Invisalign Process - Charlotte, NC

Impressions taken. Frecnectomy expected 6/5/12...

Impressions taken. Frecnectomy expected 6/5/12 Trays to be received 6/19/12 Its been pleasant so far!

I wanted to add that I purchased a $1,000 off...

I wanted to add that I purchased a $1,000 off coupon from living social fro $10 and it brought my cost down to 4660. I also put $1650 down to put a dent in the cost for invisalign. So far it's been worth it but I'll wait until i'm further in the process to put my final say so on this.
How long does it take for yyour first set of aligners to come in after getting the impressions done? I'm thinking about getting Invisalign, bit worried about the wait.
I had my impression taken April 16th and I'll go get them on June 19th. Most reviews said it takes about 8 weeks or so to receive them.
What is a frecnectomy?

Labial Frenectomy tomorrow at 9:40 - Excited and...

Labial Frenectomy tomorrow at 9:40 - Excited and Nervous at the same time. I made the mistake of viewing the surgery on youtube and let's just say I shouldn't have watched it. It seems as if my trays are taking forever to come in but it'll be worth it in the end. My trays are expected to be in June 19th. woot woot excited! I'll do another review after the surgery is complete.


The surgery went very well. It was over in like 10...

The surgery went very well. It was over in like 10 minute. I just had general anthesia for the process. On a scale of 1-10 I'd say the pain level is a 2 - 2 1/2. It's almost like having a bad pizza burn. I'm getting excited at this point. On June 19th I'm scheduled to get my trays. Woot Woot! Straight teeth here I come.

That is exciting! Just a month to go!! :) How is the frenectomy healing up?

It's healing fine. I read some reviews that said it was so painful, but honestly even after the pain medicine wore off I only felt a small amount of pain. Today it's a little sore to move my upper lip but it's nothing major.

Glad to hear! Love your pre-surgery pic. You look like you could take on the world with those glasses!! ;)


I just wanted to provide a quick update regarding...

I just wanted to provide a quick update regarding how my gums are healing since the frenectomy. I can tell you that there is minor tenderness which is to be expected. I still haven't bitten down on anything using my 2 front teeth and i won't until I no longer feel that tenderness. Also, something that I didn't mention before is that my front teeth felt loose for about 4 hours after the surgery. Kind of scary, but I know it's to be expected. Something else that i noticed is that ever since the frenectomy I keep getting "bubbles" (air/spit) between my gap. I

My fear: I have a slight fear and that is because I had my molds completed in April and received the frenectomy in May the trays won't fit. My reasoning - I my front 2 teeth felt loose (my left front tooth is a cap) & I'm afraid they may have moved slightly. From researching this I know that you're not supposed to change anything about the teeth once the molds are made. Hopefully I'm just over thinking this and there will be no issues. Well June 19th will be here before I know it. I'll provide a review once I actually receive the trays.

Haha, I just saw your comment above - yes, I can see how that would make the appointments easier. ;) You are a kick!!

I can totally understand your fear about the trays not fitting. My guess is even if your teeth did shift slightly, the trays would move them back & you would start progressing as normal. The shape of your teeth didn't change, and I think that is the main concern, like if you had a filling done, then the surface of your tooth would be different, and the trays wouldn't fit as well. The other thing is since your orthodontist obviously knows how the steps have played out, I would think they would have new ones made if it did end up being an issue. If you are still really concerned about it, call your ortho's office & tell them. At least that way they know & can offer you info & advice. :)

C'mon June 19th!!!

Hey Megan I plan on interviewing him for my blog during one of my visits. I'm certain I'll need more pictures :) As far as the trays fitting. You made a good point regarding the trays fitting. I'm sure it's just my nerves messing with me & yes Come on June 19th. I'm so ready!

Tomorrow I'll be picking up my trays. I'm...

Tomorrow I'll be picking up my trays. I'm nervous/excited at the same time. It feels like it's took forever for the day to finally arrive. I'll provide you with an update on tomorrow after my appointment.

Oh my gosh - one day!! Excited to hear how it goes!! A number of community members have talked about how hard learning to get the trays off can be at first, then after you get the hang of it, its a breeze. That being said, maybe your orthodontist should go to dinner with you tomorrow, you know, just to make sure you can get the trays out to eat & stuff. ;)

All joking aside, I hope your appointment goes great!!

Megan. LOL You're too funny! I think my husband may get offended if hottie dr. joins me for dinner. I'm sooo excited about it and nervous at the same time. I'll let you know how it goes after my appointment.
So happy for you, I felt the same way you do, I've had my Invisalign trays since May 31. I am now on my second set and it has been going great, I have not had any problems. No pain at all, just some discomfort here and there, nothing major. I hope everything goes well for you. Hope to hear from you tomorrow.

Yesterday I received my Trays!! I'm so excited...

Yesterday I received my Trays!! I'm so excited about this new journey. I also received a total of 10 buttons - 3 to the left & 3 to the right of the front of my front teeth. 4 my on bottom teeth. They completely blend in with teeth, which I'm glad about. I read reviews stated invisalign wasn't truly invisible. Personally I feel they are. I believe Dr. Zammitti's office did a excellent job place the buttons on and getting me started. I view my Clinicheck and let me tell you I was thrilled to see all of the space between my teeth closed! When the trays were put on I did feel some pressure but it wasn't bad enough to take any pain medication. The worst part to me was when I took the trays off for the first time... I felt like I was going to rip my teeth off. However, it took me less than 5 minutes to take them both off. Guess that means I watched enough youtube videos on how to remove them. I received a total of 5 trays on my first visit. I will have 25 Trays for the top and 17 for the bottom. I'm truly excited to see the transformation take place.

Just wanted to apologize for the typo's and...

Just wanted to apologize for the typo's and spelling errors. Is there a way to edit a update? If so please let me know.
My teeth are feeling fine. They are a little sore but nothing major. It'll be worth it in the end :)

Thank you so much for posting some close-up pictures - it will be so fun to watch as your gap starts to close!! Hope your teeth are feeling ok!

So wonderful to hear that things went well for you, I haven't taken any medication either, discomfort has not been bad at all.

Let me know how things go, this is all so exciting for both of us.

Take care

I've finished wearing Tray 1. It wasn't bad at all...

I've finished wearing Tray 1. It wasn't bad at all I had some soreness for about 2 days then the pain stopped. I was soooo tempted to switch Trays ahead of schedule because the first tray wasn't as tight after about 8 days. However, I didn't because I want my treatment to go as scheduled. Last night I changed to Tray 2. I was a little worried at first because it was a little hard to get on. I faithfully wore my 1st tray for 23 hours a day so I wasn't worried that I had slacked off in that regard. Well once it went on I felt the pain! The pain faded after about 3 minutes of first putting it on. However, my 2 front teeth are really sore today, which I'm guess is a good thing. I can tell a visable difference in between trays 1 & 5. That is what pushes me to go forward. I can't wait to see the end result.
Everything is going well. I see some movement which I'm pretty thrilled about. Tray 2 is coming off really easy now & looking forward to switching to Tray 3 :)

So its been almost a week since you switched to tray 2. How are things feeling??


Hello All - It's been a while since I've been on...

Hello All - It's been a while since I've been on here to update you. Things are still going well. I'm currently on Tray 3 soon to be 4. The process is going well. I'm not having any issues. Actually I've had some excellent benefits. For example, I've seen some weight loss with invisalign. My teeth are whiter and my confidence is increasing. Overall the pain is very minor and only last for a day or so. I am seeing some improvement with my teeth. My gap is getting smaller. At this point I feel invisalign is the best investment that I've made in my self in a long time. I'll be going back to the orthodonist August 27th to pick up additional Trays. He initially provided me with 5. Hopefully I'll receive another 5.
Hi I'm waiting on my invislign. I had my impression taken April 23,2012 and had to go back for a repeat impression 06/18/2012 because the first impression wasn't good. I'm still waiting to hear from my dentist so I can begin the process. I'm excited as well. My teeth began to shift at the bottom and as the years gone by I begin to get a gap on my botton front teeth. Ugh.. I hate to laugh and one of my front tooth begin to protrude out a little. No one wil notice..but I did. I truly love this website. After my invislign. I'm saving to get my blepharplasty. Yoo Hoo I'm on my way to a new look! I will keep you informed and try to take pictures of the before and after. I'm not good at uploading pictures so I will need my daughter to help me, Stay tune
I noticed my teeth are getting whiter too! I wonder why...

Between school, work, & family I haven't had a...

Between school, work, & family I haven't had a great deal of time free time to post updates.My gap is certainly decreasing in size and I'm now in the double digit trays. This is what I've been waiting on because the "real magic" happens now. My bottom teeth (minor spacing) are so much straighter, but I still have a little space between them. I only have 9 more trays until the bottom teeth are complete. My top teeth (major gap) still have 16 trays remaining. I'm ready for it to be completely closed. I don't have much patience at all, but there is nothing I can do about it but wait it out. There has been such a great improvement in my teeth in these 4 months of wearing invisalign. The investment was completely worth it! On November 5th I'll go back and visit my orthodonist Dr. Hottie :) and will receive another 5 trays.

It was great to see an update from you! The gap looks like it is about 1/2 the size as before - that is some serious movement!! If this is where things are really suppose to start moving for you, I can't wait to see it! :)

Yes. I'm pretty excited about it. My teeth are much straighter and the gap is surely smaller. The major movement to me starts around Tray 15. I can't wait to see the end result.

Hello All, I know it's been a while since I...

Hello All,

I know it's been a while since I provided an update. I can tell you that I'm thrilled with how things are coming along. I don't have much to say regarding the process. I haven't had any issues at all. I've paid off my treatment which I'm happy about. Currently I'm on Tray 19 and am finished with my bottom teeth. I have 6 more to go for the top teeth. Woo Hoo! I'll say it again.. Invisalign is the best thing I've ever done for myself. I smile so much more now! I'd recommend it to anyone considering it.
Sal Zammitti

I haven't received my trays yet, but the process of receiving the impressions has been great so far. I must receive a frecnectomy on June 5th and the trays will be available for me on June 19, 2012.

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