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Tummy Tuck 5 Days Ago and Feeling Some Anxiety, but Doing Well - Charlotte, NC

I have two children, now 8 and 5, both delivered...

I have two children, now 8 and 5, both delivered by c-section. I am 5'2 and 118 pounds and with my first gained 70 pounds. He really stretched me out. I have spent the last five years focused on fitness and losing the baby weight and can't get rid of the patch of skin and my belly button was really deformed. Took me over a year to work up the courage to do this.

The surgery went great and my dr is fantastic. I have had several friends have other procedures by the dr I used with great results. For me so far, it's more of the anxiety. I really wasn't expecting this anxiety and feel it's for no reason. I am not in that much pain, still feeling very tight and bloated, still hunched over a little, but able to get up and down and walk around. I am glad that I found this sight and would love for any comments. I think it's very helpful hearing everyone's stories and comments. I will work on uploading some pictures.

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Your husband is right about the scar, and you know they turn silver eventually. My doctor told me to do nothing special with the scar. Am just letting soap and water, shampoo and conditioner run over it in the shower.

So I had lots of questions for him as usual. One about how to treat the scar (like normal skin basically), if it is safe for me to bend over (yes), whether I can exercise (taking walks but that is it), when the swelling will go down (couple more weeks but will continue to improve thereafter), and last what is up with this hunched over stuff and what can I do (well he actually thought I looked great and hadn't meant ramrod straight; it will, again, improve day by day).

The drains came out hallelujah!!!! I was beginning to find them more a drain on me psychologically than I'd have imagined. It wasn't the best feeling having them pulled, but after it was a dramatic improvement. Dramatic! I was able to stand up more fully and no more of the tethered feeling in my abdomen. So amazing. I made the mistake of asking to see the portion that'd been in me. Wow.

I've been emotional too but the hardest part is over!!! Woohoo! I am getting so excited about the shopping I will do after I lose the puffiness and swelling. You should too. :-) it is going to be fabulous.

One funny thing: went to buy spanx or something spanx-esque and hahaha how in the world does anyone weasel themself into that thing without an applicator! It was like no bigger than a Trojan. I would have had an easier time sliding into a garden hose. So I'm sticking with my trusty elastic and Velcro binder and some spandex bike shorts.

Hope you are doing well and are happy today. Aren't you so glad you did this now? Will be good by Xmas, and centerfold worthy by summer. Awesomeness :-)
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Thanks so much for the update. Okay, the comment on spanx was hilarious and so true! I would rather wear this girdle b/c they are so hard to get up and down. I will have to plan my bathroom trips for sure if I switch over. Interesting about the scar - was told to keep it moist with vaseline and start using Scar Fade. Also to massage it twice a day to keep it from raising. I asked about the lympthotic massage today and they said it wasn't necessary unless I started having issues. Well, continue to keep me posted on your progress. May switch to emailing directly if this is a hassel, would like to keep tabs as we progress. Have a great night.
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How are you girl? Amazed at how you're able to reclaim your life so soon? I am doing well but learned the doctor is right about not lifting too heavy. I'm fine but thought lifting two gallons of apple juice was no big.... Follow the doctor's advice, wow! Nothing bad happened but I remembered really fast that I just had muscle repair!

How are your kids doing with your healing? Are you feeling good? I hope so!
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Hi there. It's hard to believe I am almost to week threes. I feel like I am doing really well. My belly button is healing, the top part is taking longer than the bottom. I wish my drain hole would close up all the way, still have a little bit of fluid that comes out now and then. Just trying to be patient with the recovery, it is longer than what I had expected. Ready to not feel numb anymore, but I know it's just a matter of time and it's really just below my belly button.
The kids have been great. It's actually been good b/c they are having to do some things for themselves and they love helping mommy out. I a pretty much back to my normal routine except the exercise and heavy lifting. I just can't wait until I don't have to wear a compression garmet and my wounds heal up. The most exciting part for me is not having to worry about having a hernia and having my muscles repaired....well, ask me about that one after I do my first set of abdominal crunches in 3 months :)
How are you?
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I am glad to hear you are doing great. I had 2 c-sections and thinking the pain would be the same. My surgery is scheduled for Dec 16th. I am very nervous and hoping I will feel better by the 24th.
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I really didn't have that much pain, more feeling stretched out and swollen. You will be fine. The first week was tough for me, but after that it is uphill.
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Monday the 22nd????? Wow, that's is great you are so active, I am so scared to walk cuz I can't stand up straight! I had mine in Monday and can't wait for the recovery to end! You are a inspiration!
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I had my TT and Breast Aug. on Monday. I get my drain out on Monday. I feel really good. I walked 1/2 mile on Wednesday (little hunched over). Thursday I walked an mile upright and today I walked a mile and a half. I was used to running 3 miles a day so I am anxious to recover but I will not take it too fast and compromise my awesome progress. I removed most of the steristrips today. Only dumped my drain twice today. I can't wait to have that and my staples removed monday! Everyone told me it was worse than a C-section and I had two. I do not think it was near as bad. I can't believe how good my stomach looks:) Going skiing in Colorado on christmas day. That is my goal to be back to normal:)
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do they recommend being active or staying in bed afted the surgery.?
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My Dr recommended that I walk at least 20 minutes every 2 hours for the first week, even after surgery. This is to prevent blood clots. I did mostly walking the first couple of weeks and household things except for a lot of bending and twisting until three weeks. Although, my doctor said bending and twisting was okay after week one, it was more comfort for me. I am still not lifting anything over 10 lbs, but I am six weeks this Friday and should get clearance from my DR next week to resume normal excercise activities and lift again. Just listen to your body and do what you feel comfortable with. The first two weeks were tough, I am very active. I feel great now, I have most of my feeling back, except a small area between belly button and scar. I don't feel that stretched unless I sit for a long period of time. One of the hardest parts is just not knowing what is normal healing, my belly button did some crazy things, but is on it's way to full recovery. Let me know if you have any other questions. I found this site to be very helpful, you really need to talk to others that have been through it.
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Hey! So you had yours on the 18th too :-) My doctor said I was allowed to stand straight when he saw me on day 2! However I was bent over like a right angle for the first few days. I get my drains out on Tuesday. I thought I'd get them out yesterday, but sadly I made the executive decision to not "strip" my drain tubing, so the output wasn't accurate. That part was uncomfortable, so I didn't do it :-(

Well I can't quite stand up straight yet. I try so hard, but it's like I'm still tethered a bit too tight, you know? Its not fear of standing; it's simply inability so far. There's this irrational fear I have that I'll never stand tall and proud again. Like what if he cinched me up too much?! But like I said *irrational* fear. (I think!)

Are you fully upright yet?

I think I'm going to post a review with pics in the next few days too. I've been waiting to be sans narcotics so it makes any sense at all!
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I had mine on the 19th so you are a day ahead of me. I am standing fully upright, but as the day goes on feel a little tighter and start to hunch over. I take a deep breath when I find myself doing that and then stand up straight again. I have been trying to be more active. I still have the drain, get it out tomorrow. Have had to hide it under baggy clothes to go out. I am feeling so much better this week. I think that the pain medicine did a number on me. I am very active and to be down and out was difficult. I run 5 miles 3-4 times a week and I just want to get back to that level of energy. It's also hard when you have two kids, having to think about everything you do before you do it to make sure you are not going to hurt yourself, but I know that is temporary and I have an amazing husband.
How are you feeling now? Do you work? If so, when do you plan to return to work.
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Wow don't know how you're doing it with two young kids./ Mine are older 19 and 21. So along with my husband they have helped me over Thanksgiving break. I hope to get my drain out tomorrow, too. I'm really tired of having to hide it under my clothes. I emptied about 50cc of fluid from it today so we'll see. I teach and plan to go back tomorrow and work 1/2 the day. But I plan on working the rest of the week. I week for a morning and afternoon walk today. Like you I am a very active person. I understood you when you said as the day goes on you start to bend over more. That is happening to me too:) I think you are 3 days ahead of me so keep posting your progress. Do you work?
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So you had your drain out today, you lucky thing! Tomorrow is when mine come out thank goodness. Oh they pull and I have just stayed inside mostly because it looks like I have books in my pants!

I'm having the same issues you describe with starting out straight and then hunching as the day wears on. I am going to ask the doctor tomorrow what I can do about this and will share his response. Hopefully it is something more proactive, like stretching or something, as opposed to wait it out. Patience isn't a strength of mine!

I'm really active too. I love high impact aerobics and running, which was a big reason I chose to undergo this surgery. It was painful with the pitiful tummy. I cant wait to get back to exercie; even plain old fast walking would be incredible. Not too much longer for either of us!

Gosh I hear you about the kids. I was so worried about my three yr old and the damage he could (unintentionally) do post surgery, but he has been great. Getting pizza out of the oven on my own is another story.

Awesome that your husband is so supportive! That means so much!

I do work, but I'm a writer and can work from pretty much anywhere. Trying to balance the too much sitting / not enough walking is really my only work-related challenge.

So I'll repost tomorrow and share any good tidbits on the whole standing up straight issue. I'm also going to ask about whether i can wear spanx or if I need to splurge on one of these expensive and not so cute Veronique garments. Are you still in a binder? I'm thankful for it... Without it I feel like my insides are not tethered in, kinda creepy.

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Yes, please let me know what the dr. says. I am so glad to have the drain out. I feel more like myself again. My primary garmet is more like a girdle and then my secondary is more like spanx. I can start wearing the spanx after this week. I feel like I am getting back to normal, going to work a 1/2 day today, from home. What are you putting on your scar? I think that is the hardest part of this for me. I know it will fade over time and mine is pretty low, definitely can wear a regular bikini. My husband keeps reminding me that it's not that much longer than my c-section scar and it will fade. He is so great, I have been an emotional rollercoaster and he definitely keeps me focused and positive. Let me know what your dr says about everything, stretching, etc. It's great connecting with someone at the same stage, small children, etc.
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Hey! Don't underestimate the emotional effects of the combination of anesthesia, pain medicine, physical pain, and the "coming down" from the pre-op anxiety. I had my tt with muscle repair one week ago and spent day four bawling in tears. I'd read here that experiencing transient depression after surgery is really common and kind of pooh-poohed the idea, thinking for sure I suffered mine in the days leading up to surgery (nervous and fearful). Nope! At my followup appointment yesterday my sweet nurse said the anesthesia can make you bluesy and not feeling like yourself for a few weeks even. She suggested sitting in the sun and looking forward to bathing suit season. Take your vitamins too. Even as down as I was just two days ago, I'm feeling better. Take it day by day and be amazed by your body's ability to heal. You will stand up straight; don't worry! My doctor said the muscle repair involves layers upon layers of stitches. It's going to feel tight but just like the healing you'll ease back upright in time. You had surgery and will be in pain, but hang in there. You will be amazed every day how much better you are than the day before. All the best!
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Thank you so much for your comments. I am day 7 now and feeling much better. I haven't been in pain, but definitely very tight. Trying to focus on the positive, like getting my drain out on Monday. Maybe I will feel somewhat normal then. LOL How are you feeling today? Is your Dr letting you stand up straight before the first week. Mine has encouraged me to stand as tall as I can each day....little by little I am getting there. Please keep me up to date on your post op. I still need to upload some pictures.
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Yes your back is going to hurt for a while!  That will ease up eventually but it all takes time.  Keep up on those pain meds and REST! 

That is nice you have your mom to help you.  How did your appointment go?
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Hey, I am post op day 3 and the standing up process is the hardest. My back hurts more then anything. I have and appointment today where I will finally see whats under the bandages. Overall, I am happy with my choice and thank god for my mom, she has been so helpful. Oh and thank god for painkillers. I can so identify with the constant working out, I actually became obsessed and when I didn't get the results I wanted, I wanted to give up. I wish you luck with your recovery and like you thank god for this site.
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Oh yes the post op anxiety...no fun at all!  This will get better with time and is temporary.  If it is too bothersome call your doctor and let him know.  There are meds they can prescribe for you to take for the short term.   I have read about several woman taking something and it has really helped them.

Make sure you rest plenty, drink your fluids and don't over do it.   Keep posting and let us know who you are doing.  Can't wait to see your pics!  I bet you look amazing :)
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