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Tummy tuck with no lipo & thrilled w/my results!!

I am 38 years old and have 3 children ages 12, 10...

I am 38 years old and have 3 children ages 12, 10 and 8 months. Needless to say after 2 c-sections and a natural child birth my stomach is a mess. I have wanted to do this for years and finally decided to go through with it. I went back and forth with my decision for well over a month. After talking to my husband and a few close friends I decided to go for it. After reading so many of your experiences I can relate to many of you. I realized how much I came to dislike my body. How ashamed I was of it and how I hated the way I look in clothes and especially bathing suits. I have been doing weight watchers on and off for years and my body always seems to reset itself around the 180s. Iā€™m 5ā€™8ā€ so I am a tall girl and have long legs and arms and then this big gut! I really think that having this done will really change the shape of my body to look more proportionate and less like the build of a man! I just cannot imagine what it will feel like to have a smaller waist line and not be so thick and bulky through the middle.
After reading so many of your stories I am so excited now and know that this will change my life and how I feel about the way I look and feel. I cannot wait to share my experience with you all just like I have read so many of yours and cannot believe I am going to actually post these pics of my before!! Ughhhh lol

I am 10 days away from sugery date and getting...

I am 10 days away from sugery date and getting more and more excited as I read more of your reviews! Anxious but feeling much better after seeing so many of you going through this experience. I am worried about the fact that I am having my surgery on a Friday morning and only taking off one week after wards. I can possibly work from home the second following week but am hoping I may able to get back. I think I am being very optimistic!! I just dont have a ton of PTO time I can take off of work so I am adding stress to the situation by worrying about this.

8 days out from TT and just getting SO excited!!...

8 days out from TT and just getting SO excited!! My best friend and neighbor just had the same surgery done by the same office last week and she has done fabulous!! Seeing her and her results has me so excited to hopefully see similiar results. I know that everyone is different and will get different results and heal differently but just seeing the change in her body is amazing to me! We have both talked about getting this done for years and seeing her makes me that much more excited! Love love love reading all of your experiences and help in getting prepared for my big day!!

One week from today I will be going in for my TT!...

One week from today I will be going in for my TT! I cannot believe it. I am so excited but also feeling like its kind of surreal. I keep wondering if I will lose any weight at all with this procedure but i have taken away some great ideas from you all about taking measurements before which I will definitely be doing now!! Whew hew....cannot wait!

6 days to go!!! I am getting SOOOO excited as the...

6 days to go!!! I am getting SOOOO excited as the days get closer. My best friend who had a TT last Friday is doing so great and looks wonderful it makes me that much more excited to see my results. I keep trying not to compare myself to her recovery wise but its hard not to get excited since she has done so well. Guess I will finally be buckling down and doing all low carb high protein this week and thinking about doing liquid diet on Thursday the day before my surgery. Cannot believe Im almost there!

Well its Monday and I am going for surgery this...

Well its Monday and I am going for surgery this FRIDAY!!! Aghhhhhhh! I am feeling a whole slew of emotions right now and am not quite sure I will make it through this week with out feeling every emotion on the spectrum! lol I am really excited but also scared at the same time. I emailed my DRs office today to get a break down on the list of my medications and what has to be taken, what is necessary, what is take only if needed and etc. My best friend who just had it done had all kinds of issues with her hubby over medicating her because he was simply following the bottle instructions and not what the DR said. Luckily she is planning on checking on me everyday and helping my hubby out with the meds.
Cannot wait for Friday to get here already!

OMG 2 days away and I am just about to burst out...

OMG 2 days away and I am just about to burst out of my skin with excitement, fear, happiness, worry, just all the ups and downs I can think of!! I just cant believe its this close and I will soon have my after story just like all of you. Seems like this day has been forever in the making. Just cant believe its finally here!

The count down is on........36 hours til surgery!!...

The count down is on........36 hours til surgery!! AGHHHHHHHHHH!! Thats all lol

Im about 16 hours from surgery now and I am SOOOO...

Im about 16 hours from surgery now and I am SOOOO wound up. I am really excited. I know that its going to be a long recovery and I know that I will be in pain tomorrow BUT all that being said to see this big old belly gone will be the best feeling ever. I was just riding up in the elevator at work and i just let my stomach hang kind of loose. I didnt push it out i just let it go, I guess I dont realize how often I suck it in and no joke I look about 5 months pregnant. Its not cute at all. SO OvER IT! Cannot wait to be on the flat side with the rest of you all. Oh and I uploaded a new before pic today too!

Had my TT at 8am this morning. Things went well....

Had my TT at 8am this morning. Things went well. Been sleeping on & off all day. Only problem I've had is getting nausoues every time I stand up to use the bathroom. Phenegren really helps that. Will check back in tomorrow. Have an 8am follow up

One day PO & feeling surprisingly well. Went to...

One day PO & feeling surprisingly well. Went to the drs this morning & they already removed one of my drains! Whew hew. Was so nauseated yesterday but thank goodness none today. I'm also walking pretty well just a little hunched over. I couldn't believe the results when the took the CG. I'm very pleased so far w/everything!
Thank you all so much for your support!

Posting pics from this morning at the doctors...

Posting pics from this morning at the doctors office less than 24 hours after surgery still very swollen but happy with the results so far!

Day 2 PO. Feeling pretty goof. Getting around OK...

Day 2 PO. Feeling pretty goof. Getting around OK but think I must have a lot of swelling. I weighed myself before showering this am & I'm up 4lbs from my surgery day before 4lbs of fat & skin were removed. Doesn't make much sense so has to b swelling right? Also feel like I have a ton of built up gas in my belly. Gonna see if i can take some gas x. I'm still taking advil only & doing okay

Not happy at all. Been sitting at my PS office...

Not happy at all. Been sitting at my PS office since 10:20 for my 10:30 appt & still haven't been called back yet. Its now 11:20. Just wanted to vent.
Other than that I'm feeling pretty good today. Got a little nauseous when I woke up but think its because I did it too quickly. But for now just waiting .. :(

4 days PO. Feeling very good. I am still surpised...

4 days PO. Feeling very good. I am still surpised when I think about my recovery and how well its gone. I kept trying to figure out how similar it was to my c-section. Its definitely similar in some ways but also different as far as the muscle work goes. For me I would say the recovery is very simliar and even the pain. The only difference for me was the amount of nauseau I had after surgery I never had that with my C-sections. Other than that it was pretty much comparable.
One thing I wanted to mention was the nurse at the Drs office yesterday told me to quit walking straight up like I had been that the results and scar would come out better if I stayed hunched over for at least the 1st week. Its so hard to stay hunched if you dont feel like you need to. Has anyone else been told the same info?

Still day 4 PO & doing great with the exception of...

Still day 4 PO & doing great with the exception of the drain. Ugh it hurts! I know it needs to be there & I would rather that fluid out than in but ouch does that thing hurt. Keep trying to attemp to sleep in the bed but end up back in the recliner. Still overall happy w/the TT. Just can't wait to see the finished product after all this swelling goes down!

Day 5 PO and feeling great! I am out of work this...

Day 5 PO and feeling great! I am out of work this whole week on PTO but have been feeling well enough to log in from home. I still have one drain left in on my left side and its putting out about 60cc at this point. They wont take it out until its putting out less than 30cc. I thought I would be feeling pretty rough this whole week and was worried about going back to work next week but at this point Im feeling good about it. Luckily I work a desk job so nothing strenous. I am going to try to upload some new pics today. I love seeing everyone elses!!

Well one week out exactly 7 days PO and still...

Well one week out exactly 7 days PO and still feeling really good problem is this one stinking drain I have left in. It by far has been the worst part of this surgery but it sounds like from others posts that Im not alone on that. It just seems to keep putting out fluid. Wondering if its because I keep upping my activity levels? Thing is I am supposed to go back to work this Monday and looks like I will be toting my drain with me. BOO!! :( Luckily they told me today the longest it will be in is 2 weeks so at the latest it will be next Friday.
Vent over!! lol

Day 9 PO still feeling very good and finally slept...

Day 9 PO still feeling very good and finally slept pretty well in my own bed last night. Starting to see the swelling going down in my belly some. I took some pics which I am posting today. Headed back to work tomorrow with my drain! wahhhh Oh well should be interesting trying to hide it under my clothes. lol

Day 10 PO - first day back at work and its going...

Day 10 PO - first day back at work and its going suprisingly well. Its nice and quiet today and I was able to log in from home last week via lap top so dont feel terribly over whelmed this morning. Only issue is YES I still have the drain with me. So I had to get very creative with what I was going to wear today. Went to the PS office this morning and they still drained off 55ccs of fluid so this baby isnt coming out anytime soon. Guess it will be Friday when they require it to be taken out at 2 weeks PO. Other than that feeling great and happy with my results. I have actually started to seem some definition in my belly. Like the indentation on the sides where skinny people have them!! lol its awesome!! Just had to share :)

Ok as I said in my earlier post today its my first...

Ok as I said in my earlier post today its my first day back at work today PO 10 days and its 2:40pm and boy am I feeling it. Not in any pain at all but just really tired. Almost no energy this afternoon. Just thought I would report.
Also I have been doing a lot of research on compression garments to wear after I get out of this one from the DR. Any suggestions on them? What are the best kinds? I have heard that a lot of women just go to spanx. Looking for some guidance. Thanks!

Day 11 PO still have the drain in it had 46cc this...

Day 11 PO still have the drain in it had 46cc this morning. Who knows I will probalby be at the 30cc when it comes to Friday when its supposed to come out anyhow. As I told the nurse this morning as much as I cannot stand this thing and want it OUT I really dont want all of that fluid inside of my body so we shall see.

This is also day 2 back at work and even though I feel OK I am struggling a little bit at work. And its a desk job so I really thought I would be OK. I keep getting hot flashes in the morning and have to turn my fan on. I put my feet up under my desk and that helps. I think today I was stressing becuase I feel like you can see the drain through my pants when I walk. The outline of it. And I guess I was getting paranoid Im pretty sure probably no one notices it. Anyhow just wanted to vent a little and share my day. I was in bed by 8:30 last night and got a ton of sleep which was wonderful! I plan on doing the same tonight. :)

12 days PO and guess what??????????? FINALLY got...

12 days PO and guess what??????????? FINALLY got my drain out!! WHEW HEW! I feel great. I seriously feel like a new person. That thing was really starting to get to me and was so painful. I feel so good thing morning and like I am back to me. Its great!

Lucky day 13 and feeling great! Been one day drain...

Lucky day 13 and feeling great! Been one day drain free and feel fantastic! I could actually wear a pair of jeans today. Just have my binder on and coverd up with a tank top and shirt. Ahhhh feels great! Cant wait to see a few more months when all swelling is down and see if my jeans change anynow. Right now they are only slightly big on me becuase I have binder on inside my jeans and 3 layers of clothes. My hopes is I have to buy all new jeans!! lol
Happy healing everyone!

Posted pics just now PO day 13!!

Posted pics just now PO day 13!!

Day 14 PO and really am so thrilled with...

Day 14 PO and really am so thrilled with everything how I feel, how the procedure came out. I cant say enough good things about my DR. Love him! Happy Friday everyone!

Day 16 PO feeling good. Walked a lot at an...

Day 16 PO feeling good. Walked a lot at an amusement park yesterday & started to feel it so went home & put my feet up. Other than that feeling great!

18 days PO. Feeling pretty much fully back to...

18 days PO. Feeling pretty much fully back to normal minus the binder I wear 24/7. I went back to my weight watchers meeting today and found it funny/interesting that I was only down .2 lbs from the week before surgery even though 4lbs was taken off!! lol
I guess I am still more swollen than I thought??? hmmm I sure hope so.

Will be PO 3 weeks tomorrow!! Cant believe it....

Will be PO 3 weeks tomorrow!! Cant believe it. Seems like yesterday I was sitting here panicking about having my surgery. I feel great and no pain at all. I am still wearing the CG and really seem to have gotten accustomed to the way it feels on. My stomach still feels a little weird when I take it off which isnt often. I guess I will be going to spanx or something similar after my 30 day visit. Hope everyone is doing well!

4 weeks PO today and cannot believe it! Feeling...

4 weeks PO today and cannot believe it! Feeling pretty much back to normal at this point minus wearing the CG. Still feeling like I wille eventually need some lipo on my sides to really thin my tummy down but we will see. Posting new pics from this weekend I took. My belly is SUPER flat in the am. Guess still a little swelling by the evening but when I look back at those first pics anything is better than that muffin top!! lol
Hope all of you are doing great! :)

Havent been on in a couple weeks! Cant believe...

Havent been on in a couple weeks! Cant believe this Friday will be SIX weeks! Feeling great and so happy with my results. Of course now I am wishing I had done lipo for full results but unfortunately wasnt able to. I am thinking about going back later and possibly doing some form of lipo or that cool sculpting. Hope everyone is doing well!

Hey there!! Its been 2 and 1/2 months since my TT...

Hey there!! Its been 2 and 1/2 months since my TT and still couldnt be more happy with the results. I still weigh the same as I did the day of my surgery, I dont know why I was under the impression I would loose a bunch of weight with this! But I will tell you whats really different is the way that all my clothes fit!
I feel so much more proportioned and comfortable in my own body! Hope every one is doing well!
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I found out about Hunstand Kortesis center from one of my best friends who had the same procedure done there.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Going to Dr. for consult tomorrow... Anything I should ask? I am looking at a full "mommy-makeover" ... You look great! M
  • Reply
Are you going to Dr Kortesis MalorieCook?
  • Reply
Yes... He is very nice and comforting.. My surgery is the 20th.... M
  • Reply
Yey! I am going over to the spa today:)
  • Reply
Getting more nervous..I need a massage! M
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You are going to do great!
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I know you haven't posted in a while but your review really helped me! I'm going back to work around 10 days after my surgery, and I'm getting my TT with no lipo as well. Just wanted to say that you look great, and thanks :)
  • Reply
That is awesome! I am so happy for you! I am so glad that I could help you. Please let Dr K know that we met on realself, he will love it! heheheh Let me send you my email address so we can keep in contact! Check your messages.
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@cacm have you been doing anything special to maintain your waist line? I had one done with out lipo and when I eat swell up . Forcing me to wear a girdle im 4 months post op have u experienced this?
  • Reply
I watch what I eat all the time. If I eat badly for any amount of time, I bloat up. So it really keeps me in check. I find if I eat right and exercise I have no problem with the bloating. I wont say I swell, I just get bloated. And honestly the surgery garment is addictive and hard to get rid of:)
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THis is also my doctor, he is absolutely amazing. Check out my profile if your interested in anymore of his work. This doctors office was chosen to take part in a new FDA approved TT closure using a special "glue", giving only a few clients the opportunity to partake in this special study for $2500.
  • Reply
I received that same info but when my friend called said they were booked
  • Reply
They only can take 25 people and they have hundreds to apply! You have to meet certain criteria, etc to even be considered, BMI, health, etc. Keep a look on their website, it will be on the front page if they do another one. www.hunstadcenter.com
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you only paid $2500???
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I am considering this Doctor. I wonder what his going rate is now...
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Although I realize this post is really old, I'm wondering the same thing....
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Call the Hunstad Center in Huntersville, and get a consultation. They are having an event coming up for Brest Augmentations and the consultation fee has been waived for this day. Look them up, tell them I sent ya! Hunstadcenter.com The doctors here are so amazing! They take care of you start to finish! Inbox me if you want to know anything:)
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Thank you, cacm! I will definitely have to check into that. Any idea if the fee is waived only for potential BA patients? I have to admit that the $200 is one thing holding me back from scheduling a consultation with them. It seems like a lot to shell out when so many other highly reputable doctors are offering complimentary consults. I have heard nothing but wonderful feedback from HKCenter, so I'm definitely interested in them.
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Got Cha ... Thanks for responding I understand :)
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Thanks for sharing I was thinking about going to the Dominican Republiic , But after reading post on Bill Kortesis think I may stay close to home. 2500 sounds like a really good price :) what the difference tummy tuck with lipo versus one without ? what made you do the one without? and by the way you look amazing :)
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I was actually part of a clinical trial there so that is not the regular price and a lot of the reason why I was able to do this! And the other reason why I didnt get lipo with my TT. I couldn't turn down the price. I have wanted a TT for years and this made it possible. I love my results and would do it all over again but could use the lipo still for sure to get the maximum results. I thought about traveling outside of the US too for the costs too but was too scared to do that when it came down to it.
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so glad you are still doing well! Im still loving mine, Im about 8 weeks out and still wearin my CG lol, (MY choice) for best results per the doctors staff, im feeling now after this amount of time that its time to take it off cause its not doing anything anymore.
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Hey girl! Glad you are doing well too! I still wear my CG a lot! I will wear spanx to work but put on CG as soon as I get home & still sleep w/mine on. I just like the way it feels on. Lol when are you scheduled for your next procedure? I want that SO bad next. Haha
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Hey girl! I just saw your pics, you look great! I'm sure once we get rid of the CG, the tape and the swelling is gone we'll just forget about it. Believe me, that day will come sooner than we think, hang in there girl! The worst has passed!
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I am already SO thrilled with my results that no complaints here! I know I still have some swelling to go down! The only major bummer I had yesterday was it was SO hot here in NC and we were at my friends lake house and she has a gorgeous pool. What I wouldnt have gived to just jump in there!! lol No pool for 6 weeks says my DR. Oh well, the results are well worth it! Hope you are having a good one!
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