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I am scheduled for surgery in a few weeks.Its...

I am scheduled for surgery in a few weeks.Its really hard to find info on this procedure as its not a common problem for most.I unfortunately have lived with large ankles and calves all my life ugh....No shorts or skirts for me! I am so excited and nervous hoping this goes well and get the results I want.
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Hi July and Mimi. I agree there is a shortage of information and before/after cases for thick calves. I'm scheduled for tomorrow on my calves, ankles, knees, and thighs/ saddlebags and will post how it goes. I've had awful legs for so long. I'm smaller on top so am out of proportion. My goal is to wear dresses again and to find boots that fit. I haven't done either for years because of the thick calves and ankles. I look forward to going through it with others and will start my review this weekend.
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I look forward to hearing about your surgery. I wish you wonderful results.
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Thank you its nice to know there are others out there that have the same issues.I will post my before pics and keep posting throughout the recovery process.I always wanted to do this and its not cheap but my quality of life is suffering because of my legs.I wont go to the pool around people I know.I always wear pants in the summer which is really hot! I have a boyfriend and he totally supports my decision and loves me no matter what.I will just be estatic when I can wear a dress and feel pretty! I am small framed 5'4" weigh 125 have 16" calves.I will keep everyone posted thanks.
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I also have large ankles and calves and don't get to enjoy wearing shorts, dresses or capris. I have never been able to fine boots that fit my calves or ankles either. I would love to have this surgery. You are correct it is hard to find any information on this surgery. I look forward to hearing and hopefully setting your results. I pray you have a successful surgery and get the results your are looking for
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