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After considering this procedure for almost 3-4...

After considering this procedure for almost 3-4 years now, I finally decided to have it done. I had done so much research on fat transfers that you would think I was an expert on the subject. I am 40 and decided that I needed to stop thinking about it and just do it already. I have varied from a size A to a barely B cup, excluding when I was nursing and had nice size boobs! :-( I used to be very comfortable in my own skin and very confident in my itty bitty titties as I would call them. After all, I had a small muscular frame before childbearing and I liked the idea of fitting into small shirts. However, after I had children and my body started changing, I started becoming insecure about certain areas of my body. My breasts were one of them. My stomach, once blessed with a six pack, had forever been altered by the birth of my firstborn, who was the size of a 3 month old when born. No lie. Needless to say, my belly stretched beyond any remedy any exercise could offer. So, I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. Remove the excess fat from my belly and put it into my breasts! So after doing some more digging, I found Dr Bednar from Colleen3000's post and scheduled a consult. I had other consults with other physicians - in Miami, in Texas, in Chicago. But I wasn't completely sold on those doctors and didnt particularly care for traveling too far. When I met with Dr Bednar, he was personable and experienced and knowledgeable. I appreciated that he was an artist as well. I am an artist also but you don't have to be one to appreciate that artists have an eye for beauty, perfection and creativity. I knew he would make my boobies look pretty. Or at least, I hoped so! He made me feel very comfortable. I was also happy that the proximity of his office was perfect for me. I will post more about my post surgery experience in a day or two. I am still trying to recuperate. In the meantime, I posted these pics of me before and after. As you can see with the post op, I still had the doctor's markings, bruising and a few stitches.
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Hi there, Would you consider posting an update when you have time?  We'd love to hear how you are doing and how your retention is? Thanks!
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Hi, Looking forward to your updates. Hope things are going well.
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Thank you for your post. I look forward to your updates. Like yourself I have been looking into fat grafting to the breast for quite some time. I have spoken with Dr. Bednar and am hoping to have the procedure in the fall. My biggest concern is what the areas look like that have the liposuction. When you have time, please let me know how those areas look. My understanding is that it takes three months for the lipo areas to completely heal. Thank you and best of luck with your healing and retention.
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looking sort of huge in the third pic...is that partly from swelling...how long before all swelling is gone?
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Lyssa, Where are you?  How come your blog never posted on here?  Maybe contact Kristy, our FT manager & let her know.  I am at the spa & sick of eating quinoa & kale!  Vegan life is not for me! LOL Amelia    
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I hear you ;) I want to see a spa done primal style :) steaks, salad and roasted veggies for dinner--much better. :)
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Hi there Unachica I am waiting with baited breath to hear how you're doing!! Today must be two weeks out for you, yes? I trust it finds you healing well and very happy with your results to date, but I'd love to hear first-hand how things are going for you if you have a moment to share? (And a photo or two would be awesome if you're okay with that?). I'm soooo close to making an AFT BA physician-decision.. and then I freak out and think, I'll just do a LITTLE more research, just in case... :)
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Hi! It's great to see your story. Sending hi retention wishes your way! Healing is a pain but each day it gets better. What areas did you have lipo in? I wondered if lipo to the tummy would leave loose skin. Dr. B didn't recommend lipo for me in that area but I was curious how it would look with a post pregnancy belly if no TT was done to tighten the skin.
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How many cc's did you have injected?
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Welcome to the FT Breasts forum.  You are looking great there!  Thank you for sharing your story.  We hope you will continue to update us over a couple of years so we have more info on this procedure. Happy Healing!!
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