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With a 35th birthday approaching, I was starting...

With a 35th birthday approaching, I was starting to take a closer look at my face and skin and wondering why I just didn't wear more sunscreen and use more moisturizer when I was younger. I was seeing dark brown sun spots, red spots under my skin, larger pores, and fine lines. I figured there was nothing I could do about it now. But after talking to Dr. Rostan, I took her suggestion to have a Fraxel Re:Store Dual. It's the best pre-35th birthday gift I could have ever given myself! First, they numb your face with cream and you sit and relax for about an hour. I was apprehensive about having a numb face, but it was easier than any dentist office visit. The procedure itself wasn't painful, just a bit uncomfortable at times - but I was done in about 45 minutes. After the procedure, my face was red and felt like I had sunburn, but that feeling went away in about 3 hours. For the next 4 days, I kept my face clean and covered it in lotion. Although my face looked "bronzed", no one said a word to me about it. In amazement, I watched as all of the pigmentation from under my skin came up to the surface and eventually washed away. I am thrilled with the results and can't stop telling my friends about it.

Dr Rostan is a top dermatologist on the east coast. Did Leann do the procedure? She is awesome as well. Sadly I am several hours away but well worth a trip to see them.

How far out is your last procedure?

Enjoy your results!!

So glad you had such great results!! I'm about the same age as you, so I fully feel your pain as far as wishing you'd taken a slightly more proactive approach to skin care earlier. Oh well, all we can do is be better from here on out!

How long has it been since you had the Fraxel done?

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