panniculectomy and breast reduction

Having breast reduction and panni. I also have...

Having breast reduction and panni. I also have some fat and tissue above my naval, that is closing it..infections all the time. Now going to see dermatologist. If they take willing to help with skin problems under my pannus, why wont fix my bb for my skin problems. Want me to pay to remove it. No WAY
I am having surgery due to excess skin with weight loss,and also infections and rashes... I guess i just dont understand if im having belly button infections that they will not just reposition my belly button and take off the excess skin above the naval im not looking for any muscle work...i keep getting these due to no ventilation???? Wish my insurance would help me with this....its more of a problem then the rashes under my afraid also i will look like a muffin frusterated

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

Are you having your panniculectomy because of major weight loss, or general excess skin?


Dermatologist today

Going today...luckily for me it is quite infected! Hopefully this will be the key for insurance to fix this issue

panniculectomy and breast reduction****NEW BELLY BUTTON! soo excited

Ok he is going to fix that blasted belly button..and pulling down the topand making new hole for it! I feel like a huge weight has been wont get here soon enough..:)

panniculectomy and breast reduction in 20 days!!

Went to dr. Smiths office..gave me perscritptions to fill before surgery..thought I would take pics to help someone out, in case they have a similar body type..bcbsma covered both of my procedures, all except for my belly button..I had to pay 1000.00 to have it relocated and to pull down some of the fat and skin above my belly I don't look like a cupcake too bad...I'm a smoker I have to quit as of today he is going to draw blood day of surgery to make sure I don't have nicotine or he won't do surgery.. ohh boyyy! I will stay overnite at hospital after surgery..I'm going to have 4 drains ughhh, one for each breast, and 2 just above pubic mom rented me a electric recliner that actually lifts you into a standing position and reclines you to laying position, my mom will be staying with me and caring for me until I'm able to do things for myself, which I'm sure will be a godsend. I'm so excited for these won't come soon enough. My surgery date is sept. 16..
hope all went well..can't wait to see updated pics
Tomorrow will be two weeks post op of panniculectomt and breast reduction! All i can say is it probably the best thing that has happened to me other than having my two beautiful girls :). I still have one drain in, and i will have to say that when i finally get this thing out will be a blessing. They removed 3 1/2 lbs off of EACH breast, and also almost 6 lbs off of my stomach. My breast reduction did not hurt at all, but my stomach is sore especially where my belly button plastic surgeon did a amazing job! I will be posting some pictures. Clothes fit so different now i walk around in a tank top and feel so much better about myself. It has definately helped with my insecuritys... i am still very swollenreadjob...
Good luck with your surge hope all goes well ..

6 weeks post

Happy with results

6 weeks post op

6 weeks post op

omg beautiful results

happy, happy!

Thank you so much....still having a few recovery problems...such as infections under my breasts and about 8 inches of my panni incision...and they are so slowly healing. But iwould do it all over sure once i can go to gym.....then my true body shape will start emerging. At night i cannot believe how swollen my lower stomach is..the scar is still very hard and swollen..wondering how long it will before it goes down.
OMG you look awsome, congrats on your great results! I know how you feel. like a new woman. For now just take it easy and heal, but you will LOVE this more and more. Like when you go to take a shower and the pannus is no longer there. Even a year PO I sometimes feel like I need to pick it up to wash. Take care!

hey when is this swelling gonna go away?

My incision is so friggen swollen it looks like im 3 months pregnant by night? Does any one know how much longer i will need to wear this binder...and you wear it at night?
Started the gym yesterday! Had a good work out no pain....i have to good bra.....cause the sports bra wasnt supportive was very uncomfortable with them bouncing..stomach was very swollen before bedtime. I started tanning again..i find it hard trying covering up the scars..i dont like tan lines....dr. told me i could stop wearing my binder and just use spanks....he doesnt understand that i still need it helps with makes me feel ok trying to lift heavier items and its some how going to hold my body from feeling like its going to break in to say glad im back at gym...i have no more excuses for not going......i dont want my self esteem to the stay the same..i want it to grow....and it will help me too say "yeah....i look damn good....i love myself....Sooo fu*k it!" Hopefully will post new pictures soon...hopefully showing me falling in this body god gave me

started gym!!!

Will post new pictures hopefully gonna fall in love with my new body!!
I thought about going to the gym myself but I just now got my staples out on Monday.. talk about depression.. Please swelling go away
The doctor gave you ok to go to gym already????...
I have noooooooooooo energy. Im finding it hard to get to gym and get soooo friggen tired all the time. Now that im back at work thinking about going to gym before or after work....ewwwww...just working is exhausting! Depressionnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

almost 3 months post op

saddle bags.....saddlebags anyone?

hopefully this is just swelling???????


No not yet I just want to go.. honestly I'm still swollen and my scar is starting to tear

stupid uplooading

How many pounds total was removed
You look great , congrats on the new body hope all is healing fine. I go in foe my Panniculectomy and Breast Reduction on September 2, 2014. Can't wait..
I smoke but not a pack a day I use to be able to smoke a pack and half a day now im down to 5 a day and I smoke newports very harsh on me I'm trying to quit again because the more I smoke the more I hurt..I still believe that I have a staple left in I have a swollen spot that is very uncomfortable I will definitely ask my ps again next week.. does your incision drain or have a funny smell due to the smoking? And what is a scar revision? My scar has swelled spots on it.. guess because im still swollen

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