Miradry- Hit a Nerve - Charlotte, NC

Hello I had the Miradry treatment done 3 days ago,...

Hello I had the Miradry treatment done 3 days ago, $2900, first one of two. The procedure went well...I think. I got a lot more numbing than I expected, like 6 viles in each underarm. Dispute the numbing I felt burning on 2 of the zaps. My swelling was the worst the first two days, much better now after taking the prednisone. I have one severe bruise.

Now for my main concern. I still have numbness in both pits which is normal. However, the inside of my left arm from my pit through my bicept down to the inside of my forearm to my wrist...is still numb and has not gotten any better. I would greatly appreciate any information on what has happened to me and if/when it will get better.

My dermatologist told me it was not anything to worry about and they would call me next week, however they didn't really tell me what had happened detail.


Ryan you have me nervous ! I need to have this procedure but scared !! Its funny im covered in tattoo's but nervous about this lol Let me get this straight it cost 3000$ each procedure and you need 2 ?? And you insurance doesn't cover any right ?? What i really want to know was it worth it ?? I can't even sit on the computer without sweat rolling down my arms or stomach and forget going out lol I can't even put my shirt on until i get where im going because it would be covered in sweat !! I take three to 4 shirts everywhere i go !! So what im asking is did you sweat this much and how much did the procedure help ???????????????
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Hi Ryan, I'm located in the Charlotte area also. I'm very interested in getting the procedure done, but I like to hear details from someone who already had the procedure done. Since it's only one doctor in the area who does the procedure, I'll probably go to same one. How is everything going? Thanks, Senica
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I had my first done just two weeks ago today (Aug 30th), probably at the same place you had yours done in Charlotte. Afterwards, I was so nervous that I would call the office first before doing anything. (Yes, anything ... even using soap in that area while showering, whether I should use regular, clinical strength or my Doctor Rx deodorant; and wearing sleeveless shirts.) I know I've probably called the Emergency line no less than 5 times lol. For the first 3 to 4 days, I had lots of issues with the numbing and swelling. It was off the charts horrible. I was miserable!!! It was so bad that I had to call myself out of work for two days. My physician says numbing can last for up to 6 months past the 2nd treatment.
But, at this point and time I am back doing normal activities. No swelling ... no numbness... no pain except when I do extreme arm range of motion. Only irritating thing...visually it looks fine, but I am still VERY sore to touch.
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