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I had a bulging vein tuning down the middle of my...

I had a bulging vein tuning down the middle of my forehead. I had several consultations assuring it would be safe to remove. When I went in for the procedure, a miracle happened and quickly turned into a disaster. My vein would not bulge. It's never done that before. The doctor said we were in no hurry so I took my time because I couldn't believe it. After a while he said, "well it's really up to you." I proceeded to say,"well I kind of wanted to get it over with but it's not...right when I was about to say the word "showing" he cuts me off in the middle of my sentence and said, "well we can do it." I was in shock that he just cut me off. He then turns around, points at the chair and yelled "sit back!!" I jumped he scared me so bad. As a young girl I did what he told me to do. Wishing now I had ran for my life. This doctor did the procedure while I was hyperventilating and having a panic attack. Never once asked if I was okay. Since then I have suffered a nervous breakdown from this man. This was a decision that I should of been able to make without feeling pressured into it. Doctors are doing procedures on patients that they don't truly need just to make the rent in their fancy high-rise building. So sad I have to live the rest of my life with a decision he wouldn't let me make. I regret ever considering this procedure.

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Can you please delete my posts off of here. I cannot figure out how to do it myself. I would like everything deleted.. reviews, questions, comments, Dr. Everything. I don't want to encourage anyone to do this procedure or get anymore emails from people wanting it done. Thank You for your help!!
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Results after the procedure...

After the procedure I had some swelling which went away after a couple days. I've got a tiny scar about the size of a pencil dot. It is in a crease of my forehead so you really can't tell anything was ever done. My vein looks like it has come back. Just not using the same route. So it was definitely not worth it. I would give a million dollars if I could go back and change all of this. The most frustrating thing for me is my piece of mind is gone!
I have the same problem, is there anyway you would be willing to share photos with me? Even if privately? I went to see a doctor recently and he told me that he would never remove it because it could cause a lot of problems. My issue is I can't get anyone to remove it for me! I hate it and now more are beginning to show up :(

Bulging forehead vein tied off

Forehead Vein tied off

girls, please try compresses of horsetail or any vulnerary verb.make a tea, if u can drink it but definitely soak muslin & apply. your already young & gorgeous, they can reduce with less radical methods, thats what google is for! also address if there is a system or local circulatory problem.
The pics don't show anything. Can you post better pics?
You should use this experience to make you a stronger person, and say to yourself there is allot of people in a worse possition in life then myself. Be happy and dont worry :) Hope this helps
Wendell Goins

Never been more disrespected in my life. Horrible experience!! I would NOT recommend this doctor.

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