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I did restylane Sub Q 13 m ago. I have not recover...

I did restylane Sub Q 13 m ago. I have not recover yet. It seems like my body build scar tissue around this filler. I only had a half syringe in each cheek and still look horrible. Worst on the left side. I thought I had a temporary filler in me but there is a lot left. People star at me and wonder wath have happened to my face. I really hope this will resolve. Terrible product!!!!

18 m. Filler still in my face. It should be gone...

18 m. Filler still in my face. It should be gone now, but only50%. Is this a permanent filler? Anybody else with experience with this awful filler, or have I developed a granulom?? I dont know but stilla feel awful and sad.

My skin has now developed scars on my cheeks, and...

My skin has now developed scars on my cheeks, and I still have pain in injection site. I am Q-meds test person and a doctor say he has seen Sub-Q stayes for severel years. How will I look in the future? Will the scar get bigger? I think this filler have permanent damage my skin, health and my mind. This filler is a BIG fiasco!!!!

I want to warning every one NOT use restylane Sub...

I want to warning every one NOT use restylane Sub Q. Mine lumps from this filler has not shrunk at all and I am sure I have developed granulom and this I will live with in the rest of my life. It will not be FDA approved because of this lumps. I dont warn you about the FDA approved restylane, I have never used it.

Sorry. I will take this in Swedish so people in my...

Sorry. I will take this in Swedish so people in my country can read.

Efter 2 år och 2 mån. Filler nästan borta. Men Sub q lades för högt under ögat.Nu försvagade muskler som resulterat i stora påsar under ögonen, samt att fillern som ligger kvar har resulterat i två stora klumpar på kindbenen.

Jag vet att personen som la dessa är duktig på läppar och allt annat men denna tunga filler kunde hon inte hantera. Kliniken gör inget för att hjälpa mig. Skyller enbart på allergisk reaktion men jag har tagit allergi tester och det syns ingenting....

Ansvarig läkare där svarar aldrig på mina mail, och behandlar mig som om jag vore knäpp.
Allt är anmält till socialstyrelsen nu.

My new update. Well after 3 years I have been...

My new update. Well after 3 years I have been diagnosed with psoriasis and was triggered by restylane. Nobody in my family back in time has this diagnosis. The most frightening of restylane is that nobody knows with absolute certainty what chemicals are in restylane more than those who produce it. And there is no real contents regarding this product. I do not want to scare anyone but this is my personal experience with restylane. If you are predisposed to psoriasis avoid this filler.
Art Clinic Gothenburg Mari Carlsson

Because it seems it didnt was done right

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Going through the same experience as you guys in Rome, Italy where I live. Had it done Nov 2011. This product should be taken off the market. I'm under silent shock as I'm trying to lead my normal life.

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Hi Simba1234, I am glad to hear you had a little relief.. I live in Australia and they say that hyaluronidase is not available here.. I went and had heaps of blood tests today to see if there is a allergy that my body is figthing because of this stuff, i have really had it, so paranoid to leave the house, i dont know what to do..The swelling is so bad it makes me sick, but they all say this has never happened before..Have you heard that before??Anyways please send me a Direct Message so we can talk more privatetly..

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Hallo sues c: Yes I went to London ( I live in Sweden)to have hyaluronidase. It helped some. So sorry about your situation, I am 2 years mark and my body STILL build up scar tissue, but at least I am no longer in the swelling pfase(sp). I am better then in the beginning so have hope. Feel free to e-mail me any time to "talk" with someone with the same experience.
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Hi there, sorry to hear about your experience also, im going through same thing as you.. its been 18 months now and still i look defigured.. I think i is actually getting worse.. How are you now?? Did you get it broken down with anything?? Please let me know
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So here I am. I went to London to a very experienced doctor and he gave me Vitrase. Fingers cross, all is doing fine and the filler seems to break down more and more.
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I have to go to London for that. Nobody want to do it in Sweden. No nowledge here with hyaloronidase(sp)
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Have you gone to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to see if they can help remove or dissolve the material?

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Still in my face 22 m. This is awful. It is noy going away plus scar tissué formation.
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16 m. Filler STILL there, no change.
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15 m. Filler still
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People dont believe that restylane is temporary. It is permanent like aquamid. It stays in my skin permanent with permanent problems. The protein in restylane is permanent in skin, and you get permanent problems from it. All I want is Q-med contact with me. They have blamed aquamid for permanent problems but Restylane Sub Q is permanent. Dont use it.
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Q-med in Sweden. A quick answer why dont you care about people who got problems from restylane, in my case Sub Q. I thougt you was a serious company and really belived in this product, all I can feel is really hard skin and intermittent swelling. Shame on you.
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Update: I dont know wath happened in my case. In the beginning I lost a LOT of weight(sp) I think I had a immun reaction to this substance. I think I am a very rare case because I had only read about few people had this reaction to restylane.
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I was trying to get volume, and yes my face blow up in the beginning like I was in a car accident. Now I am left with bubbels under my skin that dont break down. In certain light it look so awful.
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were you trying to get cheek volume or to repair your cheek? thx for sharing. sorry about the unhappy outcome.

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