NEEDED - Abdominal/ Flank Lipo & Possible Fat Grafting to Side of Buttocks - Charlotte, NC

After a year of lurking on realself, I decided...

After a year of lurking on realself, I decided that its time for me to finally post about what I am looking for, in hopes of help from the community.

I am a 23 year old female, 5'10, 168lbs, and I am interested in getting liposuction to my abdomen and flanks. Over the past year, I became obsessed with realself, but realized after 3 consultations with doctors in the Charlotte area, I needed to change my lifestyle before trying cosmetic surgery. So over this time, I lost 30 lbs (YAYYYYY!!), and I became so much happier with the person looking back at me in the mirror. Even though overall, I had lost more weight than I thought I could, I still want more (of course!). Although I'm still not at my goal weight of 150lbs, I am ready to move forward with getting liposuction.

In February 2013, I was injected with a kenalog steroid by my family practitioner to treat severe hives. Unfortunately, I noticed after a couple of months that I had a huge indentation in my right buttock, where the shot was given to me. I researched it, and found out that this occurs when the steroid is inserted into the tissue, and not into the muscle. Long story short, the Dr. admitted to their fault and asked for me to wait a few months to see if it will heal naturally. As of September 2013, the indentation and discoloration is still there. The Dr. consulted a cosmetic surgeon and was informed that fat grafting could reverse the issue, so now I am looking to get fat grafting on the side of my buttock. The indentation is horrible! I am also adamant about the Dr. paying for the procedure since my insurance will not cover it.

Long story shortened down just a tad, I need help from the community! I am willing to travel to my plastic surgeon, if he/she is the ONE! I need recommendations. I've read great stories, and bad. I've seen great results from one doctor, and in the same breath, results that were lackluster. Some doctors that have caught my attention...

1. Dr. Kortesis (Charlotte) - I had a great consultation with him, his facility was nice, and I corresponded with an amazing woman last year who used him, and helped me during my consultation. However, his price with everything included is $12,000, which seems too pricey.

2. Dr. Jimerson (Atlanta) - The pictures of his BBLs are amazing! Although I dont want the BBL, I see the lipo that he has done on the girls abdomens, and think he can do a great job. Downside is that it is impossible to reach the office. I have emailed, with no response, and called to only be disconnected without being able to leave a voicemail. Last year I did get quick responses back via email, but I think that since he has blown up on tv (Love & Hip Hop), things have changed.

3. Dr. David Hansen - Have you seen SarahSorge's before and after? Her tummy is absolutely gorgeous! I am definitely considering Dr. Hansen, but want to make sure that he is THE Dr. since is located all the way in Beverly Hills.

Please provide me with any feedback that you may have. I have uploaded pics from a year ago, today, and wish list pics! Although I am only 23 and could probably work my ass off in the gym to get the rest of this fat off, Im ready to treat myself and transform my tummy! I've never had a "wash board" tummy, and I definitely think it's time!

Thank you all!!

Wish Pictures

So, I forgot to include my wish list pictures on my first review... My thoughts have been that once I get all of this fat out, I can really work hard in the gym to get those abs & continue to reduce my body fat. "Helenes Transformation" really gives me hope that with a trusted Dr. and motivation to eat right and exercise even after the surgery, you can have the body that you have always wanted. Then on the other hand, I think about everything that could go wrong and I am petrified!

I didnt realized how harsh the recovery is, and how long you have to wear the garments for! I have been blessed to have great elastic skin, no stretch marks at all (even with the gaining and losing weight of 30+ lbs), and a curvaceous body structure. So sometimes I wonder am I just being too vain? Then again, its something that I feel will make me even happier when I look in the mirror.

I'll be making my decision in the next few weeks. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed! Thanks to everyone who has reached out to me thus far.
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