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I am scheduled for surgery in a few weeks.Its...

I am scheduled for surgery in a few weeks.Its really hard to find info on this procedure as its not a common problem for most.I unfortunately have lived with large ankles and calves all my life ugh....No shorts or skirts for me! I am so excited and nervous hoping this goes well and get the results I want.
Yes, I agree with the post. Your pics do look great!
Also how long has it been since the procedure? No complications?
It's only been 3wks and no complications at a)l I could tell an immediate difference even with swelling.Now it's pretty painfull to walk for 2wks but with pain meds it's bearable.Yes Dr.Hunstad did my surgery.I cannot say enough good things about his expertise!He has changed my life with this surgery..

day after

Its the day after my surgery and all in all feeling ok.They gave me some good painkiller.I have a burning sensation after I walk around.Took out 3.50lbs of fat!I havent seen them without my bandage yet but going to the Dr in a couple hours.I will keep updating!

day 4

Im still sore and swollen.I have been keeping my legs elevated and have my compression bandages on.I'm a little bruised and have a blue grayish tone all over my legs ,reminds me of a corpse lol.I'm walking slow and with a limp but progressing nicely.I feel great other than some soreness in my legs.I can tell my legs look smaller even with the swelling.Can't wait to see my actual results though.I know it's going to be awhile.

viewer beware lol

So it's day 6 and still feeling tired,swollen,sore and legs feel hard to the touch.I'm scheduled for my post op on mon.I'm really bruised bUT I can see a difference despite all these symptoms.I'm posting a few pics just to show how gross they look right now.
Congrats&Happy Healing. Take vitc 1000mg for the bruising and eat fresh pineapples for the swelling,it also helps.
Huh never heard that about pineapple. I will try it thanks!
Yeah pineapples are very good even for a cough and to clear bacteria.

missed postoperative appt

Well had some transportation issues and couldn't make my appt.I'm going to try and get there next week.I drive a 6spd so a 3hr drive and pushing a clutch is impossible at this pointI feel pretty good overall.I am starting to see some swelling and bruising go down.I can see the shape taking place.I still have some hard uneven spots but was expecting it.My Dr also offers 3 deep tissue massages incuded in my price.It's suppose to help.It's a machine not a person,will break up scar tissue and even the skin.Now as far as walking my legs feel extremely tight like the muscle is scrunchin up inside and the mornings are worse.I guess because they have been in the same position for do long.I can walk but not comfortably.I have a job where I stand and move around quite abit.I wish I could have taken more time off.I would say 2wks if you stand or walk on your job.I'm gonna try to go tomorrow and make it.I still have some pain meds luckily.

2wks postop

I'm feeling human again yay!I still have a little soreness and still swollen.My legs and ankles still feel hard to the touch but they are smaller!I had fun trying on some boots and jeans that I couldn't fit my calves into before! I cannot bend my ankles back n forth all the way so some of my boots I still can't get on yet.I am so excited that I will no longer have to turn down invites to the lake with friends,weddings (unless I wore a maxi dress)and just fun things in general because I felt so embarrassed to show my legs.I think this Dr is totally worth his cost in surgery! You won't see him except for the consult and the surgery but all that doesn't matter to me if you do as perfect of a job that he did. I am extremely pleased with everything so far and it will only get better with time.
I can't wait to see your update pictures - I hope you keep posting. It would be so helpful - like you said, there is NO information on lipo on these areas. I wanted it done but I was scared even to ask because I'd heard hardly anyone does it, and that it was more prone to complications.
I will keep updating.I tried to get pics off my old phone.They wouldn't upload for some reason but I'm sure I have a few real pics around here somewhere.The Dr also took befores and im going to see if I can get his as well.These past 2wks are no walk in the park but I would have endured twice as much pain to have the legs I always wanted.If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
So glad all is working out for you! :) Happy continued healing.

before and 2wks post

This isn't a very good before but you can see how big my calf is in this pic
Looks far, so good!! Keep posting pics!!!
Your before calf picture didn't look as big as my calves plus I also have large ankles. Your after picture looks great.
Thanks it was an odd angle but there were 16" before.I haven't measured the afters yet and also a 10" ankle.
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