Consultation Tomorrow! - Charlotte, NC

I've always been SO self conscious of my nose,...

I've always been SO self conscious of my nose, especially from the side. It's vert straight and really just awkward looking on my face. I HATE taking photos from the side...the front isn't as bad and I don't mind it as much as I do the side.

I've searched through many surgeons simply because I know this is a bit more risky as in "it could look horrible" kinda thing. I go tomorrow (3/3/14) for my consultation! I'm so so so excited. I will update soon!!!

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Consolation DONE!

I'll update tomorrow about how it went etc. But I have a date set and all! Let's do this :)

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That last title - I hate iPhones! You all know what I meant.


To me your nose here is not bad at all! Just make sure you and your doctor are on the same page. You are a pretty girl. Good luck.
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Aww it is such a wee bump!! No need to feel self-conscious as it does not detract from your look, at least not in the photo you posted. But I know how you feel. Date set? How exciting! Can't wait to see your future updates!
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Date set!


I met with my surgeon for the first time today, after looking around and talking to different people I finally found one I really like. Dr. Lizska is super nice and very business-ey at the same time. He makes you feel like he knows whats best and is going to do a great job. The staff at his office are amazing and so helpful as well!

My surgery date is set and I will have it done on April 4th at 9 AM! I have waited on this for so so long and now its finally here. I couldn't be happier. I go for my pre-op next Wednesday as well. So far - If you're thinking about doing this - make sure you find someone who is reliable and trusting! Do not go for just any surgeon, listen to your gut ;)

I'll be updating more next Wednesday! If anyone would so kindly message/comments tips for me I would highly appreciate it! Just tell me things you did after surgery that helped or any advice :) thank you!

- Laura


Aw well thank you! I made sure we were. He understands exactly what I'm asking for and what I want. Thanks for your support :)
Hahaha I feel like its huge for my face! Thanks for your kind words. I feel super excited! The date is set for April 4th! so exactly a month today. :) thanks so much.
I'm 25 and everyday I wake up and hate my damn nose. This gave me the balls to just go ahead and set up a consuktation . I figure fuck it right

Front view!

Sorry I have no makeup on and look horrible.


It looks like you're getting great feedback from others in the rhinoplasty community. You're gorgeous and I hope that when all is said and done you are happier with your nose. Here's a list of recovery supplies!
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Thanks so much!!! :) that means a lot - also, thanks for the list!
to be honest - your nose is act really pretty
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So I go for my pre-op on Wednesday at 9 A.M! I am so excited for April 4th to come. I have my days requested off for work as well. I'm taking 10 days off - hopefully I won't need more than that but if I do my manger is really nice and will allow me to take more off. So, this may sound dumb but what is exactly done at a pre-op?


front view looks friggin gorgeous what are you talking about?!
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I think the tip needs to be lifted! that’s what we are going for…thanks for the comment though :)
Pre-op is a physical exam like the one usually done annually. I had mine yesterday. I plan to take off 9 days for my revision on March 25, with the weekend it will be 13 days. I think 10 days should be enough fro your recovery.
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Well I thought I’d update before my surgery…today is Wednesday and it’s on Friday! It had came up SO quick. I’m so excited and getting prepared. I have icepacks (small ones) my vitamins -- which I’ve been taking, cough drops, throat spray, also a nasal spray, ensure drinks for vitamins and easy nutrition, my prescriptions, dry shampoo, face wipes….the most important things I have read so far! I am SO nervous for this…I think I’m just scared of not being able to breath etc, I have crazy allergies so my nose is super sensitive anyway. I’m just hoping for the best. If anyone wants to give me more tips or things to get please feel free to comment! Even the littlest advice is appreciated! I’ll update again the night before my surgery and be on to check my comments!

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I really have a certain “nose” I wanna go for…should I bring a picture with my on the day of surgery just to make sure we are on the same page? Or is this weird??


As far as having a certain nose, you can feel free to take a picture in with you but try to stay realistic that the doctor can only give you the best nose for YOUR face. It's tough to keep in mind that a beautiful nose on someone else may not suit you. A picture can't hurt, though. Good luck! :)
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thank you for your comment! I just wasn’t sure if it would be weird to bring it into surgery


Well it's official. I have had my rhinoplasty procedure. It went pretty well I thought it and my surgeon told my mom when I was in recovery that he was please and I would be too. I took pics of a nose I was kinda going for and he even took them back to the OR. He also said he got it to as close to the nose I'm the pictures he could and said I would think it was close too! I'm excited to see the end results. I can already tell it has a beautiful shape. So far the pain is about at 5-7 off and on. I didn't get packing so I can actually breath but it kinda burns to breath so I breathing in through my mouth and out my nose because the warm air really feels soothing, oddly. So far I don't feel too sick. Just when I get up or move a lot. So if you're thinking about this listen to your body and REST well. Make sure you have people taking care of you as well. I couldn't do this alone. - well I'll be back on tomorrow maybe!

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Already noticing a huge difference


I showed my surgeon a photo if a nose I like during the consult. He asked me to bring it on the day of surgery and I did. Happy recovery to you. Got my cast off last wed!!
Yes I brought a photo in with me! He told my family he got as close if not the exact same nose I wanted! I get my cast off Thursday! So excited to see the results. I think my nose looks amazing right now!

2 days after...

It's now Sunday and I had my rhinoplasty done on Friday. So far today has been the absolute worst! I have has server headaches and nausea. Unlike most, my throat hasn't been very dry like others said. I felt horrible all day long and actually got sick 3 or 4 times which was terrible because I felt like I was ripping my nostrils apart, which made me cry and it hurt even more! So we finally called the doc and he's changing my pain meds and nausea meds as well. I had the patch on behind my ear that they give you at the hospital which made me feel horrible with bad headaches also when I had my breast augmentation. So I'm praying tomorrow is easier and I can rest better! - update again soon.


Get Zofran! What pain meds did he have you on? Were you eating with them? I'm terrified of nausea!
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He put my on Nucynta 50MG but we are switching to Oxycodone 325MG and this seems to work longer and better without the harsh side effects. I was eating with the first pain meds but it made me feel so sick I really couldn't, now I can and I feel much better.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

He is so down to earth but yet really serious when it come to what YOU want. All his staff are wonderful ladies and so fun to be around...he checked in on me a little before surgery and talked to me more about what I wanted. I him to pictures of the same person and she has a small little detail I'd like..he was completely find with it and even asked me if I minded him taking to the OR. Which I thought was so night. My mom and sister said he came out to tell them how I was and how it went...he said he almost got it exactly how I wanted it! He said I was going to LOVE it.

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