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Hi everyone! I have loved reading your posts and...

Hi everyone! I have loved reading your posts and wanted to post my experience too. I went to Dr. Hunstad in Charlotte last Monday (9 days ago) and had cellulaze done to outer thighs and butt (they called it the banana rolls-whatever that means). I previously had lipo to outer thighs 7 years ago. I had good results shape wise with the lipo but had several adhesions appear on my right outer thigh. Needless to say it looked awful in my opinion and am very self conscious about it. After research, I decided that subcision is what I wanted to try to break up the adhesions. I consulted a plastic surgeon and went in for a consult. He felt that cellulaze would be great for me. He didn't have the laser yet and he recommended that I see "the best" so I went to see Dr. Hunstad. I had only oral sedation (Tylox, Valium and Phenergan).

I felt a little sleepy with this but for me it was not nearly enough to help me through the pain of the procedure. It was HORRIBLE!!! In hindsight, I wish I would have had IV sedation at the least-general anesthesia would be best. That is just my opinion. I had moderate swelling and bruising (nothing like what I experienced with lipo). This was probably the worst on day 3 and I really turned the corner on day 7 as far as the swelling and bruising. On day 9 the bruising is almost completely gone and I only have swelling near each incision site and on my right leg where he had to release the adhesions. I am still quite sore with sitting but I wouldn't call it painful. I took one pain pill before bed the first night and then started Celebrex on day 3. It is manageable. As far as results, I feel that I see a 50% reduction of cellulite on my bottom and 25% on my leg. Not really sure what that means in the whole grand scheme of things. The Dr. said I would love him at 1 week (swelling makes the areas look less dimply), hate him after that as swelling goes away and you look the same as you did before, then love him again as everything heals and skin thickens and smooths around 3-6 months. Will keep you guys posted.

BTW-I can't find any of the pictures that you guys are posting. I only see the box that says Before and After pics and they aren't the ones you guys have been posting about. Am I missing something? Does anyone have pictures that are 3-6 months out?

Thanks for your post. I hope your recovery goes 100% and have no issues! I am reading as much as I can from everyone's experience. Good, bad and otherwise. My procedure is slated for Nov 26. I tried to get in sooner today but was unable. I just want to get it done and start the healing. Are you using any of the suggested arnica creams, gels, pills, traumeel, that sort of stuff? I've got it all ready to go, plus my friend to is 3 weeks post gave me some homeopathic water retention pills to help with the swelling too. I like what your doctor had to say about the love/hate thing. He's probably right and I'm sure I'll feel the same way about my doctor.
Hi! I was given Bromelain (?sp) to start 3 days prior to procedure and Arnica tabs to start afterward. I took 1 Bromelain but it really made me nauseated so I didn't take any more. I did a few doses of Arnica. I do use the Arnica cream daily. I am 11 days out now and am also using massage oil and massaging all areas as heavily as I can stand it to try to prevent adhesions. I am a little worried about you using the water retention pills. You really need to be as hydrated as possibly after the procedure so that you can flush out the fat. Everyone's experience seems to be different but I have not had any swelling to the rest of my body. Try not to be too nervous about the procedure. I know that isn't easy-I was pretty nervous myself. The time will be here before you know it!
For sure there his a wide range of experiences for those who've had cellulaze. Which doesn't surprise me and I appreciate everyone's updates. My plan with the water pills is taking them only if my swelling goes below my knees and into my ankles and feet. I do plan on drinking at least two liters of water a day (I already do that now) just to stay hydrated and help flush out the swelling. Not wanting to wish time to fast forward but I do just want it done and over with!
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