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Tummy Tuck 5 Days Ago and Feeling Some Anxiety, but Doing Well - Charlotte, NC

I have two children, now 8 and 5, both delivered...

I have two children, now 8 and 5, both delivered by c-section. I am 5'2 and 118 pounds and with my first gained 70 pounds. He really stretched me out. I have spent the last five years focused on fitness and losing the baby weight and can't get rid of the patch of skin and my belly button was really deformed. Took me over a year to work up the courage to do this.

The surgery went great and my dr is fantastic. I have had several friends have other procedures by the dr I used with great results. For me so far, it's more of the anxiety. I really wasn't expecting this anxiety and feel it's for no reason. I am not in that much pain, still feeling very tight and bloated, still hunched over a little, but able to get up and down and walk around. I am glad that I found this sight and would love for any comments. I think it's very helpful hearing everyone's stories and comments. I will work on uploading some pictures.

Your husband is right about the scar, and you know they turn silver eventually. My doctor told me to do nothing special with the scar. Am just letting soap and water, shampoo and conditioner run over it in the shower.

So I had lots of questions for him as usual. One about how to treat the scar (like normal skin basically), if it is safe for me to bend over (yes), whether I can exercise (taking walks but that is it), when the swelling will go down (couple more weeks but will continue to improve thereafter), and last what is up with this hunched over stuff and what can I do (well he actually thought I looked great and hadn't meant ramrod straight; it will, again, improve day by day).

The drains came out hallelujah!!!! I was beginning to find them more a drain on me psychologically than I'd have imagined. It wasn't the best feeling having them pulled, but after it was a dramatic improvement. Dramatic! I was able to stand up more fully and no more of the tethered feeling in my abdomen. So amazing. I made the mistake of asking to see the portion that'd been in me. Wow.

I've been emotional too but the hardest part is over!!! Woohoo! I am getting so excited about the shopping I will do after I lose the puffiness and swelling. You should too. :-) it is going to be fabulous.

One funny thing: went to buy spanx or something spanx-esque and hahaha how in the world does anyone weasel themself into that thing without an applicator! It was like no bigger than a Trojan. I would have had an easier time sliding into a garden hose. So I'm sticking with my trusty elastic and Velcro binder and some spandex bike shorts.

Hope you are doing well and are happy today. Aren't you so glad you did this now? Will be good by Xmas, and centerfold worthy by summer. Awesomeness :-)
Thanks so much for the update. Okay, the comment on spanx was hilarious and so true! I would rather wear this girdle b/c they are so hard to get up and down. I will have to plan my bathroom trips for sure if I switch over. Interesting about the scar - was told to keep it moist with vaseline and start using Scar Fade. Also to massage it twice a day to keep it from raising. I asked about the lympthotic massage today and they said it wasn't necessary unless I started having issues. Well, continue to keep me posted on your progress. May switch to emailing directly if this is a hassel, would like to keep tabs as we progress. Have a great night.
How are you girl? Amazed at how you're able to reclaim your life so soon? I am doing well but learned the doctor is right about not lifting too heavy. I'm fine but thought lifting two gallons of apple juice was no big.... Follow the doctor's advice, wow! Nothing bad happened but I remembered really fast that I just had muscle repair!

How are your kids doing with your healing? Are you feeling good? I hope so!
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