. I feel like moosh and I need to keep my abs strong to keep my back from hurting (some lower herniated discs).

Seriously, i want every single part of my breast...

Seriously, i want every single part of my breast wrapped in ice and I need to be mobile. We need to come up wit a design concept of keeping these bras cool and attached to the body. Not filling up so much and moving around to do it.

Last night when I came home from work I was...

Last night when I came home from work I was discussing the night's plans with my bf. All of a sudden mid sentence he stopped talking then said "you have great boobs" and " I'm sorry I completely lost my train of thought". He went completely blank after looking at my (clothed) boobs! We both had a big laugh about that! I didn't realize how powerful they were. What an investment!

Finally got through a night without having to wake...

Finally got through a night without having to wake up and take pain medication. I have been concerned about the amount of side boob I have. The implant sticks out away from my body. I don't think I would risk surgery again to fix that problem but it does kinda get on my nerves because it looks super fake. They are still pretty huge on me too. My boyfriend seems to have no problem with this (I think he likes it) because when we were browsing photos of a woman who looks like me he thought she was pretty awesome. I do still hope they drop some more so my nipple raises. I had my first cuddle time because I guess I rolled over on my side last night so my boyfriend assumed his normal position. I woke up and we were cuddling:) I have been trying to not get my heart rate up but yesterday my boyfriend and I had the house to ourselves so>>>>whoops.

I just want to say that Dr. Sorrokin gave me...

I just want to say that Dr. Sorrokin gave me everything I asked for in a boob "voluptuous and round". I didn't want anyone to think for a second he didn't give me what I asked for. My last post sounded like I was unhappy with my boobs but that is not the case. he gave me exactly what I asked for!

Lol I learned something new about my boobies just...

lol I learned something new about my boobies just now that I had to share with you guys! I can do that parlor trick where you flex your pectoral muscles and make your boobies go up and down. I can do each side independently. I didn't know I would be gaining a new talent with my boob job!

I'm going to a post op appointment today. My left...

I'm going to a post op appointment today. My left has been really hurting since Thursday (I had to leave early from work because of the pain). It feels like shards of glass are in there. Or as if the implant has sharp edges.

The doctor took off the steri strips and said I...

The doctor took off the steri strips and said I look A OK. He said that I am experiencing more pain than others and was surprised. He gave be silicone sheeting to go over my scars and Vitamin E .I saw another girl in the office with bigger boobs than me and got that old feeling of boob envy so I guess that doesn't go away. Stll loving Dr. Sorokin

I am at 2 weeks post op tomorrow 10/3 and was...

I am at 2 weeks post op tomorrow 10/3 and was cleared to do light exercising that doesn't hurt me. I have a video that does mostly lower body so I will use that. Maybe I will take a few pics to mark the day. I have gained like 6 or 7 pounds tho so watch out! craaazzzy! I'm not trying to keep that up. These steri strips were taken off at the docs last night and have itched ever since. The place I was cut makes me sad to see but I scar well and will use what was given to me to minimize them.

I am doing so much better the last two days. the...

I am doing so much better the last two days. the shards of glass/sunburn feeling in my breasts is pretty much gone. I have been massaging all through the past two days. The left breast moves very freely but the right is kind stubborn and feels glued into place. I also noticed that my left breast is much fuller at the bottom so I guess/hope I am just dropping more quickly on that side. I am wearing one of those camis that has a built in bra. SO COMFY and not bothering my incisions like the surgical bra was.

I did a gentle workout last night for the first...

I did a gentle workout last night for the first time. It felt so good just knowing that I was helping my muscles not waste away! I have been stressing about that. I sit at work for 8 hours a day and it really messes up my backside and upper thighs. I think it helped my tight right boob too because today it looks fuller and seems to be in a lower position. I did a lot of arm stretches but no lifting.

I woke up the past two days with my right breast...

I woke up the past two days with my right breast being larger than my left. I really hope I am dropping on that side because it was much smaller before. I also have been noticing that my nipple is pointing a little bit to the right just like it did before surgery. That doesn't bother me too much but I do wonder if it could be fixed some day when I get a lift.

This morning as my bf headed off to work he gave me a kiss as usual and said "I love you". Then he kissed each of my breasts and said "and you" "and you". I thought that was cute. Whenever I fuss about my new boobs he always chirps in with "Well I love them". It's really nice to hear!

Well I uploaded a couple pics but one is upside...

Well I uploaded a couple pics but one is upside down;/ Guess I will try again later.

22 days out. I'm feeling much better. I have...

22 days out. I'm feeling much better. I have Mondor's Cord's on both sides right now. I only see/feel them when I rais my arms above my head. Last night I kept wanting to roll on my stomach to sleep but couldn't because it was uncomfortable. I have another post op appointment on October 22nd. I am curious to see what the doctor thinks of my boobs and how they are healing. I don't like massaging my breasts. It's really annoying....but I'm doing it. I got some really sexy but comfortable (no underwire) lingerie the other day and enjoyed wearing it. I am still in sports bras right now.

Boy I am really going back and forth with emotion...

Boy I am really going back and forth with emotion from this boob job. Some days I feel ridiculous. Everyone around me is probably sick of hearing me complain...I just am having a hard time adjusting to the new shape change. I think I am having female hormone probs from starting back on my BC after the surgery. I have been crampy and spotting throughout the entire month. So I am sure that is screwing with my head too. I really need to go shopping for some more clothes that are more flattering. I am still waiting for my right boob to catch up to the left one. The left one looks so much nicer. The right one is a little "off" looking. I see the doctor one week from today. I am still having pain in my breasts. Sometimes they are sharp pains. At night they can really start hurting while I am laying down. My left breast hurts along the side going into my armpit. I can tell it's nerve pain because I know how that feels (I get sciatica from herniated discs). I am still loving that I can bend over with no skin gathering which was my MAJOR reason for doing this, OH and I have noticed I can know push my boobs in for cleavage. So when I can wear a real bra I guess I will be able to do cleavage if I ever really have the nerve to go out like that. I am a little conservative about showing skin in my old age;) Love you guys! xoxo

I can't sleep so I might as well update. I am now...

I can't sleep so I might as well update. I am now one month out. I went out looking like a tramp last night. I had on a tight t-shirt, leggings and my sketecher sweater boots. I have spent weeks now thinking "why did I go so big". so I decided I needed to embrace them. In retrospect I think I should have been more conservative with my CC's. But what's done is done and I am not downsizing anytime soon because I don't have time off and I am not spending another tax refund on my boobs this year! I still haven't gone clothes shopping and I really need to because trying to stuff myself into the outfits that I wore as a TT (tiny titty) doesn't look good on me anymore. Maybe some day my right boob will drop more. Maybe some day I will get smaller implants with a lift. Till then at least my BF is perfectly content. xoxo

P.S. This is a warning to all you tiny framed ladies that think you want to go big. If you go too big you can look matronly. Especially if you could use a lift. I'm not trying to hate on myself but I think I should have went smaller and I don't want anyone else in the distress I have been in for weeks.

This second post is to be dedicated to Napoleon...

This second post is to be dedicated to Napoleon (my fall boy). I diagnosed why I went so big and it was because I am small in stature and felt the need to overcompensate with the girls. Classic Napoleon Complex. Many times during the picking process I said to myself "this is going to be crazy" "too big" but then my inner Napoleon yelled "you must shock and awe them with massive boobage. Stay on course I tell ya! The boobs must not be small!

Then while I was having these Napoleon moments I would look over at my boyfriend in the chair slobbering and becoming incoherent over watching me in the sizers. He was kinda trying to speak though his eyes because his mouth no longer worked, He was in a total boobie coma.

Napoleon was right about the cleavage I needed. I could do without some of the CC

Clicked the not sure button again. I have been...

Clicked the not sure button again. I have been going through extreme depression & anxiety over my shape change, I would go on depression or anxiety meds but I don't want sexual side effect. Yesterday at a pumpkin patch my best friend basically ran around me trying to get my picture telling me it was all in my head and that I looked beautiful. After fighting with me and assuring me it would not be posted anywhere I let her. So obviously I am embarrassed. I work too much and need to go to the store to find some new clothes. I should probably go shopping tonight so I can decided what I wasnt to discuss with the doctor tomorrow. My bf doesn't understand this at all but isn't being mean.Poor guy.

Thank you all for your support. Let's just say...

Thank you all for your support. Let's just say someone came up to me and said "you are too small for those sized breasts, your caboose is not big enough to balance it and no man would rather feel your big fake boobs over small ones". God honest truth. And I had not even asked his advice on the matter.

Thank you everyone for your support. It means the...

Thank you everyone for your support. It means the world to me. Adjusting to a new body has been really hard for me. I went shopping yesterday and bought some new things. I think I will get used to dressing for my body type. I'm going to try to cheer up for the sake of my relationship and my family now.

I saw the doctor yesterday. Doctor's orders: "Go...

I saw the doctor yesterday. Doctor's orders: "Go shopping and get yourself some nice sexy bras from Victoria's Secret" "Enjoy your boobs". I am excited to be able to wear bras again!

Happy 2013!!!! Things are looking up for me. I...

Happy 2013!!!!
Things are looking up for me. I had a really hard time adjusting to the new me. Like major depression & circular negative thoughts. I am so glad I am over it. I just finally did a fitting at VS this week 34 DD! I waited so long because I thought they were going to measure me with my boobs out. I didn't want to show anyone. But they did it over my tight fitting top. And they were right. Fits perfect and gives me that coveted cleavage.. My bf still loses tract of thought/speech when he sees me in a tight shirt. He is the best. My nipple sensation has been affected though. my right nip hurts when he does his thing but the left one is in full working condition. Even though I waited for so long for a fitting I did go out and buy lingerie. I had to throw out so many corsets because they didn't cover my nips anymore. I am glad I chose the size I did. They are fun and sexy now to me. My boobs don't hurt at all anymore. I wore an evening gown for the first time since the procedure. I felt so freaking sexy. Did my hair pinup style and had so many compliments. Mostly from women! I don't know why I felt so deformed but I did. I thank God I have wonderful family/friends/and BF. Those poor people had to hear about my boobs 24/7. One of my boobs is a little bigger than the other. It's not bad enough to go through an emotional upheaval again. Oh and they are nice and soft. Not one person at work has said anything to me after. I think they were instructed not to mention my all of a sudden big boobies. I figured out how to play them down/up. I think of everyone of you often. I just was trying to stop fixating on my boobs so much.I had an unrelated medical condition recently. Oral thrush from an antibiotic I was on. That was really gross..and bizarre. I was infected with candida all the way down my throat. And I was put on anti fungal and this strict diet right during xmas cookie baking time. That sucked!

10 Months Post Op

It's been 10 months now. I added a pic that was taken over the weekend.

1 year and 3 months later-boob needs revision

My left boob is laterally displaced and needs revision. Revision cost has been quoted to me and is a little under the original cost of surgery. My left boob is going towards the armpit too much. No signs of capsular contraction. SO happy about that. Fiance is still LOVING them and treating them like his little babies. lol
Cherry Hill Plastic Surgeon

I heard about Dr. Sorokin on & American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery's site. I also called the American Board of Plastic Surgery to make sure he was board certified.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey Classy! Good to hear from you and I am glad to hear you have adjusted and are doing well! All your pics are gone, I dont even remember what they looked like before. =P Is the boyfriend still losing his train of thought? Lol
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Still looking great!!! I was just n cherry hill this weekend past lol
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Thanks! I just read your info. Good luck with the finance part. You def should get what you want. I know it's hard to wait....
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It is hard to wait but I want wat I feel will b best and that will b the greatest feeling lol
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You look great!! I've been wondering about you! Yours was the first story I saw when I stumbled across this site the day I went for my first consult! I think it was mid sept, just before your surgery, so I really followed your story! I'm about 6 months post op now. I really hope you're doing well, you look awesome!
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I am doing pretty good! I got engaged to my #1 supporter so wedding planning has been taking up most of my thoughts/money lol. How are you? Are you enjoying the new look??
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Oh! Good for you! Congratulations! And yes, I'm really happy with my results. I got 400cc HP silicone unders. I didn't tell anyone I was having it done except hubby, mom & sister & no one has said anything! I look maybe a little bigger than I did before, wearing add 2 cup size bras! But now it's nice not to wear those & fill out a bikini top & sundress! Good luck with the wedding planning!
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Do you have any pics?! :) xoxo
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I'm going through the same thing you are! One day I love them and the next day I get really depressed about them. I'm about 4.5 months out now and I'm still getting used to them...One is a little bigger than the other and it makes me feel so self conscious sometimes. My PS said one may have more scar tissue than the other and told me to massage that one more.... hopefully the implant will drop and look like the other one. We just have to face the fact that we look hot with our new boobies :)
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I am hoping mine will even out - my right one seems lower than my left and my right nipple reminds me of a lazy eye .. something that I just don't think time will fix. Otherwise, I LOVE my girls lol
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classy, I'm so glad to hear from you, I was worried. I'm glad you've started dressing up the 'sisters'. It sounds as if you bf is one terrific guy! Happy New Year!
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Glad to hear all is well! I am wondering what happened to your pics though? Post a pic of one of your corsets, I bet it looks awesome! Happy New Year!
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Sooo glad ur thrilled w them and sry u were dealing w that hope ur feeling better!!!
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Thank you. I was really really sad. Considering getting them taken out. I almost sought depression drugs but I didn't want it messing with my mojo. lol My BF, Mother, Father, Brother, friends, etc. kept telling me to wait and give yourself time. But when you are in constant pain, taking meds and looking at a major change on your body it can be very upsetting. My BF said no more cosmetic surgery because he doesn't want to see me sad for months and go through it. I wanted a tummy tuck (loose skin from losing 100 pounds on WW) and nose job (hate my side photos). I think some people are just able to cope better than others. Plus when you have such high anticipation and you can't get cleavage right away and one looks different from the other (it always did now just more magnified)it's not for the faint of heart.
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I feel exactly the same way. Mine look different and I'm passed the three month period. I'm sure there is something wrong with it. I will probably have to have it fixed or have them taken out. This was supposed to make me happy, beautiful , and sexy and it hasn't. I catch myself regretting it all the time.
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My doctor said to think of them as sisters and not twins. My boobs were different to begin with. I wish my right boob looked just like my left boob. He made sure he printed out my before pic to prove the point. But the doctor said the only thing he could do was slice around my nipple to make it match better. I opted out of the lift because I didn't want all those scars. I wanted mine perfect but the man I am with now worships them. It helps so much. There was much more interest in my bootie before I got these. Most docs like to make you wait 6 mos for revision. They say that things can change up to that point. But maybe they are hoping they are hoping you get used to it. I think you should be happy and have two of the same boobs for that kinda money...I would also suggest putting your concerns in writing so you have a paper trail. So annoying I know. Do they look different in clothes?
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Your boobs were different before as well. I am now enjoying them more but both my doc and BF had to admit they are different. I just wished I loved them as much as the BF does. skipped my last post op appt because I didn't really feel listened to at the one prior. Maybe if I feel like it I will get second opinions. I feel much better now. My boobs are a little lower than yours so in clothes they look fine. I hope your doctor leaves you a happy customer and does the right thing xoxo
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I it's soo diff to see yaself w changes it takes time to adapt
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They look good in clothes. I tried in a bikini top, the triangle kind and you can tell they look different. So I don't think I will be able to wear bikinis. Which sucks. And if I wait till 6 months to have it redone I will be out of commission longer. I've already gained 10 lbs. Ugh! It depresses me so much.
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You may not have to have them redone. I am hoping that one boob pocket will loosen up and drop the implant into place. I have gained a little from not working out. I want to wear something sexy under my dress on vday so I need to get this back in shape.
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I hope I don't too. Have you tried working out yet? Every time I do my right one starts to hurt. That's the one that looks weird to me. I would love to buy something sexy too. I didn't realize it was going to be that much of a change, but when I try on most of my old clothes the look totally different on me. I'm not real fashion conscious and need desperately to learn how to dress with my new figure. It's also crazy how people look at your chest first. My sister would always talk about that cause she is very big breasted naturally. Now I completely understand what she meant. Lol!
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You gotta just go to Marshalls/TJMaxx and try on a bunch of stuff! That's what I did. I bought some baggier shirts in the beginning. Now I totally want them on display....They also have super cheap lingerie. I think it might lift your spirits.
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I worked out like twice since the boobs. I am pretty soft. I can't wear bikinis anymore rely because of my saggy baby belly and from losing weight.
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Thanks so much. I will definitely try it. I've been hiding them for awhile but am getting tired if trying. I definitely need to feel sexier. Thanks again. That's why I like this site so much.
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