Almost 5 months since TT & lipo (no drains)

Well, I tried to be very descriptive in the title....

Well, I tried to be very descriptive in the title. :)

I'm a happily married mother of two (both via c-section). I'm 29 years old, 5'2, currently 130 lbs. I decided on my 29th birthday that I was tired of be overweight (since my 2nd child) and that I was going to have a TT by the time I turned 30. So, I have my tummy tuck scheduled for two days before my 30th birthday.

I had always been around the 130-135 mark as an adult, but when I had my second child I gained 50+ lbs druing the pregnancy. I lost 30 lbs of it, but the skin was so disgusting I decided to gain some weight back to try and fill it up. So for the past 2 1/2 years I weighed in at 155-160. I'd been telling myself that I didn't want to continue being overweight and that I wanted to get in shape before turning 30. I knew that I would not be happy with my body unless I had the extra skin removed. I committed myself to being healthy and fit and since January I have lost 27 lbs and 29 inches through proper diet and exercise. I am 5 lbs away from my pre-surgery goal weight of 125, however I would love to get down to 120.

I find that I am obsessed with tummy tuck pictures and stories and I am constantly looking through the reviews, pictures, and questions here on RealSelf.

I've got 5 months before my scheduled tummy tuck (during my Chirstmas break...I'm a teacher) and I am planning on using that time learning as much as I can about the process, saving money (paying cash), and preparing my body and mind for what is ahead.


Oh yeah one more thing Orlando so I had the @ c-sections also with my last two and that pain was fine for me. how do you compare this to a tummy tuck!
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Congrats on your decision. Don't worry about the obsessed factor. I think all women, once they decide on a TT or MM get obsessed with looking at before and afters. I did and still do to keep up with others. You will look great afterwards. Keep working out and get into the best (muscular shape possible).
I was just like you (planned for out into the future). I am also a teacher and considered during Christmas break time, but new that it would be too noticeable and distracting to the students (I teach middle school). I also wanted to work on losing more weight before the surgery.
Stay focused, the time will fly by. Then you will be recovering and thinking "Did I really just do that?" and look down and to see no more belly!
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Thank you Orlando!!!I am going to stay focussed I am so excited about this I have been through so much in my life time and I know we all have. This is the first thing I am doing for me.... I waited becaus eI felt so greedy spending that much money on me but I wan tto look at me and love what I see...Yeah middle school kids always notice ...Yay I cant wait for that day I can look down and see no more skin so un beautiful....I want to cry thinking about how happy I am knowing I am going to do this!thank you for the encouragement...... so focus on th muscular shape hehe I am so excited!!1

I am so excited that my tummy tuck is less that 2...

I am so excited that my tummy tuck is less that 2 1/2 months away! I've been doing well staying fit and eating right. Since my last post I've dropped a few more pounds and I'm weighing in between 126-127 most days. I fit comfortable in a size 4 and I am really happy with all areas of my body (except the belly that is). I am so looking forward to the days of no longer having a belly that pools around me when I lay down! It will be nice to get rid of the rolls when I'm sitting and the wave of skin when I bend over. It will be especially nice to no longer have a torso the shape of a ruler. I am so excited to know that I will be getting a "defined waist" and it will be nice to actually *see* the results of all the crunches I do (currently they are hidden under the flab).

Not much longer!


You'll be down to your goal weight after the surgery! I had always been between 120-125. was 122 the day before surgery and I am now 118lbs. Never realized how heavy skin could be and of course i'm sure it took a little fat with it too! :-)
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your time is almost here how exciting
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I know! Only 20 days to go!!!

Well, there are only 2 weeks and 4 days until my...

Well, there are only 2 weeks and 4 days until my pre-op appointment. I'm really looking forward to it. Now, I don't know exactly what will happen at that time, but it will be a milestone and I will be that much closer to the big day! I haven't seen my PS since April 26th (over 6 1/2 months ago). In that time I have gone from 138 to 124-126. My goal is to be at 123 lbs when I go in for my pre-op appointment on the 29th.

I've spent the last month or so working on maintaining my weight (I'd been in weight-loss mode since January). Now in a perfect world I'd like to say that I want to weigh 120, but honestly I am perfectly happy at my current weight. I am very pleased with all aspects of my body except my jelly belly (Ok, I could stand to lose a little bit off of my inner thighs, but it is nothing to lose sleep over).

I've been searching RealSelf and the net for tummy tuck info. I'm trying to make sure that I am fully informed about the procedure and teh recovery process. I know that the recovery can be very hard, but I've been through two c-sections so I know what it is like to recover (maybe not the same pain level, but the actual recovery process). My absolute biggest fear (aside from dying or being disfigured) is the adhesive for the dressing. I am very sensitive to adhesive. With my first c-section the tape used made me break out in rash that was unbearable. With my second c-section the dressing used was like a giant piece of tape. All the on my lower stomach (especially the crease where my legs met my abdomen) started peeling off and it was HORRIFIC pain. The surgery pain was nothing compared to feeling my fresh living skin peeling off. I am terrified that I will have a problem with the dressing/adhesive because I don't want to go through that kind of pain again. Of course I'll make sure I talk about the exact dressing/adhesive options with the PS at the end of the month.

On a fun note, I bought 7 pairs of brand new undies today. I got the size XS and they fit great. They will look FANTASTIC after the surgery. The undies are low cut and super cute. :)


I think you are going to have a great result too. The pain is bearable with drugs just don't be afraid to take them when you need them.

I'd go over w/ the PS the experiences you've had w/ the tape. They should have something available for people who have problems. Make them reassure you or even let you try the dressing on your skin beforehand. Then you'll be able to relax. Tape is miserable but yours sounds like an allergy and much worse.

Good luck!
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Thanks so much for your support. I really appreciate your reassurance. :)
I'll definitely ask to see the actual dressing.
Good luck!! For me, the first 4 days were the hardest and then it was all uphill from there. If you made it through 2 c-sections, you should be fine ;-) Best advise for me was to drink lots of water, get active as soon as possible, and listen to your body.
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Today I had my pre-op appointment. I was really...

Today I had my pre-op appointment. I was really nervous all day because I wasn't really sure what was going to happen. I got dressed in my cute undies since I figured that before pictures would be taken today (they weren't). Things went really well. I arrived at the office early and was called back 20 minutes after my appointment time (the office was fairly busy). While I was sitting there I was getting nervous and decided to go back over my pre-op questions. The PS came in and I immediately felt better. He was very warm and personable. We talked for a while and he answered most of the questions on my list just in casual conversation. He was so incredibly nice and told me multiple times how proud he was of me for losing the weight and he kept telling me that I was going to have amazing results!! :)

Here are the answers to some of my big questions:

1) Due to my adhesive allergy, he will use paper tape if anything needs to be taped on. Also, he will NOT glue anything to my skin. Instead he will secure the dressing with a stretch wrap.

2) He prefers to do the no-drain tummy tuck in which he uses quilting/tension sutures to secure the skin to the abdomen. However, if he feels that the a drain would be better in my situation then he will place a drain. He is more concerned that I have excellent results.

3) While doing the procedure he will sew the muscles back together if they need to be. If the muscles are tight and do not need to be repaired then he will not do anything to them. If he does repair the muscles, then he will place a pain pump.

4) I can take a shower the day after surgery regardless of if I have drains or not!

5) Since I am very active he wants me to continue to stay active after the surgery. But he does want me to start off slow. He said that if I am feeling up to it after the first week then I can start very light workouts (walking, elliptical, bike, etc. for 15-20 minutes)and very light weights. After the second week (if I feel up to it) then I can increase my workout times.

6) He said that the placement of the scar was a decision we would make together. He'll mark the scar line where I want it. We'll also decide exactly what areas need the lipo.

7) Important thing he told me (which I'm so glad about) is that they purposely make the incision a ridge so reduce the tension. As the sutures dissolve the ridge will go done (at approx. 6-8 weeks). I am so glad that he told me this because otherwise I would have been freaked out about the incision being bumped up.

8) Surgery will take about 2-3 hours and I'll be in the recovery room for about an hour after surgery.

9) He gave me a prescription for Vicodin and something for nausea. He's not giving me anything as an antibiotic because that will be given through the IV during the surgery.

10) I do not have to sleep in a particular position. My head does not have to be elevated but I do need to keep my legs up too keep tension off of the incision.

I'm really looking forward to the surgery and I feel like I have an amazing PS. I feel like I am in really good hands.


It's amazing how similar our tummies are! I'm excited to see your results...I haven't posted pics yet (I get all worked up just by the thought of it). Like you I have scheduled mine way in advance since my mom has to travel from the Caribbean to take care of me.It's nerve wracking having to wait that long. Best of luck to you!
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Thanks so much! I wish you the very best too! :)
Hey newmeat30, sounds like you had a pretty good pre-op appt! I'm glad that everything went well for you today and you got all of your questions answered. That pretty much just puts the icing on the cake doesn't it? December 12th will be here before you know it and I'll be right behind you on the 15th! So we'll get to recover together! Have you gotten any of your supplies yet? I'm working on all that now.
Well, glad everything went well today and keep us posted...ttyl ;o)
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I can't believe that my surgery is so close!...

I can't believe that my surgery is so close! Tomorrow is my last day of work and then I am off until January 3rd. I've been preparing for so long and now it is actually here.

I've got to break the news to my class tomorrow that I will not be there for 2 weeks. That is hard for little kids. I've got to do it in a way that I don't tell too much information, but enough to let them know that they can't give me big hugs when they see me again in January. I'm planning on waiting until the end of the day. I'll give them a cupcake (to celebrate my birthday early) and then explain why I won't be at school on my birthday the following week. I'll also give them their Christmas presents (I made each of them a Christmas ornament). Then I'll give them big hugs and push them out of the door. ;)

My weekend is full of activity (which is a very good thing). Saturday my MIL is taking my son to a birthday party in the morning and my husband is taking my daughter to gymnastics. I'll be visiting my favorite Target to get the last of my Christmas shopping done and wrapping it up. Hopefully I'll have everything wrapped before my husband and kids get home at 1:30. I'd like to get the presents under the tree on Saturday. If not, I'll wrap them after the kids go to bed and have them under the tree for Sunday. We're also going to have lunch a my favorite Indian restaurant. I figure my "last meal" needs to be a good one. On Sunday we have our usual workout and cleaning day...I'll be crazy cleaning then. But, I also want to make sure to spend plenty of quality time with the kiddos. We'll be taking them to the grandparents house Sunday evening to spend the night since I've got to leave the house by 6:30 Monday morning. I'm really sad about not having them in the house Sunday night, but it wouldn't be fair to them to have to get up super early.

It is funny...I've been feeling very emotional lately. Like when you are pregnant and overwhelmed with emotions, I am feeling that way too. I'm trying to stay level headed and not let my emotions run crazy but sometimes it is hard. I suppose it is just the stress and anxiety of it all. I'm excited about everything and I'm not second guessing my decision, but with surgery there is always that level of uncertainty.

My daughter, who is 6, is getting worried about the surgery. Not because she is worried about me (she's not at the age where she is concerned about my safety to much...she doesn't have a concept of the dangers of surgery...which is really good in this instance) but because she doesn't want to spend the night at my in-laws house. she is just used to her routine so a change like this (even for one night) is hard for her.


I don't know if any of you are teachers, but I am. If you are a teacher, you know that it is much easier to be at work feeling kind of sick than to get a sub and have to prepare everything that is needed. Well I'm a bit of a perfectionist by nature and having a sub one day causes me enough multiply that by 7! I've finished my lesson plans for 7 days of a sub. The plans are the easy part, it is getting everything together that is the tough part. I've got two weeks of special Christmas activities and that is just a pain to have to organize for someone else. Thankfully my assistant will be in school while I am out. We'll go over everything tomorrow so she knows what should be happening while the sub is there. now thinking about what I'm going to walk back into in January is enough to make my stomach turn. I think I'm more nervous about leaving work than I am about having the surgery. Lol.

I seem to be rambling. My brain seems to be in a bit of a jumble. It is almost impossible to concentrate on anything. Thoughts of my surgery fill of 99% of my thinking.

I've got my supplies ready and organized. I've got lists of all of my medications. I've got my "living" space ready to set up downstairs the morning of surgery. I've got books, magazine, computer, smartphone, and nook ready to use. My husband is taking the week off to take care of me so that is good.

My son is having his preschool Christmas Program 3 days after my surgery. I'm sad that I won't be able to go an see it (sitting on hard church pews is not going to happen) but I've got my video camera charged and ready so my husband can record it for me.My son is 3 and I know he will be cute as can be singing "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas". I'll have to try not to laugh while I watch the video. ;)

Ok...I don't suppose I have anything of value to say. I'll be taking my before pictures on Sunday and I plan on posting them Sunday night (although there probably isn't much change from my Nov. pictures). I'll include my measurements though too and I might even include my "before" before I looked at the beginning of the year at 158 lbs (size 12/14, L/XL). For me it is amazing to see the change that I have made since January.


your time is near sweetie i wish the best keep us posted! praying for you!
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Well, my surgery is less than 24 hours away. The...

Well, my surgery is less than 24 hours away. The anxiety today might actually kill me. I'm posting a lot of pictures today. I'm even posting my "before" before pictures. What actually started this whole journey for me. I figure I will post my measurements as well.

I'm very anxious about tomorrow and my nerves are a wreck.

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Here are my measurements: Starting...

Here are my measurements:

Starting 1/4/11:

Weight - 157.6

Bust - 40 in (36 DD)

Bra line - 36 in

Natural Waist - 34 in

Around Belly Button - 36.75 in

Hips - 40.5

Thighs - 23.25

Calf - 15.25

Bicep - 11.25

Currently 12/11/11:

Weight - 124.2 lbs

Chest - 34 in

Bust - 34.75 in (32 C)

Bra Line - 30.5 in

Natural Waist - 28.75 in

Belly Button - 31.5 in

Lower Abs - 34 in

Hips - 35 in

Thighs - 20.25 in

Calf - 13.5 in

Bicep - 10 in


Good luck tomorrow! I will say a prayer for you. You will look great. I can't wait to see pictures and here of your success. You will have to let me know how you are doing with your kids and all. I am most nervous about my two year old and handling everything. We are so similar in measurements (except I am two inches shorter):). Your students will be just fine, but I am sure they will miss you. Take it easy and enjoy your break.
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Thanks for the kind words everybody! I'll keep you posted on how things go. :D
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I'll be praying for you! Keep us updated. You are tiny already so you are going to look amazing ;-) I am super excited for you!!!
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I'm on my way to get my TT right now...YIKES!...

I'm on my way to get my TT right now...YIKES! Weighed in at 123.4 lbs this morning. That sounds like a lucky number. Wish me luck!

(For some reason my phone is making me rate my PS to update. I'm giving him 5 stars based on what I've experienced so far.)

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10pm: had surgery 14 hours ago...

10pm: had surgery 14 hours ago (8am)

The pain is tolerable. Everything feels tight. Slight burning at some parts. Started swelling about 1.5 hours ago in my legs, feet, arms, and fingers. That is to be expected I guess. Overall I feel pretty good. I'm tired but finally (14 hours after surgery) I feel clear headed. Oh, in case I didn't mention, PS removed 2 lbs of skin and only sewed together the low muscles...said the others didn't need it. I'll find out tomorrow how large the muscle gap was.

My husband has been taking very good care of me. Look forward to seeing the results at my post op appointment tomorrow.

Suggestion of the day: Get a walker!

I've been fine sleeping on the couch and getting up and down. I'm able to walk on my own (very hunched over) but the walker provides so much support. I had been walking holding onto my husband but the walker is 1000 times better. I will say that I didn't buy the walker. I borrowed it from my mother in law...she had it from her last knee surgery.

Let me just say that things are going well and I'm feeling better with each passing hour.

2nd tip of the day: Get childcare

My inlaws are keeping the kids (age 6 and 3) again tonight. They brought then over to visit for about 45 minutes and that was good. My daughter was concerned but happy to see me ok, my son (3) wasn't too concerned at ask, but he was very gentle.

I'm glad I'm doing so well. Hope to see good results tomorrow...hoping the scar is a low as I wanted it and not too close to the belly button.

Also: when I went to the bathroom the first time I saw blood when I wiped (like I had my period). I cleaned with a wiped and haven't had a problem since. I figure it was blood left over from the surgery that was just caught in the hair when it dripped down.


Yay Newmeat! Sounds like so far you're doing great! Can't wait for your updates-all the best to you!! :)
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Congrats!! I am soooo happy that you are doing well.. I have a little over 2 months to go and cant wait.. I am going to be following you!
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Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts! xoxo
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Day 1 PO 10am: Doing very well today. I...

Day 1 PO 10am:

Doing very well today. I have a nice clear head and the pain is tolerable. I'm sore and tender but that is to be expected. I'm about to go to my post-op appointment and see this belly for the first time. I'll update again later.


Glad to hear it went well for you - get your rest, update when you can. Can't wait to hear how your PostOp visit went.
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Hope recovery is going well for you!
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update us as soon as you up to it New...hope all is going well
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Day 1 PO 10am: Doing very well today. I...

Day 1 PO 10am:

Doing very well today. I have a nice clear head and the pain is tolerable. I'm sore and tender but that is to be expected. I'm about to go to my post-op appointment and see this belly for the first time. I'll update again later.

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Review of previous days: 12/12/11: Day...

Review of previous days:

12/12/11: Day of surgery

We got to the office just before 7 am. I was called back soon afterwards but they wouldn't let my husband go back with me. The weighed me in and took a pregnancy test. I was taken to the prep area to change out of my clothes and into a gown. The nurse came and started my IV and then I had my "before" pictures taken. Later the anesthesiologist came in and introduced herself. After she left the PS arrived and we talked about what I wanted done. He did his markings for the scar and lipo and then he left. Then the nurse came back to get me and walked me into the operating room. I climbed on the table and they asked how I was doing. I started to cry because I was thinking about my babies and how I just wanted to wake up and see them again. The nurses got me in a good frame of mind and I went off to sleep thinking about drinking mojitos on the beach. When I woke up I was in the recovery room and the nurse was telling me I had to wake up and open my eyes. I just wanted to sleep longer. My husband was there and I found it very important to tell him that my vag was going to swell. I also wanted to know if he had met the PS and if he liked him. Next thing I know I'm getting dressed (well, they are dressing me) and they ask if I want to wear my bra. Flash ahead some more and I'm getting into the car. Then I'm home. The first day home was pretty much a blur of sleeping, peeing, and eating.

12/13/11: Day 1 PO, Post-Op Appointment

I had my appointment at 11:15 to get everything checked. I used my walker and made my way in. I was feeling groggy, but ok. The nurse took off my CG but I didn't have any ill effects from that. The doctor came in and checked me out and said everything looked good. He said the swelling would go down, but it would get worse before it got better. My husband took some pictures and then we were back home again. Honestly I was not impressed by what I saw when the bandages came off. I did not have the flat tummy that so many others have. I was swollen and lumpy. But, I LOVE how low the scar is. The rational part of me knows that when the swelling goes down I will look really good. I just need to take it a day at a time. I realize that it is a long recovery and that changes happen every day. I also know from my experience that I have really bad swelling and it tends to last for a while. I'm thankful that the extra flab is gone. With time I will have amazing results.

I spent the rest of the day pretty irritated because he was driving me crazy. I was irritated that he was complaining about having to do "everything" for the kids and how he wasn't going to be able to sleep in on his vacation. I was ready to punch him in the nose. He works out of town frequently, so when he isn't around I do "everything" for the kids and never complain. Men are just such babies. He's been better today.

Day 2 PO: 4:20pm

For some reason my last update posted twice. Oh well...

I think I may have felt a little better yesterday. Overall I am doing very well and the pain is manageable. I'm more sore and tender from the lipo that was done on my flanks than anything else. The PS didn't sew my muscles together after all. He said they didn't need it. A part of me wishes that he had sewed them together anyway, since he was already there, but oh well. He said I didn't need it and there was no reason to have extra pain if it wasn't needed.

I don't have any drains which is good. It is a big enough pain without the drains I can only imagine what it would be like with them.

I can sit up pretty straight but I'm walking really hunched over. Being hunchbacked makes my back hurt. I've been using my heating pad on my back and that has made it feel much better.

Swelling is a pain, I'm certainly not flat by any means (like you'll see in the pictures) but it is to be expected I suppose. My sides are bothering me right at this moment but other than that I can't really complain. It feels like a burning sensation...I may take off the CG for a few minutes and ice my belly. Most people complain about their pubic area looking funny...we'll I have to agree. I'm swollen and puffy. Also, I get the weirdest uncomfortable feeling anytime one single pubic hair gets moved. It is really weird.

Ughh...I feel my feet starting to swell. It is officially time to lay back and put my feet up.


I am so glad that you are doing well. You look great and I totally agree aboyt your swelling. Once that goes down you are gonna look fabulous. You are cracking me up about your hubby. They are such big whinners. LOL
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You have such a low scar! Your swelling is probably so bad because you don't have drains in. Once that swelling goes down, you are gonna look amazing ;-) And I freakin laughed my ass off when I read your caption about your belly button looking like a cats asshole lol! I was dying lol. Once you get to 5 or 6 days you'll turn a corner and you'll also feel so much better once you can stand up straight. The back pain was worse for me than the tummy tuck and it zaps your energy when you're hunched over. Once I was told to stand straight at my one week appointment, it was all uphill from there. So glad that surgery went well and you are recovering now ;-) Stay positive. Day 2 and 3 were when I became emotional and was wondering what in the hell I did to myself lol. I can say it was all worth it now.
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Congrats!!! Im going next week on my tt... and I cant wait! Prayn i will have a flat tummy by summer.
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Day 3 PO: 11:57pm (130.8 lbs) I'm...

Day 3 PO: 11:57pm (130.8 lbs)

I'm in such a horrible mood. The swelling is really messing with my head. I am so bloated and by belly is disgustingly round. I look so much worse than I ever did before surgery. My rational mind tells me that I'm going through the "Why did I do this stage?!" and that it will pass in time. I knew that I would end up swelling, but I thought that I would have seen a nice flat belly in the morning and then I would swell as the day goes on. I was so wrong. I seriously look 5 months pregnant. At the current moment I'm wishing I never went through this. I didn't look fat in my clothes before and now I certainly do.

I've got to stop the negative thinking. I just really want the swelling to go away. I guess I'm so swollen because I don't have any drains. I'm completely swollen from just above my belly button to my lady parts. Others have commented about looking like a Ken doll. I look like a Ken doll that exploded. Nothing about my vagina looks remotely identifiable.

Though I could go on and on about the negatives, I do have a couple of good things to say.

1) the scar is really low

2) the pain really isn't bad at all (that could be because the PS didn't sew the muscles together...said they weren't separated)

Ugh....I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day. Right now I'm throwing myself a pitty party and I just need to get over it.


You are right on schedule with going through the "post-surgery depression." Part of how you're feeling can be attributed to the anesthesia, which causes depression several days after surgery. The other part is surely all of the swelling. I've been there and it will get better. One of the best things is to make sure you are putting your binder on super, super tight. At my first post-op appointment at 6 days I found out that I was not wrapping myself up as tight as it should've been. Once they showed me how tight I should have it, I stood straighter and I was less swollen. Go ahead and throw yourself a pity party he he. I cried every day from day 2 to day 6 I think. And I also kept asking myself "why did I do this" and I even prayed for a time machine lol. It WILL get better. Drink lots and lots and lots of water ;-) It will help with swelling too.
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Remember these are all normal stages that we will go through. I haven't gotten there yet - just still sleepy and tight. And this to shall pass. Have you showered yet? Even though I've been oked I am not sure when maybe tomorrow.
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I felt the same way ! I actually
Cried to my
Mother saying how much I regretted having surgery ! She was less then understanding maybe bc she payed for the surgery (lol) but
I assure you it's swelling ! It wont start being flat in the morning for a couple weeks . W me it took around 2 and that's bc I had major swelling as well! So hang in there ! I'm sure you will feel different soon! You will be looking hot in no time and you will look back and say it was worth it! It's hard right now Its totally normal to feel like that! I put a pic up
Of my major swelling ! Take a look ! Mine is far worse then yours ! And I'm pretty flat now! So dont worry!
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5 DPO: 8:30 pm (128.2 lbs) Last time I...

5 DPO: 8:30 pm (128.2 lbs)

Last time I updated I was feeling sorry for myself. I will have to say that Day 3 was the hardest. I was in the "poor me" phase. I just felt sick yesterday, but less crabby. I'm pleased to announce that I feel 1000 times better today. My swelling has gone down and I'm feeling a bit more normal. Granted, I'm still very swollen, but it has gone down a lot. Yesterday I was 132.0 lbs and today I am 128.2 lbs. I feel better today and I'm not as tired. I've lowered the amount of hydrocodone I was taking which has made me less sleepy. Also, I've been following a routine that has been helpful.



Lotion belly

Reapply compression garment

rest, relax, nap, eat



ice packs with CG

Rest, relax, nap, eat


In addition to that I have changed my CG set up a little. I was wearing just the CG my PS gave me with a tank top, but since yesterday I switched things. Instead of the regular tank top, I'm wearing my spanx tank top under the CG. The swelling has really improved since doing that.

Tomorrow I'm going to venture out of my house for the first time since Tuesday. Planning on doing a little shopping. I won't be up for walking the whole time so I plan on riding around in the motorized I still can't stand straight or walk for long periods but every day gets better.

Looking forward to a good day tomorrow.

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8 DPO: 10am Well, today marks 8 days...

8 DPO: 10am

Well, today marks 8 days since my TT. I am less swollen today and in good spirits, however I have noticed that there are hard spots on my belly, especially my sides. I've heard other people talk about them, so it must be normal but I'll talk to my PS about it when I see him this afternoon.

I've cut way down on the pain meds and I've felt MUCH more sore ever since. I'm only taking the vicodin at nighttime. During the day I alternate between maximum strength tylenol and regular strength motrin. My doctor said to take the max amount of motrin a day as it would help as an anti-inflammatory.

During this whole process I have had no pain whatsoever associated with the incision itself. My sides are what hurt: the skin, the muscles, everything. I suppose that it is due mostly to the lipo being done. Thankfully I have had very little bruising. I've been taking arnica and bromelian orally and I've been applying Traumeel cream about 3 times a day. I've only had 3 small spots that had purple bruising, everywhere else was normal skin color or lightly yellow.

The swelling is still a big problem of mine since I am absolutely HUGE. It is strange to see myself this way and it is one thing that has been messing with my emotions. Over the last year I have worked really hard to lose 35 lbs. I went from a size 12 to a size 2 (granted the belly was loose and icky...but it was easily hidden by clothing). Now, I'm easily a size 8 or 10. That is really frustrating to see in the mirror every day. I know that it is due to swelling, but it is irritating none the less. So this makes me my drastic change in size more noticeable because I was "smaller" to start with or am I just more apt to swelling due to nature? I wonder if women who were heavier than me pre-surgery had better looking results earlier since they looked "smaller" sooner. I don't even know if what I am wondering makes any sense to anyone else.

Ultimately I know that I am going to have very good results and I know that I have to be patient. I'm just ready to stop feeling sore and start feeling normal. I'm ready to feel up to working out again and I'm ready to get back to my regular routine (and sleep in my bed...not the couch).

Looking at pictures I see good improvements everyday. :) I just have to keep reminding myself that recovery takes TIME.

I'm posting more pictures today. One from 12/17 (5 days post op) and from 12/18 (6 days post op). The difference is amazing.


Hang in there!  The swelling takes some time to go down.

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OMG! I am having a Tummy tuck hopefully in Feb. My date isn't completely set, and I am terrified, but really excited!!! I am small, but lots of extra skin in the center of my tummy. I am more nervous about where the scar will be....I want it low enough to wear a bikini again. Haven't done that in over 6 years!
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Tavierocks, my best advice would be to check out your prospective surgeons before and after for photos. Look at their scar placement and discuss that with your surgeon. Also, bring in a bikini you'd like to be able to wear after and show your surgeon. However, even that might not be enough. I ended up have a "smiley face" incision after my surgeon told me that I would have a very low incision, beneath my panty line :-( I looked at her before and afters and they were all really good. Although I look waaaay better now after having my tummy tuck, my dream of finally wearing a bikini probably won't come to fruition. My scar comes up high on my hips and it's low in my pubic line.

10 DPO: 8:36pm Well, it is hard...

10 DPO: 8:36pm

Well, it is hard to believe that I had a TT ten days ago. Heck, I still find it hard to believe that I had one at all. I'm a far cry from feeling "normal" but every day gets better.

Post Op update: I went for my 1 week post-op appointment on Tuesday (8 DPO). The doctor said that I was looking good and recovering nicely...and yes...the swelling will go down. He said that the hard spots that I was feeling were in fact the places where I was the most swollen. He said he didn't feel any fluid pockets so that is good. He said that I should try to start standing up straight and that the more active I am, the faster my swelling will go away. I'm scheduled to go back on Jan. 5th at which point I'll be 3 1/2 weeks post op. The PS said that I should start feeling normal around 3-4 weeks and confident enough for a bikini around 6-8 weeks. I'm just hoping that I don't look "fat" when I go back to work on Jan. 3rd. (see picture of me in green shirt to see how I looked before surgery).

Since my post-op appointment, I have been following doctor's orders and have been doing my best to stand straighter. I have no problem sitting up straight and tall, but when it comes to standing, it is still hard but it is getting better. I am pleased to say the the swelling is continuing to go down. Now I know people tell you to not weigh yourself for at least 8 weeks after surgery. I choose not to follow that advice, but thankfully I can listen to my rational mind and know that any weight gain I see is due to swelling and that it is not permanent. Well...if you shouldn't weigh yourself, you probably shouldn't take your measurements either...but I did anyway. I have been on a weight loss journey since January and part of my beginning of the month ritual is to take pictures and my measurements. That way I have real data that I can compare and not just leave it all to my memory. This morning I took measurements just to see how much the swelling has affected my body (not just my stomach). My new measurements were much larger, but I'm confident that they were smaller than how I was when I was at my peak of swelling. Here is a comparison of my "before" and "current" measurements:

12/11/11 VS 12/22/11

weight: 123.4 vs 129.6

bra line: 30.5 vs 31

natural waist: 28.75 vs 31

belly button: 31.5 vs 33.25

lower abs: 34 vs 35

hips: 35 vs 36.25

thighs: 20.25 vs 21.25

calves: 13.5 vs 14

Obviously the gain of 9.75 inches and 6.2 lbs is due solely to swelling (and not just in my abdomen but in my legs as well). I'm not upset about this (sure I wish the number had been lower as opposed to higher). I look forward to seeing how these numbers change each week. So I'll take measurements again in 10 more days (Jan. 1st). Like I said, I like having data so I can compare helps keep me sane.

I've made some other changes since my post-op appointment. I've started massaging my stomach at least 3 times a day with Palmer's coco butter. It helps loosen the knots on my stomach and sides and makes me feel more comfortable. I just rub around small circle and then move into long diagonal lines (kinda like a Swedish massage for my belly). I'm a firm believer in the benefits of massage and so far I'm seeing good results from the coco butter massages. The last two nights I've also slept half the night without my binder on. It was digging into my sides so I decided to take it off several times a day (for the massage) and part of the night. My swelling has not increase as a result, so I guess I'm not doing any harm.

Another thing that I have been doing is being more active. I've started the Leslie Sansome Walk-at-Home DVD. It has up to 5 miles of walking (just the same 4 steps repeated over and over). My first day (8 DPO) I "walked" 1 mile. My second day (9 DPO) I "walked" 2 miles, and today (10 DPO) I "walked" 3 miles. "Working out" again makes me feel more normal. Like I've mentioned before I've lost 35 lbs and I did it by healthy eating and a lot of exercise. I've completed Insanity, 3 rounds of TurboFire, and 2 rounds of P90X. Working out has become part of my lifestyle and I found myself going crazy not doing it. Now, I'm nowhere close to my old fitness level...heck it's only 10 DPO but I'm doing something and it is making me feel good. The old me would love to go crazy and make this walk-at-home video into a real calorie burner, but that just isn't in the cards right now. Physically there is no way I could do anything like that. I'm using this workout as a way to gain more mobility. I am able to do all of the movements (basically just marching in place but they also do knee lifts, kicks, and stepping to the side). I'm not pushing myself to do more that what feels comfortable. My kicks are only a couple inches off the ground (compare that to the head level kicks I'm used to doing) and my knee lifts are only lower thigh level (compared to chest height). Though I've got along way to go before I'm ready to do P90X2 (just arrived in the mail the other husband had to start it without me), I'm happy to be moving and staying active. I feel sooooooo much better just getting off the couch and using my body.

This TT has come with many emotional and physical ups and downs. I am thankful to say that the last 3 days have been going really well and I have felt so GOOD. My body isn't perfect yet, but I can see the potential. I am confident that I am going to have really good results. :D


Hey newme! Just checking in on you. Sounds like you're doing pretty good! How's the P90X2 workout going? I was wanting to start doing something like that beginning the first of the new year. Keep us updated and Happy Holidays! ;o)
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Haven't started P90X2 yet. It is a really intense workout and physically impossible to do at the moment. I am hoping to start it when my husband starts his second round in March. Right now I'm doing the Leslie Sansome Walk-at-Home video. Before having the TT I would have considered it way too easy but right now I find it great to help me regain mobility. I would highly recommend it especially if you are new to working out. Insanity and P90X are great workouts but the physical demands are just way to much post surgery, especially if you are not already physically fit (obviously I don't know your physical condition, I'm just making a general statement.)
I just had my tummy tuck done yesterday, I look about as swollen as you did. How are things going? Is your swelling getting better?
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13 DPO: 1:45 pm...123.6 lbs Merry...

13 DPO: 1:45 pm...123.6 lbs

Merry Christmas everyone! Finally at the point that I can give my TT a "Worth It" rating. :D

I'm back at pre-surgery weight and I am still swollen...I may end up under 120 and that would be fantastic! I still have swelling, especially in profile but my tummy is nice and flat and from the front I have curves in all the right places. I have a waistline for the first time ever. I'm very short-waisted and have always had very little definition in my waistline (more "ruler shaped "). Now I have an actual waistline and hips and it is so EXCITING! And the best part is that I will only look better as the swelling goes down.

Healing-wise I am doing well. I have some spots that are "lumpy" from the lipo but that will be resolved with time. I have very minimal bruising and the swelling continues to go down. I do think I may have a small pocket of fluid which I'll have checked at my next appointment. I still haven't seen my incision. The original tape from the surgery is on it. At my last appointment the PS said that I could trim it when it starts to Peel but since it was nice and dry and there was no evidence of infection, the tape would help with the scarring. Since I do not have any external stitches that need to be removed there is no reason to remove the tape. When the tape does come off, I'll start using the ScarGuard that my PS gave me.

My binder started digging into my sides so I bought some shapewear to have something a little more comfortable. Things are going well. I'm pretty much pain free except on my sides from the lipo. I am finally happy to say that I am so glad that I had this TT!

I'll post new pictures again soon .. :)

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15 DPO: 3:53 pm (124.4 lbs) Thing are going...

15 DPO: 3:53 pm (124.4 lbs)

Thing are going pretty well. I'm almost off pain meds altogether. I only take something for pain in the evening since that is when my pain gets to be the very worst. First thing in the morning my sides are really stiff and sore. Funny, I've not had any problems or pain associated with my incision at all. Oh, but how my sides ache. I guess that is from the lipo. I used to think that I'd want lipo on my inner thighs, but not anymore. I'd hate to have my inner thighs so sore.

I'm healing quite well. The swelling continues to go down every day. Today was the first time I actually saw myself completely flat from the side! It was very exciting. Granted, I'm still wider than I was before the surgery, but as the swelling continues to go down that will improve.

Yesterday I was able to walk around Target for a small shopping trip. It was nice to be up and about (the other times I went shopping I used the motorized scooter). I was even able to do the dishes and help fold laundry. I was a little more swollen that evening (lower abs by incision) but I wasn't too much more swollen than usual. I'm having lunch with a friend tomorrow and I'm really excited about that. I haven't been out with friends since I had my TT. It will be nice to see a friendly face and see how she reacts. I'm hoping to be walking upright.

That is my biggest challenge...walking upright. I hate being hunched over. I'm better than I was, but I'm certainly hunched over in my shoulders. I'm so ready to be able to walk straight and tall. I go back to work in exactly 1 week and I'm hoping to be walking tall and fitting into my clothes at that time. I'm only working half-days that first week back, but the following week I'll be working full time.

I'll have to post some updated pictures soon. Happy Healing everyone!


I had my TT 11-29-11, I'm 33 was 135lbs. I had the same weight and measurement gain, so depressing. With the holiday feeding frenzy and not being able to exercise I'm down to 130, my measurements are back to my October inches taken 1 week before a marathon. I'm still really swollen but my smallest size 4 jeans fit loose! I can't wait to see what this body can look line toned!!!
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Oh...I am SO glad that you posted that comment!! You have given me so much hope! All of my regular jean are a size 2 and my work pants are size 4, right now I couldn't squeeze into them if I tried. I am so glad to hear of your great success...I look forward to having similar results. :D

18 DPO: 11 pm Just a quick update to say that...

18 DPO: 11 pm

Just a quick update to say that I am FINALLY able to stand up straight! That is very exciting for me. Makes me feel much better. Also, the scabs on the BB are starting to fall off and it is looking like a BB again.


I am glad you are coming along so well:)

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I don't have time to write an in depth update....

I don't have time to write an in depth update. Just wanted to be able to post pictures. Quick thing...Went to the PS today. He said things were looking good and that swelling would continue to go down. He said that I could start working out doing anything I found comfortable but no heavy lifting and no abs (he did a small muscle repair above the belly button). I had one little spot where a stitch was coming out of the incision. The nurse "trimmed" the stitch and it hurt like the devil! Other than that, things went well. PS said that the swelling with my BB would go down and that he'd see me again in 6-8 weeks. Next appointment scheduled for 2/23. ;)


You look great!! I know you feel tons better. Looking forward to seeing your final results.
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Girl! You are looking fabulous!! The swelling has really gone down and you look so good!
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Thanks Bella! The swelling has gone down a lot but there is still more to go. I'm so excited to see the final results!

4 Weeks Post Op (28 DPO): I can't believe...

4 Weeks Post Op (28 DPO):

I can't believe I've made it to 4 weeks. My doctor was right when he said I'd start to feel more normal between 3-4 weeks. Right at 3 1/2 weeks I started to feel like a normal person again. Granted, I'm not 100%, but I'm getting better every day. I think that the biggest thing that made me feel better was psychological. My turning point was when I was able to put on my regular jeans. That happened on Thursday, Jan. 6th. I wore my regular size 2 jeans to my post op appointment. I had to have my binder on over my jeans, but just being able to put them on and zip them up was a fantastic feeling! Not being able to wear my regular clothes was really hard for me and the moment that I realized that I could FINALLY fit back into them, an emotional wall fell down. I finally stopped thinking that having the surgery was a mistake and I could finally see the good results that I was having.

I started back to work half time last week and that was a very smart decision. I felt better every day, but I was still really worn out by 11 o'clock. Today was my first day back full time. Overall it went really well. I think it would have been better had I not overdone it yesterday. I was cleared for working out on my last post-op appointment and I did a bit too much yesterday. Nothing crazy, just too much of it.

I'm feeling better and stronger every day, but I still get swollen. Like everyone else, the more active I am, the more swollen I get.

Things I still cannot do:
-lay flat on my back with my legs stretched out
-pick up my kids
-go without my CG or binder for extended periods of time
-stand up quickly

Things I can do:
-walk straight
-walk quickly
-extend my legs to almost 90 degrees while standing
-extend my legs to 90 degrees while laying
-do moderate cardio exercise

Things I continue to do:
-massage my stomach and sides (especially where I had lipo) 2-3 times a day
-apply ScarGuard (liquid silicon scar treatment) 2 times a day
-Wear compression garments or binder 90% of the day. (Even when I'm sleeping I'll wear a compression top like Flexees or Spanx, etc.)
-Stay positive knowing that things will continue to change every day and I will continue to feel stronger and more normal with each passing day.

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Biggest change since having surgery...CONFIDENCE!...

Biggest change since having surgery...CONFIDENCE! My husband has officially seen me naked for the first time in 6 years! The confidence to do that was worth the almost $8K.


You look amazing after 3 weeks. Really impressed by how low your incision is. Any new updates? Are you back to working out hardcore yet? I'm a TF fanatic as well as a runner and very anxious to get back at it :)
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Wow, you look awesome!You will look even better with time!
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You look awesome!!! the cartoon face picture made me laugh :)
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I'm doing a really quick update today. I've been...

I'm doing a really quick update today. I've been healing well. My last appointment had been at the end of Feb. At that time I was noticing some swelling. Well the swelling has only gotten worse. When I push on my stomach anywhere below my belly button it feels very weird. It feels like my stomach is a giant water balloon. I called the doctor today. I spoke to the triage nurse and she said I needed to come in. My PS won't be back till the end of next week but I was able to get an appointment with another PS at the same practice for Tuesday. Honestly I'd like them to suck all the extra fluid out.

At the surgery the PS removed 2 1/2 lbs, but I now weigh 6-7 lbs more than I did the day of surgery.


You look awesome, well worth the pain for that final result. I know 21st you meant about years of not buying a bikini. You're my inspiration, saving for my journey. Thanks for letting us see your process and progress.
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My stomach is not smooth at all at 5 days post so your review is really incouraging me to keep my head up, thanks for all the pics and posts.
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Hi I have 6 weeks to go but I was wondering what was your diet after surgery? You look great btw :)
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