MOHs Procedure on Foot - Charlotte, NC

I am writing this, as I've seen no reviews for...

I am writing this, as I've seen no reviews for MOHs procedure on foot or ankle... Most are on face or ears. Glad I was diagnosed in time... But I was not aware of the long recovery.. Was told id be out of work 2 weeks, it has now been 7 weeks & I'm just beginning to walk. Nothing can prepare you for this :(

Whether you live alone or with people. I've literally had to crawl around my home like a dog for 7 weeks. Use my Craftsman stool on wheels to scoot around, crawl up steps to potty & shower.
I know the procedure had to be done, but WOW

MOHs ankle update

Week 8, can't walk, revisited dr. He pulled more stitches out, more antibiotics, foot still quite swollen .
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Sorry I did not see these posts..As of now..I am still struggling..can't wear shoes or sneakers..remain in flip surgery is on or near inside ankle bone...Response to other comments here..I whacked a small pink mole or old red ant bite with razor...trauma to a sore did it..just like a lot of people's surgery on face..they cut a sore or mole
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That is so long- have you asked the Dr about hyperbaric chamber therapy? This is done when an area is having long term problems. Also, you may as for a referral to a wound care clinic. I think it appropriate when there are long term problems such as yours. You also could try your insurance company nurse to explain the problem and ask for advice/ help.
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Sorry for late respind..just seeing these...Still have issues w/swellung..can't wear shoe or even low cut rubs on my ankle bone..irritating the area..:(
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I don't remember the pain being too bad but have to take pain pills for back so that may have been enough to help.
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I don't think it was from a razor cut. It was a Moh's surgery to remove cancer but her skin is so sensitive she cut it shaving. I've had 5 surgeries for cancer on my face and thank God I had plastic surgeon after the Moh's that most dint see it unless I show them. But did have a Moh's on my lower leg and they left it open and it was a huge hole! My daughter and I were shocked. Took while to heal but now just an indent instead of hole. It really filled in by itself.
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Thanks for sharing your story. I've never seen a Mohs review for the foot either. How are you doing now?
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It looks like you've had a lot of pain :( it's great that you've left this review, you're right you don't see many lower limb reviews for Mohs. Lower limbs do tend to have slower healing times, is this why yours has taken longer than you hoped? I really hope it gets better for you very soon.
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I forgot to add the friend had similar problems to yours- the dermatologist had her assistant remove the lesion with a wide excision and deep- 2 layers of stitches in an areas where there isn't much tissue. This friend had to have an Una boot dressing applied for some weeks to promote healing- the same as is done with people who get ulcers on their legs from circulation problems and/ or diabetes. Be sure you are getting more protein in your diet to promote healing Your protein needs increase with trauma.
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Thank you so much! I along with my husband are beside ourselves why my recovery is taking so long. I read articles, but most are for ankle surgery ..not much on Mohs for ankle. They told me 2 weeks to be out of work & my procedure was done in Jan. I hardly have a good day, very frustrating. Thank you for your input.
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Ahh.. Thank you for response.. Seems I was just left out here to fend for myself & wonder should another Dr be looked into for the healing as a month ago I have moved out of state away from Dr who performed my procedure.
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I would absolutely follow up with another doc since yours moved.
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Oh.. He didn't move, I moved out of state :(. My loss
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My friend had a squamous cell cancer [looked like dry skin] removed from mid lower leg just over her shin bone. There is not much skin there as there is not much skin on the ankle -& it is hard to get good circulation to the lower body areas; also hard to keep legs elevated much of the day. I would ask for a referral to a wound care center. Nurses at such centers are good at this. Also, hyperbaric chamber is great for healing. Good luck and keep us posted.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

I'm sorry you're in so much pain and discomfort. How are you doing now, is it getting any better? Is there a specific reason that it's taking so long tp heal?
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Still swollen. Ankle looks deformed @ times. Finished with the soaks & steroid cream, Vaseline. I cut myself with razor shaving legs.. I will use Nair from now on, have never cut myself shaving my legs :(. Was told again its furthest from my heart so takes longer to heal.. Oh gee... Have not grocery shopped etc... Even little activity swells it where I'm unable to walk.. Been since mid Jan now.. This is terrible, feel like an invalid.. Was told is be out of work 2 weeks.. It's now couple months.. Just want to cry :(. Thanks for asking.. Just want to warn people about shaving. :(. Nicks, bumps, sores. Beware
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Oh wow, all of this from a shaving cut? That's crazy! I'm so sorry, I hope it starts to get better soon.

A few years ago I was bitten by an insect on my shin and I then got cellulitis, was taken into hospital and it took quite a while to heal. I still get severe swelling in my lower leg to this day. The doctors told me the same thing, that it was the furthest point from my heart so healing took longer as it didn't have as good a blood supply as my upper body.
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