TT for June 2011 - Charlotte, NC

Although I have never had kids, over the years my...

Although I have never had kids, over the years my tummy got larger as I aged. I lose weight easy enough but it was always around my tummy - no pun intended ;)- I fell better about my body when my weight is higher because it looks for porportionate. I want to lose the weight again but this time with no tummy. I am 5'3 and a reasonably muscular 170 - all the weight is my stomach and breast.

5/2/2011 - 30 more days and counting. I have...

5/2/2011 - 30 more days and counting. I have already began to plan my recovery and everything I will need to get to make my recovery as easy as possible. I also plan to lose about 5 to 7 pounds before the surgery.

Everyday I read the forums and recent updates from...

Everyday I read the forums and recent updates from others. Im excited. I'm turning the big 4.0 shortly after my surgery. It is my hope this surgery will free me from years of being self conscious about my stomach and feeling like a stuff sausage in a dress. I am looking foward to having a WAIST again!!! :) I want to look at my transition into the 40's as a rebirth into the person I feel like inside that can now match the outside.

I completed my preop today. I arrived prepared to...

I completed my preop today. I arrived prepared to give blood, urine and god knows whatelse, but all we did was recover the procedure, do's, don't, got my vitamins and of course cha-Ching the balance of the fee.... there goes my vacation budget for the year... I'm a healthy person but im not a doctor so I figured there would be more to the pre-op. I'm a little paranoid so I might call my general practicioner and get his suggestions. I have insurance whats wrong with a having another physical? My last one was in August but then he might think im a hypochrondiac.. hmmm food for thought. Im on the count down, Just 15 more days.

So I am now down to 7 days until my TT. I...

So I am now down to 7 days until my TT. I contacted my family doctor and he quickly got me in for true pre-op check. The nurse said they will most like just check my heart out. Better safe than sorry, that is why I pay health insurance. I've got my house spic and span, and stocked for my mother when she arrives to take care of me. But I really haven't gotten everything that I need. That will be my job over the next few days. I'm not overally nervous or excited, its become more of a fact for me. but I do squeeze my rolls thinking how soon they will gone!!!
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Charlotte is where you had the surgery? Was the 5,000 for everything??? Lipo too??
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I hope that your surgery goes/went well. I am seeing a PS from Charlotte Plastic Surgery as well (Dr. Eaves) but my TT isn't scheduled till Dec. 12th. I am so anxious to hear about your results! Best wishes!!! :)
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not much longer!! good luck :)
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Good luck on your TT. I can attest it IS wonderful having waist back. I'm excited for you!
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wow that is great! I checked out your page and photos. You absolutely do not look like you weigh 150 at 5'1! You have great muscle tone. The days are moving fast June will be here for us before we know it!
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Thank u! I feel alot heavier lol..Im counting down the days Im so excited and now Im getting a little nervous :/
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Hi my TT is june 15th. I see you are in charlotte I am having my surgery in charlotte well gastonia actually!
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