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Lower eye blepharopisty performed May/2013. I was...

lower eye blepharopisty performed May/2013. I was told by the plastic surgeon that I have great skin so he would only have to remove the fat from both eye lid with no skin removal. Fast forward to Nov/2013 at my follow up visit I complained their was still bags under my eyes. So the surgeon suggested a second surgery to remove little skin from both eyes costing me an additional $400.00. Fart forward again to follow visit Feb/2014 I complained their is still baggage he suggested another surgery to remove a little more fat from the lower right eye. By removing more fat from the right eye lid would make the right eye even with the left eye lid. The cost an additional $400.00 if I wanted to have the procedure done or injections performed just under both eye lids with a cost of $900.00. What ever happen to making the customer happy by fixing the issues instead of charging the patient more money.
Dr. K. Smith

The doctor would listen to my concern about the procedure not turning out the way he explained it. I mentioned to the doctor during consult if he was absolutely sure that he didnt need to remove a any skin and his comment was no. He and his staff were friendly which is a plus but my major concern here is that I still have baggage in the lower eye lid area after two procedures.

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dont go to my doctor.look what he did to me. he totally messed me up and didnt even want to take responsibility
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Sorry to hear what you've been going through! I'd like to get both my upper and lower eyelids done in the near future. I'm a bit confused -- do you know why the PS chose to remove skin from both eyes, when you were complaining about the bags still being there? And after he removed the skin, what did that accomplish? Is he now recommending another surgery to get rid of the remaining fat?
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The Dr. decided to do a second procedure to remove little shin from the eye lid area because I still have puffiness under my eyes 6 months after the 1st surgery to remove just the fat. My removing little skin from the eye lid area would tighten and lift the sagging skin that was in the lower eye lid area. For about a month after the second procedure their was no visible puffiness or bags under both eyes. You can just imagine how wonderful it felt to not see any bags under my eyes any more. But the event only lasted for just that month. I went back to the doctor for follow care this month and his explanation was the skin under both eyes had relaxed. His new suggestion to me is to have a third procedure to remove a little more fat from the right eye lid. By removing more fat from the right eye lid would make the right eye lid even looking with the left eye lid or to perform filler injection just under the eye lid area to give some volume in this area.
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WOW! This sounds like a LOT! When he suggests removing more fat from the right eyelid, would that involve another SURGERY?! At least that would be permanent, as opposed to the filler injections. It would have been nice if he could have made things even the first time around! How much is he going to charge for this second surgery on the right eye? After all you've been through, do you trust him to let him do it?
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I don't think I will be letting him touch a eye lash on me. After two suggested/performed procedure by him that did not work to completely take care of my puffiness problem I do not trust him at all. The third procedure would be a one hour surgery only on the right eye and yes it will be a charge for use of the surgical instruments of about $400.00.
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Oh good -- I'm glad to her that you wouldn't let him touch even an eyelash! LOL! He certainly doesn't deserve your trust (or your hard-earned money). Good luck with everything as you move forward to correct what he did, and get your eyes to where you want and feel comfortable with. Please be sure to provide updates. Stay blessed! :-)
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Thanks and you to. Please keep me posted on your results if you decide to move forward with the procedure.
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