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Hi, has any one heard of dr Ian Longerman from...

Hi, has any one heard of dr Ian Longerman from willmington delaware. I am going for a TT consult. I had lipo dec last year with Sonno bello but I am not satisfied. I am so nervous abouyt this whole thing but everyone on here whose had a Tummy Tuck seems so satisfied. I weigh 190, 32 years old and 3 c-sections.

Tummy Tuck

I went to my pre-op yesterday. They took pictures. Im not nervous, I just dreading the pain afterwards. December 18th, here I come

17 days pre op

17days to go. Everyone's results look great. Did anyone have these ugly fatty love handles like me when yall had the TT. Im hoping the flank lipo with the TT will help this problem. And the overhang. Wll it go completely away

11 days preop

Im not nervous yet. Lookn at yall post op pics im getting anxious. Im so tired of this ugly belly. My back fat is terrible. Did anyone have back fat that went away with diet and exercise

Ut Oh!!

I think Im starting to get nervous. DEC 18TH is next week. What if I don't like. This is my 2nd go round. I had lipo last year, regretted it. Now Tummy Tuck. Sssoooo Nervous!!!


6 days 2 go!!! Help!! What's good to the Tummy Tuck scar


I am getting nervous. Wednesday is a few days away. Picked up some PJ's for my overnight stay. Do the feed you once the surgery is over? Of course Im NPO after midnight but Im on a liquid diet the day before. Did anyone else have to liquid diet the day before?

A Nervous Wreck

I was watching youtube videos on general anesthesia. I've never been put to sleep before. Can yall please tell me how long it took to walk straight again. I am trying to keep my 6yr old from seeing my discomfort. He is so sensitive about his Mommy.

Today is the day!!

Well gm RS!!! Today is the day. I am starting & nervous at the same time.

it's done

Tummy tuck was yesterday. Im okay. Waiting to get discharged. It feels like a c-section all over again...

4 days post op

Woke up feeling good. Had my 1st shower yesterday. I haven't been outside yet, thinking about going to the market today. Im walking pretty good, I'm just a little stiff when I go from a sitting to standing position... Im draining about 25cc from 1 drain & 20 from the other in a 12 hr period. Im hoping both be less than 30cc in 24hrs by Tuesday so these things can come out. Will post pics ASAP.. Happy Healing yall.

4 days post op

Here's a few pics. My belly hard as a rock. Hope to get these drains out soon. I measure 630a & 630p. This morning they were at 25 & 20cc. Tonight they were at 20 & 15cc. Keep on decreasing so yall can come out...

6 days post op..

Hey RS... How soon did yall start using the gel or ointment on ya incision scar??


I forgot to ask.. does it hurt when the drains come out???

9 days post op

Got drains out today.. Go back 2 work Sunday. . I am ready..Im doing good. Walkn straight, went 2 the mall twice already. Trying to decide if I want a tighter garment. Hope you all are healing well..

6 weeks post op

Hi RS, haven't been on here in a while bcuz things were the same. I went to my 6week postop appt on Thursday. He said im lookn good. Still firm from my swollen belly. I am now using mederma and massaging the scar. I had a lot of pain on my right side for the past two days when I woke up. He told me I can stop using the garment. Im used to it now. I sleep with it off and wear it during the day. Im doing elipitcal for cardio. I think ima start with a small number of crunches per night. Maybe 20... I need some help with these inner thighs. I have a thigh master from walmart. It's not helpn me. Any other ideas?
dr. ian longerman

Tt scheduled for next month. Wilmington delaware

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You're doing great. All I did was go downstairs and make my own tea and I've been in bed ever since.
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Happy to hear your doing good. I can't wait for this drains to come out....keep accidentally grabbing them when I grab my rob......sucks.
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Congrats, you are looking great... It didn't hurt when my drains came out but it did sting a little. The pain went away quickly. My PS won't let me use gels or start scar treatment until 8 weeks PO, but again everybody's doc is different. Happy healing!!
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Happy healing...welcome to the flat side! Happy healing
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Happy healing hun We tucker twins lol
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Thanx. The pain isnt too bad for me. I hope it get better. I can't afford a relapse. I have to return to work on the 29th. Not too much labor though. It will be ya turn b4 u know it.
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Gosh thats soon to return to work. I am returning on 13th January and I hat my surgery the the same day as you
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I'm having a tt and bbl jan 8....is it worth it..I'm also 5"2 and 200lbs
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Get some rest, welcome to the flat side!
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Thanx. Im feeling good...
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Yay I'm glad all went well
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Good luck on Wednesday...You are going to love your new tummy...
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My surgery is tomorrow and I've had to do liquids all day.
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How are you making out with your recovery?? I hope all is well
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I am a day after you......did you purchase any of strips for your scar yet?
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Omg No!!! Where do I get them. Do I use them after the dissolving one leave
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My ps is gonna tell me when to start but they have it one amazon. The one my ps spoke about was new gel+ they have a website and also is sold on amazon.
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Did u hear of Kelo-cote.. Ima gonna check out the reviews on both of them
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Yea I have he seen the reviews on them. It is a hit or miss on them just like the rest of them. I was only looking at the scar away because I have read a lot of reviews on them from some of the women on this site. The new gel+ was recommended by my ps
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I believed your 3 days post op. How are you feeling?
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I can't wait to see your updates!
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Me either. Im nervous
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