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I had my implants removed and fat...

I had my implants removed and fat grafting/transfer to my breasts. I chose this procedure because I wanted to feel natural. I also wanted my implants out forever. I am 59 years old and had my first implants at age 24. I researched the fat graft/transfer procedure, and plastic surgeons for several months. 

I am 5 weeks post surgery. I feel great, and look great too! I no longer have the round look of implants. Dr. Bedner was able to put the fat in the right places to give my a lovely feminine shape, including cleavage which I never had. Oh, then there is the side benefit of fat taken away from my stomach, saddlebags gone, thighs slimmer, and a cuter shape to my derrière. Oh my such a pleasing outcome!

Ok folks, can you tell how please this 59 year old patient is :) Yes I totally recommend this procedure, I must also say, CHOOSE YOUR DOCTOR WISELY!

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I went bra shopping for the first time since...

I went bra shopping for the first time since surgery. Did not figure it out so bought none. Today tried on bras that I wore with implants... They fit! I was amazed that I look so much better and so natural that I also thought my size was smaller due to less projection. I am so soft and natural and still a c cup with out looking fake. I love this! Thank you Dr. Bednar. If I figure out how to add pictures I will. I might call Sylvia at office to help.


Colleen, You are not a wimp! I do not do well with pain at all. The worst has been my back above the hips. Long gone now, unless I over due it. I still find wearing a very light support garment helps when I am having a busy day, and exercising.
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Colleen, So happy for you! I promise your questions are not a bother. Now remember, I am probably older than you ;) At the end of my first week the itching was far worse than the pain. I also switched to compression garments with out metal and wore them inside out so seems would not bother me. Compression garments actually kept me very comfortable. I really had very little pain past day 5, no pain med necessary except at night if necessary to help sleep. Like I said the itching from healing was the worst, and Dr. B gave me some anti anxiety medicine which helped me sleep. Not sure how travel/flying will affect you. Hopefully, short flights! I still wear comfortable compression garments on long days, and it really pays off. I would check with Dr. B's office for advice for comfort while traveling. So happy for you !! Enjoy!!!
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Thanks! Everyday the pain gets a little better, luckily I haven't had any itching...yet. I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to pain thresholds but no pain no gain right? You were lucky to feel so much better in less than a week. Good for you!

Fat transfer for breast augmentation, Love it! Update!

I am now 3 months post op., and I feel great! My breast have settled to a pretty B cup with a lovely shape, and cleavage. Perfect size for this 5'2" athletic frame, almost 60 year old body. The lipo Dr. B did gave me my premenopausal body back, even better actually! No more saddlebags, no big tummy, a shapely derrière , and a waist! So happy I did this!


Hello my fellow Bednar alum! It's great to hear you are still pleased with the procedure and happy with results! I'm thrilled too but still anxious to see what I look like after all settles but so far I'm feeling and looking great thanks to Dr. B. please keep us posted especially if anything changes regarding results. Take care!
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Hi there, Congrats on being 3 months out.  I wish we could see your photos and it would keep your review closer to the top so we can follow your story.  Are you satisfied with a B cup?   How long did the shrinking continue for? I am 2 mths post op and very happy w/my results as well! Amelia
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Hi Amelia, I am doing very well, thanks for asking. Wth implants I was a very large C, and of course had that upper lobe fullness that really looks somewhat unnatural. My bra size now is a B cup with a very pretty shape and not droopy. I am 5'2", and almost 60 years old. When I had this procedure I told Dr. Bednar that I did not want to be as large as with implants. This chest so fits my body and age, and my height. Large enough to be sexy, not so large as to look ridiculous on me. I am just now getting into regular workouts of short duration. I do not want to burn the fat off Bednars masterpiece ;) I will try to do photos if I can figure out how to do them! I sure wish they had this procedure when I was younger !!!

Now almost 4 months.

Still very happy with results. Just upped my work out time doing Zumba. Used this sight to take photos, but not sure if it worked .

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Yea!!! Photos up!

I added photos! Looks really good for someone my age ;)
Thank you Dr. Bednar!


Your results look very good! I was considering fat transfer at the time of implant removal with Dr. Khouri, but could not afford all the necessary travel and time off of work. I am still considering future fat transfer, but really not liking the thought of using the Brava system first! At least I know fat transfer works with the right doc. There is a doctor who trained under Dr. Khouri in California, which would be closer to me.
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Hi tiff, I did not use Brava at all. Because I had implants there was already room for the fat, and the blood supply for the skin and tissue was already there. Not sure why you would need brava if you had implants. Remember, Dr. Khouri is the creator, so I would guess he is also financial beneficiary from the sale of brava.
Dr. Khouri's office did tell me that if I had explant and fat graft at the same time, I would not need to use Brava, but since I will be doing it at a later time if I decide to do it, I would think my skin will have shrunk and I wont have the space left. So I am thinking I would have to use the Brava system, which really sounds unappealing.

overdue update

I am still so pleased with my decision to do implant removal, and lipo for fat grafting to the breasts. Some new folks need reassurance for whatever their decisions and I am here to support these ladies. I am adding new photos, and also want everyone to know that I am almost 60 years old. Age does not really matter in most things, but our body does age.

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My new photos

rrrrr, having trouble doing this again. Will try again tomorrow!


did you receive any bumps and indention ?
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Hi Green55, Thank you so much for sharing your story. I must say you look wonderful ! Is everything the same as your last post?
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Hi Love Pink, I am now 1year and 3months post surgery, and still very pleased. In the past year I have lost 20 lbs, and my breast size has still maintained a B cup. I am so very happy with the choice to remove my implants, and my outcome. My breast are beautifully shaped, and totally natural. Getting rid of my implants and having fat graft is the best present I have ever given myself!
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

The time I spent doing research was invaluable in helping me make the right decision. I chose Dr. Bednar in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Bednar has done this procedure hundreds of times, and has continued training and education in this procedure with Dr. Khoori from the U of Miami, Fl. I found Dr. Bednar while researching this procedure. Another benefit of choosing Dr. Bednar was his delightful, AND informed staff. In the front office was Sylvia. She was so well informed, friendly, and always open to many,many questions including more questions the night before my surgery. All the nurses were wonderful, and the anesthesia nurse just fabulous, and so reassuring and informative.

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