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Not As Simple As It Sounds - Charlotte, NC

I had Ultherapy a few days ago and hope it was...

I had Ultherapy a few days ago and hope it was worth it! The procedure was very painful, despite numbing cream and "blockng." My physician hit a nerve in my forehead, which hurt like heck. Now, every time I rub my forehead, I feel it in the top of my head. Strange! And while there is not serious down time, my face is very swollen, and I have some red marks on my cheekbones. I have not seen any immediate results, but was told I would have peak results in four months. I'll re-post after the four-month mark.

Did you think the results were worth it? May I ask who you went to see? Thanks
Thanks, Misslpc1. It's been just over 3 weeks now, and the sensation is fading. Glad to hear it's not permanent. My face seems to be looking a bit fuller, but it's still early. Hope you like your results!
I went out immediately that night. It was more swelling than redness, particularly at my cheekbones. It took 3-4 days for it to go down. The second day was the worst. If I had had to be somewhere days 2-4, I wouldn't have wanted to go. It's not an "absoutely no down time" procedure, at least it wasn't in my case.
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