Tomorrow!!!!! Finally Hitting Home! - Charlotte, NC

I had trouble sleeping last night. I don't know if...

I had trouble sleeping last night. I don't know if I'm nervous or excited. Probaby both! I'm ready for a new body. Something that won't discourage me at the gym when I'm working my butt off and I stil l have this big stomach. Not for long, baby! Legs and arms are firm and muscalur, then I look at my midsection... yuck!

New Body- Check!

Tomorrow at this very time, I will be getting my new body! I'm super excited, a little anxious, but overall, I'm READY!
I'm having tummy tuck with lipo on my inner thighs, upper stomach and flanks.
After 3 kids, years of working out, I am ready to shed this "gut" and achieve a body that matches my tones arms and legs.

I am up and ready...

Well, here goes!


No pain, just a little discomfort here and there. So worth it!

Had a wonderful night

Slept most of the night. I set my alarm to wake me every 4 hours to take meds. No pain! The pain pump was soooo worth it!

Headed out to my post op appt.

Another Great Day

Still no pain. I can't believe it! I would have had this done earlier had I known the recovery was going to be bearable.

My back does feel like it's going to break when I walk, though.

Really Sore and Bruised

Sore and very bruised, but not aching. Had the pain pump removed yesterday, I'm sure this is why I can feel the soreness now. Man, the bruising is horrific!

Serious Bruising

I spoke to Dr. Mantooth today about the swelling. I am completely black and blue from hip bone to hipbone, via my lower to mid back... Still no pain but it looks horrible.
So, I'm going back in tomorrow to make sure there are no hematomas.

Tired and Bored

Good Lord! I love CNN but I may never watch it again. I no longer like reading. Tried working today but my clients just annoyed the heck out of me. My friend called to check on me but even that was annoying. I have an appointment tomorrow with my PS to see if the drains can be removed. I sure hope so. They are now nasty and smell like flesh. Oh God!!!!!!! I rinsed them out in the shower ;)
I think I am smaller but I'm afraid the swelling is winning the battle.

Praying my drains are coming out today

I have an appointment in an hour. The drains are coming out or I'm going to have a meltdown!
I have to say I feel wonderful today and even spoke to a few clients without feeling annoyed.

No More Drains!

Drains came out today as well as the belly button stitches and the ones that closed up the lipo openings. I feel 100% better!! My doctor said I'm healing beautifully... I knew that already :)

Feeling Good but really Stiff......

I'm sure the swelling has me feeling like a beluga whale. My PS says it peaks at 2 weeks. I sure hope so. Without it, I would be pretty mobile and more independent. Right now, I just feel like lying in bed snuggling with the dogs. I'm sure if one of them pokes me with a nail, I'll deflate!

Last night, I was awakened by a dull pain in my side, so I guess I was tilted a bit and was putting pressure on my incision.... which feels really tight today as well. I, certainly, understand what others have said about increased swelling as the day goes on. What is that about?

Overall, feeling good, though! Sooooooooooo ready to go back to the gym. I miss everyone!

Turned a Corner Today!

Up doing laundry, showered, washed my hair, I even shaved... Whoop Whoop!
Still a bit swollen but I can tell it's a lot less than yesterday. The bruising is so much better since I've been taking Arnica. I'm not sure if I like this belly button or not but it's mine now. We may even go out to lunch after I rest up a little. If I could walk straight up, things would be even better. I'm feeling really good today!

Can't Believe I did it....

I'm still in disbelief. After 10 years of wanting a tummy tuck, I did it. I didn't even need one 10 years ago, but I knew based on Family history, no matter what I did, it was inevitably going to happen.

With that said, I'm still super swollen. I thought by now, I would be looking at a much thinner waistline, but.... no. Ok, a little thinner, but I need to see results.

It's true that as the day goes on, the swelling and bloated feeling gets worse. I see my PS tomorrow. Maybe he can wave his magic wand :)


Although I feel every bump in the road, it's nice to get out of the house. Driving the "Ultimate Driving Machine" does seem to help!

Yesterday I felt like Super Woman so I did too much. Today I feel like I've been hit by my "Ultimate Driving Machine"!

A little swelling and my bb seems elongated like it wants to close. So I stuck an ear plug in it. I heard marbles work but I couldn't find any of those today.

Swelling Subsiding.....

I'm not overly optimistic but my swelling seems to be getting better. Of course, when I eat I become a little fluffy! Yippee!

Swell Hell

Yes. I'm in Swell Hell. Doc says it's normal. I've noticed a little difference this weekend, but I really need for this to go away. Otherwise, I am feeling wonderful and started exercising a few days ago. That felt super good!

Not so fast Swell Hell!

I woke up this morning with the best tummy I've had in about 15 years! Looks like my swelling decided to to subside a lot overnight. Yay! Now let's hope it stays that way.

Another Appt to see my PS

I'm still really swollen and I'm almost 7 weeks PO. I just made another appt to see Dr. Mantooth. I know he thinks the swelling is normal, but I just don't think it is. I'll let everyone know the outcome.... just hope it doesn't involve a needle :( I've been poked and prodded enough.... including an emergency root canal last week.

TT Revision

Well, I saw my PS yesterday for my 6 month check up. He knew before I even opened my mouth that I wanted him to tell me it wasn't swelling and I needed more work done. He was ready for me and trust me, I had on my virtual war paint. So, I'm going back in on May 27th for lipo on my entire tummy, sides and back. This is funny because the only pain and discomfort I felt was from the lipo and I swore I would never have that again... well, I'm eating those words.

My revision is free but they wanted me to pay the OR fee of $368. Instead of paying, I said, why don't we just lift and reduce the "girls" while I'm here next time and let that be it! So, signed up for that, too. The additional booby lift will be $5070.

The reason I've not been happy was because he kept telling me it was all swelling that I was experiencing. I do agree that some of it was, but after 6 months, most of the swelling is gone but there is still just a little, which is apparent. I'd like to have my scar a little lower but I've come this far in my recovery process and that's not at the op of my list.

Nothing really new.....

I've lost a lot of weight! YAY!!!!!!! I upped my kickboxing and spin classes but still pumping iron, too. I like my new body but I won't love it until I have normal size boobs. Because my tummy muscles are so tight, there are still a few Pilates moves that I can't do... but these big a** boobs are a true hindrance.

Nothing really new...

I've lost a ton of weight! YAY! I upped my kickboxing and spin classes but I'm still pumping iron as much as possible. I like my new body but I don't love it yet. It's hard to love it with DDD big a** boobs. There are still a few Pilates moves that I can't do because my tummy muscles are still so tight but these DDD are just a true hindrance. Can't wait for May 27th.

New Boobs :)

July 1st was the big day. I am so happy with the way my smaller girls look. I really did not expect them to look this good and (this is BIG)..... it was so painless! It's been 3 days and I'm cleaning, shopping and driving. My doctor would probably scream if he knew. But I feel like a new woman! Thanks, Dr. Mantooth.... I'm rocking my new set all over town!

Moving Right Along

Hi Everyone,
Still healing really well. This was well worth the money! No pain and no set backs. The swelling is subsiding and I have had no numbness!
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I'm 9 days post op, but I love the way I have been taken care of. Linda, the Patient Care Coordinator treats me like I am their only patient, whether it's via phone, email or in person. Dr. Mantooth is gentle and genuinely cares how I feel.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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So you had a revision on your sides? Looks great!! :-)
  • Reply
I did, thanks! He made 3 inch incisions an each side and removed more skin and did lipo. He didn't revise my belly yet. It's still getting smaller by the day.
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You look great and happy for you.
  • Reply
Wow they look look great... I will have to look call this dr as from your pictures I really like his work.
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Well.... let me refer you! Thanks, though. I feel great, too. No pain at all. He also did my TT last August.
  • Reply
Looking good
  • Reply
Why thank you, My Dear!
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Congrats on the weight loss. You are looking good. I had a BR 9 months ago. I was an "I" cup. I am a between sizes now as one boob is shaped different than the other boob. I had a different doctor on each one. But I'm in the D/DD's. Needing a tummy tuck now. Just searching around for the right doc. I'm in the same area.
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Congrats on the weight loss!! Can't wait to see your revision results!
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Good luck to you. Your going to love the reduction/lift results. I have a short torso and the lift made it seem longer.
  • Reply
A longer torso would be very nice! You look great!
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what is the pain pump
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Hey lady! I am 4 months post ob, and still get swollen especially in my stomach area, but its not frequent. I have been drinking alot of water as well. I hope all is well your way!
  • Reply
Thanks for the reply CruzDiva . Its been 3 months and you are still having the Swelling. I know how frustrating it can be. But, hope fully it will very soon go away with out complications. Just hang it there with fingers crossed . My apnt with the doc is next week. Have to see how it goes. Am just so nervous ..Phewww
  • Reply
My comment was not posted completely before . can u tell me how much it costed in total ? I have an apnt next week and am very nervous, excited at the same time and very very worried abt the cost . You look great and congratulations on your newself :)
  • Reply
Thanks, Trynew! Mine was $8800 for the full tt, lipo of inner thighs, flanks, upper tummy and back (he threw that in during surgery, apparently!) Loving my results but my swelling is frustrating me soooo very much. I have a sinking feeling that it's more than just the usual swelling but my doctor isn't hearing that. So, I'll give it another 3 months, then he needs to fix it. Keep me posted!!!
  • Reply
can u tell me how much it costed in total ? I have an apnt next week and am very nervous, excited at the same time and very very worried abt the cost .
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Hows it going Diva???
  • Reply
Hi, No changes. Still swollen. I give up!
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Awww that sucks. I'm sure it's normal. It sounds like most of the girls experience swelling off and on for the first few months
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How is the swelling?
  • Reply
The swelling really sucks, to be honest. Today, I woke up with soreness that was pretty bad in the swollen areas. That's strange because I didn't do anything physical yesterday. The swelling is getting better to the naked eye, I can't tell, but I'm able to wear my jeans again. Only 2 pairs of them fit. All the others are too large. I've lost a lot of weight but also, my muscular thighs are shrinking from not working out.
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What did your ps say about the swelling?
  • Reply
He said it's getting better and to expect it after a workout. So for now, I'm going to pretend my tummy is completely flat. All of my jeans are too large!
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