31, Just Got Thermage Nervous - Cherry Hill, NJ

I just received thermage two days ago. Now I'm...

I just received thermage two days ago. Now I'm googling side effects and I'm really scared. So far my skin is the same just feels alil tight and dry. If I had known the side effects I wouldn't even have tried it. I wondering how soon I would see negative results? At this point I hope just hope nothing happens. I don't care if I wasted my money I'm scared of fat loss and scars. I feel awful for all these people who have had horrible reactions.
I had Thermage a month ago. I'm still watching the damage appear. I can see marks from the square head of the instrument at different points on my face. Started off with one - I now have FIVE of them. I'm wondering when the damage will quit appearing. I also have a line of dimpled skin starting at my right temple down my right cheek. I keep praying that the damage will go away - but more keeps coming. I hope your results are different than mine for your sake! I found this site AFTERWARDS. I wish I had come here first.
I believe you should be able to see the results pretty quickly, do you still not see any?  Have you had a negative reaction?
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