Vitalize Peel Was Gentle and Gave Subtle Results

I did a Vitalize peel last month. I have done very...

I did a Vitalize peel last month. I have done very light glycolic peels in the past, but this was definitely more of an actual "peel" than I had ever experienced.

The day of the peel I went to my dermatologists before work. They wiped me down with something as a prep and when I asked what it was she said it was acetone. She then wiped the series of solutions for the peel on my face. It didn't hurt at all. I don't remember any stinging or burning either.

Another lady at the office then put some mineral makeup on for me and a powder sunscreen. I left the office with the peel on, and was told I could wash it off with a mild cleanser (like Cetaphil) after 4 hours, but that it was fine to leave on longer if I needed to because it would self neutralize.

I headed to my office, got a very strange stare from our CEO as I walked through the door to which I replied "What? I got a chemical peel, that is why I'm orange!" I kept the peel on all day and didn't wash it off until I got home at about 7:30pm. The orange came off with the washing, so I'm not sure if it was the peel or the mineral makeup they put on me, but I was glad to have it gone.

My skin looked great on the second day with a tiny, tiny bit of peeling, and by the third day I looked like a snake. It was peeling off and was somewhat noticeable. I still met with clients, because I didn't think I looked awful, but it definitely looked like I could have benefited from a good exfoliation, haha!

Things were done peeling almost completely by the 6th day. There was a tiny bit left after that, but not much at all. My skin looked nice and I felt like it helped give it a little bit of a boost with reducing fine lines. I can definitely see how doing a series would be beneficial, but I don't want to go through the peeling process over and over. Its just kind of a hassle, and the peel isn't cheap. I'll probably do another one in a few months, sometime well before summer.

I definitely wouldn't say the results were drastic, so if you are expecting some huge change in your skin this probably will disappoint you, but if you just want a nice little brightening this will do the trick.

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Peels were ok like you commented, I felt I was "sloughing" for weeks though. Although my skin may be a bit more sensitive it was definitely a down fall to me. If you like the maintenance of the peels but don't care for the after peeling you may want to try a Clear & Brilliant laser treatment. It is made by the company that makes Fraxel, takes like 10-15 min and you only need that day of downtime (you are red a little swollen). I have replaced my peels with this, it leaves your skin a bit sandpaper like for a few days but only noticeable close up and no peeling. It moderately helps my skin tone and texture and will supposedly help more as I get them more routinely.
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Hi Megan, I'm using the at home Brazilian peel. Dr Oz recommended it and a friend suggested it . I've had 3 peels (tomorrow will be my 4th). I've been using the products for 3 weeks and I'm noticing a difference. Its helping my acne, whiteheads are easier to remove and acne dark marks are fading. A month supply of the acne peel is $45/anti aging $78. Boots No 7 has a peel which received the good housekeeping ward priced at $25 (I haven't tried this product but read great reviews).
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I'm glad to hear you are seeing some good results!!

After seeing Dr. Oz pitch Velashape I'm super skeptical about any products they pitch. I kind of view it as an informative commercial, not that its necessarily bad information, it just seems heavily biased so I choose to check other sources as well.

The price seems good. Do you happen to know what the active ingredients are?

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