really need a breast reduction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! Charlottesville, VA

I am 25 years old and I weigh 222 lbs. I am 5'6in ...

I am 25 years old and I weigh 222 lbs. I am 5'6in . I am currently in a 38 H. For once I want to have a conversation with someone without them looking at my chest instead of looking me in my face. I am happily married so I don't really need to be on the search for dating. my husband loves me the way I am but he understands that I am in pain. I have a twin sister. In my eyes she is very beautiful she has the perfect body that I wish I could have even her boobs are not as big as mine. for once I just wanted to look like I'm her twin again. all I ever wanted was to be normal like most girls beable to go into a store and try on a bra on it fits or try on a shirt and it looks beautiful on them. It hurts my feelings to see girls coming to my job and they have the most beautiful clothes on and I wish I could wear that. I used to work at footlocker every customer that I talk to you always say the same thing does that hurt your back? you got some big boobs. even my friend family. not realizing that it really hurt my feelings to hear that I couldn't stand standing in front of mirror looking at myself because all I can see is my boobs in my head I would think that I was really really ugly when deep down inside I'm probably beautiful but I can't get past the fact that my boobs are large like I'm a old lady it hurt my feelings the other day when me and my sister were in the laundry mat and I was calling her name and the guy thought that she was my daughter and then just last week we were at some place and a lady thought my brother was my son. me and my twin are the same age.but a lot of people think this is my daughter and it hurts my feelings when we were in high school you look like twins so the time people couldn't even tell which one we were now everybody can tell which one we are I'm always known as the big ones which really hurts my feelings my husband and my sister my brother but when I look at myself instead of feeling like God my boots with big also like wow look at my sexy self in this dress and I'm working ;) I want to be able to take a picture and not just take a picture of my face I want to be able to take a picture of my whole body. I've tried everything diet pills exercising yoga it got to the point I was dying so well that I ended up getting pregnant but I ended up having a miscarriage so now that I'm not pregnant anymore I wanted to actually get the breast reduction done. So I'll give for 2014 I actually got me my surgeon I'm trying to get insurance pay for the breast reduction so I'm waiting for them to approve me.

waiting game!!!! :(

just playing the waiting game.......I'm waiting for the surgeon to send the pictures to my insurance company so that they can approve the breast reduction surgery. I'm not sure if they sent them yet when I called it was Thursday they said that they hadn't sent them. so I'm pretty sure they sent them now but I'm waiting for the insurance to approve it. I am being very impatient not going to lie because I've been waiting for this for so long. like I can't wait to get it over with so I'm just sitting here most of the time. I try to sleep the days away hoping that it make it go a lot faster

apologize for my reviews

I'm sorry if you're reading my reviews and they don't make no sense because im being really lazy and don't feel like typing all of this in so I'm using my mic on my phone but that's probably why some of the sentences don't make sense.

what I plan on doing

I plan on calling Monday to find out if they sent the pictures to the insurance yet. On lately I've been just googling a lot of information about the breast reduction surgery it's so if anybody has any questions or any advice on breast reduction surgery feel free to leave a message I will come back. Also pretty soon I'll have to stop taking my provera because I read online that you can't take it before surgery or something like that I'm not sure I'm going to do some more research on it but I'm gonna in the meantime I'll keep taking it until they let me know when I'm going to actually have my surgery and then I'll stop taking it and if you're wondering why I take Provera I have really bad irregular bleeding I'm also slightly anemic so I had just went to the OBGYN and they're putting me on provera to help me with my periods. So I'll be taking those for 10 days I'm hoping that it'll help fix my period.

I dislike

I really dislike when ppl tell me my breast are big like I dnt know that already. Ugh

im still waiting

Im still waiting its make me sad because im having bad back problems. I called uva to see if they send my paper work yet. All I got was the voicemail so I just left my name and number. But im try calling tomorrow to see if they send it. Im praying they send it this week last week ugh im not trying to be impatience but its getting hard when u have large breast for so long. But I be glad when they call me. Yesterday i was looking at an old pic of me and how I wish I was that size all over again because I hate this so much. One of my coworker asked me what size I was. And asked was I scare to get a br I told him a little but I lnow in the long run it will be worth it.

:( so sad :(

Today I called the ps office and asked if they send the paper work. She said she still waiting for the pictures. How long is it suppose to take for them to send info to ur insurance? Im so sad because ppl understand how it feels to carry so much weight on ur chest and for so many years. U think they would understand u have already been waiting before u decided to get help. Then when I call my insurance she told me that if they mail it thats another week n then when they get it could take a week or two or even a whole month before they approve it. Ugh!!!!!!! Im trying to be patient but its hard. I wouldnt be all rushing if my back didnt hurt. So after each call I just cried. Im crying right now as I type. Im ready to get it done now not wait. All everyone keeps saying is he has other patients. I know but come on this waiting for everything sucks. But like my siater say if it comes in ur life fast it will leave out ur life faster. :( maybe ill just pray that god make me strong and not feel like im have a nervous break down or worst depression.

in so much pain

Today the pain is terrible my back n neck is hurting. I feel like I just got hit by a car. So I called my ps and all I keep getting is voicemails. Im so disappointed with how things r being handle but I figure if i get illbelligerent they wont want to help me anymore. But im gwtting very depress and emotional. I wish doctor's and their staff can understand how ppl feel. How it feels to wait when ur in alot of pain. And they ever want to do is transfer u or have u leave voicemail. What happen in the old day when the only way to communicate was to talk. Ugh I dnt know what to do. Because I dnt have the money to go to another ps and uva is suppose to be more affordable.

so sad

So it took my husband to call to get a responce. So they claim that they sent my pic and my insurance sould be getting it at the end of the week. But even if my insurance approve ill have to wait to get the surgery done around November because he has 8 breast cancer patients. Im so sad because I have been dealing with this pain fot ever. Im not trying to be self fish. I pray god help those women heal and have fast recovery so they are not in pain anymore. Talking to husband helped a little. It just hurts to have to wait that long. I guess I can look on the bright side it will make nice little brithday present. :(

trying not to think about it

trying to not worry so much. But my back pain is really getting bad and my skin under my breast r so irritated. I think im getting a skin rash. But idk what to do

still have not send pics

Called n they still havent send them. Im starting to get a skin rash under my breast and more back pain


Called again after the first one to talk to someone higher then the Secretary and the doctor to find out whats going on. She said she going to email the dr and find out whats going on with sending my pics. She said she was going call me yesterday or today. Im hoping she does call me today because im getting kinda mad that his receptionist told my husband that they was gonna send the pics by the end of last week and I called yesterday to find out that they havent. I told the supervisor that I understand that he has other patients but I feelb like they put me on the back burner. And everytime I call it seems like everyone has attitude. She was honestly the first staff in weeks that didnt make me feel like my problems and pain didnt matter. I kinda want to ask if it another doctor I can go to. To get this done. But im scared that ill retake pics all over. honestly im kinda nervous that after the supervisor talks to him that he will get mad and purposely mess my breast up. (I have read post on another site that something like that happen). Idk my sister keep telling me to pray. And I have I even started writing in a notebook like I use to do when I was 12.


So yesterday i talked to the supervisor and she told me that the ps was out of town til thursday and thats when my pics will be sending them on this thursday. But I should call friday to see if they have been sent. And I ask if I can see another ps because I reallydnt want to deal with this pain until November. She said she would look into it for me. She said understand how frustrating it is to have large breast. But I am gonna be really mad if I call and they still havent send them. Because then I have been lyed to from three ppl. And thats unprofessional

terrible cramps

Today I had to call out because im having really bad cramping. Ugh it hurt so much right now. So my post wont be long cause im gonna get some rest.


So I called today and she they sent it by mail on the 22nd. Im praying that my insurance don't take forever to approve it. Keeping my fingers crossed. I think I might be ok with it being in November maybe it will give me time to adjust to the fact that im going to have surgery. Because im not gonna lye im really scared. But at least now the ball is rolling


I called my insurance company yesterday to see if they received my pictures. The lady said yes they got it on the 27th. I asked how long does it take them to approve my case. She said it might take up 15 business days and that they will send me a letter in the mail if I will be approve or not. Im praying that they approve me asap. But im very happy that the ball is finally moving along.

just wondering

Im just wondering if after my insurance approve it will they tell ps when my breast reduction will be done. Im hoping that I dnt have to wait to get it done November I hope next month the latest is October. I just tired of being in pain so much. Im just ready to get it done.

got denied

So I called today to be told I got denied. I just broke down and cried. Im tired of waiting. My faith in other ppl hands and no one care. But im so hurt I have been in pain. Im so sad right now.

figured out why I was denied

yesterday I called and they couldn't understand what the doctor for the insurance meant about the 700 grams. So I call today to find out why they denied it and the lady I spoke to on the phone told me that the plastic surgeon put less than 700 grams. In the insurance policy it is saying because of my height n my weight that for me to feel some comfort they have to remove more than 700 grams. I have contacted my plastic surgeon and let them know exactly what the insurance told me and how to approve it. The insurance said that if they can send a document stating that they can remove more than 700 grams then they will approve. because that's the only reason why I got denied. yesterday when I call the plastic surgeon's office they said that they were going to set up a peer to peer and that it would take about two weeks to schedule it so I should call back on the 19th of this month to find out but I don't think they need to do a peer-to-peer now after I explain to them what they need. So I am hoping that they can get this all worked out so that I can get the breast reduction surgery done. Lately I've been in a lot of back pain and my skin is very irritated from having these large breasts. I would love to get this done so I can feel comfortable again because being in a lot of pain it sucks and it sucks more when people don't understand why you're in a lot of pain because they've never had to go through any of that. When I got on this site it made me so happy to see and read other people's comments because I'm not alone going through this I actually found people on here that are going through the same exact problems I am. I have not given up I will be praying for everyone on here and myself that we all can get what we want that we can stop going through this pain. Anyone out there that feels like they are alone don't feel alone because there are people on this website that are going through the exact same thing that you are. I'm thinking about writing a book about people with large breasts so the world you know how we feel so it's not like were just making up about how to pain feels. thank you for your time and your patience with my poses some of them are not are not spelled correctly because I've been doing the microphone on my phone so I don't have to type all this then so I apologize if any words are misspelled or doesn't sound like I'm making any sense at all I apologize for that I'm trying to make sure that I reread my post before I send it thank you for your time and thank you again ladies for all the comments in appreciation because it makes me feel so much better to know that I am NOT alone


So if they denied me because the ps put that he was only gonna take 600 grams and that was only reason I got denied does that mean if my insurance and ps come up with solution does that mean I am approve?? I hope so because my pain is really starting to effect my life for real. I had to take medical leave because of the pain. Ugh I just wish they hurry up and decide what grams they want to take out because its really getting out of control. Because if u think about it they aren't saying no that I dnt need it they are saying that the ps is trying to little out and they want him to take more in order for it be medical necessity. The 19th can't come fast enough because I really can't take it no more.

insurance and ps

So yesterday I called bcbs and asked if my ps faxed that he Will take the 700g then will they approve me. She said yes it would have to have the letter head. And would be review. When I heard that after I hung up and called the ps office. His secretary said she would make sure it was ok for the 700g and then fax the paper over. I'm praying they do because I'm tired of being in pain.

called today

I called the ps to find out if they had sent the paperwork. They confirm that faxed it over. Im gonna call my insurance to see if they got it. I was told that they faxed it yesterday at around 1:45 and she got confirmation. But my insurance said when I called yesterday they didnt receive anything so im call later to see. They did tell me it will be review and it take 7 to 10 days to have their decision. Its suck I have to wait. But as long they get the ball rolling. Going to keep praying
chris campbell

Dr Campbells seems like a very nice man I haven't really met with him like that only one time but so far I feel comfortable with him I don't feel like I'm scared or I don't think he's a good doctor I feel like he's a great doctor he explained everything to me like he was supposed to he even gave me a pamphlet to take home to read. at my consultation visit he just basically went over all the steps in the procedure that he'll be doing how he'll place my nipples he said that he'll try to make me a C if not a small D which I'm kinda a little I don't know because I've been to a D before and I kind of want to go smaller than that because it started at a D and went to where I am now. so far I'm really excited and scared at the same time because I have only had one surgery in my life and it was when I was 12 on my belly button other than that I've never had surgery before especially on my breast but I've been googling everything I shouldn't cuz I've heard that Google's not really accurate but so far what I've read is pretty much everything that my surgeon told him told me so I can understand that I'm going to be in a lot of pain and it really would be worth it. on that said I will keep update on what is exactly supposed to be happening.

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Waiting got again but at least you didn't give up. Im proud of you girlie
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Thank you. N that is true I can't now I have came to far to turn back
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Keep hanging in there! I think that you have done wonderful so far. I know that it can get discouraging, I went through about the same thing. But you've been fighting, and that's what counts. I know that thanks to the support and encouragement from all of the wonderful ladies on here, I kept pushing and fighting until I got approved. Now my surgery is coming up this Tuesday. And we will all be here to cheer you on once you get your approval. Good luck!
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Thank you and good luck with ur surgery. I hope everything goes well. And ur right about having the support because it does help. Alot
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Good luck! :)
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Thank you. ☺
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Hi am 5ft 2in 189pounds and I am getting 800 -1000 grams removed and my insurance company approved me for that... Just stay on your breast reduction doctor and insurance company until everything is right I pray that everything works out for you...
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Thank you and im going to because something little like to be denied for and u want more. Hey im not gonna argue with that. The more the better. But ur right because if u dnt they will forget about u. I have been calling both since they sent the paperwork. Im so serious about not being in pain no more. It just sucks to have to wait.
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Hello sweetie. I too was a H cup and on my larger breast my surgeon took over 1000grams so I'm sure yours will be the same if you want to be a C/D cup like I am. Just had a quick read over your story and it must be so frustrating waiting around for paperwork! Best of luck with everything and best wishes xxx
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Thank and it has been its like ppl that never had large breast dont know the constant pain we have to go threw. I just keep praying that it will happen soon.
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I think your ps should correct the paperwork and resend it. But ask your insurance company if they are able to that so that you want go thru the appeal process
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I called my insurance yesterday and the lady said if my ps fax the corrected paper work then they will review it. So after the call I called the ps office and spoke to his secretary and told her what they told me. She said she was gonna have the doctor ok for taking 700 grams out n she will fax them. I hope this dnt take another month
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Im very proud of myself. I haven't been thinking about it so much. I really trying to stay positive. Im praying that god will bless me with the chance to have this surgery. I'm very scare that they will tell me I can't have it done. I know I don't have the money to pay for this type of surgery. I'm not going to give up.
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I feel this month the pain is just stronger. My iron is low I had to go to the hospital the other day because I have had really painful head aches n back pains. They said my iron has dropped since june I was a nine then a ten for the month July. This month is a eight. They said im slightly anemic. So I gotta find my iron pills. But my back is killing me and the rash under my breast is getting worst. I prayed yesterday to god that they will work something out for me to get this breast reduction. I have taken medical leave for now because the pain is stopping me from performing my job well. Im thinking im gonna write my insurance a letter to help its get approve faster.
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thank you ladies for your comments they are very helpful and I am NOT going to give up I've been praying and contacting both my insurance and the plastic surgeon to let them know what's been going on. The doctor for my insurance denied me because the plastic surgeon document that he was going to take less than 600 grams out so that's why I was denied because they are saying because of my weight and my height I need more than 600 grams to feel relief. I guess he put in the documented that they would take less out so that's why I was denied but I was told that if he fix it to take out more grams then they will approve it. If thats doesn't work then I will keep trying. They r suppose to in two weeks have a peer to peer. And the lady told me to call back (at uva). Im hoping that they get it working
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I'm sorry you weren't approved. Are you able to appeal the decision? Keep trying, be persistent, and don't give up.
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thank you for the encouraging words. I am NOT going to give up this is a fight that I am really really ready to fight for. I've been wanting it for so long I can't give up now. I'm hoping my plastic surgeon in the insurance doctor can come to some type of agreement for me to get this
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I'm so sorry you weren't approved....but don't give up!!! I know how you feel...I too have a twin sister and was always compared to her...she was the pretty thin one, I was the smart one. She had the body, I had the brain. I'm now going through with my BR as I was approved. Please don't give up! Find out, if you can, the exact reasons they denied it....was it not enough symptoms or treatments (physical therapy, massage therapy), or your BMI? If you can find out then you can proceed accordingly. Good luck!
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thank you so very much and I have found out why they denied me I called my plastic surgeons office to let them know exactly what they meant by it because when I called both the insurance and the plastic surgeons secretary didn't understand what the doctor from the insurance meant but they did tell me today what day exactly meant so I let them know exactly what they told me on the phone and gave them the reference number and everything so I'm hoping it doesn't take long for the plastic surgeon to send the information
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Keep trying hun. You have been through too much to give up the fight. Appeal! I will keep you in my prayers.
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thank you and I have already written the letter just in case they try to deny me again to show proof that I really really need this
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Good morning, I would file an appeal and get all the document you need. I was denied when I tried to get a breast reduction two years ago and I did not file an appeal I just left it alone. This year I tried again and I was approved I had a new doctor and more documentation. I had letters from my primary dr, dermatologist from the breast rash, gyn dr from cystic breast and getting mammograms every 6 mo., I had a letter from the specialty bra shop I shop at etc. so even though I am over weight it was approved. They try to say when your BMI is high lose weight and your breast will go down well I have lost weight and mines have not went anywhere they are still here hanging with me killing my back and shoulders. Don't give up the fight. Pray on it and be persistant.
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I have been on the phone since yesterday trying to figure out y. Today I found out that the doctor denied it because body mass and hide they have to remove more than 700 grams for me to feel relieved and live plastic surgeon put less than 600 grams so that's why I was denied.but I called my plastic surgeons office and left a message telling them why they denied me and how they can fix it they also gave me a reference number for my insurance to give to the plastic surgeon so I'm hoping that he does fix the the documentation that he put so that they can approve it because that's the only reason because he put less than 700 grams
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Sorry height
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I was denied and I filed a appeal and it was overturned in my favor dont get up fight them and call them and ask your insurance what critera needs to be met I had one facility didnt work with appeals process so I got a second opionion since the insurance was being DICKS LOL made them pay for another opionion lots of times they deny so people give up Or like mine I needed to prove it was medically neccesitty GOOD LUCK
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