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My surgeron was wonderful...I was scared to go too...

My surgeron was wonderful...I was scared to go too big..so I choose the med. size..opps...not enough poof for me..getting the large on the 30th of jan 2012. Will post pics...Email me if you have questions...it is a easy procedure and you can go up or down in size..once the tunnel is there in the lips.

The swelling lasts 4 days to 10 according on nthe client. The tunnel will develope scar tissue( to keep the opening free)in 3 months or 4 months. If someone decides to go up or down in size you must wait the 3-4 months for the tunnel to stabilize...once it is in place you can numb the lips..make small incisions and pull the old size out and slide the new ones into place. There is a video on YOUTUBE that shows the entire procedure. I am an RN and I worked with my plastic surgeron for 12 yrs...so I saw his work daily. When I decided to do breat aug. he was the only one in my area doing axillary inserts. Mine came out beautiful. He has done 7 procedures on me and 4 on my daughter. We have had great results with no complications.So..in short the implant is only half of the puzzel...you must choose a skilled Dr. as well.
Hi..we had alot of conversations about the implants...I always overdo everything...so my concern was going bigger. The skin will accomadate this. The rep at Surgicil (that makes the implants) is a friend of mine. She went from the large to the med and there was no problem. The scar tissue will adjust over time.The implants come in different lengths as well. Hope this helps.

Good info for sure! Do you happen to know how long it took your friends lips to adjust after the reduction? If not no big deal, I just think it could be good information for someone reading this & considering it. :)


Ok 1 day after going from med. to large size...

Ok 1 day after going from med. to large size permalip implants. procedure took 45 mins...only pain was the numbing sticks..after that ...smooth sailing. I am swollen , but can tell the shape is great and once the swelling has subsided....they will be perfect!Will post before and after pics as soon as swelling is down!
OK...Had my vertical facelift 2 weeks ago and lipo of abd and inner thighs...500ccs off....2 pants sizes down!! And NO working out!!LOL. My next thing is silicone breast implants with a small lift..going from 600 saline( to flat and show ripples) to silicone EXTRA high profile 500 ccs..they project wonderfully. These are new onle on the market for a month!!!Will post pics.........
Amanda I am looking to get permalip done, and I really like the fullness of the 5mm implant. Would you mind posting a close up front view of your lips? And do you have any before shots? You look amazing!

I can send some to your email...Call me at ********** and I will tell you more about the procedure. Thanks, Amanda


If anyoe wants more information on permalip.....

If anyoe wants more information on permalip...please send me a private message...then we can contact each other and discuss the procedure...thanks..Amanda......................................................................................................................................................................
Wow. You look twenty years younger!
thank you!!!
Hi Amanda I wanted to ask you something about 5 mm permalip implants Anna

OK so, I am goning to take these 600 cc saline...

OK so, I am goning to take these 600 cc saline implants out...do a lift and replace them with 450 of silicone extra high profile. I have had these 16 yrs!! I keep blowing buttons off my shirts!!! Will post pics..it will be in July. Hope everyone will consider perma lip....they are great!!!!
Hello. I wanted to thank you for your posts and pics. I was going to go with the 4mm implants but after reading your posts and seeing your pics I decided I only wanted to do this once and went with the large and I am so glad I did!! Thanks again :)
Glad you did well and love them!!! I am so happy you went with the 5mm...Take care! Amand

Weight training with a a fitness pro....

I have lost 10lbs since May 22.. I weight train 4 times a week and walk 4 miles 2 times a week!!! I am hoping to do do figure bikini comps for my age of 49! Will post before and after pics when I hit 15 lbs.Building muscle and a good clean diet...I feel so much better. Why do all this surgery and let my lower body go to heck!!???

price of lip implants.....

I know I paid 1850.00 but...my OR and anatheisa fee were not included in that ..I was told now for them and to be put to sleep it is 3500.00 so if you are gonna get them do it in combonation with another procedure to off set the cost...just my opinion!!!!

LOST 15 pounds!!!! Will post pics soon!!!!!

will post pics after the July 4yh weekend!!!

Wow, congrats on your weight loss - that is fantastic, and just in time to enjoy all summer long!!


weight loss

I am at 22 lbs GONE!!! Weight lifting is wonderful. I dont need the breast lift!! They look like they did 5 yrs ago. I promise to post bathing suit pics!! SOON was wanting to hit 25 lbs and be at 123 by mid sept!!

weight loss

OK beach pic after 22 lbs!! The before pic is the white bathing suit!!
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

He is the best..had face lift...brow lift...lip aug...breast aug...lipo...and he did it all. I have known him since nursing school...very caring and maticulas. This man has taken me from cute to fab with 5 procedures...He did not do my teeth ,,LOL that was Dr. Springer in Lex. SC.

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