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CO2 Laser Resurfacing with Fat Transfer to Under Eye Area - Chattanooga, TN

I am 7 days post op from full face CO2 laser...

I am 7 days post op from full face CO2 laser resurfacing with fat transfer beneath my eyes. My chest was also lasered. My primary concern was to eliminate fine lines under the eyes as well as lines on either side of my mouth. Crows feet & creases in the forehead were secondary areas that I wanted to address. My chest area had sun damage from years of tanning that I wanted addressed as well. I also had Radiesse and Juvederm placed at the time of the laser surgery which accounts for some of the bruising noted on the chin area. The fat transfer definitely caused the swelling and bruising under the eyes. I am 53 yrs old and had considered a facelift, but wanted to try this as a way to combat skin laxity and loss of volume in my face.

This is NOT a procedure to be taken lightly! The recovery has been difficult and down time is significant. I still have not worn makeup or been out of the house in public. Not sure when my face will be "normal" but after day 6 with continued swelling & extreme redness, I contacted my doctor who immediately asked me to return to the office for evaluation. He thought I may have a reaction to the Aquafor and placed me on steroids and told me to use Gold Bond Ultimate Healing cream instead of Aquafor. My other aftercare included Keflex, Acyclovir, Arnica, Lortab, Ativan, vinegar + water, & Aquafor. (standard of care)

After care is SO important for this surgery. I have attached pictures beginning with day 1 through Day 6 and will continue to update as I continue to heal.

At this point, I am very hopeful that I will have fabulous results, just understanding that time is the best healer and I must be patient. I have been given Elta MD sunscreen samples and I look forward to using sunscreen and makeup to be able to go out.

This is very intense and it is a very personal revelation, but I think people must understand what this procedure is about and the downtime that it involves while healing.

Day 8 dilute Vinegar & water compresses...

Day 8
dilute Vinegar & water compresses provide relief, but the redness persists. I have updated my daily picture I can see daily improvement with less swelling.

I would love to hear from others who have started post laser skin care regimens that have been successful in decreasing the redness. Anybody familiar with copper peptides and emu oil? I know about use of Vitamin C and Retin A, but not sure when that type of product can be used. I see my Dr. again in 2 days and this issue will be addressed.

10 days post op and I had a follow up visit with...

10 days post op and I had a follow up visit with my surgeon who started me on hydroquinolone with cortisone to combat the redness on my chest.

Had first makeup application with Jane Iredale products and the makeup artist was so helpful with countering the redness and being gentle. I loved the make up products which all contain spf protection. I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.
See attached pic

I have updated a picture of my results on Day 24....

I have updated a picture of my results on Day 24. I have on Bare Minerals makeup, with a redness remedy underneath the foundation. These products are less expensive that Jane Iredale and I am experimenting with the best look.

My face is still somewhat red, but I am comfortable covering it with makeup and have resumed my normal schedule at the point. I have a follow up appt. with my surgeon tomorrow.

Day 55 post CO2 Laser Resurfacing Life is...

Day 55 post CO2 Laser Resurfacing
Life is better!, Much Better. I have posted New Years Eve pic for comparison sake.

I am currently feeling much more confident about my skin these days. Less redness and able to wear makeup without the speciality yellow tinted redness remedy product which is an improvement. My face still is red out of the shower or after exercise, but the "track marks" are less noticeable now, it has almost been 2 months since my procedure.

A huge concern for me with my "new" skin was the best method of skin care and I must say, I have tried to change a few things to improve my skin appearance. Starting with learning to sleep on my back! Yikes!, this was hard to do, so I enlisted the aid of a mini-travel pillow with a very smooth satin cover which has been great.

In addition to drinking lots of water,
I am in a daily routine of skin care which includes:
AM Routine
SimplySkinRx Foaming cleanser
20% Vitamin C Serum
SkinMedica TNS Serum
Elta MD Sunscreen SPF 46
SimplySkinRx Day Lotion- antioxidants

Bare Minerals Brightening Primer
Bare Minerals Makeup

SimplySkinRx Night lotion-glycolics
Weekly mask with SimplySkinRx (feels great & tightens pores)
Occasional use of the Emu oil for addl moisture and Aquafor under my eyes as a barrier

I can now say I am looking forward to protecting my investment and taking care of my skin. I have experimented with a ton of products and would love to see what others are using that has been helpful.

Hope this story helps any of you considering CO2 Laser Resurfacing and good luck to all in the quest for great skin!

Updated Pic 9 months after CO2 Laser Resurfacing Treatment

Yes, I can still agree that this was a successful procedure for me. I think I still have benefits from collagen production, even 9 months out, as this picture was taken Aug 2012. I have started routine SkinMedical peels and I use SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex faithfully.
Chattanooga General Surgeon

The office fielded my many questions and responded to emails in a timely fashion. Dr. White called me back almost immediately and asked me to return that day at any time that I could. I appreciate his bedside manner and listening to my concerns.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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you look gorgeous!!! But what abot swollen face, please?? Did swelling of the face go away in the first weeks of recovery or it just took some time? If yes, tell me please for how long it remained even if it was a little bit and unremarquable by others.... Thanks in advance.
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you look amazing !
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Thanks so much!
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Your posts are so helpful. Thanks, I am on day 3 and just want to knock myself out. Looking forward to day 10. You look fabulous.
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Thank you and rest assured, I know what you mean, but hopefully, you are thrilled with your results, healing is over & you are happy with your results.
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Thank you so much for your post! I am 57 years old and just had this procedure a little over 2 days ago and I am a mess and a bundle of nerves, can't even eat. Reading your post gives me light at the end of the tunnel.
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Yes!, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Hoping and praying that you are well and healing has progressed and you are thrilled with your results.
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Hi Skin girl, As everyone has stated, you look fantastic! I had the peri oral CO2 laser around my mouth 22 days ago. It took forever for all the dead skin to flake off, but, now, my skin is a dark pink in the treated area. I started applying makeup, a few days ago, but, you can still see the "ring", where I had the procedure. I'm going to call my surgeon later today, but, the girls in his office assured me (before I had the procedure), that, with makeup, you would not be able to notice the discoloration. What are your thoughts? Thanks.
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Yes, make-up was critical to help with discoloration. I have read that it is very difficult to avoid the demarcation line from "new" skin to the untreated skin, hoping this issue has resolved for you. Let us know which make up line you are most comfortable with at this point in your recovery. It's an interesting issue and one that many women notice. Thanks for your comments.
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Well, I was one of the candidates that did not respond well to the CO2 laser. Because I tan easily, 6 months after the procedure, I still have a dark ring around the treated area. I am not pleased with the fact that my surgeon did not inform me that hyperpigmentation is quite common with the CO2 laser procedure for olive skinned people (I am half Sicilian). My dermatologist stated that he was quite surprised that the surgeon would perform this procedure on me because of my skin type. Foundation does NOT completely conceal the ring around the treated area, and I also use a green concealer under my makeup ( I think it is Dermablend). My surgeon and his staff have not been very empathetic, stating it is just a minor complication and that it will eventually go away. In my humble opinion, this will take 5 years to completely get back to normal. I fear a drop of sunlight on my face will tell my cells to tan, and the area will get dark again. It HAS lightened slowly since October, but, not much. My advice to anyone who tans easily, or has Type 4 skin, take a less aggressive procedure. This bump in the road has been mortifying.
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You look amazing, what wonderful results! I am so happy for you! Vinegar & water compresses, never heard of that before, thanks for the tip!

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Thank you so much for sharing your pictures, I had a lower face and neck lift in April and at time I was told I also need either 3 treatments of Fraxel or a C02 treatment. I asked which was best and my PS suggested the CO2 but said healing was longer....I loved seeing your daily photos, they make me think I could do this...I could have had it done with the facelift but thought that was just too much to deal with as I was having 3 different procedures all at the same time.
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Hi AZDee, Yikes, I agree that you have plenty to deal with at this time and allow yourself time to heal and recover from the face/neck lift. Hope you are thrilled with your results and thanks for the comments. It is really helpful to have a place to discuss some of these issues without any judgements. Have a great day!
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Thanks and you look so good, can't wait to have the little wrinkles that were left behind after the lift gone too...
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First, you look great & that seems to be the perfect procedure for you! Well done! You appear to have healed nicely and I, for one, appreciate your sharing if photos and comments. I do have a question if you open to read this. You mention periodic use if emu oil and I'm interested in this along with copper peptides. Any comments, referrals to information or thoughts? Email is *****.com Thank you again.

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I used emu oil after I had my mohs surgery. You can't even see the scar! Check out my review their is a photo close up of my face. The surgery was in the nasel fold.
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I did use emu oil and it does replenish lipids to he skin, but I really love copper peptides also which I get in a serum from simply skin RX called Restore.
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Thanks! I will try that!
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Thank you for sharing your recovery with us !!

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My e mail adress is ***********.com

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Can you send me your new photograph of the chest ? I wonder your chest is it still red ? ;(((
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Please send me your chest photo..my e mail adress is gul******@hotmail.com

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Is your chest still red ? ohh noooo ! You had this laser 15 monts ago.please answer me
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Why did you use hydroqounone and cortisone on your chest ? I had co2 fractional laser on my chest 4 weeks ago and it has been red . My doctor did not give me cortisone and hydroqounone for redness.did your chest return normal colour with this medicenes? Please answer my question?and completetly when did the redness go away on your chest?
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It took forever! At least it seemed like it....8-10 weeks at least. I was very red and very swollen and the cream helped with that. My chest is not red now, but I do have some scarring noted on the chest.
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