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Most of my life i have been self conscious about...

Most of my life i have been self conscious about my nose. It was quite hooked and big at the tip. As I got older I used fillers to straighten but I always wanted to have rhinoplasty!!I was always so unsure about surgeons and didn't personally know any one who had rhinoplasty in australia and i was way to worried to just go overseas for someone to do it for half the price and send me on my way. I googled surgeons day in day out but soon as I saw dr shahidis work I was convinced! I still had to do some research ovcourse and didn't find much until I stumbled across this site and found a girl who also had her nose done with him and that's all I needed to finally convince me he was the one I was going to have my rhinoplasty with!! :) So the day came for my consultation day, the ladies at reception were really nice and so was dr shahidi! He took some photos examined my nose and showed me a computer altered version of what he wants to do. It looked good :) honestly I just left everything up to him. I was considering
getting my nostrils altered as well which he did say they were a little big, the width of them is ment to be lined up with the middle of my eyes and that was going to cost an extra $1000 but he basically said it will still look good if I dont ttouch them and it wont look out of proportion at all, so he could have made an extra $1000 easy by just saying I needed it done but he didnt. I highly recommend him, his a surgeon you can trust and these days that's hard to find. When you trust some one who is altering your face its quite comforting. My advice to any one if your unsure don't do it!!! Be patient and find some one who you are comfortable with. The day came of surgery I was having it done atthe nnorth shore specialist day hospital. The nurses were really nice and comforting. Before I knew it I was in and out!! I wasn't in any pain!! I didn't go threw any pain it was just uncomfortable for the first week the 5th day I was crying lol it was itchy and i couldnt scratch so I just took pain killers to get my mind off it haha but that's about it no pain just uncomfort and itchy. My swelling and brushing was a little bad no pain though. I use to have fillers in my nose to straighten it so there was still some in there so he had to scrape that out that's why my bruising was bad. The whole procedure was done through incisions in my nostrils so I have no scar so basically two weeks post op and my nose looks like it hasn't been touched but is perfect!!!!


Nice results! Thank you so much for sharing.

Do you have pre-op photos as well so we can witness the transformation?

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Yea I do im just trying to figure out how to put them up :/

I hated my nose before!

As you can see my nose before just had to go! And as much as I grew to accept my nose and adapt with it, when the day came to change it I had no doubts about my surgery or my surgeon :) If you feel it will improve your look but are still comfortable in ur skin than ur ready to make a big decision. Just a little advice.


do you have any front on pics?
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AHH!! I love it! Absolutely beautiful
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You look great!
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Close to three weeks!!


I'd love to see your progress to hun! I'm 6 months post op from dr shahidi now :) it's so interesting to see everyone's results =p
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Hi hun. Do you have an update with how nose it going? Would love to see how you are going with swelling etc (same surgeon and all!). xx
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Wow what a great result your nose looks awesome :)
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5 weeks post op!

So its close to five weeks since the day of the operation. Iv got my first appointment to see dr shahidi after the operation and im sure he's going to be as happy as I am with his work!!!


your nose is healing so quickly!!!
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Im so happy with it. How's urs going? Im going in to see him Thursday im excited to see what he thinks. Its heeled so quickly.
Yeah mines going good, post some pics up afterwards :)


Had an appointment to see dr shahidi for the first time. His so happy with how well iv heeled!

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best thing ever!!

Sooo happy!

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6 weeks post op

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Do you have any pictures? They may no longer be on here as I cannot see them
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I'm booked on the 10th of December with Shadihi aswell.. Your nose looks great! I cant wait to be in the position your in.
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his amazing! Your in good hands!
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