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So I just had my nose done 3.5 weeks ago. I was...

So I just had my nose done 3.5 weeks ago. I was really wanting to get lipo at the same time but I didn't have the money for it. I'm currently looking into lipo dissolve or liposuction. I don't feel that I have that much fat to loose. I have worked very hard to loose much of the fat that I had but it never seems to go all the way. Sometime I get embarrassed of the way I look. I actually considered starving myself and getting butt injections on the street and then changed my mind lol! Not healthy and I've heard some horrible things about the injections hence why they are illegal... Smh ok well gonna post some side by side and let me know what you think. The butt looks bigger but I didn't make it bigger just cut off the back fat I have above the butt. I have a consult for abdomin in 4 weeks.

I have done the lipo dissolve and boy does it work. I'm 5'1 46 and have been struggling for years with the middle and love handles. A friend told me about the shots and i went from a 30in waist at my biggest point to a 26 in waist and i was 133 when i went in and now at 117. I started in January and have done it 5 times cost for me is 350.00. I have no side affects after shot you swell for about 5 days and by 3 weeks into it you feel great as long as you diet and exercise the fat will melt away.
hi, where do u had your lipo dissolves done?
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