375cc. Smooth Mentore..partially Under Muscle..been in Since 8-16-2000...I Want to Be Implant Free Without a Lift... - TN

My desire is to be implant free without a lift or...

My desire is to be implant free without a lift or removing capsule...I have had no problems with implants...im chronic fatigued due to the wt of implants and the pain I feel everyday in my neck and shoulders that I feel is due to the ligament strain. .I started out as a beautiful lifted 34 D..now im a 34 DDD E..after a hysterectomy and gaining 15 lbs...I dont have the energy and motivation to do the active fun things like I use to prior to BA ..BY THE WAY I WAS A PERFECT 34B PRIOR...from the very first day getting my BA I regretted it..I felt constant chest pressure that zapped my energy level....oh the boobs where beautiful and looked sexy in bras..I loved the look...that soon wore off...the boobs felt so heavy without a bra I couldn't stand it..never again could I wear backless things like sundresses due to the discomfort from the wt pulling me down....and never again was able to buy a swimsuit that tide around the neck for the wt cause neck strain...and the ones with shoulder straps also cause shoulder pain..it was heartbreaking...so I usually wore spandex workout shorts with matching sports bra...now im almost 56 ..5.5ft tall and wt 140...WHICH I HATE BEING OVERWEIGHT..my normal wt is 1 24 ..I wear a size 8 ...my boobs are now bottom heavy for sure and I feel I need to get implants out if im gonna want to stay active..BY THE WAY I DEVELOPED FIBROMYALGIA SINCE BA...right now..everything active I do causes me neck and shoulder pain...even simple hikes..due to pressure of bra straps...its so frustrating...I continue to be active as possible but as im doing things. ..instead of enjoying myself..im constantly thinking of the pain im feeling...OK SO AFTER THIBKING LONG AND HARD AND DOING HOURS OF RESEARCH ON REMOVING IMPLANTS...I MADE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE PS WHO DID MY BA... the appointment is in 3 days for consultation...like other ladies..my fear is the deflated look at first...I have no stretch marks and had plenty of tissue room prior to my BA so im really having faith that I will bounce back looking decent enough ...I feel that I will be bigger than a 34B I started with since my breast size increased 2 cup sizes after my BA from 34D to DDD.E...SO MONDAY IS MY APPT..WISH ME LUCK...HOPEFULY HE CAN REMOVE IMPLANTS only.. without the capsule...with LOCAL anesthesia...

had the consultation with the surgeon

the doctor looked at me checked out my breast implants he said I did not have any capsule constrictions nor did I have any rupturesso he felt the explant would go well.. He did not try to talk me into getting more implants nor having a lift.he did say if I was not satisfied in 6 months then I could have a lift if I wanted tobut he did not see that happening.I told him I was just tired of been in pain and I wanted to be active again and be able to breathe so that was my reason for wanting to get an explant.he said we could do the surgery in his office and he give me a great price that it was very satisfactory and I was very happy.so off I went to the schedulers office and scheduled my appointment for September the 11th at 830 in the morning.I don't have anything planned for September that is very active and I can stay at home away from other people so they won't know that I had surgery.I'm wanting to keep it secretive for right now because I figure most people will want to see my results and I know at first it won't be so pretty.probably when it's all said and done I won't tell very many people anyway I will just get me one of those pretty little push up bras and I expect to be at least a C cup when its over with so I figure not too many people will notice anyway. it made me feel good after the doctor left the room the nurse told me that she thought I was making a good decision for my frame was very small for my implants and they were pulling me down.I told her as I told the doctor that I'm just tired of carrying these things around but they are hurting me and I'm tired of being in pain and having tightness in my chest I want to be active again and be able to do the things did I used to do.affirmed to the doctor that my implants have always been beautiful and I have loved the look of them its just the weight that I did not like. I feel damn I am plants make me look bigger now and more top heavy since I have gained 15 pounds.the doctor and nurse said that the surgery it with everything would be less than an hour and I didn't expect any complications and I could go right home and I could use my arms but just not over my shoulder area for about a week and just take it easy.they tell me I would probably go home with a surgical bra but it wouldn't be too tight nor would they put top bands around the chest that he did not recommend that because it cut off blood circulation and when you do that you don't heal as fast. I have read a lot of things on Sat and I know that I need to let my capsules shrink and my pectoral muscles grow back together and then I will start working to build them up again strength wise.the nurse also tell me about possible complications like maybe flood getting in the capsule area as it was healing and possible unexpected bleeding during surgery but they didn't expect though.the nurses for some unexpected reason that fluid in the castle area that the doctor to go in with a needle and drain it out but that wasn't likely that that would happen.well thats all I really have to say for now I will keep you posted as things keep going.I did go on a long aggressive hot today and I was thinking man these boobs sure are heavy and I can't hardly breathe cuz my sports bra so taht trying to hold these things up so hopefully when all this is said and done I when I'm hiking up the mountains and really straining I won't be carrying 5 pounds on my chest plus I'll be able to get full breath and my stamina will be better...my next biggest wish is I hope my fibromyalgia gets better after the implants are removed and I get rid of a lot of this pain in my shoulders and neck area...I'm posting a picture of me in a Bra Top one piece deal and then I'll post it again after my implants are removed and healed some to, compare and see how it looks.

feeling anxious

I guess this is normal..today I feel very anxious..I think its because im not admitting to myself that my explant surgery is bothering me..I suppose it is..im scared..not of the pain but of my looks afterwards..until im healed..trying yo keep this surgery a secret from everybody except my boyfriend is hard on me...I just wanna talk about it as we as women like to do to feel better about stuff...I have a psychiatrist and I wont tellhim or my therapist...maybe I feeling shame or guilt about the situation..I not sure..so im just gonna cry alone and maybe ill feel better....do any of you ladies seem to feel emotions like this also?

explant a couple week away now

I have been on vacation all this week..I have been bust out of mt seim suit tops as usual..people focusing on my breast..they are very heavy and uncomfortable. ..they zap my energy..wearing swim suits that ti around my neck cause so much neck strain its unbearable. Im looking forward to getting these water bags out of my chest..

less than a week to go..September 11

Got my pre op call a couple days ago..asking usual question..nothing to eat or drink after midnight..even though im doing it local..just in case...gotta be at office at 7:45 a m . All ive done is read everybody's stories on this site for past week...almost ALL day long..OCD?.. ANXIETY? yesterday I purchase 3 sports bras to wear afterwards..a soft cotton one for the first week..the doc doesn't like to bind his patient up to tight..says tightness restricts blood flow and prevents healing...so I purchased a simple cotton front snap .no wire sports bra.. I also picked up five flavors of Gatorade. ..several packets of hello (I eat it and it also hydrates me..easier than drinking water for me for hydration and mild hunger)..Arnica tablets for pain..so other than a good clean of the house..im ready...oh yes..im nervous..not really about the surgery part I dont think..its mostly saying good by to the girls and praying I turn out looking ok..I know.mi know. Its gonna take a good six months to see the best results...im getting older and its hard enough to watch my face chance now my poor boobs...but..the hope I have..is ill feel better and feel like exercising more and improve my body... I took a picture of pre explant in a different bra...they dont look so bad now to me but I wonder if I'll think that after they are gone.. like a lot of ladies on this site are saying? I looked at 34 B and C underwrite cute bras like I wore before BA and boy did they look small..but so pretty.. I am hoping my body will de puff from inflamation after the explant.. I have read several post where this happens. Oh my boyfriend is so over me talking about boobs..lol..im keeping it a secret so he is the only one I can vent to...my mother is so critical. .I surely wont tell her..she will want to see them and then blab to everyone how flat I am or whatever negative she can say...kinda sad isn't it ? So I'm on my own next week along with my boyfriend to drive me home. Ill update you them..stay tuned!

one more day..im anxious

Ok..just one more day until explant..I woke up anxious and nauseous this morning... I really didnt thing this explant would upset me..but YES.. IM NERVOUS.. about the girls coming out after 15 years. The procedure. The pain. The outcone. How I will look. Having to shop to buy new bras. How to play my weakness off to others while im healing..since im hiding the fact from most about explant..only because my mother is critical. My bf is tired of me talking about it so I cant vent. Having to get house clean so I don't have to look at it (.mainly vacuum AND mop). The drive there and back. Having to stop at drug store for rx on way home from explant. Bf having to help me out the first day. Need I say more? Whats it gonna be like not having this wt and pressure on my chest? I hated it from day ONE , 15 years ago. Now I'm concerned about missing it? Whats wrong with my thinking? I know its because the implants has been part of me for so long. Its like loosing a friend.. even though the friend was TOXIC. Getting implants was so exciting. I was scarred but knew I was gonna look good. Now im scarred and happy knowing I will feel better and look normal in size. So why am I just now becoming anxious? I think I just hate, GOODBYES. Guess its a mourning process for me. l will probably cry a bit today and tomorrow, but soon it will be done and hopefully really soon I will berejoicing. All yoy ladies thats already expkanted, one thing I have noticed you saying "NO MATTER HOW I LOOK I WOULD DO IT AGAIN AND WISH I WOULD HAVE DONE IT SOONER".

Here is pics of me pre explant in the bra im wearing to get explanted. I take pissed afterwards in same bra for size comparison...breathing today 38 inches all the way around breast and back. Weight is 135. Im 5'6".

Went on my last hike today with IMPLANTS. I didnt feel like hiking do to feeling bad this morning plus having to tighten chest down with super high impact sports bra to prevent bouncing that in turn causes extreme shoulder. .neck and left arm pain. So im excited to see how things change after explant. Guess that all I can say today. Jyst one more thing. Wondering if I should go ahead and tell my only child..a son age 32..about explant thursday? We are close. Im sure he will want to know about it. Any thoughts?

shirt views

Tomorrow morning 8:30 is Explan

Well tomorrow is my explant.. I had been so nervous today. Finally I took anxiety med to help me. Im just feeling scared. Mainly of how I will appear afterwards. Health wise I counting on feeling better without implant sickness. Im mainly looking forward to less pain. I feel like the implant on the left side is pinching a nerve causing pain under arm into left shoulder which also is weaker now than right arm. I have noticed pings of pains in left breast area most of today. I think I have elected to ignore the pains until recently, hoping I had a pulled muscle or something and CHIROPRACTOR could fix me. NOT! Another big issue I noticed morecto day was how my breast falls under armpitsxwhen I lie down
I read it from implant pocket being to wide. We is neither sexy nor comfortable. I rarely sleep braless due to this. I got floors swept but not mopped for mopping causes me great pain in my shoulders and neck due to chest muscles being weak from implants pull down all these years. I didnt want to wake up with migraine so I skipped the mopping.

Well thats all for now. Ill be communicating soon.

explant are out

I had wrote a long review then lost it..im not taking another hour to redo it right now.. im feel ok....ill update later..here are post op pics

more pics

what it was like Explanting with Local

Woke up this morning..asked myself. .what the hell am I doing? I know its for my own good so I went ahead and got ready and then got into the car..when I got to the doctors office they take me to the back to prep me for surgery. I was feeling so nervous , even after taking a valium on the way in the office. so here. ....we start.the nurse then called Dr in to start on me.so he starts giving me this shot of local anesthesia and yes I could feel the sting and it hurt a lot.after he was finished with that he proceeded to open the first implant which was on the right side.watching YouTube I knew everything he was doing and it made me even more nervous. I started getting hot and was sweating horribly. I felt this and could feel the pressure of him cutting me with just a slight stingthen he proceeded to get the expanders you open my hole.that didn't feel good at all either. every time I felt a pinch or sting I would tell them I could feel it and he would put more xylocain in the area that he was working on. Next he cut the implant , I could feel the saline running down my side. He suctioned out the fluids took out the inplnt and suctioned the cspsule.. let me say all this was worse of my left breast hecause I felt the implant had been pushing a nerve right behind my nipple. Man it hurt so bad. My bp went down to 80/40 . The nurse would ask if I was ok. I I would have passed out at that point except I was already laying down. I even got really nauseous. ..... after all that he and his assistant started filling me up on each breast. then the nurse said you are free to get up now and go put your clothes on so I did.my boyfriend was called into the room and was instructed on what I was supposed to do the rest of the week as far as activity.she give me a follow up appointment for the next week and then I went on out to the car. when I first got into the car I was still pretty nervous thinking about the pain I went through in there and just see motional trauma. saying that I was still proud of myself for doing it local that way I can tell other people what it was like for me in my experience.. None of this was the doctors fault its just my experience. of course when I say that I had to look down to see what my boobs look like and I was pleasantly surprise that I had a lot of breast tissue of my own and that my nipples are sticking out like they should be.after we had stopped to get something for breakfast I started feeling better.I felt more pain right after my surgery then I do right now and I have not take any type of narcotic pain medicine.

I would not recommend this local anesthesia procedure to anyone that is weak at heart and can't stand any pain at all. Like I said I'm proud that I did it that way so I can tell others about the pain they could feel. I felt very courageous afterwards like I said it takes a special person to be able to handle pain to do itper local anesthesia.I take a valium on the way to the surgeon's office so maybe that helped some. the procedure is Cell Tech 30 minutes total I was back in the car at 900 and the doctor walk in the surgery room at 830.

I'm in my own sports bra it's not supposed to be impressing me very tightly doctor wants the blood supply to get to the blue area to be able to heal things correctly without binding things up.my post op appointment is a week from today but until then I'm supposed to keep my arms down do not pick up everything and did not do vigorous exercising. My lightweight cotton sports bra just seem like it was too small the elastic band was touching my incision area so I changed into a Genie Bra. so I suppose now I just need to wait like I've been telling everybody else for 6 months until the fluff fairy gets to me and make me look as normal as possible.

I was so afraid my implants and have black Fungus Amongus in then most all. they did show me the implants and they were clear on the outer shell and still has some clear fluid in it so I was happy to see due to it being 15 years and deteriorating.

all in all I can say like the other ladies yes I'm proud I went ahead and Dennis and got those talks it bags out of me so now I'm just hoping that all or most of my pain goes away on the left side that I'm having and he's sick implant sickness goes away. I do feel that the elephant is off of my chest right now and the only reason I feel that there is any pressure on my chest is because Genie Bra is a little bit tied even though it is a large size. is the Genie Bra did they make for high impact sports people that's why it's tighter than usual. also I'm drinking lots of fluids at least 8 ounces every 2 hours and I need to get up and walk at least 10 minutes every couple hours I haven't done that yet that's to prevent blood clots from forming. I'm just laying here watching old I Love Lucy CDs.

if you're curious about anything else I might have experienced but didn't put it here just ask me the question.

thank you ladies for all your feedback and support.

3 days post explant

Hi ladies.. this is my third day post explant and I'm feeling great.. Wow I can't believe it explanation just how much difference it feels..the chest pressure went away right off the bat and I don't feel the constant shoulder and neck pain that I had failed every day for the past few years. I have got so much more energy now and its only been 3 days.I have gotten out of the house for the past 3 days and then stuff that I didn't want to do when I had implants due to the fact that I felt like I had a monkey on my chest all the time and it was hard to carry the monkey around without getting fatigued.. My boyfriend commented on what a great weekend we have had..I told him the difference was the monkey was off my chest and he said great.. He said its nice having you around doing things with me now. Before my ex plant I could hardly get out of bed very long because of the chest pressure and the fatigue and I had constant pain in my shoulders and Nick so all I wanted to do was sleep and try to forget about. in my mind I was just emotionally depressed but after thinking about itI knew it had to be these implantsand they had to come out. Otherwise I would be in the bed the rest of my life. I'm so pleased with myself that I even feel like doing stuff now even after a long motorcycle ride today with my boyfriend I'm not fatigued at all..boy what a change for me I'm like my old self again 15 years ago..the soreness in my incisions is about 80 gone today I did take a bath but I did not get my breasts with for I did not want to get my incisions wet. That felt really good. The only thing that I have had for pain is arnica. it has really worked great for me.I have eaten a lot of jello and also drink Gatorade in water to keep myself hydrated. Also gelatin itself has a lot of firming qualities to it so you might want to google it and see if you think it would be good for you also.just type in gelatin benefits and see what you come up with. I think that has been my secret for healing so fast.now let's talk about sleep. I used to have so much trouble sleeping at night I would wake up several times during the night in pain of some sort. Now I'm sleeping well I don't need anything to help me go to sleep and when I do wake up it's not due to pain. It's so nice to be able to sleep on my side and not have to worry about those water bags being in the way or pushing too hard on my chest. I thinknow that I am sleeping better my moods will also get better and I'm hoping depression goes away did I experienced.. That implant sickness is real ladies.. I have been nothing but depressed since I got implants..now what I want to do you start exercising and get my body back in shape for the last 5 years I have done nothing but pretty much lay in bed in pain and fatigue.trust me that there itself will depress a person.

today my boobs feel slightly farmer then the first couple of days but of course as we all know it takes 6 months to fully heal.. I put on my sports bra that looks like a normal bra today and it was a 36 b.. which in reality massive would be a 34 C.. I figure by the time I heal I will probably be back down to a 34 B.

if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask I'm pretty open minded so nothing surprises me. my desire is to help you ladies understand what you might be going through in the future or at the present.

weight gain post explant

I fogot to mention..I have gained 3 pounds since explant sept 11...hopefully its just implanation.. I hear explant usually causes wt loss due to less imflamation.. any thoughts? How many of you that had explanted lost weight?
Chattanooga Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Eyssen is a wonderful plastic surgeon in my opinion. .He has a reputation as being the Doctor who does great BOOB JOBS. Calling his boob work...EYSSEM NICEMS ...He and his staff are very helpful and are great answering questions about any concerns you have...I have recommended several ladies to him...He also does great plastics in other areas...I sent patients his way for blepharoplasty..tummy tucks..lesion removals..liposuction..etc...I trust this Dr. Thats why I am going back to him to remove my implants..I feel he will do everything possible to please me..Maybe I can talk him into a sample trial of botox or juvaderm to my face..that would be nice...id love to have a minnie face lift to reduce my laugh lines...but right now I will be spending the money to remove my implants..dang it!...ok..so ill let you know after my consultation Monday what the next step is...STAY TUNED..

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Just looked at your pics again. You look great! Wish I had that much left :(.
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Lol..thanks..they are really mushy right now...
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P.s. I'm going to look up Galatin
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Gelatin benefits... did you find some good reasons to try it?
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I'm so happy for you and you lol amazing - mine is this Wednesday and after reading your posts I feel much better. I'm getting a little nervous but I really can't wait for the healing to begin. It's wonderful that your gym fatigue has lifted as I'm really hoping mine will as it's so frustrating just resting and losing all the things you enjoy doing - xxxx keep healing xxxx
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Amen bluebell68.. I stopped so much stuff I enjoyed due to pain. And fatique. Not doing stuff and laying in bed of course caused me to get mushy. So im gonna start working hard after im released and pec muscles heal to get myself toned back up.. explant give me my life back and it will yours too. Dont forget to eats lots of jello and consume gelitin to boost colegin.
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Frisky - your an inspiration to me truly x you look amZing & I feel the same about my body - I stopped running, swimming & cycling and on top of hysterectomy and HRT ( which I've stopped because was piling on pounds) feel like I've lost myself - really can't wait to recover and re live- xxxxx
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I had a hysterectomy also in 2010 and I also take hormone replacement therapy which put 15 pounds on me and also made my boobs bigger. because I did not want to exercise after my hysterectomy due to the implant sickness and the fibromyalgia and fatigue I just got mushy and that was totally not me. everyday I would put off exercising I think I would get better but would only get worse and one day a little another day to another day until I was 4 years later and now here I am mushy and out of shape. up until the very day I had text plant surgery I still did not want to get up and do anything but you seem like the day after day x plant my fatigue started going away very fast and my energy level increased.my body just did not want to carry those implants and it just wore me out to the point I didn't want to sit up because there was too much weight on my chest pulling down even watching t_v I lay down most of the time on the couch borrow my bed. That sucked.because that was not athe normal me. I hated the way my implants felt from the very first day in there afterwards I would get weaker and weaker in my upper body. I first noticed when I would try to wash my car that my shoulders would get very sore and tense.I truly believe it was because the implants we're pulling on my pic muscles. After that things got worse and worse I ended up very depressed fatigued and diagnosed with several things that they could not actually do a blood test on as far as arthritis goes to say that I had arthritis so I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Then after that I started getting psychological dysfunctions like depression and brain fogand anxiety. For the longest time I just thought maybe it was my hormones or something like that but still that was no reason for me to have no energy and lay in the bed every day. it just clicked one day a couple months ago that my implants could be causing me all this trouble and then I got on this site and read everyone else's story and that convinced me for sure but that was even after I had already decided to have an explant and had already seen the doctor. I didn't really fully understand the implant sickness until I read this side and started researching on my own and sure enough I had every single symptom.. I was so glad that I had made the decision after reading about implant sickness and I was sure then that I had to get better afterwards.. And sure enough I feel 100 times better.. thank you Jesus..having explant surgery was a drastic way to see if I would get better but it was all worth it. Because yes implant sickness is real I know because I had it and did not realize it. now I feel like I can live out the rest of my years being energetic and happy instead of big boobs and in pain.. What kind of life is that to be beautiful but yet not be worth anything to yourself or others due to foreign toxic objects in your body. at this point in my life if I had to choose I would rather be flat and have nothing than be big breasted and in pain.
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I agree with the gelatin! I think it's had a hand in my recovery as well. I've had weight gain too but I've been eating like a horse and surgery got me off my exercise plan so I've expected it. Are you still in pain meds? They might make you retain water.
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Hello ..thanks for your feedback.. I take arnica for pain. I didnt get lortab filled. Pain wasnt bad. Ive been in bed with pain and implant sickness for 4 year. Im hoping I am getting motivated now without implant sickness to want yo loose wt abd tone up.
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Omg you look fantastic ;)
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Im sure you will too. Did you ever find a dr to remove your implants?
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Kinda I got many messages from nice ladies here in realself referring me to their Drs . So hopefully I will be scheduling a consultation soon . There is a plastic surgeon that will do it for $1500 like 2 hours away from los Angeles which I don't mind driving .let's see what happens :)
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Thats a good price..that about what I paid. Everything in Calif. Is high. Im glad for you. I feel so much better. I need to exercise when im healed cause im mushy from be sick so long and staying in bed. I feel more energetic now.
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Yes its pricy here in California I'm hoping I could pay this amount I'm crossing my fingers .especially that I don't want general anesthesia which I don't like . That's good news you feel much better :)
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I had mine done LOCAL. It wasn't painless. If you can take valium it xanax prior to surgery that may help. Good luck girl!
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Thanks girl ;) I'll need it :)
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I'm thrilled to see your update frisky - so glad to see that you are feeling so much better! Being pain-free is HUGE - what a gift you have given yourself! And you look great!!!
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Thank you Happy. . Being able to sleep now is a Huge improvement for me. Ive not slept well at all for years. I wake up now pain free and I have energy to get up. Once I loose wt and tone up ill really feel lije ME again. Good luck with your explant. Good vibes your way. Xxxx
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Thank you frisky - I appreciate that! Only 3 hours to go!
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Now your making me nervous..LOL. ..by bedtime tonight I hope to hear GOOD news about you...Just 3 more hours..yee haa
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You look wonderful! Rest and be well!
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Happy, happy healing!! Thank you for sharing your story..
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You look great thanks for sharing your experience with us. I hope you feel much better.
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I am so sorry to hear about how your procedure went. I guess the light sedative in my IV made all the difference because I didn't feel any pain at all, not even the shot for local anesthesia. I'll definitely remember your story when I recommend this procedure to others. In the up side, you look fantastic!
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