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I'm in my mid thirties and after breast feeding...

I'm in my mid thirties and after breast feeding two children my previously 34B breast turned to saggy stretched out sad little things. After the second child I couldn't even create cleavage with a good push-up bra because the laxity of the skin and not enough breast tissue they looked like pushed up prunes :(. I've never considered implants an option because I didn't want anything fake in my body. However surfing the net I learned more and more about fat transfer and learned a premier surgeon that performed the procedure was in my area. So I said why not invest in me for once and I went for it. I had my procedure done on May 1st. I had been reading reviews and comments on this site for months so I thought I had a good idea of what to expect but the recovery so far has been painful and a challenge. It's hard to be forced to slow down when I'm used to going 100 miles an hour. However if my results are great and I retain 70% or more of what was transferred it will definitely be worth it. I had the stem cell fat transfer without Brava. About 700ccs were transferred into each breast which sounds like a lot compared to what I've read other ladies here have had done. However I think the amount was based on the volume required to give my breasts the right shape and size. The fat was liposuctioned from my hips, lower back and thighs. I'm excited to see what size they remain after the swelling goes down more and the fat settles.

I'm on this site daily now and I look forward to going on this journey with all of you that are in the same boat as me. The uncertainty of how things will turn out makes this procedure in particular more nerve wrecking but also a little more adventurous. Good luck to everyone out there going through this or considering it. This site was a great resource for me and so hopefully my experience can also add to the information here.

I have a question for the ladies out there that...

I have a question for the ladies out there that have done fat transfer. Have you made any lifestyle changes in hopes of getting a higher retention rate? There's not a lot of info that I've found on what the patient can do but I'm not drinking any alcohol or caffeine and I'm taking GNC's complete iron supplement and eating a high protein diet. Although I'd like to jump back into an exercise routine ASAP I'm nervous if too much activity will disturb the fat so I'm thinking of only doing walks and gradually increasing the distance for the first 3 months. I'm also not doing any type of calorie restrctions because I want to nourish the fat. Is this crazy? Am I od'ing? Have you all tried anything that you think has led to better results post transfer?

Update 4 weeks post surgery!

Hi ladies,
I can't believe I'm at the 4 week mark! Time really flies. The breasts are doing great. I'm a DD right now and before I was a barely B. The lipo areas look good too. Since he took fat from the back of my thighs upper snd lower back I now have a booty protrusion illusion, lol. So my butt looks nice and round even tho its not really bigger. I wish I could say I'm back to life as I knew it before the procedure but not quite. My lipo areas are still pretty sore. I'm functional but my hips, thighs and lower back are tender to pressure so even pulling clothes over my legs is naggingly uncomfortable. I found some shorts and capris that look like cargos but have a drawstring waist like sweats and I felt like I struck gold! Very comfy and casually stylish. Here are a few new pics. I think the swelling is gone now so I'm hoping I'll stay pretty close to this size.

Updated pics

Follow up visit today

Hi Ladies,
I had a follow up visit with my surgeon today and he said my retention has been great and I've kept much more than he expected I would at this point. Yea! After the examination he said I still have some swelling in the breasts that will go down but so far so good. One thing he said that I wanted to share is that the fat is still very fragile at this point so I should still stay away from alcohol and smoking. I don't smoke anyway...but gosh I'd love a glass of something with a kick. He's less concerned about caffeine but just keep it in moderation. I also asked about running since my legs feel better now and I was thinking about going back to my regular exercise routine. He recommended I hold off on high impact exercise for six more weeks since any jarring movements of the breast could disrupt or damage the blood supply. I'm ok with this and just glad I asked first. So some other things to think about or ask your doc about if you are doing fat transfer...I know I felt frustrated at times that there isn't much info on aftercare out there so anything I pick up that may inform others I'll share. Please note this is just part of my experience and I don't want to freak anyone out or create the impression that there's a rule book of dos and dont's. Everyone's body is different and there are likely several factors unique to each person that lead to great results.

2 Months Post Update

It's crazy to think its been two months now since the transformation or what I'll call breastformation...since this procedure really gave me the best chest I've ever had. Since puberty I always felt inadequate in the boob dept. I remember reading Judy Bloom and reciting the chant "We must, we must, we must increase our bust!", lol. Who woulda thunk the technology would later exist to make it happen without implants later in my adult life? I'm so happy I kept searching for other alternatives and found a skilled surgeon that could give me amazing results! I started a deflated B and now I'm a full D cup. Now that the swelling is down I think I'm at a perfect size. Especially with me being an active person. The lipo areas feel and look great. My hips are the only areas that are still a little tender. Surprising my breasts are still tender to pressure. I didn't expect that at all since they were the least painful area after surgery but its still uncomfortable for my young kids to lay their head on my chest. Which it seems like they want to do all the time...but other than that they feel pretty normal. It's just a relief to be at a point in the healing process where life is getting back to normal. One thing I've been doing is gently massaging with very light pressure if any my breasts daily after the shower with lotion to help promote circulation in the new tissue and also minimize lump formation. I think its helping...but who knows? The biggest adjustment for me has been realizing my breasts are no longer small. I tried on old bikini tops last weekend for a beach trip and I would have needed to patch two of them together to cover the new girls! It was an eye opening moment when I had to buy a large and I'll post a pick of how it looked. I was like wow these things are massive! But in a good way, lol. I'm not complaining at all!

2 month post op pics

Updating with new pics

More pics...

One day I'll figure out how to add them in a single post...geez

3 month update

Finally reached the 3 month milestone and I'm ready to say this procedure was definitely worth it. I do feel very grateful that my results were as good as they turned out and I'm hopeful that things continent to go well. I'm still a 36 D and that's an amazing improvement over the 36/34 B I started at. Breast changes from month 2 to 3 include breast softening more and also began to hang lower basically they look more natural. I still have lumps which may be permanent to some extent. Dr. B described it as scar tissue that's a result of the mechanism of injecting the fat by going in and out of the breast tissue hundreds of times with the cannula. He says mostly it should resolve itself over time but its normal and part of the healing process. The breast tenderness I had before is gone and the lipo areas are healed. The hips are the only sites where it still feels like I had lipo and that's only when I run. So all in all I'm thrilled that I had this procedure. The benefits were nice breasts and great legs and booty. I've been back in the gym for a month now and with the lipo that was done my hamstrings they look so much more defined now and lipo to the lower back also makes the butt pop out more. The FT poet expressed it so eloquently in her 3 month update :). That's a benefit I wasn't expecting but certainly appreciate.

Quick update 4 months post

Hi Ladies! Not much has changed since my last post so I'll make this update brief. The breasts are doing well and maintaining size. Life is 100% back to pre-surg normal. I've gone back to regular diet and casual drinking for two months now and I don't think it's affected anything. All is good attached are a few pics to show what breasts look like at the 4 month mark.
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Thanks for sharing your journey. I'm very curious to know if you had been advised for a breast lift instead of only fat transfer. It seems from the volume being enhanced, you also have mild lifting. Do you find this is the case?
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Hi JP, no Dr. Bednar did not recommend a lift. When I asked if a lift was necessary he said the transfer would give me some lift and although my breasts sagged the nipples were still positioned properly. I forget the technical terms but basically if your nipples point downward or sit below a certain point that's an indicator of requiring a lift. I think he was spot on in his judgement I do have some lift and my breasts look very natural.
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Wow! Your breasts turned out beautiful. I had surgery this morning. I asked the Dr to transfer as much fat as possible. My op was arranged as a recon in order to have insurance help out. Mostly for to asymmetry issues from radiation to right breast. But since he was going in, I was hoping we could remove what didn't need to be there :) I will post some before pics on my profile. I am excited but a little nervous tp see the initial results. Pain is bearable so far. Not much else to report.
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Congrats on your transfer and getting some of the cost paid by insurance :) Best wishes on a speedy recovery and a great outcome. I think it was good you asked him to transfer as much as possible. They may look gigantic initially but you'll end up at a much more modest size better in line with your goal size.
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Hi there, Thanks so much for the update! Could you show us the scars from the source sites? Are they healed up or still quite obvious? Thanks!
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Yes my scars are completely healed and look more like they are from a bug bite than a surgical procedure. I will try to post pics soon.
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Sounds like you're having great fat retention...good news! Thanks for your recent update!
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excellent. I dont know any advice on making the fat stay, but I think your positive state of mind and intention is the best thing!!!!!!
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Oh and did you or do you have any numbness from the procedure? Thanks!!!
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I had numbness in my hips only that lasted to some extent for about 9 months or more. Everything feels normal now.
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Could you let me know what the recorvery time is like? I will be away from my two small children during the surgery and aftercare and want to know when I will be able to play/lift/mess about with them after the procedure? And thanks so much for posting and giving a full update/story. You look great!
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how is lipoed aread and how's the scar settling?
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omg there amazing!!! my mouth dropped the good dropping of course!! im thinking about gettind fat transferred to my breasts aswell idon;t like the idea of having implants and iwant the naturalist way ever. iloove your boobs
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ıt's amazing
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Could you keep is updated on the lumps? If they do finally resolve ?
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Still holding at 36D
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What is your size now?
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You look great. I have a question regarding activity after surgery. My PS only commented on gym time, he said 10-14 days until I could go back to the gym. However, he didn't mention time frame to have sex. Could you give me an idea? I'm having the same surgery as you and the lipo will be done on my back, stomach and possibly thighs. Any information would be helpful. Thanks,
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I think it varies by person but recovery was pretty painful for me. I didn't feel up to doing the do for about two months.
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Just beautiful!!!!
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How are you doing at 8 months post op? Have you noticed any further changes in your breasts? How about your legs? Hope all is well! 
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I'm happy with my retention. Current breast size is 36D and that's two cups over my pre surgery size. There are still lumps that get smaller with time but may not go away completely. And my legs have recovered well. It looks like I never had lipo which is what I was going for because I like having hips.
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Glad to hear your fat is "sticking" in the right places. ;) Sounds like you have the ideal figure. Breast fat transfer is becoming very popular. It's great to have your review here on RealSelf for other interested members. Thank you for your continued support!
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Yes, you look awesome! Your Dr used no Brava, but did he use stem cells? I hear that is not FDA approved and controversial. Any thoughts? Also you look very thin...was he concerned wtih not being able to get enough fat from your host sites? I spoke to a Dr up North that says I would need to gain 10 lbs before the transfer and use Brava. Seems like a lot.
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I'm 5'6 and was 135-140 at time of surgery. The dr didn't have an issue finding the fat needed there was plenty in the flanks and back of my thighs. I wanted to maintain my shape as much as possible so he did a good job preserving the hips. Not sure how much you weigh but I think it'd be better not to gain weight before surgery and it's best to maintain or maybe lose so the fat cells are smaller at time of surgery and more can be transferred. Any weight weight gain post surgery will enhance results,
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