Abs, thighs, and upper arms oh my - Charlotte, NC

I had smartlipo on October 25, 2012 to my abs...

I had smartlipo on October 25, 2012 to my abs feathered into my flanks, outter thighs, and arms. I was 135 and 5'4" before surgery and I wore a size 6. I know I'm still swollen but unsure if I'm going to get the results I was hoping for.

I've had two children (16 months apart) and could never lose weight in certain areas. I never really had a "pooch" before surgery and maybe it's just the swelling but I feel so much big in my lower stomach area.

Will post pictures soon.

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Will post arm pictures tomorrow. Feeling very...

Will post arm pictures tomorrow. Feeling very swollen. My husband went back to work today and I had both kids (ages 2 and 3) to take care of. Tired and sore.


oh girl I think you look great! it's the swelling that's got you down, seriously. the compression garment pushes the extra fluid (blood, liquefied fat, etc) in your abdomen down (hence the "pooch" and the bruised lady area. all of that will go away in a few weeks once your body heals. take heart, you really do look fantastic! :)
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Thank you! Seriously thank you! I get no response from my husband other than give it time. TMI but I was put to sleep for the procedure and was told that anthesia can sometimes make you constipated. I unfortunately have this effect. So maybe this has a lot to do with the way I feel plus not being able to work out.
Oh that definitely has something to do with it! I had the same problem - get you some Colace (or the generic brand). Take one before bed and you should be better the next day or the next!

I will post new photos tomorrow since I can't post...

I will post new photos tomorrow since I can't post them in my iPod. Anyway. It's been a week and a half and I'm feeling pretty good. Still haven't begun exercising but plan to tomorrow minus the running since I had my outter thighs done. I've been testing it out with a quick little jog inside the house and my thighs are still rather sore. I've got some hardness all over which I've heard is normal. My scars are healing beautifully and I really think no one will ever notice them. My stomach still has a bit (I realize in the whole scheme if things its a tiny bit) of fat so when I sit or bend over i can see it and I can pinch it. I'm hoping that gets better with time but I doubt it. I wonder if my dr does touch ups, didn't think to ask before. Other than that the compression garments are driving me crazy :)

Can't wait to get my pictures from my dr at my next appt.


Hey mommy...still way to early to judge and exercise with the exception of walking..I am 7 wks post op today and back from drs earlier today and just got the ok to start back at Zumba...takes 6 months for swelling to go away and in some case even longer...u look AMAZING now...just imagine once ur body heals...which will be months...keep the faith...Patience is hard...TRUST ME...lol...but u watch as time goes..the changes will continue...Happy Healing hun :)
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Your stomach looks AMAZING!! Congratulations on the results!!
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Well it's been a week and a half since my...

Well it's been a week and a half since my smartlipo procedure. I think in going to start lifting some light weights today. Last week at my one week appt the doctor said I could start doing some light jogging/running. I laughed. My outer thighs are still sore do there's no way that's going to happen. Things are healing nicely. I'm happy with the scars and think they will soon be unnoticeable. The compression garment is uncomfortable like everyone has said. I find sleeping difficult because I can't get comfy.

Overall I'm happy but I'm still not comfortable being naked in front of my husband. I need to get over it, I know. There's still a tiny tiny bit of fat/stretched skin from kids that when I sit or bend over hangs. I'm hoping the skin will continue to tighten.

Either way its an improvement and I am happy.


Hey!! Just saw the updated pictures!! You look SOOO GOOOD!!! Do you have any pre op pics to compare to the new you!?
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I will be getting them from the doctor in 2 weeks but I may be able to find something on my computer.
Kk no worries just wondering :)!!

Loving the results. My skin is starting to firm up...

Loving the results. My skin is starting to firm up now. I have one small spot that will need to be corrected. The doctor said it will take 10 mins. :)


Seems like it's been longer than 9-10 weeks since my surgery. Although there is a small spot that will need to be corrected I am very happy with my results. The scars on the back of my arms are inverted slightly. Of course I notice, but my husband says no one will know. It looks like I got shot with a small bullet. Things could be worse. :) I'm eating healthy, ok 95% of the time, and exercises 5-6 times a week too. I wish I knew a way to tighting my skin more. It's still a little lose, but thats from having kids I guess. overall, happy i did it.
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Your doctor did an excellent Job! You look amazing! Only like 6 weeks and no swelling? That's great!
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I had some swelling but for the most part it's done. Dr said one more month probably. Arms are still numb sometimes. I saw my before photos at my appt and I can definitely tell a differance. You tend to forget what you were before. Skin still jot as tight as I'd hoped but I did have two kids back to back so I can't complain.
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