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The entire process lasted for about an hour. The...

The entire process lasted for about an hour. The first step is pleasant a full face cleansing with the Clairsonic brush. The next steps are not pleasant but certainly not painful. It feels very hot like you would like it to stop and then within a minute or two it does. Layer after layer of different chemicals such as TCA, salicylic, glycolic and resorcinol acids are applied to your skin. Some of these chemicals are warm and a bit tingly, some downright hot and uncomfortable. The more layers that are applied the deeper the peel. In between each of the layers, my aesthetician uses a little hand fan to cool down the skin- this pretty much does nothing- but I appreciate the break. Then they put on some moisturizers and sun block and send you on your way.

My experience has been positive. I have had 2. They recommend that you come in for a series of 4 with a month between each procedure. The first one was ok, very little peeling- which started about 5 days after the chemical peel and lasted for about 2 days. For an additional day or two there was so sloughing skin around my hairline. The second was much deeper. Perhaps, because I said how little peeling actually occurred with the first peel.

With the second peel, my skin cracked started to peel within 2 days. By day 8, my skin was back to normal. I did get a massive cold sore on my chin from the peeling and the stress, kind of like having massive sunburn to the skin, which would make me get a cold sore also. So, I felt in a way, that my trouble area and the reason that I was getting the peel- which is my chin due to some acne discoloration- was actually in the exact same spot now that I had to deal with the cold sore redness for the next few months. I was told that if I do more they will phone a prescription for the cold sores in to the pharmacy and I would take it preventatively before the procedure. My aesthetician focuses on the fine line areas, so I end up with more peeling in the area between my eyes- where the lines would not be if I actually would repeat my Botox, along the nasal-labial folds and then my chin.

I would say that it is worth it- I find the down time a hassle and would rather do a serious peel and then hide for a week than the little peels that I have done and then just be embarrassed to leave the house.


You may want to try the 25% TCA peel via your dermatologist or whoever you see for your other peels (I did it myself, but I really do not suggest anyone do that, simply because it can burn your skin and scar you if you don't know what you're doing). My results were great! But that was 10 years ago and I'm about to do it again in the near future, but this time at 35%. I will tell you my experience, or as much as I can recall. Of course I began by washing my hands and face thoroughly and put on surgical gloves. I used a piece of gauze for the stronger portions of my face, a cotton ball for sensitive areas, and a Q-tip for the areas around my eyes (and this, again, is why I do not suggest anyone do this themselves, too risky). Beforehand, I had applied petroleum jelly to the corners of my mouth, my lips, and the sides of my nasal area to protect those very sensitive areas. As soon as I began applying, my face was ON FIRE!!!!!!!! Not like the fire you experienced, I mean FIRE!!!! I screamed out profanity and my eyes teared up big time! And I'm no whimp - I've given birth five times with absolutely no anesthesia. This really hurts...but I know I can take it ;) As soon as I finished applying it, I ran to my fan in my room. It helped a lot! I waited the suggested time and then reapplied it...then ran to my fan again. After that time (I cannot recall how long I was told to leave it on, which is why I will do my research again before applying it this time), I used the neutralizer that came with the acid. I recall my face feeling like a super bad sunburn. I applied my moisturizer and I took ibuprofen afterward and it helped some. It's very uncomfortable for days. From what I recall, I had to hide for about 10 days or more. I literally looked like Freddy Krueger!! Not even exaggerating. I had big chunks of skin peeling off on about the second day, and it's so hard not to touch them, but to prevent scarring, I left them be. My infant son managed to swat my chin so I had a big chunk of skin scraped off. It didn't cause any damage, but from what I was told, peeling the skin instead of letting it "fall off" on its own could cause scarring. After I healed up (oh, I ended up with a cold sore, too...I'm getting Valtrex before doing my next peel...I have a cold sore now from dermarolling!), my face was definitely healthier looking and refreshed. My forehead lines and glabellar lines were less noticeable, but it didn't do much for my nasolabial folds (laugh lines), but there was a "slight" toning down of them. My face even seemed to fill out more in the coming weeks. That's about all I can remember. I had wanted to do more peels, but unfortunately I got busy with life, had two more babies, and in the last two years I found myself having to adopt my older niece, and then I had to pick up her brand new baby sister at only 5 days old, who was also immediately removed from mom's care. So, I've been a busy bee with 7 kids, I work from home, and of course the never-ending housekeeping. There are pics of my before and after on the old link in my first post. I will post pics when I do the peel at this'll read about me trying out the dermaroller with before and after pics, too, in about 10 days or so: -;/ Good luck to you, I hope you get the results you are looking for!
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Do the peel remove brown spots and did you like the results. Would you take it again?
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