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I just went to the dentist and had the zoom...

I just went to the dentist and had the zoom whitening done. It was horrible pain from being to end. (4-15 minute treatments) I wasn't smart enough to tell them to stop as I figured I would be OK and what is a hour of pain if my teeth were white and beautiful. (I'm getting front crowns replaced so needed the treatment prior to insert) Well let me tell you my gums literally melted off. YES melted. The next morning the gums(mucus) covered on my entire front teeth and i had to pull them off. Yes, that's right I had to pull the melted/burnt part of my gums off as you could not even see my teeth. Pain is not the word. It is horrible. I had this done before and it hurt, but this time ALL of my gums are totally burned. This can NOT be safe. Just the open wounds alone can cause a horrible infection. I still can't eat without extreme pain and it's the third day. I am rinsing with a luke warm salt water solution to help the healing process and putting floride and sensitive solution on my gums. Make sure if you have this done that they know what they are doing. It was not this bad the first time (at a different dentist 5 years ago). The first time I had some electric type shocks in my bottom front teeth and only mild gum burning. Also my teeth are not as white as the first time I did it. It was NOT worth it this time. I will NEVER have this done again. One good thing that did come out of it is that I have stopped smoking as the smoke causes EXTREME pain and I'm worried about infection. So if you want to look at it that way..., nope not even looking at it that way is it worth it.

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Staff is unbelievably friendly, dentist is great. Not sure what happened with this treatment, but it was a BIG mess up! The cost of treatment is $550, but I only paid $150 through a Groupon.

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Your picture of black n blue gums is the first pic that resembles my gums! Same thing happened to me 2 days ago and I'm worried. What ended up happening? Did it heal? How long? Any recession? Thanks!
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i had no idea this was a possibility! D:
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Oh mysh! That's horrible. This dentist's office should be reported. What might help to speed your healing buy an aloe vera plant leaf (I get them from my local super market about $5 and great for you skin) and take a q-tip or very clean fingers and rub the gooey substance in the leaf across your gums. Give it a few seconds to absorb into the gums and rinse with water, as it has a bitter taste. Aloe vera has incredible pain stopping and healing properties that's why it's used for burns. Next do the same with olive oil but you don't have to rinse after. Olive oil will coat your gums and the nutrients and vitamin e will also aid in speeding up the healing. This really does help! Get well soon!

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I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with zoom whitening. Unfortunately, not all dental offices are properly trained in performing the zoom procedure. Performing the procedure for an hour without properly instructing the patient on what to expect is not correct. Before making an appointment for zoom, I recommend reading online reviews and asking the dental office how many zoom whitening procedures they performed last month. In our Manhattan office we perform over 2,500 zoom whitenings a year. patients are carefully instructed beforehand on exactly how the procedure works and are monitored at all times during the procedure. Complications such as the one you describe are extremely rare in our office. I honestly cannot remember last time we had such an issue. I hope you feel much better soon. Regards, Peter Mann DDS

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Hello Can you tell me how long did it take to heal this chemical buring? In my country we used to cancel any threatment if the patient feels pain. I have to say you must have a very high pain resistance, because i did try it myself the bleaching material on my inner lip on a very small spot. After only two minutes elapsed i felt a terrible pain
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It was horrible pain from beginning to end. I do have a high torrance, that is why I continued with treatment, but I had no idea it was causing that amount of damage. I just thought I was being a baby about it - until the assistant gave me a mirror! I am having front crowns replaced and needed my teeth bleached before replacement. It took over 2 weeks before I could eat solid foods and drink without a straw. I still can't to brush the front gums as they are very sensitive even after all this time. If the person providing treatment does not understand how to do it is dangerous. As stated before IF done right there is minimal damage. I don't know what they did wrong but my teeth are not any whiter and I have suffered all this pain. I would never do this again. Problem is you dont' know WHO knows how to do it until they mess you up. There should be a certification procedure for something that can harm you this bad. For anyone that is doing this procedure. Please care enough about the fellow human - your patient - to do this properly.
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I forgot to ask how log did you sit with the bleaching stuff on and for how many times?
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I sat for a total of (1) hour. (4) 15 minute intervals.
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If your gums were severely burnt by the whitening paste then your dentist did not properly apply the gum protection layer which should protect your gums from getting into contact with the very aggressive whitening paste. I had it done yesterday and had a few spots where the whitening paste seeped through the protection layer. Not a fun experience but definitely not what you described and it was gone after 24 hours. In my case those burnt gum spots at the edge were coloured white but I don't see that in either picture. You mentioned applying Fluoride. My dentist told me I should *not* apply Fluoride. Instead I got some colourless gel containing special minerals to apply to my teeth 2x day for a few days that would assist the porous enamel with strengthening again. You also should have gotten an information leaflet what *not* to eat and drink for the next 24 hours while the enamel is still porous (easy to remember: avoid everything that stains white pants). My dentist told me that this is standard procedure (note that I am in Europe). Hope you enjoy your new smile and good for you for quitting smoking! Keep it up!
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When I first had my treatment all of my gums where white and puss like you are talking about. This picture was taken 2 days after treatment. Only the actual burns where left. I called my dentist and sent him the pictures. He called me back and didn't seem to think it was a problem. Told me to use salt water solution and the floride toothpaste. Guess I need to find another dentist if he thinks this was OK. He stated that a lot of people get burned from this. Guess they don't care enough about their customers to learn to do the treatment right.
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Wow, the sore on your upper gums looks very uncomfortable. :( I'm so sorry you are having to deal with so much discomfort.

Good for you for quitting smoking during this - keep it up. Let that be the good that comes out of this bad experience. You deserve something good out of it!

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