My Dream....A Hot Soccer Mom - Charlotte, NC- 16 days post op

Once my husband and I got married, I joked that I...

Once my husband and I got married, I joked that I wanted to be that hot Soccer Mom after we had kids. Well, my husband passed away 4/18/11 and my daugher is 21 months. It is time to make that dream come true. My husband would smile and encourage me. He always tried to make me happy.

Ok, my first appointment was January 3rd. I have decided on full TT, Lift and a little lipo on the sides. I have gained and lost so much weight the past few years. I look forward to a new and improved self. I will get photos soon of the before. I have to get my Mom to take them (how embarrasing). My PreOp is Jan 25th. I'm so excited! I just am such a woose when it comes to pain. I plan to ask for as much pain meds as they will prescribe and anti-nausea. I will have to start being back a Mom within 2 weeks, so I need all the rest I can get.

I had a day that I realized I had to depend on a...

I had a day that I realized I had to depend on a lot of people to accomplish this goal. I love my family and they love me but living together for 2 or 3 weeks will be interesting. My daughter is 21 months old and energetic to say the least. I really want to be with her but I need my parents to do all the lifting. I know I can't pick her up to change her, put her to bed or eat in her highchair for awhile. I hope my daughter will understand :)
I have had second thoughts because of this. I really know that this IS the time to do this. After this time in life I will not have the time or money. I don't look forward to the pain but really want the great outcome that is promised.
So, I'm obviously not having the best day :( I know I'm going to go thru with it but I feel so much guilt and fear of the pain.
My mom has had these surgeries and is very encouraging BUT has not had them all at the same time.
Oh by the way, I noticed I didnt say.....5'6" around 152. I will post pics soon, I promise.

BTW, please ignore my run-on sentences....

BTW, please ignore my run-on sentences....

Ok, I'm gonna post my before pics. This is so...

Ok, I'm gonna post my before pics. This is so embarassing :( BUT I do look forward to seeing the after pics. I hope there really will be a flat stomach and boops up in the air.

BTW- My surgery will be Feb. 8th

BTW- My surgery will be Feb. 8th

Ok, what in the world was I thinking of posting my...

Ok, what in the world was I thinking of posting my before pics so early!!! I can't stand that I put my pics out there. I'm telling ya.....I DO look better with clothes on. I truthfully believe that I hide all this pretty good. I can't wait, thought, to not have to hide it.
I hate the Debbie Downers!! I already feel guilty enough of leaving my daughter and not picking her up FOREVER and spending the money BUT I'm doing it. The looks have to stop and comments!! This is why you don't tell people. You are right FitDiva!
Anyways, let me have a sip of wine and relax.....

Ok, I am feeling so guilty for doing such a...

Ok, I am feeling so guilty for doing such a selfish thing for myself. In the industry I work in....No one is making money AT ALL. Well, probably no one is anyways. I really am in a abnormal situation. My husband passed away and I did have a little life insurance money. Before I lock it up for me and my daughter's security, I want to be a little selfishl. Why not??? Right?? I want to look good. Everyone does. My face is my face. I don't think I'm beautiful, but I'm fine there. My body is another issue, as u see. My husband was wonderful and has always loved me for who I am AND would still if he was here BUT he is not. I really want to make a change. I have lost all this weight and feel like I have learned new eating habits to keep it the way it is. IT is not the ultimate weight but I'm happy at 151-155!!! BUT I'm not happy with the tummy and boobs. I remember after I had my child, My husband (on chemo) I felt so uncomfortable having sex. I had to keep a bra on. I didn't want to whack him on the face LOL!! I miss him so much!! But I know he would be so glad that I didn't feel so uncomfortable. I do wish that I could have been so more comfortable having sex with him after my daughter was born but I just was toooooooooooo uncomfortable with myself. So here is the biggest question that I have had from family and friends........Are you getting ready for dating???? Hell no!!!!!!!!!! It's been 9 months, I just need something to make me feel better and something I would have done if I had the nmoney anyways. SO, after I pay the PS the small amount of money is going away!! So thank you HUSBAND for the oppurtunity to better myself physically and mentally!!! I love you and always will. He knows that.....I just really wanted everyone to know where my heart and my body are..............Good luck to all!! Feb 8th for me!!!
BTW, my Mom is taking care of me. She is a hard ass!! You could stab her in the stomach and she would be....Is that all you have? She is a very southern classy bell BUT tough as nails. Me on the other hand.....I'm a bit different but I'm going to respect the fact that she is going to take care of me. I'm going to try to be a GREAT patient :) Talk to you guys soon.....The waiting is killing me :(
Sorry for the typos....Like I said, I like my wine after little girl goes to bed.

Well, I missed my pre op on Wednesday. My daughter...

Well, I missed my pre op on Wednesday. My daughter and I got the worst stomach bug I have ever had. We both have never been so sick. So, I hate waiting to the last minute but my next appt is Tuesday. Oh well. After being sick it gave me a clue about laying around for a cour of days. Depressing. So I will have keep myself busy with something.

HI!! Well, time is ticking...Huh? Tuesday is now...

HI!! Well, time is ticking...Huh? Tuesday is now my pre-op. As some of you have been reading. My daughter (22 months) and I have been really sick, so I had to miss the 1st appt. I did talk to them and ask if there was anything I should do as of now....They just said NO Ibuprofen. Not a problem for me, I take tylenol if needed. Not sure why, just what I grew up taking, I guess.
So, it hit me today! Who is getting my mail and watching over the house while I'm at my parents during recovery. So, a recommendation that I thought of. Please make sure a neighbor knows how long you will be gone, I have a security system, BUT STILL. Also, I went on and held my mail for a few weeks. I know my bills, so I just do bill pay.
Another recommendation I read for you new mommies like me, Get your Boppy out of storage. This was said to help when you THINK you are ready for your little toddler to climb and tummble on you. What a great recommendation. You can kind of explain that when the boppy is out, that means play but mommy might still need soft play. I don't know. I hope this will help. My daughter and I roll around on the floor all the time. I have tried to stop lately but it is hard. She doesn't understand why, so I give in. Everyone tells me that she will know that Mommy will be hurt. SO we will see.... I'm getting excited:) I was laying down on the floor watching BAMBI 2 with my daughter and found myself pulling at all the skin/fat that the doctor is going to remove. It was exciting!! When I lay down, NO WAY do my boobs fill my DD cups. They just move to the back, LOL!! So, this a reminder of why I chose to do this :) Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Keep it Real and CHEERS :)

Hi All!! I'm getting ready for tomorrow!!...

Hi All!! I'm getting ready for tomorrow!! Pre-Op, I guess I need to shave huh? I mean the legs.HAHAHA!! I never talked to the ps about the garments because I didnt know I needed to. So, the other day I was looking and the quote that I got included the garments! YAY!!! An expense I don't have to worry about right now. I can't wait to find out what the ps has to say tomorrow. Let you guys know (FitDiva)!! Have a great night and CHEERS!!

I'm so frustrated!! I have posted several...

I'm so frustrated!! I have posted several comments that are not there!! FYI-I'm going Wednesday. I'm excited but scared too. My daughter and I have both been very sick, so I have not had much time on the site but please don't forget about me and the end of the week :) I'm sure I will need some encouragement, like you guys will need and I promise I will try to be there for you :) OMG!! I can't believe it's only a few days away. Here comes a REAL change!!!

One more day!! My mom and I just got done setting...

One more day!! My mom and I just got done setting up my room. It's perfect! TV, Kindle, Magazines, Crackers, Fuzzy Socks and extra pillows!! She is really trying so hard to make it easy on me. She is so stinking sweet, it's almost scary. She is just excited for me. We also just finished a medicine spreadsheet. It will make it easier to keep up with everything. SO HERE WE GO!! I have to be at the hospital at 6:15. I will try my hardest tomorrow to post an update. If not, I'm sure the next day. Hopefully, pics as soon as I can take a shower. Probably 5 days. Good luck everyone going soon too!! FitDiva I'll be thinking of you especially, since you have 1 week to go. Talk to everyone soon :)

Well, officially one week! I'm sorry about it...

Well, officially one week! I'm sorry about it taking so long to update. The first few says we're awful. The anesthesia wouldn't wear off do that I could urinate. I tried and tried. The dr called to check in the night of the surgery. He said to go to ER immediately. I had not peed since that early afternoon. I did. Btw it is rare to have this happen. I'm just the lucky one. They put another catheter in and I filled several containers full. They sent me home with the catheter. We went to the ps next day, he wanted to make sure I was ok and comfortable. So. Saturday I got the catheter out and I started to feel so much better. ALSO I had a slight cough before surgery. I still had it after surgery OWWWW!!!
I took a shower Saturday and I got to check out the new body. I couldn't believe it! I was shocked. I was very swollen and still am but DAMN he did a great job. I will post pics soon.
Tomorrow I go for my new outfit for the next 5weeks. I have had a big thick binder on but now I get one that I can wear underneath clothes. I still can't pick up daughter but she is starting to understand to be careful. Also some of the steristrips are getting taken off tommorrow. Have a good night everyone :)

Ok, I posted pics. These are not the best. Thanks...

Ok, I posted pics. These are not the best. Thanks to the pain meds, I'm sure :) I took these after my first shower. 3 Days Post Op

BTW, when I began to post I was 152. I weighed...

BTW, when I began to post I was 152. I weighed today at 143. I have been really watching how much I eat lately. I know I'm not moving much, so I'm not burning many calories. Also, the dr said with all the skin and fat he took off was about 5 lbs. Woo Hoo!!

Ok ladies. Anyone ready to throw out their...

Ok ladies. Anyone ready to throw out their compression garment? I have only had it on for a day. I can't breath! He said only a few weeks 24/7. I'm ready to not wear it at all. Other then that. I'm healing great! I will post more pics this week. Oh BTW. I went to buy some new workout pants and I had to buy a medium! Woo Hoo!

Question....... I still have a few pen marks that...

Question....... I still have a few pen marks that I can't seem to get off. Any ideas? Btw. Anyone having a hard time sleeping ?

Well I'm 16 days into my new body. I went on a...

Well I'm 16 days into my new body. I went on a slow mile and a half walk on Wednesday and it felt great. Not sure if I'm supposed to yet but I needed to get out in this beautiful weather but I did swell up a bit but I was so pain. In fact it's been awhile for any pain. I have been sore but my stomach feels good. My lipo areas are still bit sore and my boobs Are fine as long as I don't touch them. bUT yesterday was a sad day. It was my anniversary and all my memories of living husband flooded my brain. I miss him so very much. I cooked a big meal in honor of our 4th anniversary and ate like a big and had lots of vino. Im scared to weigh today. Lol!! I also got highlites in my hair for the first time. I'm blond but I was getting so dark. I can't believe I waited so long to do this. I swear it shaved several years off my face because it brighten it up. I needed it on such a yucky day.
I don't go back to ps until next Thursday! I still can't pick up my daughter but I feel like I can BIT gong by dr orders. I really don't want to mess anything up. Plus if she fell back into my chest, it definitely wont feel good. I will wait but I sure am staring to REALLY miss home. My parents have been so helpful but my own bed is SO comfortable. Oh well, PATIENCE. Well talk to you guys soon. I really am going to post a pic soon. I just keep remembering after I put this stupid compression garment back on after my shower :)

Here we go.....Post my pics. I go to Dr on...

Here we go.....Post my pics. I go to Dr on Thursday (22 Post Op). I'm hoping that I can finally pick up my daughter. I feel really good and I know I can. Also, I'm hoping that I can start doing exercise walking and not wear this binder all the time. BTW, I feel great and so happy I did this :)

Well I tried to post pics and something is wrong...

Well I tried to post pics and something is wrong with the site....uggghhhh

Ok ladies, I want to apologize not following thru...

Ok ladies, I want to apologize not following thru with after pics. My advice to all is DO IT!!!! I'm so happy with the results, I'm going to post a real pic. After I lost all the weight And had the surgery I truthfully feel like a new person. I went from a size 10 to a 6. Just getting rid of all that extra skin. The only negative is the scars. I did not keep up with miderma and now I don't know if it's too late. Does any one know? Let me know how you like the results.
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You look amazing!
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You look great!!! Woohoo for you!
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Sorry I'm still having a hard time posting pics. I will work on it. I hope all your surgeries go great.
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Hot Soccer Mom,

Here are some quick instructions on posting photos. Hope this helps!

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Wondering how you are doing now??? How are you healing and feeling??
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You look great, Amazing can't wait to see other pictures.
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you look great! I've been wanting to have my loose skin and fat belly removed....after seeing your after pics, I will talk to dr Lisza about it. First he is doing some other procedures for me. I like Dr Liszka.
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Just wanted to check on you and see how your recovery is going. Also curious about how it's been with you daughter. Hope all is well.
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Wow I just read your story - so touching! I agree completely with you - you deserved to do this for you so I hope you no longer feel guilty. Plus it's hard to feel guilty when you look THAT GOOD!! :-) Great results, hot mama!

Sleeping got easier for me around 3-4 weeks post op. I'm a side sleep and sleeping on my back was the kicker. Tylenol PM helped. :-) I didn't switch to my bed until almost 6 weeks post op but that was because once I got used to it my little nest was so comfy! Stretching out on the bed was weird to me at first.

When do you return home? I'm sure it will feel good to get back!
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Hey Hot Soccer Mom, looks like that statement is coming true by the after pics, they look amazing. I'm excited for you.
I have a question for you, I have a 26 month old and I'm scheduled for surgery on March 9th so just over a week to go, and now I'm having second thoughts because of the baby. I have 3 kids total and I dont think it is possible for me to not hold him for 4 weeks. HELP? How did it go with your daughter?
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Will be anxious to see the new pics but the main thing is you are happy and healthy!
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Hot Soccer Mom: I just read your update...I was 3 weeks on Thursday and still not sleeping well! I hate, hate sleeping on my back and at dr on friday he still said I have to. Are you on Singulair? I have to take it for 3 months for implants and side effect of it is disrupting sleep, nightmares...just curious as nobody else has mentioned being on that med. And I tried to find a different compression garment but they are all torture!!
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Now I know what you meant about the compression garment! This thing is horrible! I have an appt tomorrow and will see if they have something else.
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Sounds like you are doing great cant wait to see the new progress pics!!!
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My 6th day seem to be a real turn around. Have u been able to see your results yet? Probably too early. I just got back from clothes shopping over at Blakeny and it was sooooo much fun! You will be so happy I promise. Just take your meds and try to sleep for another day or so. TT was the worst for me. Everyone is different. Happy Healing. BTW I have taken pic at 16 days but haven't edited them yet so I can post.
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How are you doing? I had my TT on Thursday and the getting up and down sucks! When does that get easier? Dr. Liszka was wonderful during the surgery experience. I think the lipo hurts the most!
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Oh hun, I am sorry about anniversary day, but remember the good times and I am sure he is smiling at you today!!! Be kind to yourself today!
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Happy belated Anniversary! I am sorry for your loss. I bet your husband is looking down on you smiling, so happy that you did this for yourself. You look amazing. I hear ya about picking up your daughter. My baby girl is 23months and knowing that when I have my mm I will not be able to pick her up bothers me. But all for a good cause yes. YOu look fabulous!
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you look fantastic
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Use something oily, like some coconut oil or almond oil, something like that, just rub it and clean it right a way with a warm washcloth. I know the ink is terrible, my PS had my arms all cleaned up and I was glad, I had to clean my hubby's knees, and I ended up using neutrogena after bath oil, and then cleaned him up with some baby wipes, baby wipes do a pretty good job too of removing ink.
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I hope I can sleep better tonight but I haven't really had a good nights rest since the surgery. Hoping tonight will be different. Looking good girl!
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so happy for you! if it consoles u any, I had a 6" wide like 9" long all muscle repair of diastasis recti after 2 babies- ripped through 7-8 layers?!? 6 hrs on table, on Oct 3rd, and I am STILL wearing darn stupid compression garment to hold me together...almost 5 mos later. I am SUPER rare case, but I HATE it...helps lose weight, heh, don't feel like eating and have to hold 2 35 lb toddlers...on top of all that, this is my 3rd post baby surgery- other was tearing other places, used to be a size 4/6....after 4 years of pregnancies, breastfeeding, surgeries, my husband I've been with 11 years decided to have mid-life crisis turning 40 and LEFT me alone with the babies and it still hurts to bend over..doc is so sweet, he said my pain was so much muscle repair it could last a year !?! thank God for wide-waisted leggings and yoga pants... Isn't life ironic...But I am so happy for you!
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Good glad to hear it!!! I have no problem calling and bugging for answers when we spend all that money, LOL
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