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I am 54 yrs old and sched to have gps lipocontrol ...

I am 54 yrs old and sched to have gps lipocontrol procedure on my upper and lower abs, my lower bra line love handles and fat transfer from my abs to reduce my nasal labial fold lines. I have not been able to find a lot of reviews on this so I am hoping to find support and also put out info that may be helpful to others. I had my per op appt today and was given my prescriptions and measured for compression garment. I also spoke with my dr again regarding my expectation of results. I will post before and afte pics.

Big day tomorrow

B4 pics

Big day in am

today is my day too
I know you will do well. Keep updating.

Day 1

Procedure over not a walk in the park. Painful at times like I had read in some other reviews. Extremely sore when getting up and down. Commpression garment not that bad.
You are on your way to recovery VR. By day 4 you will hardly remember the pain of the procedure. Someone had compared the pain-memory to that of having children. So painful when it happens but quickly forgotten once you're all better - although I will NEVER forget the pain of my first c-section. Holy Moly! Anyway, thinking of you and keep us posted on your recovery.
Also, you had A LOT of work. So make sure you take care of yourself and take advantage of any offer of help you get, even if for a glass of water - which you should drink plenty of.

3rd day post op

Face cont to be swollen an odd shape from fat transfer from abd to nasal fold lines cheeks and upper lip. I do not remember any of the facial wk or the ride home with hubby. 1st shower today. Belly is still numb in so spots and not completely flat. I still can see an overhang on both my sides. I know this is still early and patience is needed. Cont to notice soreness with any movement. Will cont to update and follower orthers up dates for encouragement.

Face swollen

Thanks for the encouragement

Day 4

I have been so concerned about the amount of swelling in my face from the fat transfer from my abd to my nasal fold lines that I have not wanted to look at my abd much. I do not want to retun back to wk in 4 days if the swelling has no gone down more. My pain is very minor and Tylenol helps. I know that this is a healing process
but my nerves gets the best of me at times. I will post abd pics soon.

Day 5

Went in to see doctor about swelling, had stitches removed and given a prescription
for prednisone to help decrease inflammation. Also told everything was healing nicely and should see more results within the next few wks. My pics do not show any significant changes at this time so I will wait to post.

What a differance a day can make

What a differance a day an a little prednisone can make. My facial swelling is better and I am now seeing results from the lipo on my upper and lower abds. Moving better hardly any pain. CG uncomfortable to wear all day and night. Was told will need to wear for 6 wks.


Went back to wk post op day 8. My job is very physical and I work 12hr 4 day shifts.upper and lower abs still swollen and extremely sensitive. I still need to take extra strength Tylenol. Cont to wear cg but added an abd binder for more support and to help with pain. Put on a pair of jeans today with cg only and muffin top was not visible.
Wow, you can tell such a beautiful difference on you nasal folds once the swelling went down. That was smart to do a fat transfer instead of a filler, I think. Good luck as you heal all over!

Cont to heal

Improving hope to see more results
Hi! It looks like you're tummy has gotten a lot smaller with your improvements since you first got everything done. And its amazing how plumping the lines in our faces can make such a huge difference!! i know sometimes things can take awhile. I had a smart lipo procedure done on my belly last year, but I didn't get the results I wanted so I went back and got a tummy tuck this time. I am much happier than I was before, but had to wear binder for six weeks. I'm glad you've continued to update!


Doctor wants to do revision on stomach late Nov. I still want to wait am I being to unrealistic. My goal was to get rid of belly hang which I have a sm one and happy with my lipo and fat transfer to face. I think with diet and exercise I my belly will cont to improve. What do you all think. He also wants to do my thighs. Cost is 5000.00 states only charging for materials used for revision.


I agree with everyone else. No revision is needed. Just watch what your eating and keep exercising and it will all come together.
I think that if you're happy with the work you've had done then don't listen to the doctor. From what I've read, the people who go back for a revision are very unhappy with their results and are hoping for change. You look great and I'm happy that you're satisfied with the work that you've had done.
Thanks so much
Shahid Iqbal

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