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Hello everyone, I am a 21 year old female from...

Hello everyone,

I am a 21 year old female from Melbourne planning to have a rhinoplasty done with Dr. Shahidi later this year. I created this account to show you all my journey from the initial consultation through to the surgery and of course all post-operative care.

I currently have my consultation scheduled for the 29th of May, and cannot wait! I have had insecurities about my nose for as long as I can remember now, and have finally decided to go ahead with this procedure. I honestly believe, as naive as this may sound, that a nose job will really enhance my self esteem and ultimately improve my life.

My current nose is nothing terrible (it's actually quite slim and narrow from the front which I like), however I have a small hump that I am desperate to remove, and I also would like to decrease the size of my nose in general, as I have quite small features, I feel my nose is too big for my face.

Like I said, my nose from the front isn't too bad at all, it appears quite straight and narrow, however my side profile tells a different story, and I hate it! :(.

Anyway, this is all I can really tell you about my nose for now, but I am going to post another entry about my consultation with Dr. Shahidi on the 30th of May, and whether or not I will decide to go ahead with this surgeon.


Hi there, I am a dr Shahidi patient and can assure you, it's well worth it!
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Thank you! I read your review on him and that was what ultimately drew me to Dr. Shahidi in the first place. I think I have a similar nose to yours and would love the same outcome! Your nose looks fantastic. I am going to upload some pictures now :).
Good luck and please let us know how your consultation goes! Here's a list of questions to ask.
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Recent pictures.

Here are some photos of myself that you can see the size and shape of my nose.


Good luck with your consultation! You are really beautiful already!
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Thank you!
I saw this doctor on the internet and wondered what he is like. I also am thinking that I will get this procedure done.
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Front view.

As I said earlier, I am happy with the shape of my nose from the front. It looks relatively narrow, and you can't tell I have a hump.


So happy to see another patient of dr Shahidi!!! I had my surgery last December and you will not be disappointed! So worth it :D
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You are still a very attractive girl but I understand how you're feeling. I am in the same situation as you! I live in Brisbane and flew down to Sydney to have a consultation with Dr. Shahidi earlier this month. I don't plan on having a consultation with any other surgeon as I believe he's the best. I would really prefer to stay in Brisbane but I would not risk it. It is a lot of money but I have saved up for this and it's on my face..no hiding it if something went wrong! He advised me not to fly up to 7 days after the surgery due to blood clotting as well as the one week post-op check up to remove stitches etc. Let us know how your consultation goes! x
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Wow you are absolutely stunning exactly as you are now. You say you are happy with your nose from the front. Well you need to realize that any change you make will change the look of your face, even from the front You can possibly lose the very things you love about your face. I had a rhinoplasty and like you, I loved the way I looked from the front but not my profile. But by lowering the bridge height, it changed the way I looked for the worse. There's nothing wrong with a hump in the nose. In fact they can be sexy!
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New photo.

Side view of my nose showing hump that I hate!


You are such a pretty girl ! I think you look gorgeous with your nose as it is ! I have a hump in the middle of my nose too, which drew me to rhinoplasty, i'm booked in with Dr. Shahidi in less than a months time for my procedure :)
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I agree with Kiwibird ...you look gorgeous. I had people tell me that and didn't believe them. Then I had a rhinoplasty. It is not a bad nose now, but it is not my nose and I look different. Nothing prepares you for looking in the mirror and pictures and not seeing yourself. 20% of people who have rhinoplasty are unhappy and have more done. Considering it is the number one surgery performed that is a lot of unhappy people. And if you think it won't be you, you are wrong. That is what I thought. I am now going to counselling because of how different I feel and my nose does not fit my face like my original nose, my smile and expression have changed. I wish I had counselling BEFORE the procedure to help me accept what I already had. Just remember, it can turn out worse even in the best hands..will you be prepared for that? Now I look at girls with noses like yours and wish I had the same. Your front view that everyone looks at will not be narrow any more if you take the bump down. I hope some of this helps and I know it sounds like hogwash and you want to go ahead but it may not be what you want. Warmest regards.
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Hello, I commented before but I just want to say again that you are lucky to be born as beautiful as you are. I mean that. You are gorgeous with stunning features and a sexy strong nose. I was very beautiful before my rhinoplasty and it changed my look in every aspect of my face for the worse. Aside from my nose, my smile and certain expressions don't look the same. And I miss my face. Now I realize how our nose works synergistically with the rest of our features to make the unique facial expressions and look we have. I just wanted to share my experience with you, so you can make a more informed decision. Because the regret that comes with a bad nose job or missing your old face is unbearable and I don't want others to have to go through what I am going through.
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