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Going for pre-surgery consult this week - I have...

Going for pre-surgery consult this week - I have done laser resurfacing in the past with this PS. Had a consult for a blepharoplasty with the same PS last fall and obtained a quote but they asked that I come in again for another consultation. I just took these pre-op pics with and (eek) without makeup. Surgery is scheduled for March 31st. I am not sure if others who have had blepharoplasty done had laser resurfacing around the eyes included as part of this procedure.


Were your eyes swollen shut after your surgery?
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Hi there - surgery is scheduled for March 31 so I'm not sure yet. I have previously had fraxel laser resurfacing on my face, and there was some swelling then. It helped to sleep upright in a recliner for two nights.
There are others here who had laser with surgery. I think after reading all the reviews here you will like your new eyes. I'm getting mine done, both, uppers and lowers April 3rd. We will be recovering together. Good luck.
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Pre-op consult

Recevied "Nutri-Dyn" Surgical Healing Formula supplements, "Dynamic Nutritional Associates D-55" liquid drops, a scrubby thing for scrubbing prior to surgery and instructions. I am looking forward to the 31st. Having trouble posting - computer at turtle speed.


Good Luck!
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Good luck with your surgery tomorrow! You must be very excited!
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how many blepharoplasty's has your surgeon done? do you know? i went with an oculoplast just because it seems like they would be more experienced but i'm sure your surgeon will be fine since you've seen his results. my surgery is a few days after yours. (april 3rd) are you having general anesthesia?
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Blepharoplasty and Fraxel Laswer 3.31

Ow! Posting pics from immediately after surgery + fraxel. I arrived at 8 am, was given 1 Oxy and waited an hour for it to take effect. In operating room, had lidocaine injected around both eyes - reminded me of being at the dentist. Survery didn't take long - i was kind of surprised at the amount of tissue removed. Did Fraxel right after (it was included as part of the surgery) . I applied ice packs (20 minutes on 40 minutes off) to eyes for several hours at home and slept in a recliner. Took one Oxy that night. Pain not bad, more annoying than anything. Also, i look bad in these pics but wait until you see the day after.


How exciting. Looks really good! Getting my surgery on Thursday but I'll be asleep. Healthy healing to you :-))
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Blepharoplasty One Day Post

I went in this morning for one-day post op - and he added one stitch on the outer corner of each eye! I did have some swelling from right after the procedure, which continues today. I have been taking a supplement, an anti-bruising liquid, and methylprednisone. Because stitches were added, i feel like the swelling increased and also I feel like the bride of Frankenstein. My eyes feel really tight - like if you pinched the outer corners of your eyes - limits peripheral vision. Dr. Wire called me last night to check on things. I think i was more comfortable yesterday than today. I sort of have this 'omigodwhathaveidone' thing going on...hopefully next week will be better.


Going in tomorrow for surgery. I'm sure my pics will be just as frightening. It will look so much better in a few days, hang in there.
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Thank you - good luck and speedyhealing to you also!
Sorry i have not posted earlier PreciousPug-I don't know - he said hundreds? I was torn between going with a PS and an oculoplast! Make sure you post pictures. I did not have general, just local anesthesia - I did have a ride home though because of Oxy (and also your eyes are a little out of whack right after surgery). The before and after pics in his office (well, and the staff in his office who have had the procedure done) convinced me. However, I am freaking out now with stitches in my eyelids, feeling weird. I have to remember it takes awhile.

3rd day post-op

Still sleeping in a recliner. Pain is minimal but it feels like i have something in my eyes at the outer corner (the extra stitch) and i still look like Mrs. Frankenstein. I'm wiping face with vinegar/water using gauze then applying the goop. Still taking the methylpredisolone and 'surgical supplements'. Stitches out next Monday. I actually went to the mall yesterday (wore sunglasses inside so i didn't freak anyone out).


How's your head doing? Are you still feeling weird from anesthesia?
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I think you are right in the middle of the worst of it now. Just follow you doctors instructions and rest. No more shopping at the mall! Lol. Seriously, you need to heal, so stay home and rest. I know it's boring but in a few days you will be feeling much better. :)
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Thanks :) I feel kind of ditsier than usual also- like my short term memory dissolved along with the surgery!

Day 8 post op - stitches out

Stitxhes are out- not really icing anymore. Eyes feel tight and I feel ugly hope that it gets better soon. It's like they are smaller! I had almost no bruising under and around eye.


I feel the same way, red small eyes, actually, i think 1 eye is normal size but the other small swollen eye looks ugly. doesn't feel tight though. no bruising for me either, i think i'd rather have bruising than swelling.
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I have small eyes to begin with and after my lower lid surgery they really looked small for the first couple of weeks. Don't worry, it's just swelling. :)
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I know what you're saying, my eyes feel small too. I'm sure it's the swelling. Your eyes look great.
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15 days post op

I'll put up pics later- in the mornings my eyes are swollen (looks like allergies) and look smaller than normal. And I think "I wish I wouldn't have done this." The swelling goes down throughout the day and I finally look "normal" around bed time. Still taking supplements, no icing. Scars are apparent. I've been wearing makeup- there is redness on my eyelids when I remove it.


excited to see new pics. you must look so great. i'm dying to try makeup myself, i have to wait til thurs, my 2 week time.
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DId you have any recent pics? Are you happy with result? How long did it take to get back to "normal" look?

3 mos post op

Much better now. Wanted to share 3 mos post op pic.

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Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wire has a lovely office and staff. His bedside manner is good - I didn't feel rushed and he answered all of my questions.

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