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After about a month of being a voyeur I decided to...

After about a month of being a voyeur I decided to go ahead and set up an account. I am scheduled for lipo and fat transfer to the breast in just over a month. I have run the gamut from scared to death what the hell am I thinking to extremely exited about how great I will look. I have been self conscious about my thighs ever since I was a teenager and vowed that I would do something about it one day. I started putting away a little money years ago and it suddenly dawned on me this year that I had enough and there was no reason why I couldn't go for an evaluation. I never considered enhancing my breasts but once I learned about fat transfer I thought why not. I used to be a very full C and then I lost about 40 pounds. My breasts turned into little sacs. Given my body style and the state of my breasts I was the perfect candidate for fat transfer.

I appreciate everyone's posts. It has been extremely helpful to understand the different experiences and all of the suggestions from diets to clothing.

My stats: 43 years old; 5'1"; 128; very physically active; small waist, large thighs; breasts 34 large B/small C

Initial Concerns
1. lumps from lipo
2. butt looking and/or getting bigger
3. getting swelling down before going back to work (1.5 weeks)
4. heat rash/issues from compression garment - I have that problem without tight clothes
5. sagging skin - the skin on my thighs is already a little loose in my opinion
6. stretch marks

As I go through this process I will try to give the good the bad and the ugly.
You will be fine!!! A part of why you're choosing Dr. Bednar is because he's an artist! He knows what he's doing and he'll do everything possible to ensure you leave feeling better than when you came in (outside of the pain of course :-D). I'm only 5 days post-op but I will keep you posted on how my lipo areas look. That was also my main concern but so far aside from the bruising (which is to be expected), my skin doesn't look saggy or lumpy. I am still a little swollen, but I also exacerbated that by taking a 5 hour flight home yesterday:-/...ice helps with swelling and they give you two different kinds of meds for swelling/bruising as well. I look forward to hearing how things go for you!
I'm excited to hear your review! I am scheduled with Dr. Bednar for the same procedure in January!
Welcome and congratulations to u !! Swelling takes 6mos to yr to go dwn and pineapple juice takes swelling away! Dr. PANTOJA is very safe n smoothe w his technique and of i dont want a great deal of projection then he's AWESOME!

Thank You

Thank you all for the encouraging notes. It definitely helps reassure me.

I'm stepping up my activity and being more careful with my diet so I can be as fit as possible pre-surgery. My main motivation is a faster recovery but of course less fat in my legs means more harvest opportunities in other areas to have enough volume. The doctor pointed out a few extra places if needed. I'm hoping it's needed :)

I am drinking nothing but "detox" water that is supposed to help with bloating and inflammation. 2 quarts water, 2 lemons, 1/2 large cucumber, 10+ mint leaves, adjust to taste. It is very refreshing. My plan is to cut alcohol now but I have a few events in the next month that may tempt me to have one or two. I will at least drastically reduce it.

I may be going overboard but

I may be going overboard but I have never had surgery before so I'm taking all precautions.
I had lipo done to my mid-section, inter leg around knee and thighs around 18 years ago. It has never come back, or ever been lumpy. When all of the healing was complete, it was a natural. After a few years, my breast became a little larger and maybe a little thicker in the shoulders. I am sure that I had gained some weight, and the fat has to go somewhere. I have stayed with in 10lbs of my lipo weight over the last 18 years. I was told to massage the lipo places with oil to help make sure no lumps and the skin stayed smooth. Ask your Dr. but I really think that was very important. Lipo has come so far now I can only believe that you will have no problems. FOLLOW YOUR DRS. ORDERS and enjoy your new thighs.
Rdg- this is a cool comment. I like that you had lipo 18 yrs ago w/such good results. Very encouraging. My lipo results are not perfect but I know it is alot of the skill of the doctor. Interesting that you gained in your breasts as well. That is always a bonus & I am wondering if that will happen to me! Thanks for posting your experience. Amelia

Pre Op appointment

I had my pre-op appointment. 9 days until surgery and I am nervous. The consultations have been weird. Not bad, just not what I would expect when discussing surgery. It is more nonchalant than I would think. I’ve never had major surgery so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. Everyone is very nice and very open to questions.
I am concerned about the compression garment. Based on the pictures of the ones I’ve researched it is supposed to fit under the breasts. I am only 5”1’ and the one I was sized for comes well above my breasts. It is definitely the kind that is supposed to fit below. I asked if that was a problem and she said no. I can’t imagine that looking right under clothes when I go back to work. I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there.
I decided to go ahead and get a wedge pillow. I plan to camp out in the living room for the first few days. The instructions say I will need to sleep elevated for a week or so and I don’t want to risk waking my husband if I can’t sleep well.
I found someone who does lymphatic massage and I will start that as soon as the doctor says it’s ok. My main focus is going to be on reducing swelling. I cannot go back to work looking like the Pillsbury dough girl.
Attached are a view before pictures. It has been extremely helpful to me to see others pictures throughout the whole process so I will try to return the favor.
Wishing you good luck. I'm 2,weeks post op ( lipo and fat transfer) and am very happy. Keep us posted!
Thanks Pink56. How are you feeling? How are you handling the compression garment? I think I'm going to call the office tomorrow to voice my concerns about the fit.
No more alcohol now and no alcohol for up to 3 months after. That is going to be tough but it must be done. They have started me on supplements and I'm taking lots of C and drinking lots of water. 8 more days!!

Made it through surgery

The night before surgery I had a very nice full body massage. It really helped me relax and take my mind off of all of the what ifs and the worry.

I made it through surgery. It`s one day post op and I’m feeling ok. The first few hours were a bit rough. My hip flexors were on fire for some reason. I figured it was because they moved my legs around in awkward positions during surgery. I was paranoid about getting sick so I had the nurse insert the suppository before I left recovery. I highly recommend that. The first 24 hours were not so bad. I was able to walk around and eat a little. At some point in the evening I developed a sick migraine headache and neither the pain meds nor the valium helped. I got sick a couple of times. My husband went out and got some coke and the caffeine helped tremendously. If you are used to having caffeine don’t stop it afterwards. I’m pretty sure that is what caused my migraine. Ice packs on my neck helped also. My husband has been an angel. I could not have made it through without him. He has kept my meds straight and made me get up and move around. (not to mention what he has had to clean up).
It has been interesting getting used to going to the bathroom with this garment on. I’m peeing on a regular basis now but still no bowel movement. I’m taking stool softeners every day so hopefully things will kick in soon. I haven’t been hungry at all but trying to eat so I don’t get sick with all of the meds. To help with bodily functions I also have activia yogurt.
It’s day two post op and I’m feeling much better. My breasts and the backs of my legs are a little sore. The garment is not as bad as I thought it would be. I keep the house pretty cool so I have not felt over heated. I’m using ice packs some to help with swelling. I’m still not feeling hungry but definitely eating with any meds I have to take. Getting sick again is not an option. I did not enjoy that at all.
Hopefully I will get a picture up today of how I’m wrapped up to show how things are for the first three days. Tomorrow I can remove the pads and take a shower while still wearing the garment. So far I have not seen any drainage so I’m assuming the pads are doing the job.

The Go Girl

One more thing - as an avid backpacker and camper one piece of equipment has been invaluable. It's called a go girl and in allows you to pee standing up. Once you get the hang of it it's awesome.
Congratulations!!! I'm about 1.5 months out and it does get better!:) - I'm about due for an update as well actually:) - the garment is a pain for sure but it does help to have some compression - i found that when I took it off, i didn't feel as "secure" if that make sense...even now, i wear maidenform leggings during the day - it just feels more comfortable to me. I would ask if you can switch to the leggings and just cut out the crotch :-D...A couple of things that helped me: I bought some Arnica gel and it definitely accelerated the bruising healing and also just made the areas feel better. I also continued to take Bromelain after I was finished with what they gave me. I got Quercetin/Bromelain as the Quercetin is supposed to aid in circulation as well. Finally, try some Traditional Medicinals "Smooth Move Tea" - you will have no problem with constipation if you take this tea - no matter how much vicodin/valium you're on :-D...you can find this tea at whole foods or online. It works MUCH better than the stool softeners (I'm still not sure those worked at all :-D) Best wishes!
Thanks nina789. The garment is not too bad. I am a little concerned about wearing it under clothes when I go back to work. I don't want it to be obvious. I do have Arnica gel. I figure I would start that as soon as it is safe to change out the garment. I have a couple more days before I can take it off for a full shower and replace with a clean one. Good idea on the Quercetin/Bromelain. I will definitely get more of that. Also, thanks for the reminder of the "Smooth Move Tea". I do have that and started drinking it today. Pain has subsided dramatically so I've cut back on the pain meds and valium. I'm still not hungry but food is not bothering me so I eat for strength and medicine buffer.
Congrats for making it through!! Sending you well wishes and a speedy recovery! Hope your results are fantastic!! Please post pics through out your recovery. Amelia

2nd day post op

Picture of the compression garment and bandages post op.

3rd Day post Ops

It's the third day and I was able to remove the top bandages and take a shower. I had to leave the compression garment on in the shower. It doesn't dry quite as quickly as they tell you it does. I was finally able to go to the bathroom. That was extremely difficult but hopefully now I will be back to normal. My breasts are huge and tight. It feels like I am wearing a prosthetic breast plate.
p.s.s. Do you know your waist size pre-surgery? Nice and tiny! If not, can you post your breast, waist and hip measurements in "inches" in a few weeks after the swelling goes down? I love the fat transfer forum b/c these transformations are SO IMPRESSIVE!! It makes me wish I had left my "before" pictures posted but I was just so embarrassed.
I have all of my measurements I took myself before surgery. I'll find that and post. He did not take anything from my waist. I was disappointed but I guess there wasn't much to take. My waist has always been fairly small. I just have a little pooch.
p.s. how many cc's did dr. bednar put in each breast? How many cc's of lipo fat removed? What areas did you have lipo done? Did you have the abs done? They look nice & flat! Are you thrilled? What a transformation!

Compression garment fit

I forgot to give an update on the compression garment sizing pre surgery. I did decide to question the size and I am so glad I did. They sent me to the local store that they order from and I was fitted for a petite size. The one they originally sized me for would have been extremely uncomfortable on my breasts b/c they are pretty tender. I think she said the standard ones are based on someone who is 5`7" so if you are shorter than that look into getting one that is more appropriate.
What are you wearing over your breasts? A garment? I just wore a compression garment from the waist down & above a supportive, non smashing bra by Bali Comfort Revolution. I did not want compression on the breasts, just cradled to maintain the fat. Happy December!!!
I'm just wearing a post surgery bra I found online. I had planned to return it because I thought it was way too big but I'm glad I didn't. It is perfect for right now. It gives me just enough support to not feel the weight pulling. They are still extremely tender.


The bruising on my legs is not as bad as I expected.
Bruising not bad. Much better than mine was but I realized I was drinking protein powder that had vitamin e, not too smart on my part for sure. You are looking good girl. It is greatly appreciated by all of the women on this forum ( I'm sure) that you are showing the lipo photos so they know what to expect. Can you do a close up of the lipo marks in a future post? keep feeling better

Lipo Marks

The marks are not bad at all and I have so many freckles, marks and scars I'm not worried about how they will look once they heal. I haven't counted but I think I have 6 to 8 sutures on my legs. The marks on my breasts are bigger and they could leave more noticeable scars. I'm not too worried about it.

I still need to get my measurements. I'm just not sure where I put them. Pre surgery I weighed 130. Immediately after surgery I weighed 135. Today I weigh 127. I still don't have much of an appetite and my system is not working properly.

I read this in just about every review while researching. There is a process of emotions that everyone goes through. So far I think I am on target. I'm now in the phase of I don't see the change I expected. I know I know. It's way too early to think that and my husband is helping me through that part.

One week post op

It's been one week. I am still very tender. It seems the backs of the legs are more tender. The soft toilet seat has been a life saver. My bowels are slowly getting back to normal. My breasts are still extremely tight and uncomfortable. I can't wait for those to go down.

Lack of exercise and uncomfortable sleep has made my back ache. So wish I could get a massage.
Looking good girl!
Thanks Amelia, I love your positive attitude. Since we are close in age and received similar sized breasts I have referenced your profile often. It has really helped me when I start feeling negative and worried.
Thanks Darling! And, my original breasts (which are no longer posted) were a very similar size to yours, just shaped a little different, saggier, and closer together a little. Keep healing!

Genie Bra is Awesome!

I just received my genie bra in the mail and it feels awesome. Plus it keeps me from looking like Madonna. I was feeling a little self conscious about going out in public (and work) but this makes me feel much more comfortable.

Thank you to who ever mentioned the genie bra in their post. I'm sorry I can't remember who that was but thank you!!
Hi, just read your review. Hope you are feeling better. Had the same done 4 weeks ago. That garment must be very difficult to get on and off!! I was allowed to shower without it on, but maybe your ps has different rules. I wore tight gym pants ( lulu lemon ) for first few weeks and then graduated to tights. I still wear those. 4 weeks post op. Also, my p.s wanted me to wear nothing on my breasts for first few days ( just t shirt) and then something very soft, nothing constricting or binding so that the new fat grafts in the breast would not be compromised. I also had the blocks , it seems that everyone gets that, probably as side effect of pain meds. Hope your bruising settles down. Thank you for posting pics , this is an amazing site, it has helped me a lot in terms of decision making, comparing notes, and getting other opinions. How many cc did your ps put in each breast? Hope your healing goes well, looking good!
Hi Pink56, hope your recovery is going well. The garment is very tight. It's not so much hard to get on as it's just painful. My skin is extremely sensitive. My doctor was pretty adamant about wearing the garment 24/7 for the first 3 weeks. On my follow up I was going to ask about switching to spanx type support during the day at least. He also said I should not wear anything restrictive on the breasts. I would go without anything but they are also extremely sensitive so I feel better with something. The genie bra is very loose. I got a large. I am actually hoping my breasts go down quite a bit. This is much bigger than what I had in mind. I may change my mind once they soften and look more natural. At my follow up appointment I will also get the amounts that went into each breast. I totally agree about this site. It has helped me out tremendously. The support has been invaluable.
I think your breasts will go down a little. My dr told me that I can expect 60% to stay. And then there is the post op swelling as well. Keep us posted on your recovery!

12 Day post op

It has been 12 days and I'm feeling more and more like my old self. My breasts are softening. To quote my husband "oohh these are nice". I still think they are too big but I'm getting used to them. Now they itch like crazy!! That is very annoying because they are also still a bit tender.

My legs are feeling better, still sore. I have some numb spots and I have some itchy firey spots. It is still very uncomfortable to sit on anything hard, like a toilet seat. The soft cushion seat has definitely been a life saver. My system is still not quite right but it is getting better. Every night I have a mixed tea - chamomile and Smooth Move. It's actually pretty tasty.

I don't have any new pictures because not much has changed. I will take new ones at the 3 week mark. My weight is staying consistent. I'm very careful with my calorie intake and I'm walking more and more.
Hi luv! You're doing great on you're recovery for your legs put on your compression stockings you should have gotten after sx! They still help me to this day! Happy healing!

Just over 3 weeks

I had my first follow up visit this week. Everything seems to be progressing well. My breasts have relaxed a bit more. They are still large for me but they are a nice shape and feel. I need to post a new picture. They look like normal breasts now. They have received the highest husband approval. Although they are still too tender to play with he does rub them for me with cocoa butter.

Has anyone experience extremely itching? I want to claw the skin off of my breasts. It is incessant. I tried an anti-histamine and I think they helped. It has subsided some but it still gets me in the evening.

All of the stiches have come out. I'm putting mederma(sp) on every day as well as cocoa butter lotion all over my body. The garment seems to make my skin dry and irritated. The good news is I can stop wearing it next Wednesday. I think I will continue to wear compression tights for the support. My knees are still a bit swollen. The doctor told me to try warm compresses. I haven't tried that yet b/c it seems wrong. It seems the appropriate thing would be ice but maybe the moist heat will help move what has settled there.

My legs are still extremely tender to touch. I forget and try to bush something off my pants and realize quickly that was a bad idea.

I forgot to ask how much was put into each breast. I will get that posted soon a long with my pre and post measurements.

Happy Holidays to everyone!
Hi Beautiful! I am not sure that I remember itching..we forget though. Happy Holidays!! Please continue to post pics of your breasts and lipo areas. Glad you are happy overall. The breasts should continue to shrink. Mine kept changing mostly until 6 weeks and a tiny bit more after 8-9 weeks. Funny now, as by the hour, they sometimes look smaller or larger. It is very strange. They are still fully filling out a C bra though at 8 mths post.
Hi! I'm 3 wks post op. Mine look way too big still, but my main concern is lumps and hard areas. The top of both breasts have hard pillow like areas and there seem to be some other lumps here and there. They look and feel more like implants at this point. Can I expect this to go away and have natural soft breasts? How much more might they go down?
Thanks for the update. The leg tenderness lasts quite a while. Even when the bruising has faded. Glad you are a bit happier with the boobs. I am curious how many cc ' he put in. My research indicated that (no more than) 150 cc's per boob per session has the best chance of "taking". Please keep us updated!

New pictures 3.5 weeks

I'm adding some new pictures. My breasts are looking great. The are falling very naturally. My nipples are still a bit tender and there are random pains that flare up occasionally. I do feel a couple of knots. I have been massaging them hoping to smooth them out. I have no idea if that actual does any good.

My legs are still very tender to touch. My knees are sore like I've been running too much. I'm hoping they are just still swollen. Notice the inside of my left knee. I forgot to get a picture of the back view. The bruising continues to clear. I think the purple doctors marks have finally worn off.

My doctor said I could stop wearing the garment this Wednesday. If my legs are still this sensitive I may continue to wear it. Right now it is too painful to put on compression tights like spanx. They are hard enough to get on under normal circumstances.

Happy Holidays everyone!
Do u have a cost breakdown?
I don't. The quote was all inclusive.
I have to say, THANK YOU for this review. It's exactly what I needed to be convinced that fat transfer is the way to go. We have a very similar body type and breast shape. If I could look like you, I'd be thrilled. I've been wanting a procedure done to fix my breasts for years, and I have finally decided I can no longer wait. You look amazing. Seriously.

Just over 5 weeks

Things are progressing well. As of Christmas I am permanently out of the garment. I do still wear compression tights or workout pants but not everyday. My legs are less tender although still sensitive to touch. I've been walking/hiking 3 to 6 miles every day for the past 2 weeks. I went to a hot yoga class today and the only thing I couldn't do is tree pose. Everything else was difficult but only because my entire body was extremely tight. I have lost a lot of flexibility over the last month.

I have my next follow up in about a week. I'm hoping to start Viora treatments soon after. The skin is a little loose on my legs and I'm hoping those treatments will help tone things up. I've also started some leg work in the gym. I'm anxious to get back my muscle tone and activity level.

Here are my measurements comparisons.

Area Before After
Weight 130 127
across nipple 35 38
under breast 31 28.5
waist 29 28.5
hip 38 37.5
top thigh 24 23
lower thigh 18 16.5
The only thing scaring me is the loss skin after lipo and stretch marks. How long did your pain lasted? I have 3 more weeks to have my surgery mine will be done under local anesthesia tickle lipo and fat transfer to buttock and the hard part will be me not sitting on my butt for 2 weeks. Any one had this one done? can you share with me pls.
The soreness is bearable with Advil and mine is still a bit tender 4 weeks out but much better.
From what my doctor told me tickle lipo isn't as much painful as lipo so hopefully he's right. I will be probably extremely soar bc I just had partial hysterectomy in august and my stomach muscle are still little soar.

9 weeks post

I am 9 weeks post op and feeling well. My legs are much less sore although the outside of my right thigh is still numb. My breasts are maintaining. I'm down to 37in across the nipple. The lumps are unnerving and have gotten a little worse but that is normal from what they tell me. I continue to massage them. I mentioned loose skin in the legs and I just wanted to add that I don't think the skin looks much looser than before the lipo. I'm considering the Viora but I have my doubts that it will make that much of a difference.

I am still happy with my results. My current weight is 125 and I'm continuing to be active and to eat fairly healthy. I think cutting out alcohol for the last two months has probably had a little something to do with it.

I will try to get some updated pictures loaded this week.
Hi there, would you mind posting some current pics? We are interested in how it is coming. You look great!
Hi there. Nice results. I am also a patient of Dr. Bednars. I am wondering what percentage of the fat do you think you have lost so far? Also, if you could post new pics I would really appreciate it.
I don't know the percentage of fat. I wish I had measured before and after. I guess technically I didn't lose much at all since it was just moved from one place to another. I can definitely tell a huge difference in the way my pants fit.

4+ months

Sorry I have not updated in quite awhile. It has been a hectic time. All is well and I believe I have settled into my permanent size and look. I have been back to running for about a month. The return was not as hard as I expected. My thighs still have numb and tender spots but as long as I wear compression workout pants they don't bother me. The doctor says that will go away eventually.
The scars under my breasts are fading well. The ones on my legs are still noticeable but they don't bother me. I hope they will continue to fade. There are still some lumps in my breasts but they seem to be less noticeable.
ohboyherewego, you don't need any of us to tell how beautiful your breasts look. And the best thing of all is that they are 100% natural. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to post your progress in detail and for posting the new pictures. I am going to be having this procedure soon and I have been fretting a little bit in case it goes wrong. I am having implants removed and fat transfer at the same time. I want so much to be all natural and not to worry about the implants rupturing or getting capsular contracture or some other complication. Your story and results have really helped me in my decision. :)
I am so glad my experience has helped you. Good luck with your procedure and let me know how it goes.
Thank you so much, It helps a lot to read your review. I know you said you are happy with the lipo scars but I'm curious, do they look as good in person as they do in the pics? I can see them but they look really nice and if it looks they same in person I would never think it was from lipo, I would it was a fickle or light blemish. I hope mine eventually look like that. I'm worried because I am ethnic ant have slightly darker skin naturally and mine are dark still, hoping that's normal at 2 months out and not extra dark because of diff skin. You look so good!

Before and After comparison

I thought putting the before and after photos side by side would give everyone a really good idea of how things changed.
hi, hows your leg going? any lumbs ad how about the tightness?
Ohboy, can you please update us? You've passed the 6-month milestone. Do you have any lumpiness in your lipo sites or breasts? I've read some complaints about that from those who are a few months past surgery. Are your breasts still the same size?
Hi. Did ur doctor tell you any tips about how to keep as much % as u can. Like any thing to eat...or massages. Thnk u

7 Months

Hi all. It's amazing how fast time flies. Things are going very well. For the most part I am back to normal. My breasts are holding up well. They look very natural. I still have a few lumps. I have a small one that is a little tender. I plan to ask my doctor about that one. My legs still have some slight numbness down the outside but it is not that noticeable. The inside of my thighs are still sensitive but again not that noticeable. My massage therapist has been continuing to flush those areas. The lipo scars are still visible but fading. They do get a bit red in the sun.

My activity level is back to 100%. I can run, lift weights and anything else I want without any issues. I am very happy with my results. I will try to get some updated photos uploaded soon.
I would also like to know how many cc s were transferred into your breasts. You had a large increase in size relative to others on this site and relative to the firm appearance of your skin and original breasts.
Thank you for sharing! This doctor may be my doctor. You look great.
How are you ohboy? I hope all is well. will you please update us with new pictures? Are you completely happy with your lipo results? Have the scars disappeared? Any lumps/bumps in the breasts or the lipo sites? Too many questions.... :)
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