Cellulaze & SmartLipo 10 Weeks Ago - Charlotte, NC

Hi ladies, I had Cellulaze and SmartLipo 10...

Hi ladies,
I had Cellulaze and SmartLipo 10 weeks ago. I wore the foam for 10 tens, it was tight, which was very uncomfortable; I could not wait to get them off. My doctor then advised wearing the spandex leggies for 6 weeks. It has been a very slow painful healing process. I stayed swollen till around my 6th week, but the pain and tightness was still there. My doctor offered two endermolgie (message) in my 8th week that helped a great deal with my pain and tightness; they said I was still swollen. The endermolgie helped with that. I then had 4 smooth shapes I had bought with a groupon I finished them on Wednesday, they were much more painful than the endermolgie do to the pressure they had to apply. I do advise the endermolgie if you can afford it. They jump started my recovering process.

Around my 9th week the pain went away when I would stand up. At 10 weeks I still have some pain where the Cellulaze and smartlipo where done, I still sleep with a pillow between my legs where I had the SmartLipo, am still not able to bend down to pick something up, there is too much pain in the thigh area where most of my cellulite was.
My cellulite still looks bad, I cannot where shorts, and I have some discoloration. From this procedure I have been left with horrible spider veins in my thigh area, I believe this might of been caused by the pressure from the foam. Monday I go to a doctor to have the spider veins removed.

I am waiting for the day where there is no more pain and I can knell down and work in my garden again, and my lap dogs jump in my lap without causing pain. With all the pain, discomfort and still the presence of cellulite I cannot recommend this to anyone.
Patiently waiting, Terry Jo

Updated Aug. 25, 2012

I am now going into my 4th month. The pain has gone away, I still feel a little numb in some areas. The cellulite is still present. Mine has not diminish. At this time I am doubtful that I'll ever be be able to wear shorts again. It troubles me that I have not heard from my doctors office asking me to come in for a check up, I spent a lot of money on my procedure.

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Still have the same amount of cellulite. Provider seemed to have more experince in this area

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Not a happy camper. Now in my 5th month and cellulite looks no better. I went to my doctor a couple of weeks ago. He said we could try doing it again, that he never said that it would all go away. But I don't see much of a change, especially for all the money and pain I went through. I'm considering doing it again, hoping for better results. Though I'm very nervous about getting the dark skin that some ladies are having problems with.My doctor did not seem to beaware of the brown skin ladies our reporting about. Could this be a bad decision to do this again? Has anyone had it done twice??
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Wow, I can definitely understand why you would be upset at this point. I'm glad the pain has gone away for you. It is a bummer the office hasn't followed up with you. I would encourage you to call them and request a follow-up appointment if you feel there are some things you want to discuss with them.

Please continue to keep us posted on how you are doing. Sending a hug to you.

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I used Dr. Kortesis in Charlotte
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Who was your doctor?
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Hi wishful,
At two weeks a lot of what you are seeing is still bruising. It does look like veins but many will go away. I would give it 6 more weeks before doing anything . I had my vein treatment on Monday, I still see some, I may need another treatment.

Hi undecided,
I don't have any pictures. I wish I did. I still see cellulite..
I'm in hopes that I won't see any in a couple more weeks. They say it takes awhile. When did you have your cellulaze?
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Hey....I hope all is well n u received maximum results... Please update us....n if possible can u post before n after pictures....thanx
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I too have spider veins in several places now that the bruising is subsiding thats whats under there and yes, CELLULITE it is only 2 weeks but....I had no idea about the spider vein thing...please let me know how this gets treated for you, Thank you, WISHFUL
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Thanks for letting us know what is going on for you. I really, really hope there is some good change as you continue to heal.

Please let us know what goes on with the spider veins after you have them treated.

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