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I Had my consult on 3/1/13. I feel very safe and...

I Had my consult on 3/1/13. I feel very safe and confident my Dr will help me achieve my goal of getting back into a 2 piece Bikini. I'm so excited and a little nervous about the TT and lipo, more so than the BA. I am 5'10 and weigh 180 , at my consult I decided to go with the 425cc moderate profile silicone implant. I have wanted to do this for a very long time. I have 2 children and the youngest is 16 so It's time I figure to do something for myself to make me feel better about myself. I have recently Quit smoking, and when I feel the withdrawls coming on I just remember that this surgery is my reward for staying off the smokes. LOL

Congrats on quitting smoking! That is huge.

Here's a list of supplies for recovery. I hope you find it helpful. Please do keep us posted throughout your journey. This is a great space for posting updates (and photos if you wish) and gathering support.


I am having a really hard time with the quitting...

I am having a really hard time with the quitting smoking. I have gone 13 Days without a smoke and I am going nuts! I know the Benefits and I know I have to stay strong . My wonderful Boyfriend is my biggest fan and cheerleader. lol He has been so supportive and he is just so sweet. I have become Irritable and very emotional but I have to get through this without making my BF nuts right along with me. I have my goal set and am so excited about my surgery.I can't do anything to mess it up. 88 days to go. :)
Get excited. When you see what your body looks like just 2 weeks post op you are going to be so glad you didn't smoke. You will look healthy and feel so great. When I compare the pain and sacrifice to the results...the results win hands down.
It has been tough not smoking but I am beating it. I had chantix but the stomach cramps and nausea was more Than I wanted to deal with. I figure there is enough of that in my future. not that I will mind since there will be progress that I can see which will be so worth it.Trust me, I am so excited about my surgery I am counting down the weeks. lol I cant wait to have the body that I have always wanted.Oh my awesome boyfriend is now my fiancee' he proposed on april 4th and we are so happy. I want to wait til my mommy makeover is done to get married. I want to look my very best on my wedding day. :)

Well its getting closer and Im getting ready and...

Well its getting closer and Im getting ready and really excited. I got a recliner and a few things on the list of things I will be needing. I have offically stopped smoking and I have been taking my iron and looking forward to my Dr. appt to be released for surgery. I am really hopeing for the best with this.

I'm a litle disappointed. my PS called to...

I'm a litle disappointed. my PS called to rescedule my surgery today. I have been moved a week later than originally planned. :( now It will be on june 18th.
WOO HOO super excited for you!!!! I am unable to do this until january 2014 so I am waiting longer BUT it will be here before we know it. you will wake up and be like "OMG" its tomorrow!! I will be rootin you on!!! I started my saving, stalking of this site, and planning in January of this year...but with summer vacation and then a family(the whole family) going on a cruise in November will make the time fly!!! keep the updates coming. it keeps me going when I get down!!

So I had my surgery release visit with my MD today...

So I had my surgery release visit with my MD today and everything went so much better than I expected. I have always had a problem with being anemic and I have taken my Iron supplement like the Dr. wanted me to and Yea me!!! My iron level is almost to a Normal range. EKG was normal and I'm Clear for surgery. :) It all seems so real now. got to meet with my PS on Monday for my pre-op I'm so excited!!!!
Great job on the quitting smoking. Not an easy thing to do!! Bummer your surgery got bumped a week but I find things happen for a reason and although the wait seems painful it really will be here before u know it! Can't wait to see your results!!
Congrats on your marriage proposal! Woohoo! So many exciting things happening!!

One Month to go!!!

So I have exactly one month until my surgery! my pre-op is Monday and I got surgery clearance on Thursday of this past week. It's getting close. I have worked so hard to get this done. my iron level is almost to normal and it has never been this good. I have managed to quit smoking and I have had that horrible habit for 25 years. I know it will be worth it in the end.I'm getting married in 3 months and we will be moving into our new home within the next few months. so much going on at one time. we will be glad to get back to our boring little lives. lol
I'm not sure if I will post pics yet. I probably will though .pre-op in the morning. :)
I am on June 26th - I'll be following your posts - are you gonna post pics?

forgot to mention

I forgot to mention that after trying on the sizers during my pre-op I have decided that I liked the 500cc silicone implant. It's getting close and I'm so excited and feel so very blessed to be able to do this. Thanks to my wonderful fiancé. :)

So Ready to do this

3 weeks to go and I am so ready to do this. I guess i'm anticipating what I will look like after the surgery. I know its right around the corner and when the time finally gets here I will probably be terrified but I will go through with it. :)
Bow are you doing today?! Hope all is well!
I'm feeling a little better ,I hope you are doing well. Feeling lots of pulling and burning in area but everyone says I am doing better than expected.Thanks for checking on me. :)
Glad to hear! :)
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