38 Year Old, Can't wait to get chin implant to improve profile - Chattanooga, TN

I've envied great chins since high school, and...

I've envied great chins since high school, and always thought that guys who had great jaw and chin lines had an edge. I even had girls dump me for my brother because he was cuter (with a strong chin of course). I've finally decided to go for it and get a chin implant. I'm really excited...and nervous about what people will say, but I can't wait. After seeing all the great results on here I think my confidence will get a big boost!

More pre-op pics

More pics before surgery

My lucky brother

Here is a pic of my brother who got a great chin. Hoping to get my own! LOL

Four Days away

Excited, only four days away. Keep reading stories on here of awesome outcomes, can't wait to have my own.

Day before

Kinda scared, and really excited. Cant wait to see the result, not looking forward to the soreness :(. Will post again soon!

Back home!

Just got home from surgery, it's pretty taped up but I can generally see the new profile and I'm very happy! Will post pics tomorrow when the drugs wear off!

1 day post op

Two words...yay! and ouch! Here is a profile view with bandages, but I can already tell my profile is improved.


Hi, Dr. Chase and I sit down with a table full of implant choices. We eliminated them down until we agreed on the same one that we thought would achieve my goal. We went with the medium sized implant. I didn't want a presidential chin, jus a better profile. Surgery was quick and recovery was not bad. The intra oral incision site is pretty sore as is my whole chin and I have to wear the bandages in place for one week. He gave me good pain meds, so I think I'll live. Thanks!

5 days post-op

It's been 5 days and here are a couple of shots. The tape is still on, dr. Chase asked me to leave it on for one week. Otherwise I LOVE the change toy profile. It's not drastic, but subtle and much better I think! I'll post more pics after the tape comes off.

1 week post -op

more pics, still a little swollen, but lovin it!

one more thing...

the stitches inside my mouth haven't resolve yet, so it look like I have a dip in LOL. but it should go away soon. my chin nerves are very numb, but they work :)

one more pic

I'm not good at selfies, but here's my first one with my new chin.

Two weeks out

Cant believe it's been two weeks! Just thought I'd post an update. Went back to work 10 days later, the only comments I got we're 'have you lost weight, you look good! So my confidence is up a notch or two. The pain has not been that terrible thankfully. Now the (not so) bad. My chin is still numb and tingly. I can closed-mouth smile fine, but smiling big has not come back yet but I'm sure it will. Still eating soft food, and there's still a little swelling. The worst part is that the stitches feel really tight and will take 2-3 mos. to dissolve, but that's ok. All else said I'm glad I did it!

Will post some more post op pics soon.


2 weeks out

I got to looking I'm the mirror and the 15 lbs I lost from not eating as we'll has made my face too skinny I thinks Time to up the calories! LOL

Three Weeks out.

Good and bad. Love the improvement. Lower lip is still numb and tingly, eating still a little tough, smile a little funny still. But gonna tough it out and trust it will be worth it. Will post more pics soon.

1 month out

Pain is a lot better, still feel it if I overdo it, but getting better. Thought I would post a quick front shot. Got a couple more for those thinking about it, then I'll sign off.

5 weeks out, last review

It's been 5 weeks since the chin implant, here's some final thoughts. I love the results, and my confidence has gone up because of it. I love that I can wear a beard and a cap better. There was some bad. It hurt worse than I thought it would, and it took longer to start feeling better than I thought.

Would I do it again, yes! But with more realistic expectations. Here's a couple of photos to end with. Thanks for all the support and compliments. Best of luck to all of you!
Chattanooga Plastic Surgeon

Awesome at everything he does, listens very well.

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Looks great! I will be getting mine in July. Excited but nervous! I am also getting intra oral
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I had a chin implant last month and to tell you the truth, I don't like the results now...I loved how it looked the day of...with the swelling, it looked masculine and square...like an astronaut chin but after the swelling subsided, I didn't like it anymore. People tell me its a big difference even now but I don't really see it....I wanted it to look huge, ya know? HUGE. Im all depressed now...Im just tired of being ugly. All ive done these past two years is look in the mirror relentlessly, ive missed out on so much, pushed so many people away, and for what? I still don't feel any different now than I did before I had this surgery and my nose job. I just want to be perfect, and have magazine looks but Im starting to think it will never happen. : ( WHY?
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Oh no, you're not liking your results?
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@diamonddogs1974: I'm 6 days removed from my surgery. From 1-4, smallest to largest, my doc went with a 3--large. But now, a week after swelling has gone down, i am thinking a 4-xlarge would have been better. But, the thing is, I will learn to be thankful for this. I am not going to have this taken out and a bigger one put in. I'm better than I was and that WILL have to be good enough. I hope you find peace with your implant, though I know how it can be bothersome. :)
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Im sorry, I feel like I just put a lot of bad energy on this comment section, feel free to remove my previous comment, I would happily remove it myself if I could but I just realized that I cant remove it once I posted it, im extremely sorry and I regret writing all that, I should have been more discrete.
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Diamond, I doubt that people are judging you here. We all wish the best for each other. If you felt the way you did, so be it. Hope you can continue to move forward to feel better about yourself, however it is that you do that. For me, pursuing enhancements, along with life experience and some therapy has gone a long way toward further self acceptance of self.
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No worries DiamondDogs1974 - u r definitely not putting out "bad energy" - just expressing how you feel. We've all been there where you wonder if this was worth it - esp after spending so much hard-earned money! Anyway, I hope you get to the place where you feel good about your chin implant and nose job! Stay blessed! :-)
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wow, amazing how something so small can make such a nice change. Looks good.
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Nice results!
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Looks great! Surgery is next Wednesday. Thanks for all the updates and advice.
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Thanks, good luck!
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Wishing you the very best tomorrow hagan73!!! :-)
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Good luck next week Hagen. Keep us updated. Ill be doing mine eventually. Still saving up the greenbacks.
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@Joejah Peach--thanks! @RH709 - tomorrow is the big day for me, but you keep saving that money. One dollar at a time; you'll get there! Keep your eye on the prize.
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38 year old ?
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I hope that's a compliment! LOL
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Looks good on you.
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It looks amazing!! I had a medium implant then not long after changed it to a small. The medium was way too big for me. It was extremly painful w the pressure on my nerves.
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Thanks for the update! It certainly gives me a dose of reality that for many (and who knows, I might be included in that number) recovery is a SLOW PROCESS! I always envisioned being back to normal within 2 weeks max but, based on your review and others, I see it very well may take longer than that.
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One more thing to all the ones lined up to get surgery soon. The results hardly ever live up to your high expectations (although it may come close). After surgery you'll look at yourself a 100 times a day and wonder if you should have gotten a different size, shape, etc. Pick something and go with it and don't look back!
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What sucks for me is that my surgeon said he is " thinking" med implant but won't no until he gets in there and it may change..
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TommyBoy1, that's really good advice! I'm already stressing out b/c during my first consult, my PS first indicated I'd need a medium size. and now more recently, says a small should suffice. So of course, I've been going back and forth wondering if it'll be too small (was it really worth it) or too large (I'll be a Jay Leno look-alike)-- and I don't even have one in yet!! LOL! :-)
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I would stick to silicon implants since med implants are extremely difficult to remove if you were to get an infection or have some other type of complication.
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I got medium and the chin muscles are taking a while to heal. They feel pretty tight but getting better. If I had it to do again I may have gotten a small. Good luck!
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They both have their advantages. Medpor has a lower rejection and infection rate, where the silicone is a little rougher on your bone because it floats more and the infection rate is a little higher. The Medpor is harder to get out, but not impossible. Everyone should do their research, I agree with you.
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